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Chapter 107: Yuan JingYa

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Yuan JingYa was a near-perfect woman— 

That was the opinion of nearly every single person who knew her. Regardless of whether it was her beauty, wisdom, way of doing things, or family background, nobody could find a single fault with her.

But it was precisely because of that that the current sect leader of the Qilin clan would pursue her so relentlessly, to the point that he completely ignored his real wife who had accompanied him since they were young.

Reasonably speaking, Yuan JingYa was someone who wasn’t willing to become a concubine, even if the Qilin clan was the second biggest clan. After all, Yuan JingYa’s mother was also from one of the Ten Great Clans. Because of power and capitulation, it really wasn’t that likely. But what made everyone shocked back then was that Yuan JingYa really did delightedly become Qi Yunxiao’s concubine. Every time someone saw her, she was smiling, facing off against the ice-cold first wife.

Such a Yuan JingYa, compared to that iceberg beauty, made quite a few people feel sorry and sympathetic for her at first, to the point that the first wife, the so-called most beautiful woman of the southern Ten Great Clans, was also harmed by rumors and even cut off by others.

Indifference was sometimes the most unfeasible disguise. Even if it could hide wounds, it could also obstruct the gazes of those who cared or wanted to dig deeper. Cough cough, actually, to tell the truth, sometimes indifference was something very detestable.

So, a mere half a year after Yuan JingYa married into the Qilin clan, the most beautiful woman of the Ten Great Clansten great clans died. Not only did she not gain anybody’s sympathy or pity, quite a few people felt as if she got what she deserved. A woman like Yuan JingYa should have a perfect marriage.

Although on the surface it seemed as if Yuan JingYa had it all, cool-eyed bystanders still existed. Too many people of the Ten Great Clans knew the cruel and heart-chilling truth of what happened at that time.

Qi QingLin didn’t actually know any of that. How could he, who had been sent away the moment he was born, know of the disaster that had befallen his mother? When he came back, he was too busy dealing with all sorts of assassins and battles, so he couldn’t find anyone to tell him the truth. Except, even though he didn’t know the truth, he only had to understand one matter, and that was enough.

That man betrayed his mother, and that woman was the ringleader. Coming out to cause trouble would always be paid back for one day. To use JinYu’s words, stealing away something someone cared the most about, and never letting him have the chance to get it again. That was the best revenge.

So, the first layer of revenge began right now.

Presently, Yuan JingYa’s beautiful face had long since lost its former radiance and confidence. Her exhausted expression and the apprehension and terror that flashed across her eyes made her seem more weak and helpless than ever.

Even though she had already been a mother for twenty years now, her current appearance still made quite a few men dazed when they saw her. It was just that she herself didn’t have the energy to care any longer, that’s all. Typically, those people would lose a layer of skin even if they didn’t die.

The flying eagle underneath her reached her destination in a moment’s time. Except before Yuan JingYa could take a breath and decide what to do so she could resolve everything with the greatest benefit for her, an extremely familiar scream came from the laughably tiny room. Clenching her fists, the coldest, darkest light flashed extremely quickly across Yuan JingYa’s eyes.

When that woman was still there, she blocked Yuan JingYa’s path, so that she wasn’t able to find the Qilin clan’s secret treasure immediately and had paid for it with her own innocence. After that, she decided she might as well just marry Qi Yunxiao, since he was already infatuated with her back then anyway. Adding on his status, he was quite a good match for her. Yuan JingYa was very well aware that she could use that incident to push that woman completely over the edge.

The only thing was that – how come, even after that woman died, everything she imagined herself obtaining still never came?! How come she still had no way of touching the Qi clan’s core?! She wasted twenty whole years, but she was still never able to get past that damned loyal core!!

And besides all that, the most difficult thing for Yuan JingYa to accept was Qi QingLin’s return.

The first time she saw Qi QingLin, she knew he would be her biggest enemy in the future. The chilly aura emitting from those golden eyes were exactly the same as that woman’s!! It made her furious looking at them, and it made her want to flee!!

How come? How come even though your wretched mother has already been dead for so many years, you – who should have followed her to the grave – are still alive?!

Yuan JingYa heard her son’s painful shouts, and she gritted her teeth. She just knew that she had to kill that man, or else he would definitely destroy everything she had done so far!!

At that moment, outside of Beast Shop No. 138’s door, a crowd of old and young, male and female observers had already gathered. These people were completely bored of Anjie, so whenever something happened that could give them a moment of joy or excitement, they turned into wolves who had starved for dozens of days and suddenly saw a piece of bloody meet, all their eyes glowing green.

When Yuan JingYa saw these people, she was slightly moved, and then her eyes suddenly reddened. She battered JinYu’s courtyard door as if she was on the verge of collapsing.

“Cong-er! Cong-er!! What’s wrong? Is it you?! Why did I hear you screaming? Cong-er! You’re my only child, I can’t have anything happen to you or else how could I keep living?!”

The instant the three people in the yard heard that voice, they all had different reactions. Qi Tiancong, who originally had screamed for so long that he lost strength, acted as if he had been revived with full health after he heard his mother’s voice. He immediately started to scream even more vigorously. Qi QingLin averted his eyes with some disgust and chilliness. The way that woman acted was a million miles apart from how she really was, and it was disgusting to see.

As for Big Boss JinYu, he actually lowered his head and started laughing after he heard that voice which clearly had work done on it. This woman, compared to her good-for-nothing son, was really on a whole other level… her technique and skill were truly much higher.

However, sometimes the harder a challenge was, the happier someone would be after succeeding at beating it.

So… Big Boss Jin glanced at the BOSS at his side, who clearly didn’t want to deal with it. He chuckled darkly before he patted Qi QingLin’s shoulder and ran towards the front gates with a calculating look on his face. This was the so-called ‘specialization of labor’ – when dealing with such an obvious villain skilled at acting, he had to step forward!!

JinYu praised himself for a while before snickering again. Except, by the time he ran over to the door, an angry and agonized expression had taken over his face, and he whipped open the door after that.

Before Yuan JingYa could speak, JinYu roared with red eyes, “Who is the family of that degenerate scum inside? You’d best be able to explain everything to me clearly, or else I’m going to send that slandering, gossiping piece of scum to prison for coveting my shop’s treasure! Is it easy for me to make a living all by myself, huh?! Can someone just come in whenever they please and steal and curse just because they’re from a big clan, huh?! How shameful for those big clans who actually are upstanding!!”

JinYu’s reprimands nearly made Yuan JingYa’s eyes fall out of her head for a while. However, she was an expert at such clever tricks, and she was only stunned for a few seconds before she realized what was happening. So the second time she looked at JinYu, there was some suspicion and menace in her eyes. The young man standing in front of her wasn’t someone easy to deal with.

“Cong-er… my poor child…”

“Madam? You’re the mother of that degenerate scum?” JinYu waved his hand and interrupted Yuan JingYa. He stood in the doorway with an amazed expression on his face as he shook his head. “Impossible! Madam appears to be so delicate and gentle, how could you raise such an arrogant and infuriating son? Ah… it must be because Madam spoils him too much normally, right? If that’s the case, I can’t let Madam in. He’s currently duking it out with that person of mine in there, saying things like ‘you should die’ and ‘why aren’t you dead yet,’ ‘how come I didn’t kill you back then too,’ tsk tsk such a vicious appearance is really scary. I’m afraid Madam will faint if you see it. Madam, you should go and ask your lord to come over instead. No matter what, men can hold down the floor more. Making a woman go out and do everything, I’m afraid it makes me think your husband’s body is weak or he’s heavily ill or he went down to hell early to repent to his real wife.”

JinYu spoke using a very grave and serious tone and attitude. Most of what he was saying also seemed very grave and solemn, but for some reason, those words seemed to carry a sort of dark, mocking, satirical comicality to them. It made all the observers’ mouths and eyes twitch as they listened. After Qi QingLin, who was originally feeling quite gloomy inside, heard his mate’s words, he suddenly felt like he was being unnecessarily gloomy. Right now, his beloved was at his side, and he also had sincere subordinates and a goal to strive for. The one who came back to seek revenge was him, so he should be the one laughing at those ridiculous, stupid people, as they would meet the fate they deserved very soon.

As for those people who were once up at the very top, they should be living in terror and pain.

“Who are you?! You dare to curse my husband and slander my son with no proof at all, are you not afraid of being struck by lightning!!”

Yuan JingYa knew that if she didn’t say anything, then it would really become troublesome. She had to quickly divert people’s attention from what this man was saying.

Except Yuan Jingya’s slip of the tongue in her momentary fit of anger made her suffer a huge loss in front of Beast Shop No. 138’s front gates… after all, this woman didn’t know of ErHei’s existence.

So, after Yuan Jingya finished talking, all the observers and Big Boss JinYu suddenly saw a beam of blue-purple light explode open in the sunny and cloudless sky. The next moment, it cleaved straight towards JinYu!! But at the last moment, it weirdly slanted sideways, and struck right at Yuan Jingya’s feet.



“Madam… under these circumstances, eh, should I be asking whether or not you’ve said something or slandered someone in order to deserve being struck by lightning?”

At that moment, Yuan JingYa abruptly lifted her head, her face ashen. Standing across from her was a certain fish, with one side of his mouth quirked up.

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December 5, 2019 1:47 pm

Total power move. I wouldn’t be surprised if the anjie people just drag her ass all over town for being noisy.

December 6, 2019 12:31 am

It seems that this evil second wife won’t stand a chance against Qi QingLin’s wife. So let the battle of the wives begin! My bet is on Jin Yu!

Thank you for the chapter!

October 7, 2021 11:03 am

Dig a hole for yourself, Yuan JingYa, and jump in. After the fate she & Qi YunXiao caused his mother and attempting to kill off Qinglin, they need to pay dearly! She doesn’t stand a chance 😏
Thanks for translating.

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