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Chapter 117: You’ll regret it.

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

All the people present had an inexplicable sense of strangeness and gloominess when looking at the golden, symmetrical and deep pit. Generally speaking, everyone had seen many people fall into mud pits, water holes or even literary pits when they walked without looking at the road or when they were paying attention but just unlucky. (It seemed as if something strange had slipped in…)

It was seriously the first time they had seen someone who stomped up on the platform made of gold and fell into a gold pit. Fuck, what should be said about this? If this was from the perspective of people who were crazy about gold, they would feel drop dead lucky even if they were badly battered from the fall. But with the present situation and the identity of the woman who fell into the pit, it was just extremely unlucky!

Tch tch, her fiancé was even watching at the side. The Long Family may even break their promise of marriage if it was too much of an embarrassment!

There were people sighing, pitying and gloating in their hearts. However, no one would directly say that someone had deliberately set her up. Leaving aside the matter of who would dare to do this in this broad daylight, the problem was that most of the people present were hunters above Rank Seven. There were more than ten to twenty people above Rank Seven and the most powerful had attained the lauded Rank Ten. None of them had felt a fluctuation of energy and they did not find any suspicious movements.

Even if Bing Ru was really being framed, it’s also an ‘misconception’.

In this chaotic world and era, the ‘law of the jungle’ and the principle of ‘the strong are respected’ were absolutely superior. This was the ‘unwritten rules’ that everyone knew and abided by.

It was obvious that Long ChangLi, the people from the Bing Family and Bing Ru herself were also very clear about this. It was evidently an acceptable, interesting and even perfect rule when she used her power and strength to oppress others, but she was unable to accept it in any way now!!

“You two should-”

“Ru-er. This golden platform may have been worn down by years of non-repair, resulting in such an unlucky incident. You’re probably tired now, let Shui Yue take you to the room for a rest.” When Bing Ru was about to lash out at JinYu and Qi QingLin, Aunt Bing Yuan slowly started speaking.

Thus, the former stared at the Bing Yuan unbelievably and shrieked, “Aunt! How could you side with those two outsiders!”

Bing Yuan signaled her subordinated and stared at Bing Ru, “Your father asked me to bring you here to see your fiancé and learn to deal with these situations. He did not let me bring you here to see you make a spectacle of yourself!! Besides, what are you looking at a woman like me for when you’ve been bullied? You have a man to support you, do you think he is trash or do you think you are trash?”

Bing Yuan’s words made all the men present blush with shame. If you were considered a feeble woman, then we should all go to find a gentle and quiet man! Even with everyone mocking her like this… Ice Queen, your rank is really too high. Sure enough, the Bing Feng Family was famous for their indifferent and sharp words.

JinYu looked at Long ChangLi whose expression was rather black. Then he dryly coughed and tugged on the sleeve of his family’s Boss. JinYu whispered as the latter raised an eyebrow, “I’ll bet you that our aunt here is definitely single!”

Qi QingLin wholly agreed with JinYu’s words in his heart, yet he did not move or respond in the slightest. JinYu was bewildered after looking at such a scene before he suddenly heard a sinister voice beside his ear.

“Boy, is there anything wrong with me being single?”


His fine hair stood up in an instant.

“No, no, no! How can that be? That’s because a man who is worthy of you has not been born or is still on his way. It’s definitely correct for you to be single!”

Fuck, you hateful Boss! You should have warned me earlier about the Queen being so terrible!! Boss expressed, doing such a thing like a warning was equivalent to being an accomplice. Nothing good would come out of it. You won’t die anyway, en. It’s really nothing serious.

The embarrassment of the other men eased after experiencing JinYu making such a disturbance. Long ChangLi availed himself of every opportunity and went up to pull Bing Ru’s hand while saying softly, “Xiao-Ru, I know you are wronged this time. Don’t worry. I will definitely help you vent your anger later. You’re probably tired and sleepy now, right? It’s better to take a rest. I’ll accompany you to see the trade fair later.”

As the saying went, women in love had a negative IQ. At best their IQ would be maintained at zero. As an infatuated woman who had long been secretly in love with her sweetheart, Bing Ru nodded without saying a word after hearing Long ChangLi’s words and left with her servant in a pitiful manner.

Long ChangLi was relieved to see this woman who could only make trouble for people leave. It would be easier for him to kill a woman like this if it wasn’t for his need to use this woman to win over and subdue the Bing Feng Family. However, a certain woman who was successful in everything she did not intend to let him off. She sneered, “A man who can only coax women is not even as good as that cold-blooded nephew of mine. At least he’s a man of action.”

Long ChangLi was suffocated till his face was stiff, but Bing Yuan had turned to look at the two stormy looking middle-aged men, General Long and Passerby Qi, “Today’s the time to fight for the ranking of the Ten Great Clans this year, isn’t it? This is a once in a century event. We are really lucky to be able to see the contesting and changing of the rankings. No matter what, our Bing Feng Family will definitely put up a fight (一争上下). Actually, are you two ready to participate? Leaving aside this, General Long, you’re still better off. No matter how remarkable your son is, he won’t take your place before you abdicate. Ha ha, but the Qi Clan Head…”

There was a slight smile on Bing Yuan’s face, “Although I don’t like that nephew who is so cold that’s he was about to turn into an ice-cube, it’s more pleasant for an ice-cube to become the Qilin Clan Head than a fellow that’s worse than a beast. So, I’m looking forward to the fight for the position of the Head of your Qi Family in this trade conference!”

“Tch tch, I’m sure that my blind and stupid sister will be very happy if you really lose the position as the Clan Head of the Qilin Clan. When that happens, you might as well commit suicide and go down to keep her company. Anyway, without the position of Clan Head, there are too many people, and they would become a useless waste that doesn’t know anything.  Aren’t I right? Clan Head of the Qi Family?”

This remark was extremely sharp and harsh and the meaning would be even more frightening if it was studied deeply. Passerby A Qi did not even have time to get angry when he heard this. The image of his wife’s cold, resentful, angry and loving look towards him before she died came to his mind unconsciously.

You’ll regret it.

That was what his former friend and current enemy told him loudly at that time. And what was his answer then?

I will never regret it!!

Yes! He would not regret it. He just fell in love with a person who appeared before him after he got married!! Why couldn’t he marry anyone he wanted to with the status he had?!! Yet she blamed him. On what basis did she have to blame him!!

“If anything happens to my son, I will kill you even if I turn into a malicious spirit. May we never see each other again in the afterlife.”

That was her last two sentences. Every word pierced his heart. (句句诛心)

He was in the midst of rage and derision at that time, but he would not give up his own son no matter how much he did not like this resentful ice beauty! It was only later… Who asked him to cry every day? Who asked him to struggle loudly as soon as he was held by Jing Ya! Who asked him! To be born without a human shape and not obediently stay in place!!

He had just sent his son to a place where there was no one to raise him. It was simply not like what that unfilial son had said – that he was not the least concerned, and was deliberately abandoned!! If Passerby Qi really did not care about his son, how could this unfilial son have the chance to stand in front of him and snatch his own things!!

What an unfilial son, an unfilial son indeed!

Once Passerby Qi thought of this, the fear and guilt that just flickered in his mind were replaced by anger and dissatisfaction. What a good son you gave birth too!! He disobeyed his father, disrespected his stepmother and tried to kill his brother! How could such a scourge become the head of the Qilin Clan! In any case, he was Qi QingLin’s father and he was the one in charge of the Qi Family now. Therefore, he must completely break Qi QingLin during this trade conference and send him to the moon base again!!

Therefore, a rarely seen aura showed on the body of the Passerby A Qi Clan Head’s body. Seeing Passerby A suddenly become like this, JinYu squinted his eyes and tugged the corner of Boss’s clothes.

“Believe it or not, your Passerby A father must be daydreaming now!”

Qi QingLin raised an eyebrow when he heard the words. Jin Qian, Ye Huang, and the rest who were next to him leaned over in interest, “Why are you so sure?”

JinYu snickered and replied sinisterly, “Because a person can only see things that will never happen under normal circumstances when they are daydreaming! People who are daydreaming would never comprehend that it is a delusion that can never be realized!”


All kinds of muffled laughter rang out.

Then the little golden monkey who often fought with XiaoBao suddenly squeaked twice at JinYu. In an instant, the face of a certain shop owner was darker than the bottom of the pot!

[Just like when you often think in the day time about how to press Boss down at night?]

XiaoBao trembled for a moment before it scuttled faster than a rabbit to take refuge on WangWang’s head. Fuck, you frigging idiot of a bloody monkey! You dare to step on the Boss’s sore point, don’t tell anyone that Lao Zi knows you later!! I still want to live a few more years!!

JinYu suddenly picked his ears after a long silence. Then he nonchalantly looked at Ling Chong, “Say, how about you let me use your beast to reproduce a very ancient and delicious delicacy that’s known as one of the ten most cruel dishes?”


At this time, JinYu turned to look at a certain fake psychic monkey (神棍猴) and smiled, “That dish is called monkey brains. It’s said that a living monkey’s skull is directly split open for the brains to be eaten. Do you think your head is enough for me to eat?”

In an instant, a strange and indescribable silence fell again. A certain plate of ingredients had already spinelessly shrunk into a ball, revealing a pair of trembling and red buttocks…

Oh my god, it’s too scaryyyyyyy! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Just now I thought I had been dragged to hell ahhhhhhh!! So scary T-T.

All the beasts: You deserve it…

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December 15, 2019 11:46 pm

Qi QingLin’s aunt is the best! The true Ice Queen, absolutely perfect!! His father… :\ well not yet a cannon fodder, but he is getting there. He should read his own clan’s rules and get lost already! He seriously needs to start apologising your first wife for your stupidity! He will regret his actions, that is for sure!

Pffff, boss Jin also has some impossible dreams.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 11, 2021 6:31 am

I’ll be waiting for when A-Qing’s father truly realizes how much he f*cked up-

Thanks for the chapter!

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
December 22, 2022 3:22 am

Thanks for the chapter! There are few thing things worse than an entitled narcissist…

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