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Chapter 118
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At present, the trade conference had already began. Even though every family had someone staying behind to watch over the conference, it was highly important matter, and seeing how there’s nothing more to say, it was time to leave. After all, the conversation had already strayed far, far away. And being the opposition’s temporary leader, General/Marshal Long snorted when he saw the other party’s cozy atmosphere and left.

Once he left, others of the Long family and those who were against JinYu’s party got up as well. What was curious was the fact that Qi LuRen didn’t get up immediately. Instead, he sat as his chair and stared intensely at the floor.

During this time, Long ChangLi signalled towards Qi TianCong, but even though he whispered to his father, he still didn’t manage to get him moving. As for Yuan JingYa, who was beside him, she also wanted Old Qi to take a stance on the matter, but after living with him for years, she knew this was him saying ‘no one can control what he does’.

Due to that, the situation got a lot more complicated.

For anyone who has a brain, they should be able to tell that the Qi Family and Long Family wasn’t completely of one mind. But it’s easy to understand why, between the number one and number two spot, anyone with a bit of ambition would pick one. And within the Ten Families, there was no shortage of ambition, even amongst the stupid, and idiotic.

So, for the two families that had been fighting for the number one stop from the beginning, no matter how close the two family heads were, on certain things, they can always stab each other in the back. After all, there was no eternal enemies, only eternal profit.

For a lot of things in life that you may believe to be inevitable, was just because you didn’t give enough profit/benefit.

It’s cruel but realistic.

If even bystanders could understand, then there was no way the crafty, eh, intelligent elites of the Ten Families won’t know. But, only Queen Bing (冰大女王) let out a cold chuckle. She glanced at Qi QingLin and said, “If you can become the next head, then I might believe in your ability to fight that family of evil Longs. (Long = Long) As for the others…how did that saying go again? Transvestite should know their limitations? …Tsk, I never understood this ‘transvestite’ category in ancient history, what do you mean ‘know your limits’, like not to harm others?

Hearing this, JinYu almost fell to the floor. Aunty can you be more straight-forward?! ‘Transvestites should know their limitations’…if a transvestite or an ancient human heard it, they’re definitely cough up blood!!

“Cough, cough…lady, it’s ‘man should know their limitations’.” The one who stood beside Queen Bing the whole time finally spoke. He was clearly a top tier royal dog, who had silver hair and was very handsome.
(T/N here, 人妖 – is a slang for transvestite, but also, 妖 yāo, is the same as, 要 yào, the second means to want. 妖 can also mean Yokai. Overall it means to have self-awareness)
But all he got was her majesty’s luring…white eye, “What ever I saw goes!! We’re going to the Collection Room!! (Treasure room, rare item room etc) Heh! I heard the Long Family found a treasure from the ancient, primal period, I’ll see for myself what that is!”

Thus, her majesty left and once she did, JinYu suddenly turned around to share a glance with JinQian, LinChong and BaiSha. Then, the half-baked doctor said with a obscene smile, “Looks like our aunt has got her cp, the royal dog and his queen. Yep, very powerful!”

Although JinYu would like to say that the way he said it was way too obscene, he was right. For someone like aunty, this kind of cp was the most satisfying! As for why he knew? Jin Boss can tell you with his 20/20 upgraded vision to tell you that after the ‘royal dog’ spoke, her majesty blushed!! That in itself was a miracle!!

Why else who the boss look so disheartened, clearly it was because his image of his idol just got crushed…

But, what aunty said towards the end…the treasure of the primal period, if the ancient period was around the time of Earth, then the primal period…

“WTF! I’ll never believe evidence for the golden scissor (金蛟剪) or nine-tail fox!!” Could it be, that he got it wrong this whole time, that they weren’t living in a technology advanced era with super-powers but in a Xianxia universe?! (The golden scissor is a mystical item appearing in 封神演义 The Gods, which can cut even gods)

For a second, JinYu’s face changed so much that, everyone else watched in awe!

“Tsk, tsk, we never know what his thinking but sometimes he really looks as if he seen a ghost. No, even more ghostly then ghosts.”

“Hmm, maybe he’s…you know.”

“Tsk, you think I haven’t checked secretly? His mentally normal. Look, when his mentally normal his already this annoying, why would you want him to be abnormal?!” A certain half-baked doctor replied, “You want him to ruin as all?!”

Just as Long ChangXiao shook his head and was about to explain, an eerie voice interrupted them, “Don’t worry, I’m not completely heartless. Even if I was mentally ill, I’ll only bother you to death. Everyone else would live a wonderful life to contrast your miserable one.”

Thus, JinQian stayed silent. He turned his head. Actually, he didn’t say anything before.

“Okay, okay, we’re all the ones left, the main event is the trade conference okay? It’s my first time okay, if there’s anything worth introducing, tell me now!” Once he finished threatening, JinYu turned to normal and said excitedly towards those around him. One the side, BaoZi, XiaoBao, and ErHei all had sparkling eyes as well, a huge contrast to the bored expression of DaBai, DaDaBai, WangWang, and XiaoBai.

Meow! [Stop looking! I been here multiple times and even attended a beasts fight okay?] XiaoBai slapped BaoZi’s face away and said with dislike, [You outdated leopard!] (commoner)

Upon hearing that, BaoZi roared painfully. He just realized his name matched his species, which meant he was never getting rid of his new nickname! (T/N Tu-BaoZi 土包子 is a slang for outdated, people who lived in the rural areas etc. BaoZi (meat bun) also sounds like bàozi (豹子), which is leopard, his species.)

“Hehe, even though the trade conference’s name is known far and wide, it’s not as complicated as you think.” BaiSha explained while petting HeiTuan, “The trade conference three sections, the Collection Room, the Deer Hall, and the Beast Fighting Arena.” (T/N 逐鹿 I translated as deer, but is used to suggest fighting for the throne, ie chasing the deer)

“The three places are self-explanatory, and in the end, it’s just three places for the forces to compare strength.”

Hearing that, JinYu nodded in understanding, “So, it’s just to compare who has a richer background, more money, and the most power.” Pretty standard stuff.

Seeing it compared like that, both BaiSha and BaiLin laughed. BaiLin continued, “It’s like XiaoJin says. Even though they boast about it, in the end, it’s just comparing power, money and strength.”

“That’s right, the world revolves around money after all. Why bother pretending to be all that.” JinYu got praised by a beauty and boasted a little too. His proud expression made everyone want to punch him, with one exception, you know the one.

“The Collection Room Aunt Bing was talking about, was a place to show off ‘history’. The stuff there doesn’t have to be of immeasurable value, it can be worthless, but it must be ‘old’ and with ‘depth’. After all, only families with a long lineage will have these items that are worth more for their meaning than actual value.”

JinYu nodded in agreement, “Ohh, after ShaSha sister explained it, it really does sound sacred.”

BaiSha chuckled in response, “No, no, for a lot of things, as long as it’s families like Long or Qi and even ours, we can make the smaller families offer up somethings. Thus, this was a fight of the major forces. Of course, there are families who really did pass things down. Umm, if you want an extreme explain, Jin-dage, you should ask LinChong that jinx. Their inheritance is truly frightening.”

Instantly, JinYu turned towards a certain false-prophet (神棍). The latter raised a brow, coughed and just as he was about to boast, he was cut short by Long young master.

“His family still has a book on genealogy. From before the Great Migration. (大迁移)”


Even though Long ChangXiao said it as plainly as humanly possible, JinYu still took a breath in when he heard those words. He couldn’t believe he would hear of a genealogy book at this time and place.

As for the one who got his spotlight snatched, LingChong’s expression was of true annoyance. You idiot Long! All I did was trick you a few time, do you have to keep a grudge for this long?! Then, from the ceiling came a whisper of a chuckle, making LingChong’s face even darker.

“Anyways, let’s stop talking about it, if you really want to see, the stuff in the Collection Room will surely blow your mind! Sometimes I wonder why people of the past would make so many weird and crazy things…” As JinQian was talking, he waved his hand to signal everyone to follow him. As for the stuff he mumbled on whilst walking, it silenced a certain ancient whale and ancient man. Also 囧, but mostly an itch to punch someone!

The ancient whale shared a glance with the ancient man and only then did they realize the wonder of meeting a fellow family member. It was such a wonderfully splendid thing!! At least there is someone here to prove the ones with a weird Brian wasn’t them, but those mutated! New! Humans!


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Mysterious old world things:
rice cooker
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Someone add the list.

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Thank you for the chapter!

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This is so funny hahahahahaaha I can’t stop laughing hahahahahaahaha That’s right ancient whale, everyone is abnormal except you hahahaha can’t breathe
Thanks for the translation!

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Qi LuRen? Isn’t it Qi YunXiao?
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