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Chapter 101: Wine.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After the assault on the banquet hall that shocked Assyria, someone slowed down the magnification of the video taken by passers-by outside the hall by n times and finally captured the scene of Wen Jin brushing his shoulders into the fire from the armor of the rescue team. This group of motion pictures and later in the sea of fire, conscientious cameras desperately shoot the clicking pictures were put together by people, known as century dog food.

Although the sound income system of the camera had collapsed under the fire at that time, the silent environment at that time increased the aesthetic feeling of the picture. Seeing the fiery fire in the ice wall entanglement, inseparable at the same time, and the ice wall created a separated world of isolation.

Some people deliberately slowed down the pictures of the two people and then young boys and girls on the Star Net saw Dewitt stretch out his hand and pinch his waist with a strong hand. He was anxious to cram the whole person into his body. The whole picture was full of color and spirit.

And beside Cassey’s thigh pat had become a popular expression pack on the Star Net.

For a while, the temperature, which could descend from the sky, speed rapidly, and opened up ice passages in hot flames, becoming one of the main focuses of discussion on the Interstellar Network. There was a heated discussion about his identity and abilities, as well as his relationship with the Marshal. However, under the spontaneous top posts of organized netizens, the main drifting posts on the home page of major forums were still related to the beasts.

The result of the national vote agreeing to the terms of agreement with beasts was almost one-sided, and the voice of urging Assyria to face up to history had always been the mainstay of major forums. Melson resigned after the incident and never appeared in front of the world. The House of Representatives, with the support of the voice of the Assyrian people, promised the terms of Dewitt’s agreement to the beasts that day. It was almost two days before the relevant documents were issued.

And all the history chips, textbooks and related cultural relics would face rectification. Many planets had even started the project of establishing a Contract Beast History Museum under the organization.

However, the Zerg who suddenly appeared in the banquet hall, as Dewitt had guessed before, had a follow-up. Dewitt, who was brought out by Wen Jin from the banquet hall, had just received an emergency military intelligence report from Eve’s side on the border after the joint scientific research institute had isolated the whole banquet hall in full force.

When Cook exchanged with Uttar on the premise of alliance, that part of the border area contained in the Assyrian military defense chip was invaded by the Zerg. Although most of the regions had been stopped by Dewitt’s timely arrangements, a small number of planets had been invaded.

The war alarm in Assyria sounded again.

Through the way that the planets were invaded by the Zerg, Dewitt judged that the so-called “King of Zergs” appearing in the banquet hall might not be the only successor of the old King of Zergs who was killed by him. Perhaps at the beginning, his act of stabbing the old Zerg king did have a considerable impact on the Zerg. Under this influence, not only the ability of the Zerg began to evolve, but also the way of reproduction began to change.

The tradition that only one giant Zerg was born in a king’s egg and became king of Zergs had obviously been broken, because the way the frontier planet was attacked was almost the same as that of the Capital Star Banquet Hall, which was caused by the king of Zergs spraying the king’s eggs of the same size.

The change of reproductive mode doubled the reproductive speed of the Zerg, but at the same time, it seemed to weaken its ability, especially the direct division after the death of the mitosis. According to the experimental results of the scientific research institute, the more it split, the lower the comprehensive ability of the Zerg.

For Assyria, there were good and bad changes in the way the Zerg reproduce. But the return of the Zerg was supposed to be an absolute bad thing. It was only two months ago that they ended the last Zerg war. Assyria had made no progress, not even before the war. When Dewitt left the banquet hall to receive the military information and immediately led the army from the capital star to the frontier, all of Assyria was tense.

However, the real situation of this war was quite different from what people had expected.

[Did you hear that it is said that the frontier has been almost calmed down?]

[Yesterday, it seems the military issued official documents?]

[That’s terrific. It’s not more than a month in all this time… Directly Ping three planets, handsome really is too strong, the painting style is totally different, a throw of an ice ball, Zerg King no more.]

[Too strong + 1, he used to use his tail to smoke ice at the Zerg king when he abandoned his face, but also wiped his tail on Marshal’s body. Laughing to death. Always fltl Marshal was taken care of by a handsome man…]

[Really, he’s a very handsome marshal! Before in the frontier, we could sprinkle so many polysaccharides. When they come back this time, maybe all Assyrians will have to worry about dog food???]

Cassey sneered at the discussion of dog food among the people on Star Net. His face showed a sincere grief of a single dog, staring at the screen while sending messages to Marshal.

[Report, the bed has been changed.] As he typed this line, Cassey felt the innocent whimper of his single dog in his heart.

Yes, their Marshal bought a new bed, which was thirty times the size of his original bed.

When Cassey heard Dewitt clearly express his request for a new bed, his face showed a deep feeling of being stuffed with dog food to explode his stomach. As a man who was tired of the red light district without war, Cassey firmly refused to admit that he was a simple dog, but could he have thirty times sized bed?

Just as Cassey shivered and carefully covered his throat in case he looked at more dog-food and asked what he wanted to say, Dewitt returned only four words.

[The fox likes it.]

“Next year’s food for our Legion will be saved, and dog food will be plentiful,” Cassey complained to Eve. “Pay more, eat well, dress well and find a wife.”

When Cassey said this, a fox was sitting on the dining table stealing chicken legs to eat, sniffing words, raising his head, looking at Cassey with a sarcastic look on his face. He stretched his claws and pulled the untouched chicken legs out of his bowl, stuffing them into his cheeks with the one in his mouth, and then ran away with his face bulging.

Cassey stared at the fox, who had run away after a long time. He shook the spoon in his hand and wailed, “This day can’t pass any faster!”


Inside Dewitt’s room, a snow-white fox lay on the bed thirty times larger than normal.

Thirty times the size of the bed, just enough to hold his real size and his thick fur spilled out from around the bed, full of lazy air, fluffy tail behind his buttocks.

“You have a meeting this afternoon?” In a short time, the voice of the fox came from the bed, with a certain degree of discontent.

“Yes.” From beneath the thick fur came a muffled voice. Dewitt’s head emerged from Wen Jin’s chest hair and reached for Wen Jin’s head and kissed him.

The fox was a sticky fox, and it deeply implemented the absolute desire to let Dewitt like his original shape. From time to time, he would change to his original shape in the room. When he woke up, he would insist on Dewitt sleeping with his original shape.

That was why Dewitt was an ability user, or a very good physical user. Otherwise, as long as his condition was slightly worse, others might be afraid that he would be directly pressed into a cake in bed by Wen Jin.

“Meetings every day.” Wen Jin buried his head on a thick pillow and said discontentedly, “What kind is it today?”

Dewittt paused.

Although the Zerg had been completely expelled from Assyria, the follow-up preparations, as well as the investigation of the Zerg’s whereabouts, as well as the Uttar’s frontier, had all been put on the agenda, together with the repaired frontier, and so on. He had been overbusy lately.

Wen Jin’s mood was not very good every day. Dewitt was anxious to watch as the work at hand was speeding up. He wanted to finish everything as soon as possible this month, and then accompany the fox wholeheartedly.

But things always piled up.

“Ah.” He said with some regret, “I’ll stay with you when I get back, okay?”

“Before you…” What I said before was to accompany you after the war, but now I’m finished, and I’m going back to accompany you. Wen Jin said half of what he didn’t want to say. He thought it sounded too resentful and did not fit in with his handsome figure at all. So he thought about it and closed his eyes and didn’t want to talk to the big fool.

“Baby?” Dewitt tucked in his arms around the fox’s head and looked around for a while before he could see the closed eyes under his hair and the long eyelashes. Reaching out and touching the fox’s head, he leaned against the bed and hugged his warm head for a long time, and kissed it repeatedly.

“Wait a little longer.” He whispered in a low voice.


By the time Wen Jin woke up, it was almost time for dinner. He rubbed his head subconsciously, but his small tail was absent. Wen Jin leaned on the soft pillow and slowly opened his eyes. He stared out of the window at the sunset for a moment and gave a slightly unhappy hum.

When he was in a bad mood, he didn’t pay much attention to the snacks, so Wen Jin didn’t notice the small note under the bowl at all. The little note was bought when Wen Jin went out to play the day before yesterday. It was quite expensive. After buying it back, the fox didn’t like it, and he really didn’t know what occasion it could be used.

After a whole day’s hard thinking, Wen Jin eventually stuffed it over to Dewitt, demanding that the latter write a note every day.

On the first day of implementation, Wen Jin forgot about it in his depression.

He ate some snacks absently, changed some ice balls on his hands and played with them. At last, it seemed that he suddenly thought of something, jumped out of bed and rushed out in a hurry.

“YingJun? Where are you going?” The relationship between the canteen aunt and Wen Jin was the best. Seeing the little fox rushing out, the enthusiastic aunt casually asked, “Run slowly, don’t fall!”

“Going out to play -!” Wen Jin turned around and threw a glamorous eye at the aunt. He remembered that when he had come to the planet before, Cassey had bragged about something that was so interesting that he loved to go whenever he had nothing to do.

Cassey also said that because of the widespread desolation of the frontier, they did not seem to have a place on either planet before, and specifically described what it was like to die of immortality.

An hour later, Wen Jin, who was lost, walked into a pub expectantly, and at a glance, saw Cassey with a beautiful woman in the corner with one hand in his hand.

Squinting at Cassey, sniffing hard, the fox’s eyes lit up.


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