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Chapter 116: Xiao Hei’s wife

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

JinYu looked at the woman in front of him. Although she was laughing, her body emanated an energy that filled others with incomparable rage. This was a true queen, the kind that could destroy your army without uttering a single sound!

That kind of cold and haughty demeanor really was…..Of course, if Qi Qinglin had an aunt like this, how could he have possibly been sent to the secret military base by his absentee father a few days after he was born? And how many years was he sent away for? No matter how one looked at it, it was quite strange. JinYu could tell from a single glance that that queen’s status was quite high.

“Uh, hello?”

JinYu looked at his boss who seemed to be zoned out and frowned slightly. He should still say hello to the queen. After all, compared to the passing mercenary who was so eager to cut himself, the queen was much nicer. Of course, this wasn’t to say that he agreed with the queen. Anyhow, one shouldn’t try to make enemies out of strong people on purpose. 

That cold but beautiful and coveted woman heard the way JinYu’s eyebrows jumped. She asked in front of the crow, “Are you Xiao Hei’s wife?” 

This made JinYu and Qi Qinglin choked. The former was stunned while the latter, no words had to be said about him. Since he was little, there hadn’t been anyone who dared to call him “Xiao Hei” to his face. However, the person in front of him always called him this every time she saw him. Even though he sought his mother’s family’s help after he escaped from the base, he was still small and weak at the time so he was utterly helpless. ONly two people offered to help him. One was the current woman in front of him, who should not be provoked on any circumstances. So, Qi Qinglin Boss’ feelings about this were quite complicated. He should have been close to the woman but now he didn’t know how to feel.

Later, the boss was convinced. Anyway,  the man who now controls Bingfeng’s family also half-killed Daquan was quite hostile to him, so he might as well create a false image of discord with Bingfeng’s family in front of outsiders. This was it would be easier for his aunt to seize power in the future. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that a woman took control of the Bing Feng family; they were just like the Qilin Clan, ruled by power. 

And right now the leader of the Bingfeng clan was his mother’s older brother. That guy’s humanity was really……even though he wouldn’t ruin the BingFeng clan, he still lacked the ability to become a force to be reckoned with. In the coming days he would lead to the Bingfeng’s clan’s decline and even become dependent on other people! Thinking of this, Qi Qinglin looked at the young girl standing to the right of the queen. This should be his little cousin (表妹). However, the undisguised hostility on the woman’s face was enough to make Qi Qinglin ignore her. Even more, this was Long Changli’s fiance. 

“Uh, he’s, we’re partners. Why do you have to call him my wife?” Even though the boss seemed to be calm, he was quite terrified! He’s just like that!

Hearing this, the queen turned towards JinYu and sneered, “I bet you would die and still wouldn’t beat Xiao Hei!”

Once again, JinYu was reduced to silence. A fucking gentleman would open his mouth to fight but not use his hands! Those who only fight are reckless!!

Of course, this was the kind of thought JinYu kept to himself. If he said it, the results would be disastrous. Of course, after this brief exchange with the queen, JinYu knew that no matter how indifferent his boss seemed to be towards her, this queen was her own person!

If other people dared to call Qi Qinglin Xiao Hei, even if you were the Jade Emperor or his father, he would beat you up until your mother couldn’t recognize you. However, didn’t seem to have anything to do with it. Even more, Qi Qinglin didn’t seem to be angry. Well, since neither of them were clear about this, they could pretend to be confused.

Additionally, who was the other woman the two kept staring at? Didn’t they know I don’t like cold and haughty and arrogant woman who didn’t have the slightest aggressiveness?  Besides, I have a special someone.

“Hey! If the poor and lowly can be your partner, you should really see how far you’ve fallen!”

Just when JinYu was inwardly ridiculing that cold beauty, the beauty insulted him so frankly, calling him poor and lowly?! Well then, fine. This is actually quite great. At least now the woman is showing some emotion. I was afraid you had no fucking brain!

JinYu could have thick skin when facing the dumb man but when facing the dumb woman it was a different story……especially when there was some history with her. He definitely couldn’t be so open about his hate! It was never too late for a gentleman to seek his revenge. If he wanted to take revenge on someone, he would patiently wait. He had the time afterall.

Even if Boss Jin didn’t care about this kind of belittlement, to Qi Qinglin this was extremely offensive!!

Without hesitation, he directly slapped the girl in the face. Qi Qinglin’s voice was extremely cold. “If he was a pariah, you would have burned the garbage. Animals are better than you. “

That was quite the blow! Even if two people could say this face to face, Qi Qinglin dared to say this not only in front of the ten families but also in front of Long Changli. After a moment of stupor, Bingru blinked. Her eyes became red. Her crying and attempt to repress her grief garnered the attention of the youths from the ten families. They became excited at the prospect of becoming a hero, ready to beat down Qi Qinglin with their own fists. 


Of course, those were only idealistic thoughts. Since Qi Qinglin’s identity was revealed to all of Anjie, the elders of the ten families reminded the youths three times every day, this once a rare black qilin that appeared once every thousand years. It’s different from the normally pleasant Qilin Clan. The black qilin is savage, loves to fight, and is also extremely powerful. So, if you encounter the black qilin you should hide otherwise stand behind a clan leader and protect yourself! Let the future clan leaders deal with him! Be careful, don’t let the clan leaders run away and stand there foolishly.

So, even though everyone was riled up, the scene remained calm.

“Uncle Qi!” Bingru saw that no one was coming to help her so she called out to Qi Qinglin’s absentee father. WHen he heard this, he coughed a few times. He was then interrupted by Qi Qinglin

“If people called Yuan Jingya a bitch and a slave would you beat them up or would you continue on being a worthless wretch?”

This enraged the Qilin Clan Leader and Yuan Jingya. They glanced at JinYu who was snickering, his boss was really quite despicable……too despicable!!


However Bingru’s misfortune still hadn’t ended. Suddenly, a dark purple light flashed over the open square. In the next moment, it split her shoulder. Even though Bingru’s ability kept her from suffering too much hard, she was still very embarrassed.

Zhang LIangshan sneered and then used his extremely loud voice to say, “Noble lady, there are some words that can’t be said without hesitation. If you say something wrong you’ll be attacked by lightning. Isn’t the Bing Feng family always pure and proud? How did they produce someone so lowly like you.”

At this time Bingru had a ferocious look on her face. Just as she was about to raise her head and cuss there was a loud bang! There was no sign of collapse where she stood. Afterwards, the oldest miss of the Bing Feng clan was buried by gold.

In the next moment all the Bing Feng’s clans people scrambled towards her. However, the strange thing was that the collapsed part of the ground seemed to be in good order. The beasts standing beside JinYu glanced at Da Bai and thought, since when could you control gold?

Da Bai rolled his eyes at time. Look closely, that’s a curse. Don’t tell me you guys have seen the ground collapse out of nowhere before!

At the moment, the beasts did not know what to think. They shook their heads and looked at the gold pit sympathetically. The consequence of being cursed by this was even worse than death. Misfortunate would follow for the next three months. It’s a pain that no normal human or beast can bear!

JinYu’s mouth was curled into a small smile. He turned his head to look at Hei Tuan who squeezed its eyes shut. Not bad, now it can control the whole golden platform, what progress! Hei Tuan slouched and wagged her tail lazily. Nonsense, Sha Sha Family was demolished by her three times and rebuilt three times. This control could actually be improved!

“……Looking at this, I’m glad we didn’t rebuild our house three times for nothing.” Bailing murmured to herself. It was most likely that her old man would burn incense to his ancestors happily when he saw how good the control of Hei Tuan had become.

“Tuan Tuan, not bad!” Bai Sha laughed and patted the beast. His fucking mother has long been unhappy with that damn woman. Now, they had the most beautiful person in all of the ten families. Now, the two of them had half of the supporters!

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December 14, 2019 2:24 pm

JinYu’s followe-‘cough’ friends are the best😂.
Thanks for the new chapter❣

December 14, 2019 8:25 pm

ヾ(⌒(ノシ >ω<)ノシ. so devilishly adorable

December 14, 2019 10:21 pm

Attention people, beasts and whatnot! Please observe! This is what happens when you try to bully Jin Yu and/or his partner either by words or actions! You will get cursed, humiliated, lose face and be laught at by a certain gold fish. Remember not to do that, ever! It is yet unknown whether there are any side effects so be careful!

Yup I really do love them, they are so bad! XD

Thank you for the chapter!

October 7, 2021 4:04 pm

So the Aunt is what? On Qinglin’s side or not? Is it her daughter that’s engaged to ChangLi (who was screwing Bai Honghu in ch.76, after latter got zapped by Qinglin ~ each limb would break as he used them).
Bit confusing.

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