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Chapter 121

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Long ChangLi, the people from the Long Family, and the other people present at the scene just thought that JinYu would say that he had seen or knew something about the night pearl, yet the latter merely stated his suspicion regarding the present situation.


No one believed that he could produce definite evidence that even the foremost authorities (最权威者) could not.


However, everyone was instantly stunned when JinYu pointed to the encyclopedia in the display cabinet. Then a burst of laughter resounded throughout the collection hall.




“Oh my god, I nearly died of laughter! Did you hear what he said? An encyclopedia!”


“I even thought he was about to say something important. Ai yo, would something that is shown to children have the things that scholars need? It’s just some atlases and stories. He’s even presenting it as evidence!”


“Tch, why have all kinds of trash been able to participate in the trade conference recently? Public morals are really degenerating with each passing day…”


JinYu raised an eyebrow upon hearing the laughter and disapproval. It suddenly occurred to him that the social system was one with more emphasis on hierarchy and social class despite the level of civilization and technology being quite advanced in some aspects. At best, the people here did not inhumanely or irrationally bully and exploit others as their past social classes once did. This was a society with a system to protect the lower class which was a slight equilibrium among many the imbalances.


JinYu was usually unable to feel the subtle difference, yet he could easily feel it at this moment. But what about that?


“Hey, old man, don’t you think so too?”


Ignoring the people who were laughing and ridiculing him, JinYu turned around and looked at the old man who looked completely like an antique. Then he asked as he tilted his head.


Before some seemingly absurd things became the truth, it was inevitable to be ridiculed. Fuck, although this incident was not at the level of it becoming a truth, this was more than enough to be an extremely favorable piece of evidence.


“You! Speak with respect! This is Elder Ling Zheng who is known as a national elder in the field of mechanical light particles and heavy energy! How dare you be so rude?”


Rolling his eyes at the guy opposite who was scowling coldly at him, JinYu looked at Ling Zheng and said, “What are youngsters and children? Are they an existence that doesn’t understand anything and can be fooled at will in your heart? Are you taking all youngsters and children as fools that just believe in what others say? How ridiculous! Your children would even ask why there are red, yellow or even black trees if you tell them that trees are green. The thoughts and ideologies of children and youngsters are instilled and taught from childhood, that’s why what is written for them is done with more care than what is written for adults. I don’t believe everyone was regarded as ignorant children by your families when you were youngsters? What a joke. Half of you were probably already starting to touch on the core content of your families.”


“You are just resorting to sophistry! How can you know that there are records about the night pearl in the collection even if there are no problems with the book itself?! Have you ever seen it?!” A young master from the collateral branch of the Long Family shouted.


I’ve really seen it.


JinYu replied in his heart with incomparable loneliness. Then he sighed and retorted, “I guessed.”




“You’re speaking nonsense (信口雌黄)…”


“Shut up!”


Suddenly, the elderly man named Ling Zheng ferociously roared at the child from the Long Family. He stared at JinYu for a long time before slowly saying, “Fluorite/fluorescein?”


“Er. Haha…”


It was really not easy to fool this old fellow.


“Little worm, go get me the anti-corrosion gloves and the photon inspection machine. I want to personally verify what this kid just said.” Ling Zheng looked at Ling Chong and instructed after roaring at that kid from the Long Family. Ling Chong almost completely wilted once these words were spoken, while JinYu snorted in laughter.


What made Ling Zheng depressed and frustrated was because JinYu when started laughing, Long ChangXiao, Jin Qian, Ye Huang and the two sisters from the Bai Family also unceremoniously burst into laughter. Apart from this, the beasts that accompanied them all started to roll about and scratch the ground. There were all kinds of bestial howls and screeching around them instantly. Even Big Boss Qi raised the corners of his mouth in an insincere smile.


Worm worm worm! You are the worm! Your whole family are all worms!!


Ling Chong was all depressed and frustrated, yet he was unable to refute the elderly man’s words. His position in the family was about the same as Ling Chong’s grandfather even though he was not directly blood-related to Ling Chong. The Ling Family attached great importance to capable collateral branch members. Moreover, this person’s…. own position was also quite amazing.


“Little worm?”


“Okay, Grandpa Zheng! Someone come over here! Hurry up! Where’s the photon inspection machine? How can I move it by myself?”


Ling Chong howled at the roof. Obviously, he had an ulterior motive and wanted someone to come down. However, this fella definitely overestimated his charm and underestimated the calmness of Wu Ying. Shout, keep shouting. Lao Zi didn’t hear anything and won’t help you if Lao Zi hears you. You’re not even my master. Continue randomly shouting if you want people to think that you’re stupid. I really don’t mind.


So a certain worm failed in shouting for someone and was depressed. Under the confused gazes of the people, he angrily teleported out. Yes, it wasn’t wrong. He teleported out. It was said that the people from the White Spirit Monkey Clan also had an astonishing technique passed down from the Spirit Monkey in addition to their terrifying forecasting ability. Although this technique was unable to kill anyone, whoever wanted to assassinate a person from the White Spirit Monkey Clan had to kill them in one strike. Otherwise, the assassination can be declared as a failure once the Ling Family used that technique.


Due to the request of Elder Ling Zheng, all the people that were sniggering at JinYu were at a loss. How could Elder Ling believe the words of this unknown boy?! It’s unscientific! That was to say, Elder Ling was doubting that the night pearl from the Long Family was real?!


Was there a problem between the Long Family and the Ling Family?


After a moment, Ling Chong teleported back with some people. Since the person he wanted to go with was completely unmoved by his invitation, the photon inspection machine had to be carried by his attendants. Actually, though it was said to be carried, it resembled a transparent square cover where some rays of light could vaguely be seen on it.


“Grandpa Zheng, the things have moved here. Would you like to see them now?” Ling Chong walked to Old Man Ling Zheng and asked. The latter naturally nodded and directed people to put the cover in front of the whole exhibition cabinet before beginning his investigations.




Long ChangLi suddenly spoke, “Elder Ling, do you really believe the words of this person of unknown origin who is making entirely groundless guesses and suspect that the treasure that our family has found through untold hardships is fake?”


Ling Zheng’s expression did not change. He looked at Long ChangLi, “Kid, you’re not as good as ChangXiao at keeping your composure. So what if you lost the first round? You’ll just have to make a comeback later at most. What’s more, it’s merely the Southern Trade Conference. Tch tch, with such an attitude, the second son of the Qi Family will be more than enough to deal with you should you wait until the Ranking Trial of the Ten Great Clans begins. If it’s the eldest son of the Qi family… He he.”


Although Ling Zheng did not complete his sentence and just ended with a ‘he he’, they would know what this meant as long they were not stupid. Long ChangLi’s expression immediately turned ugly. On the other hand, Ling Zheng had quickly found the summary and introduction of the “Fluorite” mentioned by JinYu. Despite it being a short and interesting summary that was not particularly detailed, it was enough to prove that what JinYu said was correct. Regardless of what the treasure the Long Family presented was, it would never be a ‘night pearl’ as long as it could not emit light! In addition, Ling Zheng became more surprised the more he looked at the contents of this book. The contents recorded and described in this book were beyond his expectation and had great significance! Why had he never read such a book that could precisely explain the science, technology, nature, culture, history and so on of the people from Earth before the Great Migration until now?!


Were those who studied the ancient texts all idiots?!


In fact, en, there was a misunderstanding that could leave one speechless – because the literary works of Great Hero Jin and this encyclopedia were found together in an archaic spaceship which had been hidden for a long time; because the most conscientious people went to study the spaceship at that time; because the researcher who was in-charge of inspections had just taken over these duties and was hired though nepotism. A book he randomly picked up was by Great Hero Jin so that person simply reported the encyclopedia as children’s stories. Therefore, such a pit-like scene occurred today.


Although Ling Zheng wanted to read all four books as soon as possible, the people in the building and the Long Family could not afford to wait. Finally, the fearless Ling Chong went forward and asked a question. Then, the faces of the people from the Long Family turned black.


“Lao Zi hates to be disturbed when Lao Zi is reading! That is not a night pearl! It’s a kind of crystal from before the Great Migration! Scram now since you’re done!”


The atmosphere of the whole collection hall became a little weird. Such a situation was beyond their expectation! They had never thought this would happen and it was like a beggar suddenly turning into a prince – an extremely awful feeling.


The faces of the people from the Long Family, including the Clan Head, Long YuTing, all turned black face as they fell silent. The victory that they were most assured of had now turned into something of little value… Suddenly, JinYu unconsciously shivered and hissed… Why did he suddenly feel that it was so eerie?


One person broke the deadlock. Though his words were unexpected, they seemed rather sensible.


“Ha ha, in fact, Uncle Long is being too harsh on yourself. You were able to find a treasure that existed before the Great Cataclysm and Migration. This is already beyond the reach of many people.  It is certainly a remarkable item for it to be so transparent even if this is not the legendary night pearl.”


Fei YuSheng had a faint smile and his tone was gentle. Yet it was impossible to ignore.


After hearing Fei YuSheng’s words, the people who did not know what to do nodded their heads. Yes, that’s right. Who said that it was not valuable as long as it wasn’t a night pearl? Anyway, this was a rare treasure from before the Great Cataclysm and was not easy to find. Thus, everyone calmed down and relaxed again. Long ChangLi also nodded to Fei YuSheng in thanks.


“Tch tch, it’s said that a really capable dog that would bite people does not bark. Sha Sha, look, speaking in terms of  hidden depths, Long ChangLi probably doesn’t even have half of Fei YuSheng’s capability. If you really marry that kid, he won’t even have enough brains to play with!” (几个脑袋都不够他玩的)


Bai Ling looked at the scene that had returned to normal and secretly whispered in her sister’s ear. The latter also appeared like she agreed. In fact, Bai Sha could never understand how could so many people like this fellow who looked gloomy. Although this fellow did not care about her physique and brought up the matter of a marriage to the elders, this was more suspicious than ever! If it was normal for a person to disregard another’s shortcomings without any basis, then there was no such thing as normal!


The two sisters were thinking this when the sound of air expelling suddenly echoed throughout the building. They hurriedly looked over and saw a golden crown. The material of the golden crown itself was not enough to make people exclaim in surprise, but its former owner was extremely famous.


“The Golden crown of the President of the Royal Beast Academy!”


“Fuck, this is the founder’s golden crown! It’s been almost a thousand years since this thing had disappeared!”


“Darling (乖乖), the Qi family has shown a big hand!”


The exclamation of all the spectators made Qi YunXiao faintly reveal his gratification. Although his treasure lost in terms of its era/years (年代) when compared with the Long Family’s item, it won in terms of its rich history (蕴藏的底蕴)! The golden crown of the founder of the Royal Hunter Academy – one was able to scare a bunch of people to death just by speaking of it! Qi YunXiao glanced at his gentle and virtuous wife standing beside him as he thought of this, and was completely satisfied. Although she utilized the Qi Family’s assets without his permission, she sided with him and loved him no matter what,. She would coax him and obey him, instead of being like a block of ice that always reminded him to properly perform his duties as a Clan Head.


He was already a perfect Clan Head!! He did not need others to tell him such a thing!!


Yuan JingYa could sense Qi YunXiao’s attitude and was pleased with herself. See, even a treasure obtained by a little maneuvering could offset its value by hundreds or even thousands of times. It could even allow him to regain his trust in her. Ha ha, sure enough, a man still needed to be coaxed and obeyed. Otherwise, so what even if you were sincere to him? You’d just be getting resented.


As soon as the golden crown of the founder appeared, the Qi Family clearly stood out from the numerous treasures. The Qi Family would be able to dominate the whole collectible industry in the next ten years if there is no treasure that was more valuable. The people from the Long Family and other families definitely did not have any treasures that were able to suppress the golden crown. Therefore, those from the Long Family were discontented, while the others were lamenting. It was obviously a massacre in all directions as soon as this thing appeared.


It’s just that, winning or losing was a matter of moments in many cases, and situations of being high in the clouds and plummeting to the ground in the next moment were constantly happening. The one who has the last laugh was the real winner. This was the genuine truth.


A sneer flashed through Qi QingLin’s eyes when he caught sight of Qi YunXiao’s unconcealable pride. JinYu did not even need to look at Boss’s face. He grabbed XiaoBao and little golden monkey and started play-fighting with them/playing The Jungle Game. (玩斗兽)


Just as Qi YunXiao was about to say something, an angry man with a tired expression that was wearing dirty clothes suddenly rushed through the doors of the collection hall. Before anyone could react, he rushed up to Qi YunXiao and cursed at the top of his voice!


“Qi YunXiao! Do you think you can do whatever you want if your Qi Family is one of the Ten Great Clans?! For your personal gain, you secretly sent assassins to kill my family and steal my golden crown! Are you not afraid of retribution?!!”


At this moment, the whole collection hall was as silent as death. Then, the volume of alarmed cries and conversations was nearly able to lift the roof of the hall!


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December 19, 2019 10:50 pm

Jin Yu sank the Long family’s treasure, now the Qi family’s treasure is going down. This second evil wife is going down with it, and she will drag her husband with her. I know it’s no good to laugh at others misfortune but when karma comes to bite back, it sure is very funny. the current Qi family’s head is seriously getting more and more along the definition of “incompetent”.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 11, 2021 8:07 am

Well that’s just oof- If what the man was saying is true, then that’s too much for just a single treasure. Though I guess they really wanted to show off..

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