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Chapter 122

Translated by Anon of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There was a shrill and wild cry, like a dagger in the extreme cold, which echoed in the ears of all the people in the museum.

Seeing such a dramatic scene, it made people feel extremely surprised and shocked. At the same time, there was a rush of excitement in their hearts was it someone who wanted to find Qi’s house?! It was quite a sight! Moreover, no one sitting here was a fool. Seeing that Qi YunXiao was about to win the prize, the man had suddenly arrived. If it was an accident, the person who believed that was either second-class or mentally retarded.

Obviously, Qi YunXiao himself was quite clear about this. Even though he was not really outstanding in talent, as a successor of the family, he fully understood the stress response of various situations.

So, in the moment that the middle-aged man appeared, Qi YunXiao’s face became quite ugly, and then he looked at Yuan JingYa beside him. At this time, for the woman he just praised in his heart, Qi YunXiao’s attitude had completely changed, and the look in his eyes changed from satisfaction to blame.

How could you do things so badly?!

Even though Qi YunXiao didn’t say what he wanted to say clearly, Yuan JingYa knew the meaning behind the gaze of this person. Except for snickering in the bottom of her heart about how the man was always selfish and unreliable, she turned to look at the expressionless Qi QingLlin.The face was angry and unwilling.

“You mean it?!”

Yuan JingYa came forward step by step. In front of so many people, she was directly facing Qi QingLin. She knew that the woman’s son would not let her get what she wanted easily, but she had no idea that the young man in front of her could be indifferent and calculate to this extent!

It was a year ago when she was doing the business of seizing the golden crown. At that time, the strength and power of this man should have been in the initial and extremely weak stage. She would rather believe that what she did was discovered by Qi QingLin accidentally, or even leaked by her relatives around her, than to think that it was him since the start who set a trap for her!

Because, if it was the latter, he was an enemy. This was terrible.

The only hope of Yuan JingYa was lost.

Qi QingLin looked at the iron faced woman, who was calm, and had a slight arc around her mouth. Shaking his head, he said, “What are you talking about? Even if I don’t like you and that punk, I won’t tear down the corner of Qi’s house. It’s better to do something more useful than to question me here.”

It was hard for Qi QingLin to say so many words at the very beginning, but these words that were considered normal and natural in other people’s eyes were like listening to a thunderclap  for Yuan JingYa’s ears, which made her almost unable to stand up.

And just as she was teetering, a man held her.

“Ha ha, don’t faint here. After all, there is a very important thing about the reputation of the Qi family and your family to explain. Escape is not the way. In any case, the Qi family is also a big family. Even if everyone has the desire to win, they absolutely do not disdain such a mean way to win.”

Yuan JingYa’s face was white again when she heard that. She shook off the hand holding her angrily and glared fiercely, “Go away! You are such a villain.”

After hearing this, Jin Yu sighed with exaggeration and murmured in a voice that many people could hear as he walked, “I really don’t know good people. Besides, I’m at risk. If I’m at risk, I can’t go to help you. It’s not good to lift you up and throw you on the ground. Anyway, it’s my own unstable hand. What’s more, it’s not obvious who has benefited the most from Mingming Qi’s family’s accident.”

The people nearby couldn’t help laughing a few times, especially the big guys, ha ha, ha, ha, this whale was really dangerous. The pit had damaged Yuan JingYa, but also let the Long family and Qi family suspect each other. Tsk, kill two birds with one stone, kill two birds with one stone! They didn’t believe that Qi Boss wouldn’t tear down the corner of Qi’s house. It seemed that the younger brother they sent had reported several times that Jin Yu was paying a lot of money to appease Boss to tear down Qi’s villa. It was better to drive people away and sell the site or rebuild it. In this case, they were afraid that Qi QingLin was definitely one of the people who want to destroy the Qi family!

With Jin Yu’s departure, Yuan JingYa found herself standing in the center of the crowd. At this time, everyone was looking at her, and when she looked at them, their eyes were filled with gloating and laughter, watching her coldly without accident. In such eyes, she couldn’t find a kind existence.

At this time, Yuan JingYa suddenly felt cold all over. For some reason, she suddenly thought of the woman from the Bingfeng family. It seemed that at some time, that woman was surrounded and looked on coldly, while she was playing the role of winner.

“!! What are you looking at? “

Yuan JingYa suddenly cried out, her voice was sharp and with a trace of madness, so that at that moment, many people subconsciously turned their eyes away, but she forgot that there was a more crazy and desperate existence here.

“I’m looking at you, a lunatic, unscrupulous, poisonous woman who wants to achieve her goal!”

The man who suddenly rushed in yelled back at Yuan JingYa, and he was still excited to start a fight. Although the man was stopped, all the manners that Yuan JingYa tried to maintain were broken at this moment.

“You! Who are you to say that I am a poisonous woman and that I kill people one by one!? What evidence do you have to prove what you said?! If you can’t give me a reasonable explanation for what you said today, I will give up everything I have and send you to cold ice prison!”

At the beginning, Yuan JingYa was flustered, but this kind of feeling lasted for only a few minutes. In any case, she was a person who had experienced major events and had too much experience to determine how to ensure her safety in such an occasion.

So Yuan JingYa soon calmed down and said the above words with some anger and reservation. After seeing Yuan JingYa’s expression, Qi QingLin knew that the attack on Yuan JingYa was over.

Sure enough, the man really came up with irrefutable evidence. But Yuan JingYa easily picked herself out of the evidence. At the same time, a man like a shadow guard kneeled in front of Yuan JingYa and pleaded guilty, saying that everything is what he wanted to do for the Qi family, and then he directly stopped himself.

From the perspective of a goldfish, such a situation is really too pitiful for Dad and full of dog blood. Everyone knows that the one who committed suicide was a scapegoat! But the problem was that even the fact that ‘everyone knows’ is just a ‘thought’ without definite evidence.

The final result of the collection hall was unexpected, but it was reasonable. Although the gold crown that the Qi family took out was a very obvious treasure that could win the first prize, it had lost the first qualification, or even the third best, because of the stain of its origin,. And although the crystal ball that the Long family took out was not the “Pearl of the Night”, it was still the treasure before the cataclysm and it took the first place without any other competition.

Besides, it was worth mentioning that the second place was the curriculum list of the Royal Hunting Academy which was exhibited by LingChong’s family. When Jin Yu saw that this thing was also worthy of getting the second place, his face looked quite tangled. Third? The third was what the Boss took out. What made Jin Yu, Da Bai, XiaoBai and BaoZi convulse was that the Boss took a branch!

Yes, don’t doubt it. It was just a branch! Xiao Bao said that he could bet his life’s rations on this. What that damned Qi boss took was absolutely from his food bowl! Over! Come on!!!

It’s not very kind. It’s just horrible, you know!! Even if it was just a bamboo shoot that had been bitten by it and did not feel tender enough, it was also its ration! And it was taken out as a treasure to top it up. The point is that in the end, it’s just like this. Isn’t this is making the panda lose face!? At least let it change to the one that hasn’t been chewed!

So when Jin Yu, Da Bai and XiaoBai, who knew the worth of the third prize, won, they were all electrocuted by lightning. The Qi Boss calmly took the jade plaque, which represented the prize for the third place, and casually went over to the crowd which all had a “You’re a scammer!” expression, Qi boss threw the jade plaque into Xiao Bao’s arms. And he did all this with a dignified stare.

A bamboo shoot for a jade card, if you got it cheap and sold it well, a real version of the bamboo shoot fried meat would be sent to you in a moment.

That was what Qi Boss’s gaze meant. XiaoBao shook his head three times, he naturally understood orz.

After coming out of the collection hall, an extremely grand and enthusiastic auction was going to be held, competing with the financial resources of various forces. For this, Boss Jin calculated what benefits he could get here and how to make a difference. He pulled his Boss’s sleeve, “I say, you’re going to let that family go?” I don’t believe that you are so kind!

For Jin Yu’s question, Boss’s answer was very representative and very classic: “Ha ha.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, your sister, ten thousand words are omitted here!!

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December 21, 2019 4:48 am

Thank you for the chapter! Well, a bamboo shoot, which is not poisonous, not attacking anyone, and is just your ordinary plant, surely is a treasure, in the world where bamboos do all the above.

March 8, 2020 9:10 am

Haha tour sister ten thousand words seré omited veré ,,, as always BOSS Is just hilariuos

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