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Conqueror of Hell

Author: Mijia

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations



“Give me your body, give me your body…” He murmured, with anxiety and deterrence.

“Go away! This is my body! I can never give it to you! ” The young voice was a little frightened but refused to give in at all.

“I am Azkar, the king of destruction. I used to be the master of this continent. I will bring you power and strength!”

“Come on, don’t try to deceive me, you devil! One can’t believe the devil’s words, this is the truth that even children know!”

Corell woke up from a sound sleep and found himself lying on a stone platform. The surrounding rocks were grotesque and ghostly. The red fire magma flowed slowly. The dark red ground seemed to have been cut and showed deep scars. The roads that could be seen were hard to find as if they would disappear at any time. It was like a scene from hell.

“Oh! He’s awake!”

“He’s so handsome. Can I take a bite of him?”

The demon and the succubus surrounded him and looked at him with greed and desire, which made Corell bristle.

“Where the hell am I? What’s going on?” Corell sat up on the stone platform and looked around in a panic.

“My little prince, this is our home. In the future, it will also be yours.” The succubus came to him, seductively showing him her wonderful posture.

“Hell? Is this really Hell?” Corell covered his face unbelievably. A succubus and a demon were not creatures of his world. There was only one place they could call home – Diyu, hell, the domain of all demons.

“Why am I here? Who is the devil in my body? What’s going on?” Corell tried to calm down and figure out what was going on.

“Inside you is Azkar, the king of destruction, who was once the ruler of this continent. He was so powerful that everyone feared him, both angels and demons.” Meiji opened her hand and seemed to be frightened. “So he died and was killed by the angels and the devils. It’s unbelievable that the angels and the devils can join hands, but as long as there is interest, anything is possible. Unfortunately, although he died, he didn’t really die. His soul is still there. No one can really destroy him, only seal him.”

“…… So, I was chosen as a sacrifice to seal what… the King of destruction?!” Corell’s eyes widened.

“Yes, my beautiful little prince, not everyone can have such an ability. You are the only one who can resist the king of destruction.” When Corell’s chin was raised, the succubus blinked gently, “As long as you are here, as long as you can suppress him in your body, the king of destruction will always be in the past.”

“What does this have to do with me?! Why should I be such a victim?! I’m going back! I will not stay in this hell. I will go back to my world!” Corell slapped the demon’s hand, stood up, rubbed his heart, which was still beating under his dark red breastplate. “Tell me, how can I go back?”

“If you want to go back, you have to cross the whole Diyu. Obviously, there will be many demons who will want to stop you. To achieve this, I suggest that you build a strong army.” Azkar’s voice rang in Corell’s head and answered his question, “Release me, feed me, you will need me…”

“Shut up! I’ll build an army across Diyu, because I don’t think I have any other choice, but you’d better stay where you should be!” Corell interrupted Azkar and held his sword, which was burning in hell.

“This succubus and demon will follow you, my little prince. I think it must be an interesting journey!” Saluting to Corell, and the succubus and demon smiled at each other.

——As a result, Corell established his own army, led a group of demons, and embarked on the journey home across Diyu.



The creatures in hell were beyond human understanding, but Corell had to learn about them gradually. It was more challenging to explain to them the destruction caused by violence than to persuade a tree not to grow bark in winter.

——For them, Corell had only one idea – to keep them away from him, the further away, the better!

They were the most perfect spies, lurkers, and diplomats. They seemed to tempt their opponents to kiss them and have the most intense and wild sex with them.

——Corell felt that there seemed to be nothing to tempt him since he got along with them.

The two-headed hellhound and the phoenix were dangerous hunters and guards. If they were provoked by their opponents, they would attack fiercely. Their extremely sensitive sense of smell and hearing would make any attacker unable to bear it.

——It was just that Corell didn’t know why he was always the first target hit by their opponents. Wasn’t that too ironic?!

There were also breeding demons, which were famous for absorbing their opponent’s magic and having rapid reproduction. The bloated tree body and toothy and clawed tentacles made Corell feel very disgusting and intolerable. There were also beating demons and punishing demons, who used their bones as weapons and even tore off parts of their bodies to fight. Corell felt the pain of self-mutilation every time he saw them fighting; there were fierce demons and violent demons who rushed into the enemy’s battle and used themselves as meat mincing machines. Corell couldn’t bear the sight of blood and flesh flying. As for the most dangerous and powerful abyssal demons and lords, Corell still seemed to be quite aware of himself.

Of course, the most unbearable thing for Corell was Azkar, the king of destruction in his body.

“Feel the power of destruction. You will need it. It can bring you great power and glory…”

“Oh, come on, I’ve got enough headaches…”

“Release me! Rely on me! I am the most important person in your life!”

“…Ha?! My what? Give me a break…”

“You and I have shared our destiny. Maybe soon you will be the king of Diyu, just like me! But you are still too weak, too weak!”

“Please shut up, Az, I need to keep my attention now in case I get lost in this damn place!”

“Fragile human, you are so fragile! It’s blasphemy to imprison me in such a fragile body!”

“I’m really sorry. Since that’s the case, please don’t always clamor for self desecration!”



Although Corell wanted to find his way home, the demon lords in hell still had the deepest wariness towards him – for Azkar, the damned nagging king of destruction in his body, of course. This guy not only brought him endless troubles, including the constant contempt for him and the temptation to mock him. Corell finally understood why this bastard was being punished… why he had been ostracized and then killed by angels and demons.

——If it was Corell, he didn’t know how many times he wanted to strangle him.

He didn’t know how many territories he had passed through, or how many demon lords he had defeated. Corell felt that he had lost his way. Although his belief in going home was still supporting him, he found that he had become more and more like a demon unconsciously after he walked on the bodies of countless demons and led thousands of demons to sweep all of Diyu.

——”Even if you don’t realize it, your destiny has already been linked with that devil Azkar, the king of destruction. You will go the same way as Azkar.” This was what the first Demon Lord that Corell defeated said to him. Corell snorted at that time, while Azkar laughed wildly.

Now, he had become the only demon lord in hell, and Corel, who made all demons fear and surrender, stood at the highest peak of hell and reached out to the Sword of Urgas, the symbol of the ruler of hell. The former owner of the Sword of Urgas was Azkar, even at this moment, he was still respected as the Lord.

“You can’t do that, Lord Corell!” Meiji’s face was painful and frightened, “Only the real owner of the Sword of Argus can use it!”

“I want to go home.” Corell turned his head and looked at Meiji, who had been following him for the longest time, who had changed from blue to dark red. He was a bit dazed. “Only with this sword can we open up a way out of hell.”

“Yes! Yes! Use it!” Azkar’s voice contained joy and bewitchment, “I used it to split the road and have a good time with angels with it!”

“No! Lord Corell! Even if it can guide the way, the Sword of Urgus can only be used by its identified master, and its recognized master is Azkar, the king of destruction! You will only revive Azkar! He will devour your soul and take up your body!” Meiji’s expression became desperate, but her sad voice couldn’t reach Corell’s ears.

Holding the Sword of Urgas, pulling it out, holding it high, the hot magic flame suddenly covered Corell’s whole body. In the magic flame, Corell finally saw the figure of Azkar, the king of destruction.

The demon, who only accompanied him for a long time by sound, spread out his black batwings and covered the sky above Corell.

“Azkar, king of destruction!” Meiji covered her face and cried.

Corell looked up at Azkar and wondered, “Is this an illusion of your soul, or is it real flesh?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Azkar laughed and was satisfied. “Of course, it’s a real body, and I’m resurrected again! To let the world experience the beauty of destruction!”

“Oh, shit. It’s far worse than I expected,” murmured Corell, who clearly thought he was going to fight Azkar for the ownership of his body. With luck, he would win and then go home, but now the plans were in disorder.

“What the hell is going on?”

“You can’t believe a devil’s words. That’s what even children know.” Azkar opened his mouth, “But you finally believed me, and led the demonic army to conquer Diyu and got the Sword of Urgas. With the Sword of Urgus, I can reshape my body!”

“…Oh, all right.” Corell shrugged. “Now that you have a body, you don’t have to compete with me for my fragile human body, do you? For the sake of traveling together for such a long time without any conflict of interest, you should continue to be the king of destruction and let me go back to my home.”

“Haha, that’s not good! As I said, your body belongs to me – only to me!” Azkar laughed, spread his wings, and flew down. Corell was shocked. He raised the Sword of Urgas in his hand to block but found that he could not hurt a hair on Azkar at all.

——The human figure was quickly swallowed by the devil.



“Az, let me go, I’ve had enough!” Corell was in Azkar’s arms, against his chest, furious.

“The human body is so fragile that I can’t be satisfied at all!” Azkar looked discontented.

“If you are not satisfied, there are groups of demons and Meiji willing to meet you!” Corell’s forehead scrunched.

“Why do humans always like to seduce each other in various ways? How many times do you want me to say that I only want you to be satisfied?” Azkar frowned.

Corell shook his head with great disbelief, “…I’d like to know how narcissistic you-” 

“Well, well, I know that human beings are always duplicative.” Azkar interrupted Corell’s feeling, and ended the 101st dispute between the two, “If you can satisfy me, I’ll take you home.”

“Oh, my God, it’s a merciful decision! Mercifully, I would rather go to hell again!”


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