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Chapter 120: Night Pearl

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


“God, is this the night pearl!”

From within the bystanders, one man, whose exaggerated features reminded one of their own ancestors, shouted. Even more, if you looked at this man’s expression and listened to his shouts, seven out of ten people would really believe that the night pearl was in front of them.

Hearing this exclamation, JinYu appeared to be moved. The night pearl was a relic of the past. It was a coveted treasure. If there was really a way to see the night pearl right now and right here, then in the competition for this treasure, the people who had the night pearl of  would be indisputably triumphant.

Thinking of this, JinYu walked towards the crowd behind him. It wasn’t because they only wanted to see the treasure but they also wanted to see who its owner once.

If the average person were to push through the already impenetrable crowd, they had to have both the physical and psychological strength, as well as a face thicker than the city wall and the courage to march forward and not be afraid of being trampled. Only then could they make a path! Who knows, maybe it would become a legend afterwards.

However, that was the path for an ordinary person. To Qi Qinglin, Long Changxiao, Jin Qian, Ye Huang (Night Phoenix?? 夜凰), Ling Chong, and even Bai Ling and Bai Sha, they have been long separated from the realm of ordinary people since childhood. Besides Long Changxiao and Bai Sha, who were a bit more normal, the rest of them were obviously at the same level as demons. Consequently, when these people walked towards the crowd, the people were quite conscious of parting to make way—

Are you trying to fucking die? It’s obvious Chi Guoguo’s murderous, aggressive, evil, cursed energy is around you. If you can hold on then I’ll consider you my brother.

These were the thoughts of several big shots standing to the side. Even more, when they saw Qi Qinglin’s group of people passing by, they inexplicably wanted to cry. Why do they feel so depressed getting ready for battle?!  They’re all fairly powerful, so this kind of mentality really wasn’t good!

Just as they were inwardly berating themselves, a scream came from the crowd in front of them. After that shrill sound, a person came flying out out. Just as he was about to crash into the doorway, he flew out the other side.

What the fuck?!

Never having seen this before, the people glanced at their surroundings in bewilderment.

Looking behind they saw a few monsters who were licking their paws or sleeping soundly. The people’s complexions turned pale.

“You-just what are you?! How dare you disrespect my brother!! Do you know who I am?!”

A moment later, a small boy jumped out. His face was full of anger. Before JinYu could speak, Shan Bailu’s face lit up when he saw this fellow. He told him he was bullied every day by the unscrupulous doctor and his own older brother. Now, he finally had a person he could bully.

“He’s my big brother! You rascal who do you think you are?!” Shan Bailu jumped up and down, like a rich second generation kid.

“Fuck, ……Shan, Third junior?” When he realized that is was Shan Bailu, he wilted. It was said that Shan Bailu and his older brother had spent a lot of time pleading their father to bring them here once. Because their family’s fighting abilities weren’t that great, they had to fight at home several times. Just now they saw the crowd make way automatically, the people there naturally not daring to stick around. However this wasn’t the problem! The problem was clearly that the powerful looking guy was coming over! When a man who looks like a weak demihuman fucking appears all of a sudden from behind you, they thought they were with the wrong crow! Fine, in reality Older Brother thought that was a male pet. He thought he could flirt with him for a bit.

However even if it was like this, being fucking beaten and slapped by some beasts out the front door was a bit too pathetic now wasn’t it?! Even if you guys seem strong, who knows if you guys are truly that strong!

To be honest, the main tragedy of the two brothers was that they didn’t know Qi Qinglin’s party at all and didn’t have the proper vigilance. After all, take a look around you. The more you get to the end, the more vicious these guys are. Boys? Are you blind? Even if the whale is just relegated to the male pet level, he’s still an evil pet. If it’s the master’s pet, you better not plan on anything. Do you plan on doing anything?? Go to be a beast or purple gold coin in the next life. This guy is only good to those two things.

Of course, now, the guy knew his mistake. Even though he couldn’t tell what level boss Qi Qinglin was, he knew very clearly that Shan Bailu and his younger brother were also of his own Shan Lang (Coyote??) Clan. So, the eldest of the three……

In a flash cold sweat trickled downwards. The little brother’s expression was twisted into an uncomfortable face. 

“I, uh….”

“Psh……I’m pretty familiar with this toy……it doesn’t seem like the night pearl.”

Just when the little brother was paralyzed. On the other side, JinYu spoke and attracted everyone’s attention instantaneously.

“Boss Jin, you can eat whenever but you can’t say whatever you want.”

Long Yuting, the head of the Long Clan, glowered. He paid a considerable amount for the night pearl. In any case, he would not want anyone to question it. If it weren’t for JinYu’s strength and Qi Qinglin and Long Changxiao’s protection, Long Yuting would have thrown the boy out.

Hearing Long Yuting’s threat, JinYu remained stoic. He really didn’t think that much of himself. Since he was originally a human, he didn’t care too much for these words. Right now all he cared about was that crystal polished ball. How come people thought this was the night pearl?! The night pearl was a fucking natural emerald green that shone on its own. This kind of artificial crystal ball, which can reflect a bit of white light only when illuminated by several different kinds of fluorescence, was far from the original!!

JinYu stared at the crystal ball in silence. However, when the people saw that JinYu’s serious expression, they were even more annoyed. It was clear that he was searching for something. This kind of mineral that can reflect light in such dim lightning no longer exists in this era. This thing shone so well and prettily underneath the light. How could it not be the night pearl?!

Seeing JinYu’s appearance, Bai Honghu sneered, “Even the best appraisers in our family are sure that it’s a mineral molecule that existed only before the great migration. Boss Jin, even if you’re good at getting beasts, are you an expert appraiser?? Hahahaha, if that’s true then it’ll be the funniest joke I ever heard. 

Hearing Bai Honghu open his mouth, JinYu sighed.

“You dumbass. I told you twice and you still don’t believe me. You said that the appraisers only confirmed that it was a “night pearl” before the great migration. Did he insist that this was the night pearl?”

In a word, Bai Honghu fell silent.

“Hehe, but Boss Jin you can’t even verify that this isn’t the night pearl from the legends. In reality, this has all the characteristics of the night pearl.” 

“Hehe, that isn’t it. You’re incorrect.” JinYu shook his head. “I suspect that  you may be thinking of something so dark that you don’t even know the meaning of these words. The night pearl. Even children know what it is. It’s a kind of pearl that shines in the night. Look in front of you, even though this thing is round and delicate, I bet that if you turn off the lights it won’t shine!”

When JinYu spoke, Long Yuting’s expression changed. There was something he couldn’t quite wrap his head around. He could be sure that the man didn’t trick him, however this pearl still did not shine in the dark. Because of this, he had a fluorescent light shining on it in the beginning. However, at this time, the fact that the pearl didn’t shine on its own was clearly pointed out. It was the same as slapping him in public, attention-drawing and unusual.

“What proof do you have?!” Long Changli finally couldn’t restrain himself. His entire expression was solemn. “There’s no reason to say that the night pearl is a treasure that existed in ancient times before the great migration. Although there was a lot of information about the night pearl before the great migration, it was scarce! There’s nothing the experts don’t know or can’t verify that you can spot!! Anyway, since Boss Jin decided to point out this fact, he has to give some explanation, some sort of evidence, otherwise I’ll think that you’re deliberately slandering people!”

Long Changli’s words caused the crowd to erupt in uproar. Of course, the schadenfreudes accounted for most of this cacophony. Long Changxiao and Jin Qian furrowed their eyebrows, slightly worried. Ling Chong was climbing was scratching his head, wondering if there was any passed down information that could explain the night pearl. Bai Ling’s shoulders stiffened and Bai Sha held Hei Tuan, making up her mind to curse the Long Clan’s troublesome member to have diarrhea……It was only Qi Qinglin and Zhang Liangshan who remained calm. The former was due to the unconditional trust he had for his partner and his utmost confidence in his own strength. The latter was because it was damn obvious this was just a crystal! You could buy it for so much cheaper!

“Do you need proof?” JinYu rubbed his jaw, furrowing his eyebrows.

Long Changli blinked then nodded. “Of course I do. Without evidence, how can anyone believe this?” He would never think that JinYu could find such detailed information and evidence about the night pearl in such a short period of time. Mostly because they already searched all the databases for information beforehand. They only found a few legends and stories about the night pearl and the Long’s Palace.

“Alas, you don’t say. If you ask any other questions, like if Xiao Bao is a pure blood descendant of the panda family, I can’t really prove it. But for the night pearl……right now in this hall, there’s hard evidence that this isn’t a night pearl.”


“What do you mean?!” An old voice boomed out from the crowd. Looking up, it was most definitely an old scientist. He looked at JinYu’s glinting eyes.

Staring directly at the old codger, JinYu smiled. He extended his hand and pointed to the display window.

“Can you not read ancient chinese? It’s a kid’s encyclopedia. Four volumes. Please take out the Environment and Nature volume and look up fluorescein.” Fuck, I’ve read all kinds of books since I was young.


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Ye was Nine Spirit Cat Clan before and Shan was Mountain Wolf?
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