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Chapter 106: Extra 3 –  Panaisan-Starlight. (The end of Uttar, unwilling to buy)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“So? Did they find it?” After three groups of little babies made a fuss for a while, the little head began to grow a little bit, looking very sleepy, and was carried into the room by Miss She Li.

After a while of disturbance, the rest of the people sat in the hall and began to chat. The person who asked this was Wen Jin, who asked what happened after the end of the Zerg war.

After the Zergs on the three planets on the border were completely dispersed, the work of the Military Ministry and the House of Representatives did not stop. Apart from the reconstruction and military readjustment in Assyria, they did not take Assyria lightly any more. Although this Zerg war was an overwhelming victory, it does not mean that the Zerg would never invade Assyria again. So they were searching for the Zerg’s tracks in an attempt to find each other’s stronghold.

Zergs would evolve, and Assyria would never be confused if they attacked again. Of course, the Uttar did not fall in the search area. It was just that the planet, which used to communicate with them only a few months ago, was not moving at all.

Planets like Assyria and Uttar with long-range technology and civilization were surrounded by various space stations and communication stations, as well as hubs for small planets and other planets. Any naval armour, or cosmic fleet, can receive the frequencies of these things far away, and then feel the existence and heat of the country. However, the reconnaissance aircraft sent by Assyria after the Zerg War arrived at the designated cosmic orientation according to the historical records of the past, but did not perceive the life of Uttar at all.

There were no wave frequency, no signal, the traffic hub station was totally out of service, and a navigator was dispatched far away to investigate. There was nothing but dead silence. They used to have a planet in the past, but now it was as dead as death, throwing a stone into it, not even the ripples could be seen.

“That team is Shen En’s, still trying to find out, but they dare not go deep.”

“The information is not clear and accurate. It’s right not to go deep.” Professor Lin rubbed his hands. “But Shen En recently sent back information that several asteroids had been discovered outside Uttar, not in Uttar’s domain.”

Wen Jin looked at him curiously.

“In the past, specific information has not been sent back, but it is not optimistic.” Dewitt pulled the hair away from Wen Jin’s face and answered all Wen Jin wanted to ask.

“Why not be optimistic? Should it not be difficult to investigate in the past if it was not within the scope of Uttar’s field?”

“If Uttar is indeed occupied by the Zerg, then their sphere of influence can not be compared with the original sphere of influence of Uttar. We can only send fleets to roam around and wait for the situation to be determined before landing.”

“And,” said Eve, holding her head and looking deeply, “I’m not sure if there’s anyone on it. The distance between the asteroids and Uttar is not too far. It’s the ability of the Zerg… If Uttar were really occupied, they would not let go of the surrounding asteroids.”

The way they invade the Assyrian frontier alone to deal with an asteroid is almost effortless, and it could be filled with worms. The atmosphere was silent for a moment, Wen Jin paused and was about to say something when his eyes suddenly swept to the corner of the second floor, the direction of Mrs. Margaret’s room.

At this moment, the lady is standing in that direction, looking at him from afar, with a little bitterness in her eyes. According to Wen Jin’s little note, soaking seeds in turn with three different water temperatures had become something Mrs. Margaret did every morning. However, for such a long time, those black autumn seeds had no reaction except that they were blistered and a little fatter.

Mrs. Margaret looked at Wen Jin expressionlessly.

“Maybe I copied it wrong.” Wen Jin looked at those fat seeds, and his face was a little difficult. He didn’t know much about flowers and plants. All these things were copied from Master’s notes.

As for whether there were any mistakes in the notes, Wen Jin really had no way to judge. And this kind of seed could blossom in at most half a month when Master raised it. Mrs. Margaret had been blooming for several months.

Was the environment different?

Wen Jin, thinking of this, was about to turn his head and tell Mrs. Margaret the truth, only to find that the latter’s eyes were on the fat seeds.

The two hands were interlaced. At first glance, they seem to be the most commonly used standing posture of the lady. But if you looked carefully, you would find that the interlaced hands are a little unnatural.

It looked like a mother accompanying her child to see a doctor.

Wen Jin paused.

“Well?” Rejuvenated Mrs. Margaret looked at Wen Jin, frowning slightly. “Wrong copy?”

“No.” Wen Jin shook his head and denied that there was no problem in praying for Master’s notes. If there was one, it would be too bad to call it a day. Looking at Mrs. Margaret, who cared so much for such a long time, Wen Jin pointed his finger on the table and made a plan. “Try again for a few days. If you try a few more days, you should be able to drive it out.” Wen Jin said earnestly.

Mrs. Margaret opened her mouth to deny something subconsciously, but looked at Wen Jin’s earnest face. She did not say anything at all. Instead, she opened the bedroom door, “Go to dinner.” 

On this day, the New Year’s Eve dinner at Bertram Manor was cooked by Mrs. Margaret herself.

Wen Jin and Eve, who were all very busy at first, were arguing to help. However, when they entered the kitchen, one could not control his mouth and the other could not control her hands. Finally, Mrs. Margaret both threw them out of the kitchen.

With the development of the Star Age, ordinary cooking machinery was enough to complete. Although highly skilled artificial cooking tasted much better, it was not laborious with the help of machinery. So despite the large number of people dining in Bertram that evening, Mrs. Margaret put a full table of food on the table on time before dinner.

When the last dish was laid on the table, Wen Jin rushed in from outside the hall. His movements were not great. Eve and Cassey did not find it at all, but Mrs. Margaret, standing beside the main seat, looked in his direction.

“What’s wrong?” Dewitt felt that his breathing rate was not right and frowned and asked, “Didn’t you go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, I’ve been there.” Wen Jin stopped, rubbed his cool hand and smiled. “Go out and get some sugar.”

Dewitt looked at Wen Jin, paused for a moment, held his cold hand in his palm and warmed up. “Eat.”

Wen Jin laughed, “Yes.”

Midway through the meal, Mrs. Margaret left the room. While the rest of the young people were busy, Wen Jin looked in the direction of his mother-in-law’s room.

While the lively New Year’s Eve dinner was going on, a young boy with red eyes and sharp ears was standing on the edge of Uttar, a small planet. He looked at the distance, for a long time, stretched out his hand and pulled the man who was hurrying to pack things next to him. “Dad, is there anything over there?”

“What is it?” The middle-aged man who was called father was shocked. He raised his head and looked in the direction of the teenager’s finger. He stared at the teenager for half a day. He stretched out his hand and patted the teenager’s head heavily. “Don’t talk nonsense. If you have time to think about it, you might as well come and help. After a while, the patriarch would have to leave!”

The teenager covered his beaten head, glared at the middle-aged man reluctantly, and then looked at the direction he had just pointed to. Squinting eyes, it seems that there is a flash of light.

Uttar people were very keen on the perception of wave frequency, the young boy tried to look at the flashing light, for a long time, it seems to think of something, excitedly jumped on the middle-aged man, “Dad, Dad, there must be something there, I, I can feel it! Will it be my brother who is coming to pick us up? Will it be – “

There was a snap. The red palm print fell on the teenager’s face. The middle-aged man’s face is iron-blue, a thin face almost concave, a pair of gray eyes, to be very hard, very hard, can barely see a trace of red.

The man stared at the red-eyed teenager for a long time before sighing, “Don’t think any more.”

The teenager lifted his lips, sucked his nose, sat on a stone, and bowed his head in some grievance. For a long time, the middle-aged man who had been packed up pulled and rushed to a spacecraft armour. His eyes were absolutely pure, and he got the priority of boarding the armor. He stood on the high armor and looked at the last line of the line, crowded by the crowd. His father, in the light of his eyes, showed a trace of sadness.

For a long time, his eyes flashed and he pedaled into the armor and pulled out a small chip.

Late in the night of the Assyrian calendar in 1293, hummingbirds landed on the edge of the tiny Uttar star after complex surveys. After a simple exploration, the researchers told Shen En that there had been traces of human existence on the planet.

But not much, which means not long ago.

Shen En looked at the tiny chip in his hand and answered, “Hello, we are the only small tribal group of the Uttar.”

Shen En looked up at the distant universe, floating in front of a slightly naive Uttar script.

“In the year 3339 of Uttar, we had to leave our homeland as it was occupied by Zerg to find a new home. There’s a long way to go. I hope everything’s all right with Karst. Don’t go home.”

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I kinda feel pity for the Uttar. They were manipulated by their ruler, as well as the Zerg.

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