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Chapter 123

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The official name of the transaction hall was ‘Deer Pursuit Hall’*. Naturally, the latter sounded much better than the former; that was like the difference between one’s distinguished name and one’s childhood nickname. The first always sounded much better than the second.

(*literally it means ‘to pursue deer,’ figuratively means ‘to vie for supremacy’) 

Similarly, the fellows who were allowed to call you by your childhood nickname were naturally much closer to you than those who addressed you formally. So for different people, there were always disparities. Since there was a disparity, there were also those who were close and those who were distant, and so there were all sorts of backdoor deals and preferential treatment.

The Ten Great Clans were completely exempt from the first bidding or winner-takes-all system of the Deer Pursuit auction, and they directly entered the finals. Jin Yu could have done this as well, since he also did quite a lot of backdoor deals,slipping in through connections, and so on. But if some nobody suddenly got the qualification to bid in the finals without going through any competition whatsoever, that would either mean you had true skill, or in the end, you would just be viewed as a male pet.

So Big Boss Jin decided to compete from the very beginning.

For something like purple coins, Boss Jin indicated that it was no pressure at all…

Oh, you don’t trust me? Because usually, a certain prehistoric whale would always be using all sorts of excuses to exploit the beasts and make them work; he would do anything he could to suck up to wealthy people and get free meals from them so he wouldn’t have to spend money. He would also rent his precious beasts out at extremely high prices. That’s why you don’t trust me, right?

To that, Big Boss Jin sneers.

Fool! Don’t you know that the ultimate importance of saving money is that you don’t have to spend your own money, and can use all sorts of methods to extort other people’s? Being stingy doesn’t mean poverty; it’s the opposite, usually the stingy are the ones who are actually rich.

Moreover, in this trading convention, those who could bid could also supply precious objects. So, Big Boss Jin’s objective this time wasn’t lofty at all. Placing in the top three was enough. Really.

A certain person, who was a true ‘rich person,’ revealed a heavens-defying power at the beginning of the Deer Pursuit. It wasn’t that a certain fish would bid on anything he saw, nor was he carrying purple coins all over him like some nouveau riche. In reality, Jin Yu only seriously bid on one thing, but that one thing made the balls of all the rich bidders and politicians hurt —

You placed down a bid worth ten times more than the item? And it was fucking because your beasts accidentally touched the ‘increase price’ button?!

Under typical circumstances if a beast accidentally touches the button, the master would immediately declare it an accident, right?! But was this guy crazy? He only reprimanded them lightly before he calmly placed down the bid, which was worth way more than the item?!

What out-of-touch reincarnated ancestor was this, coming to cause havoc?!

Just like what the outsiders were seeing, at first Jin Yu was wondering how exactly he was supposed to express his wealth while still legitimately entering the next round of bidding. Meanwhile, Xiao Bao and the little golden monkey’s private fight had already progressed to the point that they were cursing each other’s ancestors eight generations back. As a result, when the little golden monkey wasn’t standing firmly, BaoZi purposefully let a bite slip by, and before Da Dabai had time to reach out with its claws, Xiao Bao howled and pounced on the little golden monkey, knocking into the ‘increase price’ button. At the same time, XiaoBai slipped because it was taking too much joy in their misfortune, and its entire body tilted onto the ‘increase price’ button… unfortunately, it was the largest factor of ten.


……… T_T.

The former was a certain fish boss who was expressionlessly rubbing his chin. The latter were the four beasts who created the trouble and wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears.

“You guys…”




Squeak squeak!!!

“I decided not to sell you guys off because I know you didn’t do it on purpose. But I just spent three thousand more purple coins than I needed to, do you guys know what you need to do?” Jin Yu listened to those wretched howls and sighed helplessly. “It’s fine, it’s fine. At the most, all you guys need to do is go to the Life or Death Swamp and stay there for three days to find some Life or Death branches for me. Those are worth five thousand coins a piece.”

Aoo… meow… wuuwuu… 【I don’t want to live anymore, my life is growing dark, who will kill us now with a strike of lightning!】

Squeak? 【Hey, do you guys have to act so dramatic? Isn’t it just returning money…】

Ao… your sister!! 【I’m going to kill you in revenge kill you kill you! That’s why I hate monkeys the most!!!】

As a result, they started fighting again.

Half an hour later, the first round of bidding was over. Naturally, Jin Yu received a token to continue bidding from an attendant. Besides that, another attendant respectfully handed a completely black card to Jin Yu with a shocked expression on his face. Since he wasn’t facing the others, only a few people saw that black card, but those people had all sorts of expressions and indescribable shock on their faces!

Holy fuck, I just knew that that prehistoric two-faced cunning ruthless whale was typically only pretending to be poor!! Only those who possessed over ten million purple coins had the qualifications to own a black crystal card! Fuck, usually you go to our shops and haggle our food prices down by fifty percent, do you want us to poison you from now on!!

Right now, Anjie’s restaurant owners were staring straight at the card, thinking that next time Jin Yu demanded for a fifty percent discount, he should just go and eat the plate!!

Of course, such a resentful gaze wouldn’t be ignored by others. Jin Yu immediately turned his head before he rubbed his face, turned on his heel, and walked away, pretending like he hadn’t seen anything. He must have a fifty percent discount when eating! That would never change!

When Jin Yu brought his beasts into the second Deer Pursuit Hall, he saw Shan Bailu at once, who was sitting, suffering, at the side of his brother. Then he saw some people from the Ten Great Clans’ branch families were also present. From that, he was certain that the auction going on here had already begun to enter all sorts of business sectors and allocation of benefits. Or else, it wouldn’t be able to draw out people from the Ten Great Clans, as well as people from the military, hunters guild, and adventurers guild.

The meeting hall was very large. When Jin Yu was getting through the first stage, he was positioned somewhat in the back. After all, he didn’t have a powerhouse backing him up, and compared to those in front of him, he really didn’t have much to compare. Suddenly, a shocked cry came from the stage before him. Jin Yu stood on WangWang to see what was going on, and his mouth twitched.

It was a guy who looked very refined and was wearing golden glasses. He looked very familiar.

“Isn’t that Eldest Young Master Qi’s butler? Could it be that Eldest Young Master Qi has taken a fancy to a powerhouse in the intermediary stage, or some precious item!?”

Someone couldn’t help but exclaim. When Shan Bailu heard that, he rolled his eyes. It wasn’t that Big Boss Qi had taken a fancy to something here; it was that the treasure that Big Boss Qi valued the most was inside this hall, that’s all… oh, he would bet a whole trunk of coins, if other people weren’t there to stop him. It wasn’t that the BOSS had sent someone to check out the scene, it was definitely that he himself was already here!!

Just as Shan Bailu was rolling his eyes and objecting, someone suddenly walked out from the stage. This person’s appearance also generated an immense amount of discussion in the hall, but compared to the shouts and wariness when Yi Wen appeared, there was some disdain and competitive intentions in the new cries.

“So the Second Master has honored us with his presence?” That was Shan Bailu’s brother’s surprised voice.

“… fuck, is this guy unhappy that he’s not dirt poor yet…” That was Shan Bailu’s equally surprised voice. “I love seeing the Boss bully the weak the most! Brothers, don’t die too fast!!

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Lil bro Shan Bailu has learned bad things from boss Jin tsk tsk. (-_-||||)

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I wonder what they are bidding for? Thank you for the chapter!

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“The stingy are the ones who are actually rich”; never a more true word spoken!

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