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Chapter 130: Preface Two

Translated by addis/Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


As Fei Yusheng was holding his glass and anticipating what would happen, he ignored someone’s action on the light screen for a short time. When he heard the first sentence from the man’s mouth, he could hardly help spitting out a mouthful of red wine.

“Hm, I say, are you really going to turn into a murderer? Think about it?”

Maybe when everyone was in a daze and stalemate, a thick-skinned fish came to the golden ball, shaking and turning black slowly. The golden ball was poked, and the current response was quite big. The next moment, it was like a leather ball smashing towards Jin Yu! However, it was finally suppressed by Jin Yu’s power.

“Well, what do you think is good about turning the murderer into a murderer? Once you are found in the human society, you will be hunted and captured by all kinds of people. Even if you are lucky enough to go to the wild star, you’ll live in a world of the survival of the fittest. It’s not interesting and the living conditions are not good. What do you say is good for turning into a murderer?”

Jin Yu’s words sounded heavy hearted, but this action was, in the eyes of several people nearby and Fei Yusheng in the VIP room, reckless, or rather, not thought out.

“Boss! Although I’m a little offended, I’d like to tell you that the fierce alien can’t hear voices from the outside at all. They can only sense goodwill, malice, danger or security. So what you’re saying, they can’t hear at all.”

Hearing this, Jin Yu couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Things like this should be clearly explained at the beginning? It was not until now that they said something so important, this is obviously asking for trouble, right?

But Bai Lu’s words also played a role. At least Jin Yu understood why even though he had said it very clearly, but the stupid ball on the opposite side didn’t respond at all. But if it was only to this extent that a whale could compromise, if it was not the prehistoric one, was it autism? What’s so hard about this? In those days, how many animals in his family used to eat autistic food every day? At last, he turned them around. Not to mention that now he basically guided a few unexpected goods every day. The magic power could not only be used for self-defense, but also be used to attack actively. For example, the magic power could be used to attack the gods.

Are you really going to turn into a murderer? This is a no road of no return. Shall we think about it again? 】

Go away!! 】

Suddenly, with a lot of resentment, the power collided with the spirit. However, Jin Yu felt that after a deep breath, he was not angry or depressed, but even laughed. A response meant that this guy could hear his words. As long as he could listen, everything would have a turn.

Don’t be excited, don’t be excited. I’m not here to persuade you to put down the butcher’s knife. I’m here to tell you that now, you can run smoothly towards the road of not returning. It’s mainly because my boss is protecting you. Otherwise, even if you can successfully become feral,  at most you can kill a few people during that time. After that you will die completely. Do you think that’s what you want? 】Jin Yu said, and he sat on the ground with some inexplicable light in his eyes, saying, Since you can turn into a murderer recklessly, isn’t it because you have a great deal of pain, wanting to get revenge on the person who makes you so miserable? If you’ve paid such a heavy price but haven’t even punched him, hmm, you’re better off dead. 】

【!! 】

Obviously, Jin Yu’s words stimulated the golden ball, and its body shook violently. The golden light and black light were gathering, and their emotions were obviously extremely unstable.

Seeing such a picture, Fei Yusheng in the room smiled silently, while ShanBai, LuLong, Changxiao and others couldn’t help shouting at Jin Yu to leave. But what happened next made everyone’s jaws drop. With just a glance from Jin Yu, the golden ball seemed to stop suddenly.

Think about it. Do you have anyone that you care about? If you don’t, then it’s better to die now and reincarnate as a human in your next life. If you do, then once you die, they’ll soon be at peace. 】This was what Jin Yu told the golden ball. It was a knowing blow to see the killing effect.

… I can’t die, I can’t die!! I want to kill, kill!!! I’m looking for my brother …You, who are you… Help me!】

Looking for his older brother? So this beast was the youngest? Jinyu instinctively frowned. If the young one was already this powerful, how come no one discovered the older one yet?. However, it was not the time to think about this. The most important thing was to calm it down first. At this time, Jin Yu was grateful that it was the younger one. If they were older and as thoughtful as Long ChangXiao or Jin Qian, he wouldn’t be able to sway them in such a short period of time.

You’re going to find your big brother, right? Look at your situation. Do you think you can escape? 】The answer to Jin Yu was silence, so Jin Yu continued to say, So, for your safety and your lofty ideals and aspirations, come with me! 】

With… You, asshole? 】

It was obvious that the beast was confused over the thought that he might not be able to find his brother smoothly. So when Jin Yu opened his mouth, he could not respond.

Yeah, hang out with me. I have a bunch of beasts who had also wanted to kill humans for fun. But they all live well now. They can eat, drink and spend time with friends they care about. They can even punish bad guys through proper means. So, if you don’t feel like hanging out with me is a better choice? 】

After listening to him, the beast was silent for a long time, before finally saying, Are you the leader of beasts who managed to sneak into the inner circle of humans?? 】


This time, it was a certain fish who turned stiff.No, I’m just the ancestor of these new humans. The younger generation is really inferior to the older generation. 】Jin Yu sighed. On the other side, someone heard only the word ‘ancestor’, and immediately decided to follow him.

I’ll follow you! You help me find my older brother and fight humanity… Would you mind taking care of providing me with food? 】

Of course… I will not make a contract with you. If you think it’s not good to follow me in the future, you can leave whenever you want. Do as you please. 】Jin Yu’s words seemed to poke deep in the heart of the strange creature. The words ‘Do as you please’ were often said to him when he was still with his elder brother. With a slight indulgence and helpless tone, he immediately defeated the seemingly iron wall defense of the  A+ levelled beast.

So under the gaze of disbelief of all people, the golden ball of light slowly spread out, and once the light disappeared a golden beast with silver armour was exposed. However, the protective armour that was known for being indestructible was covered in blood and no scale was undamaged…

“God…” Bai Sha couldn’t help exclaiming in the distance. Who could be so cruel to do such a thing?! It was like pulling out or smashing all the nails of a person! The once beautiful armour was now unbearable to look at.

“Those monsters!” Jin Qian grabbed Shan Bailu’s right hand and clenched it. He had seen many injured beasts but this was too much!!

The three Kings, on the opposite side who saw the silver-armoured beast’s pitiable state, blew up like firecrackers in an instant. Even Qi QingLin was shocked by the rage and murderous intent from the three. This was the first time after his ‘coming of age’ ceremony that Qi Qinglin felt such a threat.

“… Hey, you look so miserable… It’s almost impossible for people to look at you… ” At this time, Jin Yu was standing in the zone of light arranged by Qi QingLin. He looked at the scarred beast and couldn’t make out what it was due to all its wounds. His voice was shaking, but the expression on his face was still pretending to be relaxed.

After failing to unbutton his coat twice in a row due to his shaking hands,Jin Yu directly took off his coat, covered the beast and held it close in his arms. He could feel the other side was stiff and trembling, so he said in a relaxed voice, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to beat up people when you’re okay. You can let your elder brother watch too, we’ll make sure you get three meals a day. Don’t hate all humans because of one shitty person.”

Jin Yu stood up suddenly, so sudden that his body shook a little due to the force of it. Once he regained his balance, he turned his head and looked straight at the three Kings who were very angry, and said slowly, “What are you worried about. Don’t you see that man is digging his own grave? It won’t be long before human beings will get a hundred times revenge for what they have done. Hmm, what is the end of the world? Compared with that, karma is already right at their doorstep. That will be the true judgement day for humans.”

Except, when judgement comes, these beautiful and pure creatures would also be buried along with them. This was the biggest joke.

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December 28, 2019 10:50 pm

GOOD JOB!!! JinYu! I knew he can do this! The guy who tortured this poor beast to this extent must die or at least be tortured the same way. Poor little thing, hopefully it can find it’s older brother and get its revenge on the idiot who did this to it.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 18, 2021 6:50 am

This is too sad. That poor creature. Loathsome humans that inflict such misery on beasts/animals, will no doubt treat other humans the same eventually.
Thank you for translating.

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