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Chapter 128: VIP Lounge

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The question of who actually held the stronghold down in the end was more of a matter of ‘intention’ and ‘goal’. There was a huge difference between these two.

Although the difficulty of this was somewhere along the lines of ‘pipe dream’ or ‘fantasy’, before he had any positive interactions with the boss, a certain group of three guys who were also bosses thought that this wouldn’t be difficult.

In these three bosses’ most idealistic dreams and fortunate life, the issues regarding the fight for the throne had finally come to an end. Qi TianCong spent thirty million purple gold coins to buy the beast comedy movie. Just how angry he was didn’t need to be said. Even Yuan JingYa’s face was frozen to a certain extent, and even the others saw a layer undulate. After a while of music, it was time to eat.

During this auction, Boss Jin was undoubtedly promoted to a higher status. Even though the things he auctioned weren’t worth mentioning or some fucking exotic thing, however, those who couldn’t stand this were also the people with cards. They successfully resisted the Qi Clan’s jealousy, at least it was the case for the predecessors. For the descendants, well, there were none of those.

Oh, you’re asking what’s up? Anjie’s big shots would roll their eyes at you and then tell you sincerely, without any bullshit, if they could trip that Qi Yunxiao, the prehistoric whale 1 will become the Qi family’s head’s wife. Let’s not begin on how strong QI Boss is, with the whale there, who could scam money from them? 

The people slowly dispersed and Jin Yu walked into the VIP lounge with a smile on his face and the night phoenix beside him. As he was walking, he summoned Shan Bailu with a small wave of his hands. Anyways, he was going to divide up the goods and the kid had ten percent of the stolen money.

Shan Bailu immediately reacted when he saw Jin Yu beckon for him, he almost shook his tail and lay down at Jin Yu’s feet, just like a trained dog that saw meat. However, after passing his family’s old man and his two brothers, this fellow became serious again. He faced his old man and his Second Oldest Brother and said, “Oldest brother thinks I’ll benefit from going, maybe even a few million…..”

This seriously pissed off Shan Bailu’s Second Oldest Brother. As for Shan Bailu’s father, he looked at his finally useful son with a complicated expression. After awhile, he let out a small cough. “Go then, don’t be too outspoken all the time. Nothing is more important than your own safety.”

Hearing these words, Shan Bailu’s eyes became red and he grit his teeth, taking long strides as he walked away. He knew that his father was an eccentric man. For this reason he thought about how he should retaliate against this ungrateful man. If the old man didn’t humiliate their clan at that time, he could have immediately spurt out a bunch of refutations. But the old man, who valued family interests above all else, at a time when he should be doing everything to solicit his family earnings, he asked him to pay more attention to his own well-being, that made Shan BaiLu feel complicated.


It wasn’t until he walked into the lounge and stopped by a virtual butterfly beast that Shan Bailu took a breath. Using his hand to shoo away the unscrupulous doctor, he held his own Little Scrap Pup and rubbed its head. At least compared with Qi Boss, the old thing had a heart. Even though the old thing didn’t have any strength, he was taking care of it. This was something that Qi Boss had never done.

Shan Bailu was about to look at the boss without a scrap of sympathy. However, what he saw caused his lips to twitch. In Shan Bailu’s eyes, the pitiful Boss was currently taking other people’s snacks. The beasts next to him formed a circle around him. Boss Jin was currently nibbling the boss’s ears and the boss’s mouth was rising underneath the jealousy and hatred of others.

Goddammit! Fuck! Boss can’t you properly express your loneliness?! This kind of picture-perfect happy family shouldn’t be here?!

Feeling Shan Bailu’s judgement, Qi Boss lazily glanced towards him. The latter knew to smile immediately. Afterwards, Jin Yu threw Shan Bailu a card. Looking at its golden color, Shan Bailu became quite excited. Beside him, a certain doctor felt unwell. It seemed liked his Xiao Bai was short of food? How come it looked like it was being maltreated for a long time now?!

The atmosphere in the lounge couldn’t be any better when suddenly a roar sounded. Almost no one in the area was weak but the beasts were more sensitive. Consequently, the atmosphere of the entire room shifted.

“What was that just now?” Bai Wei began to wonder, her face had an unpleasant expression on it. Hei Tuan stared at two huge eyes, squirming. “……I, I don’t know how to say it but I have an ominous premonition that something bad will happen.”

Bai Wei’s words caused everyone else’s expressions to sour. If a certain person with the surname Ling said it, they could just sneer and ignore it. However it was Bai Wei who opened her mouth and Hei Tuan suddenly became spirited after what felt like quite some time. Jin Yu looked at these two and felt that their smiles were a bit stiff.

“In this place, at this time, shouldn’t there be someone doing something?” Ling Chong couldn’t help but open his mouth. This was the gathering of the strongest people on the planet. Who would want to make trouble here?

Rubbing its face in exasperation, the night phoenix’s face darkened. “It’s only because it’s right now that we’ll have this kind of situation. It’s completely natural.” Before taking over this matter, he had thought of what would happen, so even the invitation was tailored for a special purpose. Even so, it was difficult to ensure what would be done by people with ulterior motives. As soon as it came to the moment, he would be able to see the power of those who he invited. And, if he couldn’t find out which faction the troublemakers belonged to, then the organizers would have a lot of trouble.

Sighing, night phoenix looked at the people in the room and said, “Although that roar just now belongs to someone who doesn’t seem to surpass me in strength, he’s still at least a hunter of Rank Ten or above. No matter whether its a beast or human, I’m going to see the situation through until the very end.”

Other people in the room also decided to follow the night phoenix’s words. Although it may not cause any danger, once there was a problem it would be easier to get rid of it together!

However just as the night phoenix and Jin Yu rushed over, a certain ‘filial’ subordinate lazily lifted his head.

“This roar seems familiar……” Bai Mao slowly opened his mouth and then gently smiled. “I remember now, sometime before I became a feral beast, I was so scared and anxious. I just didn’t know I would see this fellow’s human form this time?!”

“Pah, why are you worried about that! The three of us are here now. As long as that that guy is confirmed to have become feral, then even the lord can’t stop him!! They should have known better, being the second dumbass’s pet beast meant being abused by humans!”

Hong Mao’s waved the roasted chicken leg, coldly looking at the plate with Bing Shan. In the next moment he emptied his plate of food and only spat out two words,

“Get out.”

Let’s welcome our new fellow.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Whale’s pinyin in JingYa is very similar to Jin Yu.


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OK, show’s over now back to business.
Thank you for the chapter!

April 3, 2021 10:57 am

thank u for the chapter!

October 18, 2021 6:07 am

Who on earth are Hong Mao & Bin Shan?!
When reading any novel, I’m a reader who wants to know the characters being written about, either via intro in their dialogue, or the storyline.
That is so badly lacking in this; the author even randomly changes names (like Qi Qinglin’s father at one point and his brother; his sister also vanished out the novel completely, so far). Really spoils it, sadly.

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