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Chapter 134: Disaster
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Beside his ear was screams of terror. Even as his eyes were covered, his mind was in a temporary state of chaos.

JinYu reached out and pulled down the hands that were covering his eyes. What appeared was a sea of red. Even though JinYu braced himself already, the scene was still a hard pill to swallow.

“Ah———!! The beasts!! The beasts are attacking!!”

Waves and waves of people shouted in terror. From that alone, one can guess at how chaotic the event was. But usually, in this world, whether it’s beast or corrupted beasts doing the killing, it was considered to be normal. When a human is killed, people will panic but not to this extent.

To make those upper class people, who had seen plenty, scream like this was because of the state of the corpse. The body had become minced meat with only the head in tact. The eyes were open, lingering on.

This scene was enough to trigger anyone, especially when it was caused by a corrupted beast. Those who should have been killed already.

When JinYu was still confused as to how things escalated this fast, the crowd had already condemned the beast as a whole. Even though the beast itself was still confused.

Kill it!!
Kill it!!!
Kill! It!

The cries for murder made JinYu’s expression darken. He wasn’t only worried about how things happened but also for the beasts around him. He could feel the tension in the air as they stiffened up around him.

He could even feel the silent discontentment and fear around him. Even though the beast turned corrupted due to human torture, even though it was the victim, why must it be hunted down like so? Was it that for humans, all other living beings can be sacrificed? Even those who could risk their lives for them? Were they that worthless?

A feeling of restlessness and anxiousness spread across the beasts of the Southern Conference. The scene in front of them was like a pitch, black seed, planted deep into their subconsciousness. Humans are unreliable, humans are scary, so where can they call home?

“Heh…hehe, humans are truly shameless. Even though it was such an obvious trap, no one could figure it out?”

“Figure it out? Figure what out? Think about it, if humans could figure out the issue, then they’re humans anymore but beasts. To shamelessly place the blame on beasts, giving them the moral edge, the audacity!” Currently at the top of the Great Hall (大殿), the emperor HongMao (王者) said with disdain. Then turning towards BingShan he asked, “What do you think, BingShan? Humans are truly shameless. How are we going to save that beast?”

The man who stood silent glanced at the corrupted beast who was still in a daze and then glanced at a flickering red light in the distance. Then he said coldly, “Kill.”

Thus, in an instant, a fearsome killing intent spread across the building from where these three were standing at.

“QingLin, you…!!!”

Seeing that everything was slowly getting out of hand, the ominous feeling inside of JinYu got worse. He finally decided to have Qi QingLin step in. Even though he would be queried for not killing the corrupted beast, at the moment, there was no other choice for them!

However, even then, JinYu was too slow.

Around the Great Hall appeared hundreds and thousands of beasts. No, if you looked closely, you could tell that although their eyes are clear, they were filled with an intent to kill. The air of destruction and corruption wasn’t something a ‘beast’ could have!

“This! This, this!!”

But before anyone could point out what was wrong, a blood red light appeared from the southeast and pierced through the corrupted beast’s chest. Then, as if in slow motion, the half-corrupted beast fell from the highest pillar onto the ground, creating a splash of blood.


“That’s going too far!!”

“…Now I’m really angry!”

“Let me..”

BaiMao said as he pulled BingShan back. He had a feeling that it wouldn’t end this easily. The mastermind behind this wouldn’t be satisfied with just angering the public and kill the corrupted beast in front of them. After all, once the beast died, the whole event conclude as well. If everything quiet down just like this, then there would be no point in causing a commotion like this. Unless, the mastermind was really just asking for a beating.

However, the type who were just asking for it usually wouldn’t say that they are. Instead, they would explain their actions by using words like ‘revolution’ or ‘cleansing’ and even becoming a ‘saint’ of some sort. Thus, if someone had already created such a commotion, then there must be something worse following it.

In reality, the whole event did play out with many twists and turns. When the half-corrupted beast got hit by the red light, JinYu’s eyes widened and without thinking, he used all his mental powers to shield it’s heart. But quickly JinYu’s expression changed. Even though the red light was gone, the parts that stayed in the beast’s body, was like a parasite, it started devouring the beast. It was corroding the beast’s heart and body.

If it wasn’t for JinYu’s quick thinking, the beast wouldn’t last more than ten minutes, even after complete corruption.

The death of the beast instigated a fearful feeling the people around them. They all charged towards JinYu as if wanting to eat the beast alive. JinYu’s expression got worse seeing that. Even the beasts around them shivered and shuffled closer to JinYu.

“Are they crazy? The beast’s already died…” Shan BaiLu said with a pale white face, as he tried to stop those who were rushing over. The only reply he got was a snicker from JinQian. That’s what humans are. Selfish, fearful, likes to add insult to injury but very little who can stand for themselves. (Be independent)

“Boss, boss, I can’t hold it back anymore..” Just as Shan BaiLu was complaining, he saw a fatty pointing a laser gun at Da Bai’s head. In an instant he shouted and even his voice changed, “Fuck! What are you doing?!”

The bastard who had intestines for brains, paused for a moment after getting shouted at, then, raised his head high up as if he was right, “What am I doing? I’m preventing further damage! You seen how damages beasts are once they get corrupted! The tiger was just roaring at me at minute ago, how do I know it’s not the next one to be corrupted?! I’m thinking on behalf of the safety of everyone else! If he turned corrupted, he’ll be scarier than the other one!!”

What the shameless bastard said made JinYu and the others blow up. What do you being he could turn corrupted because he roared at you?! That’s a baseless accusation!

Long time ago JinYu wonder how someone would be sentenced to death over an accusation like this, now he finally understood. This kind of accusation was the best, the cruelest way to kill off your enemies! As long as there is a possibility, then everything is possible. The reason was just ‘it, was, possible’!!!

“Shameless” Now JinYu’s expression had completely turned dark. With his shift in expression, the beasts around him took up a defensive or attacking stance. Even Qi QingLin, who was supposed to be on the side of the humans, reacted. Rather, he reacted much more aggressively then the rest. With a wave his hand, he set up a barrier around them, one that was impossible to cross over.

Initially there was still a few clear-headed people amongst the crazy crowd who shook their head at what the fatty said, but with Qi QingLin’s shield, everything turned for the worst.

“What are you doing?! Are you trying to protect these destructive beasts?! Do you want to make enemies with the rest of us?! Look at you, are you trying to wait for those beasts to turn corrupted and then use them to kill us?! If now then why aren’t you allowing me to kill those beasts and burn them!!”

The fatty seemed to have been waiting for a moment like this, so with his speech, Qi QingLin became the enemy. It was the first time Qi QingLin had been spoken of like this, and his killing intent instant spread across the whole building. Some instantly turned weak but more became agitated.

“Hey, look, look! The idiots causing an internal conflict! Better yet, push QiLin to outside, with him we can instantly take over the humans!” HongMao laughed at the chaos beneath him and even started clapping. BaiMao started chuckling too. Even BingShan, who was usually expressionless, let out an air of happiness. Looking at the scene, their subordinates felt their jaws drop.

But, as they were laughing, they couldn’t have predicted how angry they would become in just a few minutes.

“Boss, they’re being surrounded, of course, just verbally. So, should we let out that thing now? To agitate them a bit more?”

“Heh…no need. Once the seed of suspicions have been planted, it will only grow. They’ll have their taste of it in the future…of course, as with the seed of anger. No matter how royal the beast, revenge can turn them into the crazies of beings.” Fei YuSheng said as he crushed a thin crystal chip into dust. With a chuckle he said, “Let it begin.”

“Yes sir!!”

“Now we can witness the true shamelessness of humans, as well as their selfishness. Heheheheh, but it’s only because of that, there is a need to cleanse, no?”

On the other hand, Qi QingLin and JinYu was surrounded by utter chaos. Behind the shield, the crowd had become mindless and crazy. Some, even took out their laser guns, ready to shot. That was when a screen appeared by the tallest pillar at the South Sky Gate.

When this screen appeared, it simultaneously appeared on all the screens of the Capital Star and three other lesser stars. As if by prior agreement, they all started to show the same content.

What stopped the shouting at the South Sky Gate was a cry more painful, more shrilling then theirs. It was a sound from the depth of the soul, a sound from torture and pain, an agonizing sound. With that, all the beast shivered as they stared at the screen. They felt the chill spread and envelovping their very being.

The screen showed a clean, brightly lit lab with scientists covered from head to toe, acting naturally.

If you looked at them and turned the sound off, then it would be your average lab setting. But when you see these scientist act naturally, with some even humming, as they dissect a living beast piece by piece, you’ll feel the shiver. They went from healthy to broken, as they’re blood was drained and scales ripped. Anyone who had an ounce of morals in them, would feel scared, by their calmness and their cruelty.

“God! This, this looks like that corrupted beast!” Someone exclaimed form the crowd.

Then, everyone’s gaze focused on the beast who fell dead on the ground. The beast had turned back to how it looked originally. The appearance was just like the beasts in the screen, except with more scales and more blood.

“…Wahhh!! Mommy!! Mommy! I”m scared! I’m scared!! I’m scared!!”

With the cries of her child, the mother quickly pulled her child into her embrace and said with a shaky voice, “Who put up the screen?! Close, close it! You’re scaring the kids!!”

Just as the women finished speaking, a robotic, emotionless voice spoke, “If being scared deserved such pity, then what about us. Those who had been hurt till crazy, why won’t you spare us?”

That voice, as if the key to the Pandora’s box, opened the deepest pains in every beast’s heart.


No one knew where it started, but screams of pain and hatred erupted. You could hear them from the South Sky Gate, you could hear them at the Capital, and for a moment, JinYu felt the whole star was shaking from cries of anger.

Seeing his beasts roaring along, JinYu let out a bitter smile. He tilted his head up and saw the snowflakes fall down. One landed on the corner of his eyes and fell down in a teardrop.

“To kill or be killed, that’s a difficult question.”


An explosive killing intent erupted from the top of the Great Hall. Everyone who were effected fell down and stared dumbfounded at the source. It was three humans? But now they looked like a ball of fire, a pillar of ice and a grim reaper.

[Humans!!! You will pay for what you have done!!]

[Humans!!! From now one, beasts will not be your slaves!!]

[Humans, as the three emperors of the barren star, I declare war against the humans! It will no end till one of us perishes!!] ROAR—!!

[My people! Strip yourselves from those shameless shackles, break free from the cage and follow me!! I will grant you freedom and health!!] Roar…Roar…Roar—!!!

Seeing the humans who turned into a phoenix and dragon, every human from the South felt a choking sensation.

The man who was like an iceberg stared deeply at JinYu and Qi QingLin before turning to his original form. Even JinYu, who had planned for the worst and Qi QingLin, who wasn’t shaken easily, felt a shock.

“No, it, it can’t be…a white QiLin…isn’t, isn’t that an auspicious beast?”

The pure white, holy beast stepped up into the air, like god had ascended. But what left a bitter after taste was the beast who was supposed to bring happiness, was now declaring an endless war.

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January 1, 2020 10:04 pm

Disaster it is. Bloody disaster, as there was a lot of blood in this chapter. One of the “scientists” who tortured the beast to that extent died, but it is too light of a punishment for him and his butcher friends.
And the cliffhanger is vicious.
Thank you for the chapter!

January 1, 2020 11:09 pm

I kinda saw this coming but I was hoping our MC was gonna be some sort of OP stopgap…
But I guess if it did happen that way, the necessary life/world changing events wouldn’t be put into motion and the humans wouldn’t learn important lessons…
The sad part is that every cynical and wicked description of humans in this novel is very real and is parallel to real world humans enough to make my heart heavy.

October 18, 2021 8:41 am

Human beings will NEVER learn; real life has taught us that. From suppression of the masses by class divide or dictatorships, to genocide. When inhuman beings treat their own that way, what chance do animals and our environment stand? This novel, for all its flaws, shouts that out.
Thank you for translating.

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