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Chapter 10: Simulation play continues

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Ed took off Augus’s coat and threw it on the grass beside him. Augus’s back was rubbed directly against the bark, and the pain made his back hole shrink. Ed quickly pulled him away from the trunk, and put his hands on Augus’s back and away from the trunk.

Augus felt the tendency of getting hard yet again. He couldn’t help hating how an omega’s body was so sensitive. After shooting once, he still wanted to shoot again soon. He would come at least two or three times more than Ed each time, so he was exhausted every time he finished having sex. But when he did it, he didn’t feel tired at all, it was as if his body was always automatically adjusting to the most suitable state for being taken.

“Want to come again?” Ed’s tongue swept along Augus’s ear. “Say, how do you think the system will count all of this? Do you think the stuff you shot on me counts as attack?”

Augus, who was full of moans whenever he opened his mouth, glared at Ed, who still had a lot to say, “Then you..mnn… things, you shoot in… later…Ah, mn… How to calculate it?”

Ed felt that during sex, Augus’s voice had turned into an aphrodisiac, and his breathing and words could make him lose his mind in a second. He no longer spoke, kissing the gasping lips and pushing his hip up hard, again and again sending Augus, who was constantly falling down because of gravity, up hard.

Augus was so lost that he felt that he might die on this tree today, he vaguely heard Ed say, “Hold on to me.” 

And then the other leg was lifted up into the air as well. Ed put his hands around Augus’s bent legs and lifted the man up directly, only leaving the lower body of the two people as the connection point. In the state of weightlessness, Augus felt that even his back was gone. He could only hold Ed’s neck tightly, feel his legs that were greatly separated because of this posture, and the stimulation that he felt from being so deeply penetrated.

Very deep.

Augus thought in a trance.

It was a little too deep…so deep.

“Wait… Ah!”

Ed suddenly felt Augus’s legs, no, it was the whole person who was shaking violently. He did a few more thrusts, and Augus’s reaction was much greater than before.

“Feeling…Not quite…mnn…okay…” Augus’s groan, which he had held in his mouth, suddenly couldn’t be suppressed, and his body felt like it was going to go completely out of his control.

“…” Ed saw that Augus’s arm was about to fall off. He put Augus down and lay flat on the grass. The clothes he had just thrown on the ground became cushions. Before regaining consciousness, Augus was thrusted into with his legs apart, and Ed’s penis was inserted to the end.

“You…” Ed put his forehead on Augus’s forehead and looked directly at the other. “Your reproductive tract…is just a little bit out of the way.”

Augus was stunned. It had been a long time. He forgot about omegas and their settings.

Being thrusted in the reproductive tract meant…

To be completely marked, completely reduced to being another’s accessory, the tool of giving birth to children?

Reason told him that he could not do it, but his body honestly opened up the internal reproductive tract, although only a little, but what did this mean?

The temporary marking could be completed as long as it was shot in, but the complete marking could only be achieved by mutual agreement. Although an omega had a natural submission towards an alpha, as long as one insisted on not opening the reproductive tract, alphas couldn’t enter even if they wanted to. Although there were many cases of being ordered to forcibly open the reproductive tract, generally speaking, opening the reproductive tract automatically meant acceptance.

Augus’s brain was in a mess, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t…Go in.”

Ed couldn’t control his movements, but at the same time, he said, “I’m sorry. Do you know how difficult it is for an alpha to hold back?” Especially when the omega was paralyzed and looking at him with a flush staining his cheeks, “And you are not convincing at all.”

“No, I’m serious…At least not now,” he said, with a hint of begging in his eyes

Ed tsked. Augus didn’t say that it was okay, so he got up quickly. Every time he had the momentum to insert all the way inside, he didn’t insert all of his penis. He rubbed and twitched around the anal opening, making the acupoint red and swollen. His mind was in a mess. 

What did it mean for Augus to open the reproductive tract? What did it mean to open a little bit? What did he think about not letting him in? In the past, his decisiveness and thought processes on the battlefield and in the face of the enemy had all been thrown away, his heart was beating violently and at the same time, he was extremely uneasy.

Ed couldn’t just let his hard lower body be, which caused Ed to focus on Augus’s upper body. He kept the speed of his thrusts and turned to open Augus’s legs and moved back and forth on his chest. The rough pad of his fingers rubbed on Augus’s nipple and he kneaded them with his thumbs and index fingers from time to time. The kneading action was sometimes strong and sometimes light, which made Augus unable to cope.

Augus lay on the grass, his face and thighs were scratched by the grass. His clothes had been wrinkled by the back and forth movements. Most of his skin was in contact with the grass. Even though he knew that his back was really on the floor, Augus still clearly felt the cold touch of the simulated grass, mixed with the smell of mud. Besides, the only one naked was Augus and his pants had been removed. His underpants were still hanging on one side of his thigh. His coat had also been stripped clean. Yet, Ed still had all his clothes on tidily. Only his penis had been taken out through the zipper of his pants. At the moment, he was repeatedly entering and pulling out of Augus, when he pulled out, he also turned the pink tender flesh inside.

The strong contrast gave him a sense of shame almost comparable to that of being in the wild. Augus couldn’t open his mouth to tell Ed to undress, but only embarrassingly blocked his eyes.

He felt that his reproductive tract had not closed, but also gradually opened further. Augus was a little flustered, and his mind was also confused. He didn’t know if Ed noticed it.

“No, mmm…coming inside… “

Ed sighed and didn’t work hard at all. Anyway, it was not the estrus period. He was not out of control, “Don’t let me in, don’t let me shoot. You’ll kill me.” As he said this, he deliberately opened the soft hole with his thick head. He went in and pulled out. He came back and forth as if he was playing.

“Unn, ah! Don’t play…” For the first time, he reached out for Ed’s penis and said, “Don’t do it… You don’t want to take the risk of having a child, do you?”

Ed didn’t reject Augus’s offer to use his hands, put down his legs and got closer to him to make him move better, “I don’t want to… But if they are born, maybe it would be good too?”

“You…” Augus didn’t know if it was because he heard this or because he felt his penis covered with his own lewd liquid, which made his face rarely red, “what kind of joke are you making?”

“It’s not a joke.” Ed changed his funny face and looked at Augus carefully.

“… No way.” Augus, don’t go over your head.

Ed wasn’t disappointed, either. He would be surprised if Augus said he was going to have a baby. So Ed just smiled and ended the conversation, easily inserting three fingers into Augus’s already wet back hole. An omega’s body made it easier for Augus to ejaculate when his back acupoint was stimulated. As expected, Augus couldn’t hold Ed’s hand when he pressed against his sensitive point. His body couldn’t stop rubbing the ground, and the front end jumped up to come again.

“Together.” Ed reached and pinched the tip of Augus’s erection. He stared at Augus’s red face who was close to cumming but was forcefully restricted.

Ed used his other hand to hold his own erection which was touched by Augus just now. Looking at the appearance of his own intolerable lust and Augus’s expression of being forced to hold back from the climax, Ed started to rub against him and came at the same time with Augus in no time. Although Augus was restricted, and just couldn’t shoot until now.

After being held for a long time, Augus came with his toes straight, and a stream of semen went into Ed’s hands. Ed came for the first time today, throwing all the white liquid on Augus’s chest and some on to his face from a kneeling position.

After their climax, the lust soon passed. There was not even something to clean around. Ed had to finish the simulation first. He went to the dagger that had just been thrown away, picked it up and gave it a pleasant and relaxed thrust to his own heart. The blade of the dagger disappeared at the moment when it touched his body, together with the lush forest and grass.

After regaining his mind, Augus found that the blue sky turned into a metal ceiling, and realized that the simulation was over. He reluctantly propped himself up, which began to recall how a nice simulation training later developed into sex.

The final decision was naturally that Augus won, because Ed finally ‘committed suicide’ himself, but no one cared about the result at this time.

The two of them casually found a guest room bathroom to take a bath together. In the process of taking a bath, they got a hard on and did it again.

“Did you come here on purpose today?” Augus had no trust in Ed’s character.

“It’s really wrong. I really wanted to make you happy before I used the simulation training.” Ed buttoned his shirt helplessly. “Didn’t you like it?”

Augus was silent. Today or the last bout of sex, was indeed his happiest time in the past few months. They made love just now.

“Next time, we have to bring an inhibitor, and we’ll have another fight.”

“Okay, let’s come back next week.”

Both of them tacitly didn’t talk about the reproductive tract.

It was evening after the first cleaning and was hard for Ed to go back. The housekeeper had been ordered to prepare dinner. Ed also stayed with Augus to eat. As a result, halfway through the meal, Ed’s terminal received an urgent meeting notice from the army, “It’s the evening, you don’t even let people eat at ease…”

Alfred, on the opposite side, turned out to be gentle, “It’s an emergency meeting, let go of whatever you’re eating.”

Ed immediately became serious. He thought it was not easy, “Okay, I’ll go right away.”

“I have to go to the army. Keep eating…” Ed picked up his napkin and put it aside. He got up to leave. He didn’t know what time it would be when he got back. He said to Augus, “You should stay here for the night…”

However, Augus didn’t stop his knife and fork. He looked at him and said, “Whatever you want.”

Ed was not sure. There was no prohibition on the old house. There were only a bunch of housekeepers and servants. If Augus wanted to run, he couldn’t stop him. But now there was no time to send Augus home. Could he take him with him to the military meeting? Then he would not be far from being laid off.

“Take it easy, I can’t run. You leave the handcuffs and I’ll handcuff myself later. ” Augus saw what he was thinking.

Ed looked at the housekeepers and servants who bowed their heads and dutifully acted like transparent people. He was embarrassed, “Forget it. Matthew, take him to my room for the night.”

“Yes.” The housekeeper nodded and came to help Ed put on his coat. “Be careful along the way.”

Ed didn’t care about anything else. He hurried out to the meeting place.

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