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Chapter 135: Violent Temperaments

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just when everyone was stupefied and didn’t know what to do because of the sudden change in events, something else that they couldn’t accept even more happened right after.

Those beasts who normally always did as they were told as long as they had some food to eat abruptly all turned and left without hesitation!! Instantly, the owners who had more violent temperaments immediately activated the spiritual contract, wanting to force the beasts to come back. But what they couldn’t understand was how those beasts who typically couldn’t withstand the punishment from the spiritual contract could now suddenly completely ignore the pain which usually made them roll on the floor in agony. In that instant, the floor was covered with howling beasts lying down, but in exchange the owners were treated even more cruelly.

【Your impudence!!

Seeing their own compatriots suffer, the three huge beasts in the sky and the several thousand fierce beasts that suddenly appeared around them instantly flew into a rage. Their deafening roars immediately knocked out quite a few people. Naturally, the people who were knocked out could no longer control their beasts, and taking advantage of that, the near thousand beasts openly left under the protection of the fierce beasts.

JinYu didn’t know what kind of expression to make when seeing that. On one side were the beasts and fierce beasts who were calmly helping each other leave; on the other side were all sorts of humans who were scattering in all directions, trampling over each other in their haste to flee.

“… what do you guys want to do?”

JinYu stopped looking at that extremely ironic scene, and instead looked calmly at DaBai, XiaoBai and the rest.

“Even I think you all have the right and privilege to leave after seeing that. If you want to go, I won’t stop you, and I’ll protect you as you leave. The only thing is I hope that when seeking revenge, you won’t slaughter the innocent.”

Hearing JinYu’s words, DaBai, WangWang and the rest lowered their heads. Even though they hadn’t suffered as much as their compatriots in the research institutes, they weren’t that far off. In such a huge scene, nearly all the beasts on the star had left their masters. The remaining ones were probably just as conflicted as they were.

Except, for the remaining beasts, perhaps they were timid or weak or fierce, but there were definitely some among them who couldn’t bear to leave. Even if they saw such a video, they were only unbearably angry, but their rationality hadn’t been burned away by such fury.


【Boss, you don’t have to say anything else. Even if you aren’t actually the master of our contracts, if you weren’t here, who knows where we would be or what kind of wandering souls we would have become? Perhaps the beasts who left were trying to flee the suffering they experienced, or maybe they think if they follow the Three Emperors they will be able to save the entire beast race. But we know that, compared to the Three Emperors, you’re the one who will be able to solve the problem facing both sides. If you can’t even resolve the battle, then that’ll be a lose-lose ending.

It was rare for DaBai to communicate so much information and thoughts to him, but JinYu couldn’t help but smile bitterly when he heard DaBai’s words. “You think too highly of me. It’s very clear that the current situation was brought about purposefully by someone. Never mind how the hatred between the humans and beasts have already gone on for too long, even if there wasn’t such entrenched hatred, if I want to resolve this situation I would still have to face the person who set this trap and also humanity’s own selfishness and ruthlessness. Do you think I, your boss, am that powerful? The protagonist halo isn’t over my head ah… (if it was, why am I the one being pushed down)”

“Don’t think of weird things.” Qi Qinglin couldn’t resist pinching his mate.

“Tsk! There are still three heavens-defying BOSSes to overthrow! I’ll be damned… let’s first go rescue people. It’s too chaotic.”

It wasn’t appropriate to talk too much here; in any case, there was no point in doing so. Seeing such a messy spectacle, JinYu, Ye Huang, Ling Chong and the other clans all quickly told their subordinates to go help people.

Even though the scene appeared quite chaotic and disorderly just by looking at it, when it really came down to saving people, it wasn’t so bad. Humans were quite contradictory creatures; at certain times they would be fairly rebellious and independent, but deep down they would conform to the crowd. Once the initial frenzy passed, quite a few people who were alarmed calmed down, and then they started to also help out the people who had been trampled. Gradually, more and more people calmed down, and everything stabilized a little.

But only a little.

When trouble doesn’t come looking for you, then you shouldn’t go looking for trouble on your own. Those were wise words, but when you were in extremely unlucky circumstances or when dark clouds covered your head, those words would ascend to become the truth.

If you wanted to pit yourself against the truth at a time like this, then congratulations, you would become the first prime example of cannon fodder.

There were several thousand beasts on the scene. The enormous ferocious energy was already enough to make the humans tremble, and anyone who had a brain or was thinking the least bit clearly wouldn’t dare to go and come in contact with the fierce beasts. What’s more, the Three Emperors were still floating in the sky, and without preparations, humans weren’t a match for the beasts at all.

But despite it all, there were still some humans who felt superior and were using to being domineering and arrogant, who couldn’t stand the fact that their own beasts had the guts to leave them. As soon as they were helped up, they instantly activated the spiritual contract, and three or four beasts very obviously started to roll on the floor in agony. When the people saw that, they revealed a ‘you deserve it’ cruel smile.

But in the next moment, they couldn’t laugh any more.

Before they could react, five black beasts that were as quick as rabbits rushed straight towards those people who activated the contracts. Next, an invisible spiritual wave flashed past, and then those people hugged their own heads and started to howl painfully out loud!!

“Spiritual counterattack!!” JinYu stared at those black beasts in shock, and for a moment, he couldn’t imagine what kind of existence they were. Those who were able to rebound more than half of the spiritual contract’s energy back towards the humans – it was hard to imagine just how powerful and demonic their spiritual energy must be, and the price that they themselves must pay must also be quite painful.

But clearly, they had accomplished such a thing, and with that, there was another enormous, hidden blade pointed at the humans.

“Spiritual counterattack?!” Jin Qian’s expression changed when he heard JinYu. “You’re mistaken, right? That – you’re saying that the spiritual contract has already been broken by them?!” He was a specialist in beast treatment, and he understood more or less the power hidden underneath those two words. The faces of the people next to him who also heard what he said went slightly pale as well.

JinYu laughed grimly. “I wish I were wrong. But why don’t you guys go see how those people are doing now? Or are you all actually just deceiving yourselves?”

Ye Huang, Bai Ling and the rest looked tense. As if he didn’t see, JinYu continued, “Since the beasts at your sides haven’t left despite feeling conflicted, that means you must treat them quite well. But don’t think that it’s all over after this. There’s no way beasts won’t undergo some change after staying on the desolate star for so long. Even though right now, the spiritual counterattack is a sort of double-edged sword, it still lets the beasts seize some power for their own. And with that, never mind how anxious humans will become, from my view, if you aren’t 100% certain you can trust and protect your beasts, it would be better for you to let them go… after this, there will definitely be a hurricane-like purging movement on this star.”

The people around JinYu were bewildered again at that, but they weren’t idiots; they more or less understood what JinYu was saying from the get go, and most of them returned the bitter smile. As they were looking at each other, nearly all of the thousands of beasts and fierce beasts had left.

As everyone watched a fire phoenix and a white tiger grandly and proudly pull away a mountain-like palace, all their thoughts were a little blank.

“Ss… aiya, who does that palace look somewhat familiar?” Shan Bailu tilted his head and said what everyone was confused about.

Then everyone heard a heartrending howl. “Laozi’s Ling Xiao throne hall ahhhh—!!!”

Eh. JinYu turned to look at Ye Huang.

Ye Huang nodded very calmly. “After being stimulated by this, father’s stroke should be healed. About time.”

“…” You spendthrift son!! What a huge palace! And what’s more, you were only in charge of taking care of it, it wasn’t yours, okay?!

“Stay calm. In the future, when there’s peace, it will definitely be able to sell for a lot.”

… as a result everyone turned their heads away, afraid that the disdain on their faces would be too obvious.

“Aiya! Brother, you’re right, why didn’t I think of that?!” The eyes of someone who was clearly an outsider in the situation lit up. He shouted towards the enormous shadows in the sky, “I say, you lot, how about you take away my family’s small villa too?! Buy one get one, go ahead!!”

Everyone saw the Ling Xiao throne hall pause for a minute in the air, and it nearly fell.


“Why are you looking at me?” JinYu rolled his eyes.

“I was thinking, if your provocative words were to become a biological weapon, what rank would it be.” Ye Huang spoke slowly, to the strong approval of the circle of people around them.

“That’ll depend on how much money I get.”

After calmly shocking everyone, JinYu sighed and tugged on Qi Qinglin’s sleeve. Qi Qinglin nodded, understanding without JinYu having to say anything, and sent XiaoBai, DaBai, WangWang, and ErHei back to Cute Beast Shop #138 with a wave of his hand. In the shop, JinYu set up an emergency flight door, trusting that after the beasts went back, they would know what to do. The meridians of the fierce beast that had been injured by the red light were already protected, but right now, there were three different energies fighting in its body. In such a situation, it would still be better to send it back to the old fart to let it heal.

At that, JinYu couldn’t help but think mockingly, soon the old fart would probably have hordes and hordes of different beasts on it. It definitely wouldn’t feel hollow or lonely anymore.

As JinYu and the big BOSS did their thing, Shan Bailu couldn’t help but say, “I want to ask, did the boss mean that if we give him enough money, he can provoke the entire star until it’s a huge mess?”

Jin Qian’s mouth twitched. “You ask him that yourself. Little bro, send my Xiao Hei back too, please. I’ll get it in a few days. I’m afraid they’ll take extreme measures after being provoked.”

JinYu nodded. Big BOSS Qi waved his hand again, but this time, everyone’s beasts disappeared.

“Saves energy.” Boss’ excuse was very sufficient.

Everyone else could only wipe their faces. Alright, that’s actually what they wanted to say as well.

Just as all the beasts were sent away, a large group of fully armed soldiers descended from the sky. Their expressions were wooden, and as soon as they landed they started to use the machine guns in their hands to shoot the remaining beasts. Actually, there were only less than a hundred beasts left at this moment.

“What are you doing?!”

“Wah—! Father, mother!! They killed TiaoTiao ah—!! You all should die! You killed my TiaoTiao!!”

“Who are you?!”

Just when everyone was alarmed and shocked at the soldiers who appeared out of nowhere, an airship slowly descended from the sky. Simultaneously, a booming and resolute voice came out of the airship.

“The beast rebellion has caused the entire capital star to descend into chaos. Through the president and marshal’s negotiation, the capital star will implement special emergency measures in preparation for war starting from today. All the beasts must be imprisoned and observed, and they will only be freed after ensuring they mean no harm.”

“But why!! My Daozi is very obedient, it’s never hurt anyone!!” A man couldn’t help but shout after hearing that.

Instantly, a man wearing white military clothing appeared in front of him and lifted him by the collar.

“Just because it’s never hurt anyone doesn’t mean it will never hurt anyone. This is the martial law. Nobody is allowed to disobey it!”

After saying that, the man in military clothing tossed the other man to the side. Then he looked at JinYu and the ten great clans.

At the same time, Fei Yusheng and Zhang Liangshan’s backs straightened, and unhesitatingly saluted at the middle-aged man. They walked over to behind him and stood there, silent.

“Admiral Xuan Li.”

Long Yuting slowly walked out from the crowd, face dark. His expression was gloomy as he looked at the man before him. The aura around him slowly diffused out.

“General Long.” Xuan Li’s expression didn’t change. “The marshal has orders for you.”

Light flashed through Long Yuting’s eyes. He stepped to the side.

“In accordance to the president and marshal’s order, would all the heads of the ten major clans, the Jin clan’s head, Long clan and Long sect’s financial group’s head, the head young master of the Qi clan, … as well as JinYu, Boss Jin, please gather at the presidential palace on the capital star. The chairman of the royal hunting academy, as well as the heads of the hunter and adventurer guilds have all already arrived, along with the president and the marshal. Everyone must discuss how to resolve the rebellion together.

“Please, after you!!”

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