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Chapter 136: This Precipice is a Disaster

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Xuan Li’s words had strength behind them. He went straight to the point without any hesitation.

His face didn’t have a hint of worry or uncertainty if JinYu and the others would agree with him. His eyes were completely glued and JinYu and the others and he didn’t speak a word.

In actuality when people heard General Xuan Li’s words, they all felt some sense of relief. Only, when he mentioned the existence of these people was it enough to calm down the panic-stricken crowd of people. Each of those people became a legend and were admired by the entire world. At the moment, all these people were gathered together, which was even more world-shaking.

Only… seemed a bit too much? What about that Boss JinYu? Was he worthy enough for General Xuan Li to invite himself?! Even more, when did his status become on par with that of the Ten Families? How could this be!

As for this, not only did the crowd in the stadium not understand this, but a certain fish himself couldn’t understand this to a certain extent as well.

Wasn’t it his first time participating in the Southern Trading Conference? It seemed like before he had no name too? Just because he’s Qi Qinglin’s fucking partner doesn’t mean he should be recognized by the Marshal and the President, okay? Is this a horror movie or something?

However, even if JinYu couldn’t understand why he was invited, it didn’t mean that he was powerless in front of the crowd. It was predicted that as long as he showed signs of running he could be shot into a sieve by the soldiers

Wordlessly he glanced at the boss beside him. The latter’s expression was a bit pale and he rubbed a certain fish’s head. “Relax, even the Marshal and the President together can’t defeat me.”


After JinYu, Xuan Li, Fei Yu Sheng, and Zhan LiangShan heard these words, they all fell silent. Can you be more arrogant and aggresive and direct?! How could you have not inherited the subtlety of the Qilin Family.

JinYu rubbed his cheek, “Well, if you add me then we’re the Jin-Qi Partners. We’re undefeatable.”


Xuan Li’s extended hand became even straighter. He almost poked JinYu’s nose.

“Well, if it’s like that, I want to ask you something before I leave. It’s good that I’m the manager of the beast shop. You people are sure to settle here but what about the other beasts, what do you plan on doing with them? I think according to the Marshal And president, the number of beasts shouldn’t be so little that it becomes territory for all those ferocious beasts, right? This way those will beast abilities will lose their powers.”

JinYu’s words were a bit of an attack. Xuan Li blinked and then for the first time he looked carefully at the unreliable guy in front of him. “To placate is the most important. Surveillance is secondary. There are always exceptions.”

“Hah, I understand.” It was just that this place’s beasts already witnessed the whole process of killing, being wronged, and finally being abused directly. Their psychological fluctuation would be the greatest. He could understand that even the best ones, Da Bai and WangWang, were a bit grumpy. “Fine, let’s leave. Then, can a maglev airship even open a window? Before, if I sat down quickly I’d get dizzy.”

……Better to make you dizzy to death!


Consequently, JinYu got on the maglev airship under Xuan Li’s nearly twitching face. He was shocked to see Xuan Li’s son and daughter-in law-. It wasn’t until a group of people left that Xuan Hai pulled Bai Ling, “Why is that kid so aggressive?”

Hearing this, Bai Ling’s lips twitched. She looked at her own younger sister and the bulge near her chest. “Believe me, he has never been aggressive.” As for her sister, do you think you can hide Hei Tuan in your chest and no one else will see?! Fuck, the people all around are staring at your chest!! Do you really want people to pat you down there?!

“Hurry up and come back. We don’t know if the clan leader’s beasts have gone feral yet.” Bai Ling said to her sister, but she was also reminding the people around her. As expected, those who were slightly injured or not injured immediately jumped up. There was still a group of beasts inside the house!! Who knew if they would set the house on fire in a rage?!

As for Bai Sha, she followed Bai Ling Xuan Hai and left with them. HOwever, Night Pheonix looked at Bai Sha’s chest strangely as they left. It wasn’t until Xuan Hai and Bai Ling stared angrily at him that he let out a dry laugh, “I’m just surprised that Hei Tuan didn’t cause a fuss.”

The underlying meaning was clear. Hei Tuan was the representative of a cursed beast bringing misfortune. With this kind of stimulation, it didn’t even curse all the people to death. Seriously, it had some good training.

Hearing this Bai Sha shook her head and then turned to look at Night Phoenix. She said with a serious expression, “I believe in Tuan Tuan. It knows the difference between wrong and right. Not all people are good, of course not all feral beasts are violent. What is right and what is wrong, I think we can only experience and feel for ourselves.”

After this Bai Sha and her sister left, leaving Night Phoenix, Ling Chong, and Shan Bailu looked at each other and laughed.”

“Hehe, got you there,” Ling Chong was the first to laugh.

“Hehe, you think you weren’t insulted just now too?” Night Phoenix jeered.

“Actually I think the three of us were just insulted. And we were just ignored.” Shan Bailu’s words caused the first two idiots to wince in pain. Fucker, I was the one who wasn’t ignored! There are a ton of second generation wealthy kids from the Ten Families!!

“Young Ye.” Suddenly a waiter appeared quietly. Night Phoenix’s eyes narrowed. This was their family’s special ability.

“The young master has a message for you.”

“……Speak.” Night Phoenix backed up, he felt that something was a bit off.



“Your fucking Xiao Tu (Rabbit) bastard came here to nicely explain why the Trade Conference would become a poor example because of you, if you want to piss me off or sully my reputation then you can just get the fuck out!!”


“Pfft!! Hahaha, my god, Ye Mao Zi (Night Cat??),  you’re so fucking depressing.”

“Young Master.”

Just when Ling Chong couldn’t help but laugh at Night Phoenix, a waiter appeared beside him.

“!! What are you doing?!” Ling Chong was suddenly alert.

“Well, it’s nothing. Just that the master wants me to deliver a message…..”


Consequently, looking at these two dejected second generation rich kids, Shan Bailu slapped himself in the face. Fortunately he was a free man, otherwise he’d be miserable.

“Young master! Third young master!!? The master and the eldest want me to deliver a message to you, well?!”

The panting waiter looked at his family’s third master’s face and couldn’t understand. “Eh, the master said that the third young master likes spicy lobster……Why did you make all these little meals and not go home?”

And so.

The whole planet here is now in chaos. On the other side, JinYu and a group of people were sitting in the airship with the windows open. The large wind fluttered through their beautiful hairstyles.

The airship’s atmosphere could be described with one word: “cold.”

If it were to be described with two words, it would be “very cold.”

What about three words then? Do you think it would be “very very cold?” Dumbass. It would be, “wind too strong?” Fuck!! Opening the window when you were thousands of meters up in the air was just inviting the fucking ferocious wind in! If it weren’t for modern technology that allowed the gravity and the airship to be stable despite the open windows, then you definitely wouldn’t see people playing games right now!!

With this General Xuan Li, did you seriously just decide to let our hair toss about like this? It’s inhumane, okay. Especially for women……do you have scissors to cut your hair now?!

ALthough the level of resentment in the airship was close to reaching a critical, due to the boss’ declaration of force and Xuan Li’s promise to JinYu, someone had to say something. If you wanted to close the window, someone had to open it. However, at this time, a certain fish was laughing and shaking, patting Long Changxiao and Jin Qian and his own boss.

“Ah ha ha ha, ah don’t you think that guy’s hair looks like a flying bird’s nest? I’ve never seen such a gorgeous bird’s nest!!”

“Ah hahahaha, HEHE, and that guy, did he catch someone’s hair? How come it’s broken down in the middle! His shampoo must be terrible!!”

“Ah, hahaha.”

“Enough!! Qilin, watch after him! Are you going to let him close the window again?!”

Finally, he couldn’t stand his son and his wife?!  The ignored and ridiculed Qi YunXiao let out an enraged roar. While roaring, he suddenly stopped and almost choked. Qi Qinglin hurriedly reached out to pat him on the back. He was about to fight with his father when several voices rang out.

“…….Ah, hahahaha……”

“Pft! Wahahaha!”



“Boss Jin?! Boss Ling still has Master Ye (Night?) ! You guys,”

“Hey Old Qi when are you going to make your decision?! I’ll fucking go over and buy counterfeit goods from you! Ahahahahaha, this is too funny, somehow there’s still people who can buy hair restorers?! I-I seriously need to record this in the world record book, wah! Ha! Pft! Hehe!! Huhu…………Seriously, I almost laughed until I had seizures. It’s okay, I just recovered.”


[Fucking beg me to hold in my laughter for what!! This is seriously too funny!!]


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January 4, 2020 5:10 am

Thank you for the chapter! Suddenly the numer of new people and names multiplied (who the hell is this Night Phoenix?) and I got lost in who is who, so I need to reread it from the begining of the conference. Aside from that, with the situation as it is, it looks like all the people, who abused their beasts just got what they deserved…? Or maybe not yet. I look forward to the development.

October 18, 2021 10:15 am

More confusion; wasn’t the Yu family’s clan the ‘Nine Tailed Night Spirit Cat Clan’ (also written as Nine Tailed Night Cat Clan in some chapters). Who is Night Phoenix?
I must stop caring about names & character ID; it’s getting too frustrating.

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