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Chapter 11: Emergency Meeting

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

When he arrived at the meeting place, the room was full of people. Ed nodded and apologized for being late and went to the front row of the long table to have a seat.

At this time, standing at the long table was Colonel Kane, who had been stationed at the border of the Empire. He nodded to Ed, who had just come to sit down, and continued his speech. “Last time, it was just a test. A mining star was occupied. Although it is only a matter of time before the extra troops can be captured, this harassment means that the Dark Alliance, which had been buried for many years, has reappeared.” 

Kane reached out, and a three-dimensional light screen appeared on the table. The picture above was a star outside the Empire. Several small stars on the screen were severely bombed to varying degrees. Although it did not affect the imperial subordination star, this kind of behavior undoubtedly tantamounted to provocation.

“I thought the Alliance had disappeared completely.” A young brigadier general expressed his doubts.

“It’s true that the Dark Alliance has not appeared for nearly a hundred years since the last time it was badly damaged, but there have been sporadic activities in the dark, but this is not as gentle.” Alfred explained, “This is really organized and planned.”

The Dark Alliance had always been unable to be on the same level as the Empire and the Union, because they had no inherent territory. It was not so much a civilization as a high-level group of star thieves. It was not to say that the people of the secret Alliance must steal, kill and plunder, but they believed in freedom and had no rules. There were many people who did extraordinary things.

It was also a magical force because they had no territory or rules, but could still gather to attack the Empire and the Union for the crime of restricting freedom.

Nearly a hundred years ago, the Empire and the Union held a truce to get rid of the Alliance. Originally, those in the Alliance were like pirates wandering around, launching attacks at will. The original Alliance lost its leader, and then it fell apart. Although the whereabouts of some members could still be traced, the Alliance seemed to have been dissolved.

Just yesterday, a mining star on the border of the Empire was suddenly occupied. Although the border had been defended all the time, there were no other forces in the nearby galaxy, so the military strength was always small. This time, a fighting force had not yet regained its occupation power, but had been affected by the simultaneous explosions of several planets outside the border and were directly damaged on the road.

“At present, there are no plans for the Dark Alliance. It is not their goal to capture a C-class mineral star in all aspects. The purpose of the explosion is even more unknown.”

“They’ve always been like that. They can blow up whatever they want, and they don’t have a goal.”

“But do not underestimate the enemy.” Ed said, “If we didn’t work with the Union last time, the Alliance would not have been defeated.”

“This time the Alliance, against the previous indiscriminate harassment, only attacked the Empire, and started from the side where there was no border.”

This meant that the Union had not been affected at all this time, and the additional forces sent by the Empire would only reduce the pressure of the Union and do them no harm. Everyone nodded in silence, acknowledging the situation. The balance with the Union that had just been broken was probably due to the fact that the Alliance was back again.

“Be prepared for the Union’s pressure and even a bite back.” Alfredo concluded calmly, “by the way, the marshal has come back from the front to discuss this with his majesty. This meeting should not be the only one.”

They also discussed some countermeasures and the prediction of what the Alliance would do. Because there was too little information, the meeting ended without a clear conclusion.

Ed looked down to think about something and walked out. Alfred tapped him on the shoulder.


“… One.”

Alfred gave Ed a cigarette, and he took one out for himself. He held it in his mouth until he went out to light the fire. “A lot of pressure? You don’t smoke, do you?”

Ed gave a sullen hum.

“I see.”

Ed’s hand shook as it flicked the ashes, almost flicking the smoke together, “Speak… What do you know?”

“Major general Augus, the prisoner from the Union, is with you now.”

“Cough, cough!” The tone of the other side was not a question. It must have been determined. Ed coughed awkwardly. The first thing he thought about was whether General Alfred had connected the gossip he had at dinner with this?

“As soon as I heard the news this time, I thought that Augus was still in our custody. When I contacted there, I heard that people say that he had been taken to the research room, saying it was an order from the Third Prince. Then I went by to visit his Highness, the Third Prince, and he was very proud to tell me all about it.” Alfred hesitated for a moment, looked around and said to Ed in a low voice, “Do you think his Highness, the Third Prince, is insane?”

“…” Ed thought about it and had to admit, “Yeah.”

“This time, it’s none of your business in essence. It’s all because of the Third Prince. And so is His Majesty, who even allows the Third Prince to do such things.”

Ed thought ‘how could it have nothing to do with me?’ and sighed.

Alfred thought that he was worried about the trouble he was involved in it. He said with relief, “If you have to say anything, you are also the victim. You have cleaned up the mess for the Third Prince. Oh, by the way, you haven’t marked Augus completely yet, have you? What’s his attitude towards you now?”

“No, only a temporary one.” Ed took a deep breath of smoke and rubbed his hair impatiently. “As for attitude, I don’t know his attitude toward me.”

“As soon as he is free, will he try to kill you?”

“This… Probably not… ” Ed was not sure. He looked a bit confused. Without the temporary mark, would Augus be kind to him?

Looking at Ed’s appearance, Alfred patted him on the shoulder, “It’s really…. But who knows if the Dark Alliance will come back at this time. There must be some movement in the Union these days. Just watch and do what is needed. Don’t think about it too much.”

Ed waved, pretending to smile easily, “What can I think of? I’ll follow the imperial arrangement. You worry more than I do. Now you can go back and tell your baby bedtime stories.” He knew that Alfred’s family not only consisted of his wife, but also a little beta daughter. It was very conscientious to be able to talk with him in the middle of the night. They needed to hurry home.

Alfred thought of his family’s smile, and the two didn’t wait in vain, and went home.

Ed leaned against the wall by himself, his hair was in a mess because of the night wind. He twisted out the cigarette end with his fingers directly, and stood alone for a long time. Then he set out to go back.

It took a lot of time to go back and forth on the road. Ed himself stayed outside for a while. It was already early in the morning. When he went back, Matthew, the housekeeper, was still waiting for Ed to come back. Ed asked him not to wait for him to come back next time he was out, and he didn’t know if Matthew heard it. The whole day was very eventful, but Ed didn’t feel tired. Instead, he was in an odd state of mind and didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Ed went upstairs and went to his room. The door was ajar. He pushed the door open and saw Augus sleeping on the big bed he used to sleep on years ago. Ed’s mood was a little complicated. He didn’t take off his clothes to go to bed, but he quietly walked to the bedside and sat looking at Augus’s back.

It was too hard to let him go.

But when it came to the Empire’s diplomacy and situation…

Ed had a sudden impulse. What about if he just runs away with Augus? Whatever the Empire or Union did, it wouldn’t matter if they could live a normal life in a remote place where no one knew them. But impulsive thoughts were just thoughts. He didn’t want to talk about the responsibility. Even if he really didn’t want anything, Augus wouldn’t agree with this.

Ed looked at Augus’s back, and wanted to go up and get into the other man, come in his most innermost part, and use his alpha pheromones to force the other side to promise that he would not go anywhere.

He decided to leave and calm down.

Ed wanted to get out of bed and have another cigarette. But suddenly, he remembered that he hadn’t bought cigarettes for many years.

Maybe there were still some in the storage room.

The door of the room was closed again gently. With the click of the door closing, Augus, who had his back to the door, slowly opened his eyes.

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