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Chapter 137: Everyone has finally arrived
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It had to be said that as the current head of the Qi family, Uncle Qi had great self-restraint. When ninety percent of the people in the cabin of the plane were dying of laughter, he could still gather his hair together without a change in his expression.

JinYu’s body trembled a couple of times after seeing Qi YunXiao’s reaction and when he saw the blue veins in Qi YunXiao’s clenched hands were about to burst, he turned to Xuan Li and said, “Cough, cough. I feel it’s better to close the window. At most, I’ll ask QingLin to knock me out. Although I could ask for the window to be open the whole time, I am willing to serve the people if I can benefit everyone by sacrificing myself. After all, I am a very upstanding young man.”

The corner of the mouths of the people who did not like JinYu were all madly twitching as they rolled their eyes. Even those who were familiar him could not help but lower their heads and knead their faces to avoid revealing a look of contempt and be wildly beaten by a certain Boss. Even so, a certain fish was still ignoring the situation outside with a face that was thicker than the city walls and sitting in a leisurely posture.

Xuan Li had been longing to close the window that created all kinds of bad situations. He gave the order as soon as JinYu opened his mouth, and the sun roof of the airship rapidly closed the second he issued it. Xuan Li could not help the corner of his mouth twitching at such a quick execution of his command. This was definitely not because his subordinates were extremely obedient, it was definitely because his people had been incomparably longing for this order!! Fuck!

The atmosphere inside the airship was different after closing the window. It was akin to the sharp contrast between a cold winter and a warm spring. Fortunately, everyone’s mood had improved a lot, and were temporarily curbing their hostile auras and expressions. In any case, the real matter to be disputed and resolved would not to start until they reached the Presidential Palace. Everything that just happened could be ignored.

In this strange atmosphere, the airship flew to the Presidential Palace at a mad rush of speed that was practically like it was running for its life. Then, there was a plopping sound similar to dropping dumplings in boiling water.

Everyone was airdropped.



“Xiao Wang! What are you doing?!” Xuan Li, who was being airdropped, still had the ability to turn over and stylishly ask questions while being thrown off. The latter who was named immediately stiffened. Looking at his own beast that he had raised for more than ten years suddenly run out, the corner of his mouth twitched as he replied, “Re-reporting! M-My hands cramped!”

As he said this, he nimbly hid the fluffy silver-gray colored repair snow weasel. Fuck, little thing, Lao Zi knows you hate this group of sanctimonious people, but you can’t take revenge on them though a prank that could cause Lao Zi to lose my job! If you want to be made into braised snow weasel meat, you should also consider the fact that your meat is not even enough to feed one person. Don’t you understand what it means to be careful and calm?! Lao Zi had to hide you in the crotch of my trousers to escape from the search, okay!!

“General Xuan Li!” Yuan JingYa’s voice was nearly at a screech, “I want that pilot to be fired!”

Xuan Li’s expression remained the same. After studying the group of people who were airdropped, he said, “Excuse me, Madam Yuan, the pilot is just a substitute. You have to give them a chance to improve. Besides, we’ve all landed safely.” Other than Yuan JingYa spraining her ankle and Hu Sha’s Clan Head landing on his stomach because he was too fat, even Ye Huang’s father who was incomprehensible from time to time and was sitting in a wheelchair, was also steadily caught by his own son.


“Ya-er, come back.” Qi YunXiao saw that everyone was more or less unhurt, he could not help but frown when seeing that only Yuan JingYa was crazily squabbling about this. He was also very dissatisfied with Xuan Li’s way of handling things, but he would never allow Yuan JingYa to shout loudly and shame the Qi Family in front of so many people. Although Qi YunXiao was a scum and an incompetent person, as a Clan Head aiming to preserve his heritage, he would not do anything to bring the Qi Family to ruin.

Yuan JingYa’s name was called by Qi YunXiao. Her expression tenseed and she slightly lowered her eyelids. When she reopened her eyes, she was regained the elegant and dignified persona as the mistress of the Qi Family.

“He he, all right, all right. What are you all standing there for? The president and the dean are waiting for us. Look at the chaos outside now. The faster we properly discuss about what we’re going to do, the more the loss of human beings and animals can be minimized. A war between races is not the end I want to see as an old man.” Elder Jin looked at the people around him and reminded them of the pressing issue while smoothing things over and helping them out of their predicament. The others did not have time to quarrel anymore after he said that. They had to deal with important matters first and were not at the Presidential Palace for a day tour.

The architectural style of the Presidential Palace could no longer shock a certain fish. Compared with the South Sky Gate and the hijacked Ling Xiao Throne Hall, the Presidential Palace, which was a mash-up of architectural styles of the White House, Versailles, Athens Temple and the Forbidden City, was very normal. It was true. At most, he just felt a little pain in his balls. He could definitely endure and ignore this.

The group of people calmly walked through the plaza and entered the Presidential Palace and found seven people waiting for them in the bright reception hall.

There were two familiar faces among them to JinYu. The President’s face was publicized so much that he could not even forget it. As for the other brazen guy, well, he was still such a wily old fox.

“Everyone has finally arrived. We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Let’s go straight to the main point instead of reminiscing about the past and other gossip.”

When the President saw that the people of the Ten Great Clans, including Elder Jin and Elder Long had arrived, he began to discuss the main issue. He did not pay any attention to JinYu and Qi QingLin who had tagged along at all. Disregarding the fact that Qi QingLin almost tormented his son to death, if Elder Hu did not insist on having JinYu and Qi QingLin come along, and the Guild Master of the Explorers and Hunters Guild had also agreed with this, he really wanted to gun down a certain wretched fish with a laser gun.

Both JinYu and Qi QingLin were immediately aware of the President’s attitude. At first, JinYu was unable to figure out the reason. Then Ling Chong bent his head and whispered in his ear, informing him that this fella was the second Clan Head of the Bai Hu Family and that his son was Bai HongHu. Boss Jin was enlightened.

However, the key point was that a guy like this was even able to become the President. JinYu had a premonition that the road ahead was not very bright.

For the first time in thousands of years, the heads of the Ten Great Clans, the dean of the Royal College, the two Guild Masters, the leaders who controlled the research, medical treatment and cultivation of beasts in the Capital Star and the President have gathered together. Under different circumstances, this kind of situation would surely be widely reported and exaggerated. But now, with the backdrop of this Great Beast Insurrection that had not happened in thousands of years or even in tens of thousands of years, such a gathering really made it hard for one to get excited.

The discussion began a solemn expression on everyone’s faces.

A young man who looked like he was in his thirties stood up first. This fella’s face looked just like a spokesman of a President. Sure enough, he was speaking on behalf of the President when he started speaking.

“Everyone, please take a look at the light screen. This contains the scenes of the global beast insurrections we have collected. The beasts defected almost at the same time and most of them killed or seriously injured their owners when they defected. If the military didn’t intervene in time, the number of casualties have been more than fifty million.”

“In addition, the beasts destroyed countless buildings when they were fleeing, especially so for the scientific research buildings. The total economic losses brought about by this move to humans is immeasurable. They are too savage. Even though the military has stepped in and started to control the situation, there are still many places where human beings and beasts are still in a deadlock.”

The man pushed up the glasses resting on the bridge of his nose and solemnly summarized, “With regards to the current situation, if anyone has an opinion or a method to resolve this, I earnestly request you to bring it up.”

JinYu did not notice that his eyes and expression were full of sarcasm and disdain while looking at the man standing next to the President. It should be said that this fellow was really worthy of being such a high level spokesperson. He was able to invert black and white so dramatically when he spoke.

As long as they were not retarded, they would know what caused the beast insurrection. It was the actions of human beings that aroused the anger of the beasts and lead to the insurrection, yet when this guy spoke about it, it became a defection. He did not say anything about the number of beasts that were persecuted and how many were shot to death and captured by the military. Instead, he spoke of the losses caused by the beast insurrection. If more than fifty million people died as a result of the insurrection, there would surely be at least over one hundred million beasts killed by humans as a result of the insurrection. There was no need to mention the number of beasts that had been captured, it was probably so many that it was uncountable.

JinYu watched the man, the President, the Director of the Beast Research Institute and everyone who regarded the beast insurrection as the heinous crimes. He could not help but sneer repeatedly in his heart. Humanity was the King of all living things? This was just carrying your own butt up the tree and praising yourself, right? Humans only dared to say that they were the King of all living things during his time when the animals had low intelligence. Now that at least thirty percent of all beasts had an intelligence that was equal to that of humans and the number of beasts were five or six times more than humans, that old fart still dared to say that humanity was the King of all living things?

His brain must be full of straw.

“No matter how savage the beasts are, we have an absolute advantage. We have contracts, wisdom and weapons. What about them? They just have a rapid reproduction capability! The minority lead the development and movement of the majority! We can take advantage of the beast insurrection to put all beasts under control of human beings, get rid of the beasts that dare to rebel and let them know who are their masters! I vote for war!”

There was a crazy glint in the eyes of the Director of the Beast Research Institute. He could not understand what was wrong with those research subjects. They just wanted to better stimulate the ability and value of beasts, yet it actually lead to an insurrection because of the scientific research?! This was simply rebelling against God!!

More than half of the twenty people present rolled their eyes upon hearing this old fart’s words. Even Long YuTing, who sided with the fraction that advocated war, was looking down on this fella for being so naive. Contract, wisdom and weapons? They could only hide in the Research Institute for the rest of their lives. Fuck, the beasts also have these things okay? Moreover, the contract can be rebounded back. Even they went to war, the war would never have a decisive ending if it did not span for three or five years.

“I say, Old Liu, has your brain been fried by an electromagnetic gate? Go to war? You’re really so naive. The spiritual contracts have already been broken by an unknown beast, and human beings have lost their biggest leverage. Don’t speak of how many beasts have signed a contract, out of all the beasts, at least seventy percent of the wild beasts and those on Desolate Stars have not signed a contract!! The reason why human beings could safely and stably develop till now was due to the scattered distribution of these beasts. They also did not want to kill humans or gather together! If those high-level wild beasts gathered because of today’s insurrection, the contract, wisdom and weapons that you mentioned are worth dog shit! Ten Level A+ beasts can destroy a division!! If it’s a Level A savage beast, just one is enough to destroy a base!! You’re still thinking winning with no difficulty? Go dream of your unrealistic ideas by yourself!!”

This speech made JinYu nod repeatedly. That’s right, that’s right. This incomprehensible uncle was really very powerful. Why was Ye Huang’s temperament so unlike that of his father? Every sentence stabbed at the main point, so much so that even after he listened to this, he felt that it must have been due to the knows how many generations of goodwill humans had accumulated for them to be able to peacefully and stably develop until today.

However, it seemed that these humans were not so terrified, right?

While JinYu was thinking about this, the old men, uncles and aunties began to squabble. Gradually, the group of more than twenty people were divided into two viewpoints. One was in favor of waging war with the beasts without giving them any leeway and to control all beasts at the same time. The other was in favor of adopting a softball approach, trying to solve the problem peacefully and establishing an equal relationship with the beasts, so as to avoid future troubles.

The differences between the two viewpoints were so great that the conference hall of the Presidential Palace was plunged into never before seen chaos. JinYu narrowed his eyes and watched the considerably influential elderly men spitting on each other, the upper-class ladies pinching each other’s waist while shouting abuse in the street like fishwives and the Clan Heads from the Ten Great Clans that were scuffling together till they formed a ball. He had a sudden impulse to record videos. Fuck, this was really too destructive to one’s three views…

All of a sudden, the head of the Da Peng Jin Chi Family, who had been pretending to be silent, stood up. At the same time, Fei YuSheng who was beside him stood up too.

“Mister President, everyone, I have a method that would give us the best of both worlds.”


“What is it?!”

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