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Chapter 12: Anxious Mood

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Ed spent the whole night in the living room surrounded by smoke. In the early morning, Matthew got up and saw that the person who should have been sleeping was sitting on the sofa like a statue. He hurried up and talked about the dangers of staying up late and smoking. Ed nodded absently. He didn’t mean to go upstairs to sleep at all. He asked carefully, “You …Is there a conflict with Lord Augus?”

Originally, according to the identity of Augus, people on the imperial side were very confused about what to call him. It was really disrespectful to call him directly by his name. Should they call him major general? But he was not a major general of the Empire. They began to call him like any other adult after Ed’s command. 

“… No.” Ed’s voice was a little hoarse, crushing half of the cigarette in his hand into the ashtray.

Matthew completely ignored the negation, as if he thought Ed was just upset, and continued to counsel, “You should remember that the master and his wife always quarreled before, but they always made up soon. No one never has a temper, just…”

“Don’t mention them.” Ed shook his head and motioned to Matthew not to say anything, “It was not really a fight. It is… Something to do with the Empire.”

Matthew decided not to listen to his wordiness. He had to step back and tell the kitchen to prepare breakfast. He said, “You didn’t look like this before, how big the Empire is…”

During the breakfast, Ed received a tangled look. Augus also looked normal. He didn’t ask about last night’s events. Besides, the staff were competent as they acted like they were blending into the background, this breakfast could not be more normal except for the strangely quiet room. Ed was so upset that he went to the army after.

At first, he wanted to take Augus home in the morning. After all, he was a little uneasy that there was no prohibition in the old house. But now, after this incident, he just broke the pot and let Augus stay in the old house. Whether he was forbidden or not, if Augus wanted to run, he could run away, which was better than his obedience being over the top.

“Whoa, general, why are you looking so bad?” Johnny, who happened to step into the elevator with Ed, was startled by his appearance. He thought that there was nothing to worry about in the army and asked in a low voice near him. “Are you lovelorn?”

“Fuck off.” Ed didn’t push him off.

Johnny tsked, knowing that Ed was really in a bad mood, and stood aside rationally.

So those who came and went today knew that the general was in a bad mood, and they warned everyone to try to avoid appearing in front of him or they would just be asking to die.

Alfred knew what was going on as soon as he heard it. He walked around to Ed’s office and visited him. When he came in, he saw Ed staring at the light screen. On it was the information of the planets attacked yesterday and the status of the nearby stars.

“There’s news?” When Ed saw that Alfred was coming, he suddenly became nervous.

“No, I’m just here to care about you. Don’t you want to be a soldier all over the place?”

Hearing this, Ed seemed to have no interest in talking. He sat down again and looked at the light screen. “What do you think of this? The border defense department has sent more people over there. The third team is also on the way. The war situation there is not related to us at present.” Ed sighed, “I thought last night that if the Union’s side really came to negotiate, I would apply to go to the border.”

Alfred was shocked for a moment, and then he understood why Ed would have such a thought, “As for you? Are you really stuck? “

Ed didn’t say anything about it, but replied, “As for me, I don’t want to have any face-to-face communication with the Union in the future.”

“Have you ever thought that since Augus is now an omega, even if he goes back to the Union, he can’t continue to fight as a major general. At most, he could only be a civilian.”

“I thought about it,” Ed turned to look at Alfred carefully, “but I don’t want to see him again, even if it’s possible.”

I don’t want to see him in the Union’s uniform, standing on the opposite side of me, with the same indifferent expression on his face.

“I don’t have anyone in my family, it’s the same everywhere.” Ed transferred some more information about the leading stars.

“Well, you still have a home here. Just calm down.”

“If that’s what you call a home. The only thing I have is a house at best. After that, I can be a dedicated aristocrat, and then I can take the pile of things my parents left behind to live there for a long time.”

Alfred didn’t catch up for a long time after listening to this series of plans. “You… What a night!”

Ed gave a wry smile and said to himself, “Yes, it’s just like deserters. I don’t think that the enemy has taken me seriously.”

“It’s hard to deal with this situation. Don’t think about it. Let it be.” Alfred often saw Ed like this. He couldn’t do anything other than comfort him. Ed was obviously in love with Augus.

What had Felix done?

Augus’s capture had not been publicized. The insiders of the transformation could be counted with one hand. Except Alfred, other people didn’t know how Ed had been recently. Once he changed his temper, he would explode. After going home at night, Ed pretended to be a normal person and didn’t want Augus to notice his abnormality.

“Ah, ah, ngh!”

Because of Ed’s rough thrust, Augus’s legs were trembling. At this time, his upper body was pressed against the marble sink, and his abdomen was cold. Ed held him from behind, licking and biting the gland at the back of his neck. 

“What are you crazy about today…. Um…” Augus felt that Ed had not been in his right mind ever since a few days ago. It wasn’t just about going out after going into the room that night. Ed’s mood was abnormal even when he ate and had sex.

Just like at this moment, since the first time, Ed had rarely been so rude. Every time he inserted into Augus, it was as though he was trying hard as he could to pierce him. Moreover, the interaction of pheromones also told Augus that Ed was very anxious now.

“Augus…” Ed murmured the name of the man in his arms, Augus, who was so upset by Ed’s abnormal state today since he kept pounding into his back end. There was a big mirror in front of him, and his posture connected with Ed was clearly reflected on it.

Augus, whose back was to Ed, couldn’t see the other’s expression clearly. Ed’s head in the mirror was buried into his neck, and he was infatuated with licking around that part.

“Augus, call me…my name…” Ed suddenly slowed down, leaned down to Augus’s chin level and kissed him on the face.

Augus twisted his neck with Ed’s penis still in his back hole, and Ed’s breath hit his already red ears and face.

“What are you doing…” Augus was embarrassed. He would never have agreed to do it in such a place if he had not been aroused by the pheromones. Ed’s attitude was abnormal these days. He still did this kind of thing as he was doing now, which made him feel suffocated.

“Look at the mirror,” Ed said into Augus’s ears, shaking him. “You’re in my room now, being held by me, surrounding me inside you…” He said as he thrust in twice.

Forced to look directly at himself in the mirror, Augus felt really ashamed. Because of his protruding abdominal muscles, and wide shoulders he could see that his body was not a normal omega’s body at this time. His back end was continuously stimulated and even if he didn’t touch the front, his penis was already high up and secreting liquid excitedly.

Behind him, Ed seemed to be stimulated by Augus’s tolerant expression. Whether he responded to him or not, he pushed Augus on his stomach and thrusted in deeply.

Not knowing how long it had been since Ed came, Augus found that Ed had just quit but was hard again. He dragged him to the shower and came again. Two people, who were hot all over, tangled in the hot water sprinkled by the shower head for a long time. Augus felt that he was going to faint. As a result, he went back to the room after taking a bath but was pressed down again by Ed.

After several more intense rounds than normal, Augus couldn’t even move his fingers. If the he right now was in heat, even an omega’s physique would be able actively cater to it before beginning to feel tired. Augus had no strength to ask Ed what was going on. He gasped in bed and looked at the ceiling. Ed lay next to him, returning to the state of not knowing what he was thinking.

All of a sudden, Ed’s mobile terminal at the head of the bed vibrated twice. Ed took a look at it unconsciously, and sat up in shock.

The screen said, 

[There’s news from the Union’s side.]

Ed’s brain went blank for a second, then he immediately turned off the screen display and put on the bathrobe beside his bed.

Augus felt Ed sit up suddenly and turned his head to look at him. He only saw [Union] on the display terminal and then it turned black. He felt his heart miss several beats. It was likely that Ed’s abnormality these days was related to this. He saw Ed turn around in his bathrobe and go out. He also left a sentence in a hurry, “Someone is looking for me, please go to sleep first.”

Augus nodded his head quietly, but his ears stood up and listened to the footsteps of Ed closing the door. After thinking for a while, he put on his bathrobe and quietly walked out the door.

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