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ARC 2: Modern; Ups and Downs of Entertainment

Chapter 15: Second World (1)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Pushing open the door of the room, Bai Duan frowned at the sound of the deafening music, showing his obvious displeasure.

When the man sitting at the door saw him, he immediately turned his head and shouted, “Boss Bai is coming! Quick, turn down the music!”

Hearing this cry, the people next to the stereo quickly lowered the volume and even changed it to a more soothing piece of music.

Bai Duan’s eyebrows stretched slightly. He went into the seating area and was disgusted as he had to step over the messy bottles and cans on the floor, before finally being able to sit down on the only clean sofa left for him.

Bai Duan was the young master of the Bai family. He had an older brother who was several years older and inherited the family business. Since he was deprived of the right of inheritance from birth, the elders of the Bai family felt slightly guilty about him and inevitably let him do whatever he wanted. As long as he didn’t break the law or compete with his brother for the family business, they let him run rampant. Anyway, the Bai family had a big company and with a strong big brother to protect him, if Bai Duan didn’t die by himself, he would never lose.

Bai Duan also knew his position in the Bai family very well and accepted it. He had no interest in inheriting his family business and was happy to eat, drink, and play. Sometimes he would secretly congratulate his brother who had some facial paralysis at an early age because he was strictly taught by his elders. He was happy he never had to suffer such ‘torture’ because he was born much later.

Bai Duan’s character was not pleasant. He liked to play with his close family, but he had always been quite indifferent to others. He was beautiful and of high birth. Even though his attitude was nonchalant, many people were willing to hold on to him. From childhood to adulthood, he had gathered a group of friends, whether sincere or not, he didn’t care as long as they always made him happy. He tried every means to amuse himself.

Yes, Bai Duan had always been unhappy.

As a young man of the Bai family, he always had a feeling of discontentment. He felt that he had lost something important. His mind was still cold and empty, but he had no idea what he lost. Because of this feeling, Bai Duan was not very fond of laughing nor willing to fight with his peers. As he grew older, this feeling gradually deepened. Ever since he turned fifteen or sixteen years old, he rarely even showed more than half a smile.

The Bai family was anxious about this. They had seen many famous psychologists with Bai Duan, but the results of various examinations showed that Bai Duan was an average child, at least without any psychological problems.

In this regard, the Bai family was puzzled, psychologists tried to comfort them, and even joked that Bai Duan looked a bit lovelorn, maybe finding love would help him recover. The Bai family scoffed at such unreliable statements but subconsciously paid attention to the emotional life of Bai Duan.

Teenagers were just at the beginning of love, and they would inevitably have vague expectations and curiosity about the opposite sex. But surprisingly, Bai Duan had no such performance at all. He was extremely cold towards all the women who were close to him— well, men too.

Although the upscale society was full of light, wine, paper, and gold, Bai Duan was a clear stream among the second generation of the Wan Dynasty. He was blank in both emotion and body, and it was clean and messy.

Sitting on the sofa, refusing the suggestion of the cool-dressed waiter pouring wine for him, Bai Duan relaxed. Bored, he put his legs up on the tea table in front of him. This was usually a rather ruffian-like action, but when made by Bai Duan, there appeared to be an elegant honor emanating from the bones, which was obviously the temperament cultivated by the deep-rooted Bai family.

Despite being called out to play, Bai Duan had little energy to even lift a finger. He refused several suggestions for fun, saying that he would just watch them. Others had long been accustomed to his indifferent appearance. If Bai Duan was not interested, then they would play on their own, of course, their voices would be consciously suppressed in fear of annoying Bai Duan.

Silently watching other people drink, gamble, cuddle, and play with beautiful girls, Bai Duan was becoming more and more bored, and even wondered why he wanted to accept such an invitation.

But he was too lazy to move. When he looked around, he found an entertainment magazine brought by a girl. He simply picked it up and turned over several pages when his eyes were drawn and fixated on a single picture.

The man in the picture was haggard, and his clean face was full of fatigue. It was not very nice, but somehow, Bai Duan couldn’t take his eyes off the photograph.

Not far away, Hu Bin took a sip of wine with his ‘girlfriend’ mouth to mouth and then turned his head to look at Bai Duan, who he had recently got to know among the group of second-generation young masters. This invitation was also put forward by him and so, naturally, he should keep an eye on the young man’s movements at all times.

Hu Bin was surprised to see Bai Duan seriously looking at an entertainment magazine because he knew that little master Bai had never been interested in the entertainment industry, much less anything, and he rarely showed such a dedicated look.

He patted the girl sitting on his lap. Hu Bin stood up and went to Bai Duan before he leaned against the sofa and looked over. “Bai Duan, what are you looking at?”

Instead of answering, Bai Duan pointed to the photo in the magazine, “Do you know him?”

Hu Bin was stunned, lowered his head, and looked at the picture carefully before he shook his head hesitantly. “No, is he a new star?” With that, he quickly scanned the whole article and found the name, “Fu Shaohua?”

“Un.” Bai Duan responded softly, and slender fingers subconsciously rubbed the man’s face in the photo.

“Looks like an eighteen-year-old star?” Hu Bin moved his buttocks and sat down beside Bai Duan. He frowned slightly. “Is he the scandal-ridden kind?”

Hu Bin was a thorough heterosexual. He had no interest in homosexuality, which was why Bai Duan allowed him to get closer and closer. After all, young master Bai’s face was so lethal that it was easy for men and women of any age to have a crush on him.

Hu Bin was a playful man. Like Bai Duan, he also had a pillar elder brother so he could relax and play. Most of their family industries were in the entertainment circle, so there was never a shortage of young models around him or even movie stars. Unfortunately, this straight heterosexual never paid attention to male actors, so he didn’t know why Bai Duan had asked him.

Although Hu Bin did not care, he also knew the twists and turns in the entertainment circle. He took out his mobile phone and searched the name Fu Shaohua. He found that the page was full of negative news. Poor acting skills and lousy temper were common blackening topics. More importantly, the paparazzi exploited that he sold his body for the sake of his position. He had an improper relationship with a married male superior in the company. He stepped on three mines, namely ‘homosexuality,’ ‘third party’ and ‘power for sex trade,’ and it directly put him in this current position. The newly emerging artists blew up their flesh and blood.

The latest news was that he tried committing suicide by cutting his wrist at home, but suddenly regretted halfway and called an ambulance. The picture Bai Duan just saw was taken when he came out of the hospital.

For the news of Fu Shaohua’s attempted suicide by cutting his wrist, most netizens’ replies were ‘bitch is hypocritical,’ and Hu Bin also disdained a man who evaded life with suicide. Whether these stories were true or false, he had no good impression of this person.

When Hu Bin browsed the news about Fu Shaohua, Bai Duan also took a few glances at it.

Unlike Hu Bin’s outsider’s calm and indifferent eyes, Bai Duan’s nose felt sour and astringent. He felt pain and discomfort in his heart. At the same time, there was a wave of swelling anger, anger at the online abuse and humiliation, and anger at ‘Fu Shaohua’s ex’ as if his treasure had been tainted by others.

The sudden and uncontrolled anger made Bai Duan’s expression hard to look at. Noticing the change in Bai Duan, Hu Bin turned his head and looked at him. His expression was astonished, “Bai Duan, what’s wrong with you?”

This call made Bai Duan wake up before being confused by anger. He blinked his eyes, and even he did not understand where the emotion he had appeared from. 

But Bai Duan clearly realized that he wanted this man, this Fu Shaohua. He wanted to circle him into his own world, spread his wings to shield him from the outside world, and also wanted to…lock him beside him, so that he could only see him, be the only bed he climbed into.

Calming down, Bai Duan lowered his eyes slightly, “Hu Bin, how do you find these stars?”

“By their agents, of course, or by investing in TV shows…” Hu Bin’s ghostly face said, “Wait a minute, Bai Duan, you like him?”

“Un.” Bai Duan has always been honest with himself and did not think that there was anything shameful about it.

Hu Bin opened his mouth and said something with a difficult face, “Brother, you’re enlightened. Are you going to play with this little star?”

Bai Duan did not like Hu Bin’s frivolous tone, but he was still distracted by his feelings and did not want to break away from him. He simply responded perfunctorily, “Why, am I not allowed to?”

“…No, nothing is wrong.” Hu Bin himself did not play with men, but this kind of thing was not new to him, “but the person you want is…a little evil.”

“…How is he evil?” Bai Duan frowned.

Hu Bin sighed and patted Bai Duan on the shoulder, “Brother, listen to my advice, you have such a clean body and mind, compared with Fu Shaohua, who is playing whomever he wants! What a loss! It’s no problem if you want to be a sugar daddy, but you also need to choose a cleaner person!” After a pause, his tone was full of disgust. “This Fu Shaohua is too dirty.”

Hearing Hu Bin’s words, the anger that had just been suppressed in Bai Duan’s heart came out involuntarily.

Yes, he was dirty. He waited so long for him, but he was already dirty.

Bai Duan’s body was trembling slightly, anger was mixed with endless grievances, and even his eyes were red. Hu Bin was so frightened that he dared not say more. It was hard to press down the surging feeling again, but Bai Duan was no longer interested in staying. He stood up, grabbed his hair rather irritably, and his tone became harsher, “Hu Bin, I’ll leave it to you. Your family is the most popular in the entertainment circle. Although Fu Shaohua is not an artist in your company, you can get him for me, right?”

“Yes, yes!” Hu Bin echoed, fearing that the little ancestor would make another ruckus. “You can rest assured that I will help you get it right! I can bring him to you in less than a week!”

Bai Duan responded coldly, adding the phrase, “The sooner, the better.”

Subsequently, he turned to the door under the bewildering eyes of all and then turned back a moment later. He rolled up the magazine awkwardly and took it in his hand.

Hu Bin, “…”

Obviously, everything happened under his nose, but he always felt that he had missed 10,000 episodes of content, completely unable to understand what had happened! The young master of the Bai family, who had been keeping his body like a jade for nearly twenty years, suddenly wanted to start his own love affair. And with a scandal-ridden male artist?! Hu Bin even promised the other side that he would bring the male artist to him as soon as possible so that he could make the rules implicitly?!

Hu Bin felt that once the Bai family learned the news, he would be cut by thousands of knives! What should I do? Run away?

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2nd world.. 3rd gen elite & emerging artist 🤔
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July 19, 2020 3:37 pm

Why do I feel like Bai Duan from here is actually Bai Xu from previous world ? Because the uke can’t suddenly become the seme right ? Maybe he took the previous name of his lover to remember him ? Or maybe I’m just thinking too much ?

August 20, 2020 2:00 pm

Woww. This Bai Duan is so different from the previous one. A nice change of pace after previous world. They did not even meet yet his lover has already angered him with vinegar 😂

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Sue R
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Fu Shaohua rebirth very similar to the Rebirth of the super model. I don’t know if it’s the same author.
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And one where he cam be a ‘golden backer’ 🤭 also to ml who’s QT protag position is to transmigrate in a blacked suicidal star. Wonder if ml will adhere to the soul’s wish or is this just a honeymoon QT w/ mc owo

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