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Chapter 138: Unfinished product
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Once Fei YuSheng and his father opened their mouth, everyone’s attention was drawn to them.

A perfect solution was clearly going to draw the attention of everyone who was just arguing minutes ago. But even then, everyone here were foxes, sly ones at that. So, when they looked at the father and son duo, what appeared was not surprise but suspicion,

Even ‘I’ can’t think of a solution but you two, who hadn’t said anything got one? Are you kidding me?

Even with everyone’s gaze on him, Fei QiangYu expression didn’t change. All he did was turn towards the President and the higher ranks to say, “Fighting the beasts will only cause a difficult predicament. A war will disrupt the economical, political and cultural growth of a society. Even if we aren’t thinking about the people, we would still have to consider the long term consequences of a drawn out war on society. Thus, we can’t wager a war.”

“As for those wanting a peaceful approve…We all seen what happened today. Even if we ignored the beast riot, the three Kings of the beasts and their hatred towards human is enough to destroy any form of peaceful negotiation. Not only that, the white Qilin was the one who initiated the war, so a peaceful approach is impossible.”

Once Fei QiangYu stopped, everyone paused for a moment before chuckling, glaring and all kinds of mockery. The head of the Ye Family hated him enough to even roll his eyes, “Feather, did you hurt your head?” (Yu+Mao = Feather, the same Yu as in Fei QiangYu’s name)

If fighting and negotiation was out of the picture,then what else was there? Negotiating while fighting?

Fei QiangYu paid no mind to YeYan’s hatred, instead, he only reposted with one word, “Delay.”

“Drag it out?” Old Long asked with an eyebrow raised, “You’re saying to negotiate with the intention of dragging things out and keeping the fighting to a minimum, so as to not harm the innocent?”
“It’s a good thought but you seen the situation outside, the beast’s riot already caused chaos for every Star. We don’t have the liberty of dragging things out.”

Old Long’s word really struck at the heart of the issue. Everyone knew that in this war, humans were already at a disadvantage. There was about four to six times more beasts than humans, although many were assistive beasts with no attack power. Those who could actual fight were about a tenth of the human population, but within that tenth, there was some really powerful ones. Even though the adventurer’s guild and hunter’s association has a lot of powerful members, if you actually paired up a level A beast to a level ten hunter, it would be a two hit k.o. If it was a level A corrupted beast, then it would be a one hit k.o.

Although, there was only known to be a thousand or so level A beasts, while level ten hunters, amongst other high level humans can add up to a hundred thousand. But in an actual fight, the a thousand beasts would definitely win against ten thousand humans. However, humans had high tech, like laser and ion, these weapons of mass destruction, so they still stood a chance. But, the issue was that they were at the capital star, which was perfect for human habitation. So even if the humans won, once they used these weapons, the capital star would become uninhabitable.

The most problematic issue was that beasts are hundreds of times better than humans at surviving and adapting to horrible environments. Outside the capital star was ten barren stars of which 7,8,9, and 10 were absolutely desolate. However, 4,5,6 was were the majority of the corrupted beasts came from, but humans rarely touched. As for 2, and 3, those were for the poorest of poor, and 1 had something they wouldn’t dare to touch.

Everyone present went through the same concept in their heads and sighed. Almost all of them had a similar thought, why would something like this happen now? When they were in charge? They must have no paid their dues during their past live.

JinYu and the younger generation watched on as the older generation went through a palette worth fo expressions. Truly it was a memorable experience, to think they had it in them, especially since they were usually strict and unyielding. They really had bad luck.

“We still have something.” Seeing that the opportunity was about right, Fei YuSheng said calmly.

“Ah YuSheng, what did you think of? Come on, tell us, if you say something good, I’ll raise your rank.”

The one who responded was an old man whose beard went down to their stomach. JinYu almost thought he was part of the background. But, the moment he opened his mouth, JinYu was shook. Such a piercing aura, was he asleep before?! How does one garner such an aura in a mere instant?!

Fei YuSheng one the other hand did not shiver upon hearing the old man’s words. Instead, he made a formal military salute and said loudly, “Sir, we can use the ability to severe the contract to drag out more time! We can even use it leverage to form a negotiation!”

Once Fei YuSheng stopped talking, JinYu and the others didn’t notice a change in the old man’s expression but the air stiffened. Around Zhang LiangShan gathered a terrifying aura.

Other than them, most people looked questioned at Fei YuSheng and the old Marshall. (The old man is a Marshall)

“…YuSheng, where did you get this information? Don’t tell me you eavesdropped on confidential information. Then it won’t be a rank up but a drop.” Slowly, the old Marshall said as his gaze locked onto Fei YuSheng. It was piercing.

Even someone like Fei YuSheng, who were blackened down to their bones and faked their entire life, couldn’t take it anymore. Especially since he had a guilty consciousness, he was at a lost for words.

Seeing his son suddenly freeze up, Fei QiangYu shuffled over to block the old Marshall’s gaze and replied, “There was a traitor in the lab who sold this information and product. YuSheng bought a half finished product in the black market.”

“That’s ludicrous! Everyone there’s sworn to secrecy and no one had escaped or betrayed us!!” (He used ‘死士’ here, which are people who has gone through special training to do death missions and would never betray) Zhang LiangShan replied with his eyes wide, as if he was going to eat someone. He was the one who found all those scientists, there was no way someone would betray them!

“LiangShan brother, calm down, I’m not saying the issue is from your side.” Fei YuSheng responded. Once his dad covered for him, he regained his senses and continued, “It’s a problem during the exchange of information. I did an investigation and found the source, it’s a colonel under General Long, who needed a lot of Golden Tail Feathers (黄金尾羽) to save their life. They hid the research results and sold it three days ago to the black market…Marshall, I’m willing to take the punishment. I only figured everything out yesterday and before I could report it, the beast riot occurred.”

What the father and son duo said made sense, and they even handed the documentation over to the old Marshall. Without a doubt, that was the evidence. So even though the old Marshall, Long YuTing, Long XuanLi and Zhang LiangShan still had their doubts, they couldn’t hide the information anymore, since it already gone out.

“Marshall? What’s going on?” If there was one person who had to lower their heads to the Marshall and was very wary of them, it would have to be the President himself. Seeing the military personnel’s sharing glances with each other, he felt very annoyed and decided to ask out right.

The old Marshall glanced at him, paused and finally opened his mouth, “Three years ago I had LiangShan take over Research Lab 1 and maybe it was god’s will, but two weeks ago, when Ling-boy (brat) went over, he accidentally did something right. He managed to solve a problem that we had been struggling with, and thus was the half finished product that could break a contract between beasts and human…So, by the looks of it, YuSheng want us to use this crystal to negotiate with the beasts? After all, within the Capital Star, there was at least hundreds of thousands of contracted beast.”

Hearing his words, everyone, including JinYu and Qi QingLin was dumbfounded. The contract that had stayed the same for hundreds of thousands of years can be broken?! Even if it was just half, that was enough for both people and beasts to go crazy for it! And to think the catalyst was Ling Chong…JinYu and the other’s couldn’t help but lock their gaze onto his face. The attention made Ling Chong want to run, but he held it back.

After the moment of silence was a sudden outburst of chatter. It was even worse than before, because in an instant, these old foxes thought of an important issue.

Seeing the calculating or ecstatic gaze in their eyes, JinYu lowered his head, as to not show the anger and disgust in his eyes.

If there was a way in, there was a way out. If they could break the contract, then vice verse, they could also make a contract that would better control the beasts. That way, humans could be the top of the food chain, not just in name only.

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January 5, 2020 8:00 pm

Ack! I can’t remember the storyline of Ling Chong! Summation anyone?!

January 6, 2020 11:59 pm

Thank you for the chapter! I really don’t like where it’s going. It’s not going to end well.

October 18, 2021 12:52 pm

I hate these people. I honestly don’t care if every human character is annihilated.

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