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Chapter 16: Second World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After Bai Duan left, Hu Bin became more and more terrified and had no mood to continue playing. As a qualified second-generation ancestor, what should he do if he couldn’t fix things himself? The answer, of course, was to give it to his eldest brother!

Hence, Hu Bin’s brother received this hot potato from his silly brother. His heart felt like a dog in the sun. He wished to put his brother back into his mother’s stomach.

Fortunately, although Hu Bin was not reliable, his brother was. Within two days, Fu Shaohua’s detailed information was sent to his desk. The Hu brothers took it apart in the face of great enemies, carefully scanned it, and finally put half their hearts back in their stomachs.

The real Fu Shaohua in the data was quite different from the entertainment reports.

Fu Shaohua’s appearance and acting skills were relatively general, but he was also stubborn and unwilling to compromise himself to cater to others. The hidden rule of the entertainment industry was that no shadow of unclean things should be aired out. He was still a new actor, and until recently, he played a more brilliant role which showcased his slightly improved acting, so he was circled by a group of fans.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t want him to take the lead, so Fu Shaohua, who had just emerged was hit to the bottom by black powder fans. These blacks were just fiction, but to deal with a new person without background, fame, and company support, it was enough of a damage.

Fu Shaohua’s character was still passable, which made the Hu Bin brothers feel relieved, but there were still some problems.

First of all, he was a male. With young master Bai’s pure-hearted, clean and stubborn character, it was not easy for the iron tree to blossom. But because of a photograph, it was love at first sight, and they believed this reaction was not just so he could fool around for a few months. So, could the Bai family accept that he was with a man?

Secondly, Fu Shaohua…was heterosexual. Fu Shaohua had a girlfriend who had been with him for a long time in college. Although this girlfriend had already split her legs and climbed up to the son of the vice-president of their entertainment company, Fu Shaohua still had a deep affection for her and had repeatedly tried to save her.

Just as women always hate their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, men don’t like their woman’s ex-boyfriends wandering in front of them. Therefore, the son of the vice-president of the company started to push the 18-Line artist off the cliff. Fu Shaohua’s ex-girlfriend was worried that his entanglement would hinder her way to the top and so, she also helped her new beau to turn him over completely.

Although his ex-girlfriend was heartless and unjust, Fu Shaohua certainly preferred women in terms of his infatuations. If Fu Shaohua, who hated power for sex trades and was heterosexual, met the young master Bai who had no experience in love like a stunned young man, maybe something would happen, and he would hurt others and himself.

Once the young master of the Bai family was hurt, the Hu Bin brothers, who knew how much the Bai family loved him, would not get many benefits.

The brothers stared at each other for half a day. Then, the elder brother decided that they could not choose such a thing. He handed the information and the incident to the Bai family from beginning to end.

So, this time, it was Bai Duan’s older brother’s turn to be confused.

After reading the information, Big Brother Bai was silent for a while, and then called his younger brother over.

Bai Duan inexplicably took the information from his eldest brother, turned it over at will, soon realized what the information was, and immediately became absorbed.

When he saw that the online reports were all fabricated and that Fu Shaohua’s private life was clean— after several days of gloom, Bai Duan’s mood was suddenly bright, and his mouth involuntarily lifted slightly, revealing a shallow smile; then, he saw Fu Shaohua’s infatuation with his ex-girlfriend’s information, and his face turned cold again.

Brother Bai watched his younger brother’s changeable expression and sighed in his heart. He had never seen his younger brother’s mood so varied that he knew the answer without asking anything.

When Bai Duan finished reading the information and reluctantly planned to re-read it, Big Brother Bai had to cough a little and interrupted him, “Do you want to be with him? To what extent?”

Bai Duan blinked his eyes and honestly said what he thought, even if he wanted to shut the other party down in a dark room, there was no hiding.

Big Brother Bai stared at his brother in shock. It was unexpected that Bai Duan looked clever, but in fact, it could melanize every minute without hesitation. Silently wiping his face, Big Brother Bai nodded, “Yes, I know. You don’t normally play, I’ll have to discuss it with our parents.”

Bai Duan responded indifferently because no matter what his parents decided, it was impossible to change his mind. Of course, he did hope to be recognized and supported by his family.

They went out of the room directly to ask his parents; this speed was really a bit intoxicating.

After explaining things clearly with his brother, Big Brother Bai extended his hand to him, “Give me Fu Shaohua’s information so I can take it over.”

Bai Duan was somewhat reluctant, “This is mine.”

“It’s yours, It’s yours!” Big Brother Bai never felt so tired after talking to his brother, “But I have to show our parents first!”

Bai Duan hesitated for a moment, but finally reluctantly handed over the information, and was thrown out of the house by his brother.

That evening, the Bai family had a heated discussion on the matter. Most refused to state their opinions. After all, Fu Shaohua was not worthy of their little son. If they just talked about love and fooling around, he was okay, but if they looked at it from the perspective of a ‘son-in-law,’ then Fu Shaohua was not qualified.

However, no matter how much the Bai family discussed their discontent, they couldn’t resist the gentle words from Big Brother Bai, “Duan laughed after seeing the information about Fu Shaohua.”

For a time, the living room of the Bai house was quiet.

After a while, Mother Bai tentatively asked, “Did you see it correctly? Duan really laughed?”

“Yes, he laughed.” Big Brother Bai nodded affirmatively. “If it weren’t like that, I wouldn’t have told you anything.”

Mother Bai was speechless, and she looked at her husband. Father Bai had a cigarette hanging between his lips as he looked over at his own father.

Bai Duan was silly when he was a child, and his personality was quite easy to get along with. He was silly all day long, and everyone would be happy if he was amused. But as he grew older, his temperament grew colder and quieter, and he never laughed from his heart, even when he was fifteen or sixteen.

For this reason, the Bai family exhausted all kinds of methods, but nothing made Bai Duan really happy, and this became a heart disease for them. The Bai family really felt for Bai Duan in those days. They wished that their little prince could play with anything as long as it could make the beauty smile.

Although they did not look down on Fu Shaohua in any way, it seemed that the other party could really make Bai Duan happy, and it was not anything unacceptable. Anyway, no one dared to say that the Bai family was not right and the Bai family did not need to worry about Bai Duan, and there was the elder brother Bai to take over. The only expectations people had for Bai Duan in their life was to make him stable and carefree.

A moment later, it was Old Master Bai who finally made the decision, “Then, let this Fu Shaohua get in touch with Duan.” He clapped the handle of the cane in his hand and hit the nail on the head with his voice. “If Duan is not interested in him, then naturally we don’t have to worry about it. But if he really likes him, as long as he has a decent personality, let him accompany Duan.” After a pause, he raised his eyebrows, “By the way, somebody who can stay around Duan for a while can’t have a bad reputation. Wash the black material on him, don’t involve our Duan.”

At the command of Old Master Bai, the whole Bai family immediately took action.

The next day, the overwhelmingly negative news about Fu Shaohua on the Internet stopped, and then there was a ‘heartfelt man’ who took the matter seriously, pointing directly at Fu Shaohua’s ex-girlfriend who fell into the ground after splitting her legs and ordered to suppress the vice-president’s son.

Suddenly, Fu Shaohua, who was about to fly in the dark, was washed into a pure and innocent white lotus flower. The netizens who had once scolded him now apologized to him one by one on his microblog. Finally, they began to feel guilty for forcing Fu Shaohua to commit suicide because of hearsay.

Fu Shaohua, who had just dealt with his suicide and now had a weak body due to excessive bleeding, had not yet found out the truth, “…”

I just went to a hospital. How did the whole world change as soon as I was discharged?

Fu Shaohua’s entertainment company was competitive with Hu Bin’s family’s company. In this storm, the Hu family enjoyed the help of the Bai Family and attacked their opponent severely. Taking advantage of the scandal that the company’s upper class suppressed and discredited artists because of their selfishness, they smoothly dug out several worthy actors that they thought would be good enough to train. Of course, Fu Shaohua was included in that list.

For the olive branch thrown out by Hu entertainment, Fu Shaohua, though he thought it was inexplicable, grabbed it without hesitation. At this point, the original old owner couldn’t wait. If he wanted to continue to mix in with the entertainment industry, it was inevitable to find another job.

After carefully browsing the contract and confirming that there was no trap on it, Fu Shaohua immediately signed his name and became an artist under Hu Entertainment. Then, after he had handed over the business and met his agent, he was taken to the door of a hotel room.

“The person you’re going to meet in a moment is a young nobleman.” Fu Shaohua’s agent, Zheng Mingze, lifted his glasses back onto his face and warned him, “Previously, you were basically too dark to turn over. He said a word and used his family’s network to help you clean up. Although these days seem to be very relaxing, it is difficult for us ordinary people to go up to the sky. He’s part of the Bai family, you know?”

Fu Shaohua nodded silently.

“If it hadn’t been for the Bai family, your old management would not have given you up so happily. Although the Bai family does not involve themselves in the entertainment circle, no one dares to provoke them. It is obviously more cost-effective to give up a vice-president of a company than to go against the Bai family.” Zheng Mingze sneered. “Was your ex-girlfriend called Molly or something? And her boyfriend, who’s having a bad time now, well, you’ve finally  got your revenge. You should thank him well and be reasonable.”

Fu Shaohua was silent for a moment and nodded again.

“I know you hate hidden rules, but some things can’t be taken too seriously. Otherwise, you really won’t get along in this circle.” Zheng Mingze patted Fu Shaohua on the shoulder and comforted him warmly. “There is a young master of the Bai family in the room. He looked for you, and he spent great efforts to help you, showing full sincerity. What he wants, you…just try to follow suit. It’s not bad for you.”

During his speech, Zheng Mingze also felt a little guilty. As a gold medal agent, this was the first time he had told his artist to accept the hidden rules, and his conscience was reeling.

But this was the hard task assigned by someone above. For this reason, the president of the company took time to have a deep talk with him personally, so that he must do an excellent job in Fu Shaohua’s ideological work, and must let him and the young master Bai meet.

Fu Shaohua’s face showed some tolerance, but this period of turbulence let him really see the cruelty of reality but also polished his pride. Nevertheless, he certainly did not want to go through hell again.

At least, from Zheng Mingze’s point of view, he struggled so painfully.

A moment later, Fu Shaohua lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I know, Zheng Ge, I’ll go…as far as possible.”

“All right, if you want to. Young Master Bai has always been self-conscious. You are the first person he values, and he attaches great importance to you, and you should be hard-working.” Zheng Mingze breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled. “In short, based on protecting yourself, making him happy is what you need to do.”

“Un.” Fu Shaohua closed his eyes and put his hand on the door handle. After a while, he took a deep breath and pushed the door in.

Zheng Mingze, who was relieved of his heavy burden, did not see that the moment Fu Shaohua opened the door, his back was full of joy and expectation.

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