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Chapter 139: Decisions

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Greed would always be one of humanity’s most deep-rooted sins. 

When two different types of greed collided, it would cause conflict, and even war.

Right now, in the presidential palace, it was very clear that many people started to have crooked thoughts. When the old man lifted his head, he could see all sorts of different types of greed and ambition in their eyes.

Well, it was very common for people to have ambition. It was just like how mice loved rice, and bears like to scoop out honey. That was how the majority of people were thinking. But they were all people with high statuses, so even if their hearts were irritated like a cat’s claw was scratching it, they still appeared calm and collected.

“Even though this action of the marshal’s is a bit unfair, it still will give humanity a way out. If we really were to start fighting, humanity would lose disastrously. I have no choice but to respect the marshal’s well thought out plan and righteousness. Presumably, the marshal certainly won’t fail to rescue those in need, right?”

The one who spoke was the old head of the research institute. When he said that, the younger generation consisting of JinYu, Long Changxiao, and the rest all collectively rolled their eyes in disdain. Who was the one who just said that they should directly start a war and kill the beasts? Now it became if they really did fight, humanity would suffer major losses?! Sure enough, his face was thick enough!

When the old marshal heard that, his expression didn’t change. He said directly, “Even if I agree to discuss the terms with the three emperors, the contract about refining crystal stone is still top secret. Stop bothering me now.”

That was a little too disrespectful, angering the old chairman into breathing deeply a few times. But in the end, he still endured it. “Hmph, you think I care? All the data you have we also have, and flipped around, all the data and results we have – you can never even dream about getting them!!”

JinYu raised an eyebrow and looked at Zhang Liangshan, whose face twitched as he stood there like a wooden log, unmoving. Then JinYu turned to look at Long Changxiao, whose forehead was wrinkled a little in confusion. JinYu kept turning and saw Jin Qian, whose mouth was curled up slightly, his glasses just happening to hide the joy in his eyes. It’s you!

Feeling a little bit like he was being stabbed, Jin Qian looked over and saw JinYu’s expression, which screamed that he eagerly wanted to understand the gossip too. Immediately, Jin Qian chuckled mischievously and tilted his head, and a certain fish took the bait.

“Rumor has it.”

“En en.”

“These two old men used to be good friends.”

“En en en.”

“But then they fell out with each other because they were fighting over the same woman.”

“Oh oh!” What a contrived plot! JinYu rubbed his face and was about to leave when Jin Qian grabbed him. Fuck, I haven’t finished talking yet.


“But then neither of them succeeded.”


“That was my grandma!”

“…” So that’s why you know this secret?! Sure enough, the esteemed grandfather of the Jin clan was highly skilled at getting girls! The winner of a love square! But he should’ve been beaten to death by the other two after that, right?

As expected, after the marshal and head of the research institute glared at each other for a while, they suddenly simultaneously made things difficult for Old Jin. JinYu was just enjoying the show when he heard the two of them say at the same time, “Old man, give me the research results!”

As a result, JinYu split his sides laughing, Old Jin was formidable. Even after stealing someone else’s wife, he could still make his rivals in love give him things on their own accord. That already wasn’t about skill anymore, that was just his very existence was that of a weirdo! The Jin clan produced weirdos?

Suddenly rubbing his face, JinYu quickly shook his head. Maybe Old Jin and Jin Qian were both weirdos, but he wasn’t one at all. Even though he wasn’t remotely related to them, for better or worse he was also surnamed Jin… that was truly an unfortunate turn of events.

“Well, since you two want to contribute to mankind, I’ll serve as a bridge (to try and smooth things over). But now it’s still a little early. Let’s think about the countermeasures first. Although I also think it’s good for buffering and delaying time to negotiate with the beasts using the crystal contract, who is going to negotiate with the beasts, when, where, and specific treaties need to be talked about too. In addition, to say something unpleasant, we think this bargaining chip is very powerful, but it won’t be enough for the beasts to be moved. It’s hard to say when we will stop fighting. There are so many things to do, so we should think about what to do.”

Old Jin’s words were very true. All they thought about were the benefits, but they all forgot that the reality was very cruel. According to the automated global data statistics, the number of casualties at this time had exceeded 70 million, and what really made a shiver go down the spine of the major figures at the scene was that the beasts seemed to have started to organize in teams?!

Fuck, it wasn’t scientific! How can beasts play team warfare! What’s more, most of the places attacked were research and military bases. How many grudges did they hold, and how did they know to attack the important spots? When did the beasts become so smart?!

At this time, everyone’s eyes were complaining about this, but JinYu looked at the sky and the palm of his hand. Are you all stupid? You stand high on the wall and look at the dumb beasts, while the smart beast lies on the roof and looks at you. Ya, you look so dumb!

At this time, the discussion conference became about who would end up negotiating with the beasts.

The marshal first said that the military should study the crystal stone to maintain order and appease the masses, so don’t look at the military personnel.

After that, the research institute, royal academy, hunting and adventurer guilds, and the old man of the Jin family all expressed that they would not participate because of various excuses like they had to maintain order, act as doctors for the beasts, research, hunt, adventure, etc. Wait a minute. You said that all the beasts have defected, but you still want to treat them?!

Old Jin rolled his eyes. Are you stupid? If you save their lives, their gratitude will be returned like a gushing spring. Do you think beasts are like you and have no conscience?

Anyway, the Jin family was picked.

Then there was the big president, the top ten clans, and JinYu, that big fish who appeared very small.

“Cough, that, although I would like to do my best for the negotiation, I still have many things to do…” The president was very busy, you all should know!!

Then there were the ten clans and JinYu, Qi Qinglin, plus the branch family of the Long clan.

“Actually, this is something that will be remembered for thousands of years, but it’s just a little bit dangerous. It’s just that every huge benefit is accompanied by a huge risk. You teenagers, no matter what, you should also develop yourselves, right?”

With Uncle Ye Yan’s words, the negotiation was thrown to the younger generation of the ten great clans. Finally, the great aunt of the Bing Feng clan added, “That’s right, the elders should be in charge of the family’s affairs. If any one of us go, we’ll just be there to die.”

“Cough cough!” Friendly reminder for the loyal dog bodyguards.

“Oh, just negotiate among yourselves about who’s going to go. We’re going to discuss other issues now.”

That was the reaction of all the juniors, including JinYu and Qi Qinglin, the great aunt’s own nephew and nephew’s wife.

What the hell… you know that you’re being sent off to die and you’re still chasing us off?! Who’s that stupid!!

“Sister Bing is right. You better finish discussing this within the hour, I’m sure we all want to hear a good answer. If nobody is selected, or someone unskilled is selected to go negotiate, you all – can fend for yourselves.”

That was what Long Yuting said. As the chief of the ten great clans, his words still carried a lot of weight. But to tell the truth, it was still only useful in the ten great clans, and immediately JinYu howled, “Are you kidding me? Shouldn’t the disciples of the top ten clans be the ones who should go do such things? If I, a nameless, penniless, and powerless person, goes to negotiate, do you think all beasts are fools? Qinglin and I are just here to observe. You all can continue talking. Qingqing and I will visit the presidential palace.”

JinYu’s words can made Long Changli, Bai Honghu, and the rest have dark expressions. With such a task that was clearly throwing away someone’s life, how could they let this biggest head run away? Although you, JinYu, aren’t from the top ten clans, the Qi Qinglin behind you is! Want to run? There aren’t even any doors!

“You’re being modest, brother Jin! Although I was taken care of and raised by the clan since I was a child, I also know that many things can be resolved by someone more competent. Boss Jin, your pet shop is quite famous throughout the whole capital star. Besides, there are two A+ level beasts with you, so no matter what you are quite qualified still. Maybe per brother Jin’s warmth, you can move the beasts and reason with them to get them to surrender and become obedient again, ah? You mustn’t evade your duty, boss Jin!”

Long Changli directly grabbed JinYu and said a lot of things. With that sincere look and tone, JinYu almost couldn’t help but slap him. He couldn’t help sigh deeply. He really wasn’t used to XiaoBai and the rest’s absence! At this time, if that guy wasn’t struck by thunder, he would at least be scratched!

But who was JinYu anyway? If you want someone to be a cannon fodder by just saying few words, it’s better to save it. He didn’t reply immediately, staring at Long Changli’s claws instead. The latter suddenly feels a chill and shrank back; there was a flash of cold light that swept past in the place his hand was just at.

Qi Qinglin calmly reached out and pulled JinYu into his arms, then patted the germs away.

“He won’t go. Discuss it for yourselves.”

This was the collective response of Long Changli and the rest. Not having enough strength was really too damn annoying!!

But one thing Uncle Ye Yan said was actually quite true. Enormous risks came with enormous benefits. This was merely negotiation, which should still be much safer than sending a declaration for war. In any case, the disciples of the ten great clans were somewhat capable. After thinking through the risks, there were still some people moved by the rewards. As for ability? Wasn’t it just a talk! Even five year olds could do it!

So the younger generation discussed it very quickly, and the unimaginable terms of negotiation were also discussed very quickly, with the president taking the lead.

After the last hour, the second young master of the Shan Lang clan – Shan Bailu’s second brother – decided to become the negotiator upon Long Changli’s recommendation. The president gave the agreement that he had headed to Shan Erlang, and everyone smiled.

But it wasn’t clear whether their smiles were meant to sneer, or whether it was from taking joy in watching the show, or from true happiness.

JinYu stood at the side, wearing a ‘president, can you be even more stupid X Shan Erlang can you risk death a little bit more’ smile and jabbed Qi Qinglin, while he shot a look at Long Changxiao, Jin Qian, Ling Chong, and Ye Huang and the rest. Inwardly, he nodded, thinking thankfully there were still those who weren’t stupid.

“… a bunch of fools.” Slowly, Boss Qi spat out those four words using a voice only the two of them could hear, making JinYu jab him again.

“I already told you, don’t get stirred up, don’t say what you’re really thinking!” Did these people really, truly believe that those three old monsters were so easy to deal with? Hehe, even up until now they were still coveting the things they shouldn’t be coveting, waiting to snatch up everything, weren’t they!

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HYPOCRITES! I totally agree with Big Boss Qi, they are a bunch of fools and probablywhat awaits them is a bitter defeat. Can’t wait to see that.

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Xiao Bai say goodbye to your annoying brother

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