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Chapter 140: Second Phase Puppet

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


No matter how much Qi Qinglin and JinYu despised the whimsical ideas of the president and others, nothing they said could change anything right now.

Originally Qi Qinglin planned on doing something at the Southern Trade Conference, at the very least taking over Qi Yunxiao or something, but after the beasts’ riot, it really wasn’t the place.

However, even so, as long as one was smart and in the Ten Families they would know that Qi Yunxiao couldn’t last for long. Additionally, at least three of the ten clans already recognized Qi Qinglin’s position.

So, as long as Qi Qinglin paid attention, he knew that doing nothing would be okay.

Pah, the possibility of letting the boss do nothing was too small.

“Hehe, if you’re willing to negotiate as a representative, we will support you to our utmost which won’t just ensure your safety but also your success. I will definitely thank you for your righteousness in front of all the human beings.” President Bai Fuchi happily gave Shan Qingzhe what he held in his hand while making a promise. Of course, it was all an empty promise to JinYu’s ears.

Shan Qingzhe wasn’t actually that much of a dumbass, this could be seen from how he almost killed Shan Bailu. However, the important part was that when he trapped people he was able to do so without the Shan Clan Leader finding out. This showed how carefully and sneakily he moved. However, lately Shan Qingzhe’s days weren’t passing by so comfortably.

Originally he was going to quickly get rid of his dumbass younger brother. Who know that his little brother would run away and find some scrappy boss?! And since his naturally-born idiot little brother joined the Beast Store 138 afterwards! This idiot concealed all sorts of counter attacks!!

Consequently, before Boss Jin and all sorts of different A level beasts, as well as the unscrupulous doctor and Xiao Lang (Little Pup/Wolf??)’s scornful eyes, the second brother of the Shan Clan found himself trapped. He was buried up until his neck!! This made him decide he couldn’t wait until the Southern Trade Conference to kill Shan Bailu. You fucking made our father trick himself to calm himself down!! This was intolerable!

So, when he saw the huge benefits of the negotiation and the possibility of being in the spotlight, Shan Qingzhe decided to take the leap and go for it.

Riches didn’t need to be mentioned, he was quite confident in his deception skills. The second brother of the Shan Clan firmly believed that if he could trick 90% of beasts with his silver tongue!! After this, well, hahaha!! Don’t even mention that idiot, even his eldest brother couldn’t be his opponent!!

Looking at Shan Qingzhe’s expression, JinYu raised an eyebrow. Next to him, Jin Qian chuckled.

 “Well, don’t get so excited. Let’s just watch the game.”

For most of the people, negotiation was naturally for humankind’s victory. Just like in the negotiation, much of it was for the benefit of human beings. However, when they wanted to actually negotiate, they were embarrassed to discover that at the place they agreed on, it was impossible to connect with the beasts! Negotiate, negotiate, how could you do so without both sides?! If it was just one party at the negotiation, then, humans were a bit too dumb. How pitiful.

The problem was how would they connect?! And even more, they still had to contact the supreme commander of the three beasts and the three emperors.

In a instant, the President’s face had an awkward expression on it. Even more, JinYu, Qi Qinglin, and Old Jin looked up and down, not following.

“Well!! Haha!! Everyone needs to give a suggestion, otherwise the fighting will continue and will just hurt everyone!!” The president announced. Only I fucking believe that this guy doesn’t have any solution, and it’s also said that it was transmitted to over a thousand beasts?! As long as there’s a twin beast, even if they’re separated by several planets, they can also sense each other’s words. Of course, that was an A-level auxiliary daily beast, so it was like an enchanted butterfly.

However, without exception there was always some aristocratic family, so don’t hide anymore. It’s so boring. Hurry up and contribute!!

However, the president was only ignored by everyone.

The more JinYu looked at the scene in front of him, the more restless he got. Originally he didn’t come here to have fun, even though he liked causing trouble. However, because it was hard for the marshal and to keep a secret like this in a conference full of leaders, he thought that he had to listen to the plans of the highest ranking human official. However, since the beginning, Boss Jin’s only sentiment was that he wanted to bury himself. Why did he even come here?! Listening to all this was worthless, it’d be better to go back home and pacify te beasts.

The intelligent ones didn’t open their mouths. All the people who did talk were wild. Although JinYu knew what was okay to say to protect his beasts, what he wanted to hear was not these so-called “negotiations” and people vying for their own interests.

Unable to restrain himself from sighing, JinYu rubbed his forehead and got up from the sofa.

 “You guys all continue. I’m really worried about any accidents happening at home. I should just leave first.”

Saying this, JinYu got up to leave but he was then blocked by two guards.

His brows furrowed ever so slightly. Turning around, he faced the president. What’s the meaning of this?

The president looked very calm when he saw JinYu’s unhappy face.

 “Hehe, Mr. Jin, to tell you the truth, the marshal wanted to speak with you at this time.”

 “However, just your shop alone has five or more A level beasts. You even have A+ beasts that you could be the best beast tamer in the whole Capital Star. If it was before, I had nothing but praise and envy for your husband. But now, Mr. Jin, you can see that the riots caused too much damage and danger for human beings, so I think……”

The president explained in front of everyone, “I think that Mr. Jin should think about the overall situation and hand over all class A and above fighting beasts in your shop.”


This shocked everyone! Their hearts started racing, all kinds of imagined thoughts racing through their head.

If someone were to say that the other’s facial expression was filled with more hate, it was quite obvious that it was a certain fish’s face.

 “What’s the meaning of this, Mr. President?” JinYu asked icily. This was the first time others saw how frigid his behavior became.

Not waiting for President Bai Fuchi’s answer, he continued to speak, “You want my beasts? Or do you just want all A level beasts an above? Do you think just because your last name is Bai [1]you’re all innocent? I should remind you, you’re seriously thinking too much of yourself. Just because your last name is Bai doesn’t mean you’re above everyone else and the pinnacle of goodness. It doesn’t mean you can just take away all my beasts!”

“I don’t care about your status or how much power you have, all I know is that you still haven’t acknowledged a certain thing yet.”

JinYu’s voice was wry, “Don’t think that you’re the president and can just order me around.”

 “You don’t need to say anything else, as long as I want to, I can have all my beasts obliterate the President’s house!! Don’t think you’re such a hotshot. Especially in this unstable time, there are plenty of vice presidents to replace a president.”

JinYu’s words were not so much a warning but more of a clear threat. Coupled with his tone of voice and his flashing eyes, the president was scared half to death.

No one dared to defy the president’s words and threaten him so obviously! He couldn’t wait to destroy the expressionless young man!!

 “You, you……weakling!”

Looking at the president and how he would call his younger brother to beat up people, JinYu squeezed Qi Qinglin’s rising head. They looked away, instead looking at Long Yuting, and laughed coldly, “Now fierce beasts riots; they’ve been forced to fight back because of humankind’s selfishness. You want to force honest and rational beasts to fight against human beings!? That makes so much sense!! I’m waiting for the day humans are killed by beasts and driven out of the Capital Star!!”

After this, JinYu didn’t open his mouth again. He only dipped his head ever so slightly towards Qi Qinglin, disappearing in front of everyone.


This was?!

 “Spatial powers?!” Everyone exclaimed.

However, besides this explanation, Old Jin and Old Long and the others who understood the reasoning, frowned as they looked at the president. Although what Mr. Jin said sounded quite unpleasant, it was quite frank and accurate. Maybe they needed to think about their activities more carefully. The president, in the eyes of the people, was nothing more than a child or a puppet who didn’t know what to do. He didn’t care about what he did.

Pah, of course the puppet before may not have known it was a puppet.

Besides this unpredictable fellows, Fei Yu Sheng stared at the place JinYu and Qi Qinglin disappeared. His entire body shook and he lowered his head slowly, trying not to expose his emotions.

Until then, he could only be certain of one thing, one thing that had been on his mind for quite some time.



[1] Means white in chinese


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January 8, 2020 1:20 am

I knew this would happen sooner or later. JinYu couldn’t take it anymore. Those hypocrites thought they can control this gold fish a.k.a. ancient whale? Think again.

Thank you for the chapter!

April 17, 2020 5:36 pm

oh, I think that guy comanding people to capture the fire phoenix and the 500+ injured beasts at that time was Fei-whatever-Sheng :0

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