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Chapter 15: Wavering

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Augus took the medicine in a daze. He knew that it was a mixture of a rare S-class animal blood and Wanda grass. It had the advantage of being small in size but having quick effect. As long as one swallowed it, they would die immediately. The disadvantage was that the toxicity was easily affected by other ingredients, so it was difficult to mix it with food or liquid.


Kane watched Augus’s mouth open and close silently two times. He didn’t say anything. He just sat across from him and watched him.

Augus admitted that he was not afraid of death.

He had been an orphan from a young age. After wandering for a long time, he accidentally got a chance to go to the Reserve Department for training. Later, after entering the army and making contributions in the war, he never thought of retiring from the Union, but rushed to the front line all the time, because he felt that his life should be contributed to the Union, which gave him a place to belong to when he was wandering around.

He thought that one day he would die on the battlefield.

He thought about his self-determination in order to preserve his self-esteem after losing the war.

He also wanted to die peacefully in a corner after he reached the age for retirement.

But he didn’t want to die like this! Doubted by the new commander-in-chief, excluded from the system as useless waste, and ruled as a traitor. It simply negated the significance of the first half of his life.

Augus’s lips trembled slightly, and his voice was weak, “I’m not controlled by pheromones. Even as I was tortured and forced to accept this transformation, it didn’t affect my loyalty to the Union… “

Kane, on the other side, was a little impatient. He felt that Augus was dead set on rejecting. Why didn’t he realize that he was sacrificed, not only for the sake of both sides and Cass, but also for the purpose of cleaning up the old parts that his older brother had laid, and opening up the way for his own forces? He was really not interested in Augus’s loyalty.

When Augus saw Kane looking at him coldly, and  not responding to his statement, his heart was cold and his fingers turned stiff.

The order was given by the commander-in-chief of the Union, who was invincible to Augus.

The surrender after the defeat seemed meaningless now. It was better to finish it before Kane arrived. He was convinced by Ed at the beginning that self-determination was what cowards did. Real soldiers should know how to endure for the hope and opportunity of the future. Now? Augus’s hopes were crushed by the commander-in-chief, but he couldn’t say no.

Augus grabbed the medicine and brought it to his mouth. Ed would see his body later. Would he believe that he was guilty of suicide? Or would he denounce him as a coward?

But it had nothing to do with Augus.

The pill was half an inch from his lips.


The door to the room was kicked open.

“General Ed, you can’t go in!”


“Ed, do you know what you’re doing?!”

The guard and the field marshal, who came after him, yelled at almost the same time.

As soon as Augus shook his hand, the bright red pill fell into his sleeve and his voice was hoarse. “Ed?”

Ed saw that he hid the poison, and he was about to go mad. He was treated like this. Augus was ready to protect the Union? Was his head made of wood!?

No one spoke, and Kane didn’t know why Ed appeared at such a critical moment. He had just checked the room, and there was no monitoring, and the volume he spoke in was not loud enough to be heard. So at this moment, he started, “This is your etiquette? In a meeting, you would suddenly kick the door to break in? I came here in good faith. It seems that the attitude of the Empire towards the Union in this situation is slightly different from what I imagined.”

“I didn’t expect that the grand Union commander would use this way of forcing his subordinates to take poison to achieve his goal!”

“I don’t know how you came up with such a set of words to insult me. Can the Empire’s means be so terrible? Can you say that?”

“I heard it clearly.” Ed couldn’t wait to come forward and tear off Kane’s fake face.

“What’s the matter?” The Eldest Prince came in late with his aristocratic etiquette. “I’m sorry for our general Ed’s sudden interruption.” In fact, the Eldest Prince’s face was not very sorry, but very suspicious instead. Ed had been standing quietly behind him, but suddenly his expression turned ugly before he rushed to kick the door. Although his behavior was very inappropriate, there was a reason.

“Your general…”

“You even put a monitor on me?” All of a sudden, Augus, who had a pale face, responded by glancing at the necklace on his chest and looking at Ed incredulously.

It was also strange how Ed’s face was twisted when he burst in. He looked at Augus with disgust.

“You did…”

“I just wanted to hear your thoughts about me before you left…” Ed was a little guilty when he was accused, but on second thought, if it wasn’t for his own thoughts, Augus would have become a corpse, and he felt that the decision was really right. “The surveillance area is very small. I wouldn’t be able to hear anything if you left the imperial airspace.”

In fact, Augus just reacted for a while, but didn’t really pursue this matter. He was already devastated by this incident and his brain was blank.

The Eldest Prince was angry, but he didn’t know how happy Ed was. He asked Ed seriously, “What did you hear? Tell me the truth.”

Ed didn’t add to the story, he said it all over again, because the truth had made him think that Kane was so mean that he should die.

It was a pity that the monitoring system used in the pendant was too weak to record or replay the conversation. Although the Eldest Prince and marshal believed Ed’s words and could vouch for Ed, just looking at Kane’s behavior, it would not be easy to do anything without evidence.

Kane raised his eyebrows and looked at Ed and said, “Lord general probably misunderstood what was going on. Major general Augus and I just discussed the ‘good things’ that your country has done. Major general felt that he could not continue to serve the country. He also had a close relationship with the enemy general. He felt very guilty and even wanted to take poison to commit suicide. When you came in, I was about to stop him. I hated that I wasn’t able to move fast enough. Fortunately, you arrived in time… “

It seemed that they could only take Augus back. How would they deal with this matter?

Ed’s teeth almost broke. If it wasn’t for the fact that Kane was the current commander-in-chief of the Union, the situation of the two countries would be affected. Even if the other side was a Union officer of his own rank, he would definitely be beaten.

The Eldest Prince continued to laugh. “Oh, that’s a coincidence.”

Kane turned his head and said with a smile, “Augus, you are so impulsive.”

Augus looked at Kane. His loyalty to the Union for many years made him unable to refute Kane’s words, but he did not affirm Kane’s words either. He just looked away and stared at the pure white ground.

No refutation, no affirmation. It was really interesting. The Eldest Prince’s mind was clear.

“Commander Kane said that he didn’t know where the poison the major general Augus used came from.”

“I’m curious, too.” Kane pushed without trace.

Ed just wanted to take Augus, who was sitting there trembling, home and hug him. Augus’s loyalty to the Union was real, but now Kane pushed everything on Augus, hoping that with the other side’s behavior, he would agree with him. He wanted to take advantage of Augus’s loyalty and trample on it over and over again. Ed saw it all angrily. What was Augus feeling, who had been loyal to the Union?

“I……” Augus spoke, avoiding Kane’s seemingly relaxed but oppressive vision. “Me too… I don’t know. “

Kane’s face was grim for a moment.

Ed walked up and pulled Augus’s sleeve, poured out the poison, took it away from Augus, and then he was completely relieved.

The marshal looked around the room and knew that everything would come back inconclusive today. Everyone except Augus was wearing gloves, and the fingerprints would only be Augus’s. Kane was also a commander-in-chief, so he was not stupid enough to leave traces on the pill.

The Eldest Prince received a look from the marshal, and he also understood that this matter could only be solved today, but it could still be used as an excuse to strive for some benefits.

Later, the Eldest Prince ended the day’s negotiations on the grounds that his subordinates had offended commander Kane recklessly, and the talks could only be postponed for several days. At the same time, he took this as a reason to let Ed not have to show up next time. Even now, Ed still looked like he would like to fight Kane.

After sending Kane away politely, Ed didn’t care about anything else. He just asked the eldest prince if he could not hand over Augus.

“He… After all, I’ve been in the Empire for a long time, and I’ve been around. Maybe I’ve come into contact with some confidential information. My subordinates think it’s more secure to detain him.”

The Eldest Prince didn’t know what Ed was really thinking, but it didn’t affect the interests of the Empire to leave Augus to tell the truth, and he could earn a favor. The Emperor was old, and he would abdicate in a few years. The situation between himself and the Second Prince was not clear.

“You can take Augus with you,” the Eldest Prince assured Ed. “Besides, seeing his performance today, he must feel cold hearted towards the Union. If you impose a pheromone oppression, it is not impossible for Augus to be used by the Empire in the future.”

“Yes.” With Augus’s character that was all but impossible, Ed was quite certain, but he was not stupid enough to say it. Now he would like to put it all in the conditions that Augus could stay. Although that meant Ed had to choose a side now, to side with someone for Augus was worth it though. What’s more, compared with the Second Prince and the Third Prince, the Eldest Prince had a great grasp of succession.

“Okay, first of all, before the end of the negotiation, since Augus’s status is still a prisoner, and he needs to be kept in prison. Don’t worry. I’ll prepare him for the normal one.”

“Yes, of course.”

“After that, Augus will be yours. You can set him up as an Empire citizen. It’s best to persuade him to be loyal to the Empire. If not, lock him up at home. Don’t cause any problems.”


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I hope Kane goes down in flames with the Third Prince. Poor Augus, Kane just ripped away the last shreds of his identity.

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