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Chapter 141: Pervert
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

No matter what kind of shock JinYu and Qi QingLin’s departure caused all the moguls gathered there and regardless of how well the old fellows would be able to control the puppets to deal with the current affairs after they left, people who walk different paths cannot make plans together. At least, JinYu and Qi QingLin would be walking a completely different path from the Ten Great Clans.

Therefore, it was better for them to do their own things and follow up later when both sides were unwilling to compromise.

A certain fish directly launched the transmission function of the key around his neck in a burst of rage. When Qi QingLin and him stepped on the head of a certain enormous black phoenix, this fella finally realized that he had been too impulsive.

Seeing that Daddy Phoenix was not the slightest bit angry after being stepped on, and was instead rather happy and thinking that it was a game, JinYu thought that if all the beasts were like this, well, human beings should be quite happy.

Howl! [Master! Master, master, master!!]

Suddenly, JinYu heard a familiar roar. When he looked up, his face darkened then turned bright before it darkened again. From the combat beasts like DaBai, XiaoBai, BaoZi, WangWang, to the lifestyle and supports beasts like the Blue Eyed Rabbit, Golden-furred Mouse, Taste lore beast and the rest, all the beasts in his shop stood before him with a look of alarm on each of their faces.

“What’s the matter?” This was the Earth. It was not the Capital Star. Even if he gave DaBai a meaningful glance and told it to quickly run away with all the beasts if there was any unexpected incidents, fuck, it really drove people crazy now that he was really seeing this kind of ‘running away’ scene.

“Did you guys get robbed or did our shop get robbed?” If it was the latter, vengeance till death was a matter of principle.

“We are going to be confiscated!” XiaoBao was sitting on WangWang’s head and was looking depressed and frustrated. It was holding a stick of bamboo in its claws and was biting till crunching sounds emitted. The image it presented looked just like it was biting the bones of its foe. “We were just sent back by Boss. All the beasts in the Dark Street are rebelling. However, the beasts in our shop are very obedient. Except for a few that deserved a good spanking and have already been stunned by ErHei, the rest are obediently waiting for Master to come back.”

JinYu’s expression became a little better upon hearing this. He just knew that his beasts were superior to others. But… “Since that’s the case, why have you all run over here?” What’s more, it was a mass migration?

“Eh, we can explain that.”

Before XiaoBao could answer, Cheng Liang and Li Xiao emerged from the nearby woods, along with Little Green and the Big-Tailed Wolf that were wounded in action.

“I’m sorry, brother. We are the cause of the trouble.”

Li Xiao looked at the puzzlement on Jin Yu’s face and bitterly laughed. He rubbed the head of Little Green who was next to him, “After the insurrection happened, Cheng-zi and I knew that it was bad news. It was the first time in tens of thousands of years that such a large-scale beast insurrection had happened and we were a bit confused. Although Little Green and the Big-Tailed Wolf were quite angry at that time, they took us into consideration and behaved more rationally. Thus, they just madly roared towards the sky a few times. This was not a big deal in the beginning, after seeing such a scene, it was natural that all the beasts with courage and wisdom would be angry for a while. Cheng-zi and I believed that when they had finished venting their feelings, we could find a solution together…”

Cheng Liang took a look at Li Xiao’s gloomy expression and softy clicked his tongue, “Let me say it! What happened later was very simple. After the beast insurrection, the army implemented plans to capture and kill the beasts. The beasts that had no attack power or remained still and did not resist were just captured. Although Lao Zi doesn’t think they will have any good treatment after being captured, however! For those combat beasts who seemed agitated or were venting their feelings, the army was not so friendly.”

“They were instructed to kill without mercy.”

With that Cheng Liang looked at the injured claws and head of his Big-Tailed Wolf and roared loudly, “Fuck, Lao Zi’s beast had only howled at the sky a few times. It didn’t smash his house to steal his money, and didn’t eat their wives. Was it necessary to gun it down with the lasers when they approached?”

“We saw that the situation was taking a bad turn and did not want to become irreconcilable adversaries with the military at this time. So after avoiding the wave of lasers, we thought of this place.” Li Xiao’s expression was a little guilty, “But those troops were extremely persistent and kept chasing us till we reached the shop. This is why DaBai and the rest had no choice but to come here with all the beasts. Besides, Cheng-zi and I don’t believe that Little Green and the greedy wolf (贪狼) will be treated well after being captured by the military.”

“Treated well?” Cheng Liang sneered, “I’d be thanking the heavens and the earth if they can entertain the greedy wolf!! Fuck, after seeing the light screen, I was afraid that the greedy wolf would be sent to the research institute and be tormented! That would really be utterly devoid of conscience!!”

JinYu could only smile bitterly after listening to Li Xiao and Cheng Liang. Human beings were really digging their own graves. The beast insurrection did not only stir up the inextricable conflict between man and beasts, but it also stirred up the internal strife between people. This was really… A. Big. Scam. Ah!!” (坑•爹)


“Brother Jin? JinYu?” Cheng Liang called him twice yet he was ignored. He then rubbed his face, “Prehistoric whale!!”

“Ah?!” A certain fish finally reacted.

“… You are really an antique. Quickly tell us about it. What are you going to do now? We heard that you were called to meet the President before we left? What does the top brass think about this?”

JinYu simply rolled his eyes and laughed grimly a couple of times till the the air around him became chilly, “What thoughts can they have? Don’t loose the falcon until you see the hare, it’s worthless to rise early without profits. Each and every one of them are still thinking that the situation is not serious. They are indulging in fantasy and are preparing to have a fair, just and open negotiation with the beasts. They also expect to brainwash the beasts at the same time, but are hoping that they would consciously surrender. That’s what they’re thinking now.”

Li Xiao and Cheng Liang’s eyes widened at the same time, “Have their brains been wedged between the doorway?!”


JinYu shook his head after a moment’s silence, “There are bargaining chips, but these chips are disproportionate to their aims. Tch, anyway, I don’t believe that their wishes will come true. Are they taking all beasts as idiots and fools? Even if more than half of the beasts are quite stupid, at least ten to twenty percent are really smart. Let’s observe first… Those big shots should soon know that their ideas are wrong. They are not fools either. After suffering losses one or two times, they will choose the right way. People are not fools after all. Besides, there are many people like you guys.”

In fact, the more turbulent the times were, the harder it was for the leaders to muddle along. Water could carry a boat and capsize it too. During times like this, the water was like a wave that was close to capsizing the boat. One wrong move and the established regime formed in the Capital Star would be completely overturned. There were a lot of kindhearted and rational people, but there were more indecisive people. Only when the indecisive people slowly returned to reason or were able to think clearly, would the people have enough cohesiveness and methods to face the beast insurrection… But before that…

JinYu glanced at the Silver Armored Spirit Beast surrounded by the Lost Butterfly Beast and the Golden Monkey and sighed. He was just a nobody. What he could only do was to secretly take his search and rescue team to pick up those seriously injured beasts every night and bring them back to raise on the Earth. At least, this would prevent the beasts that stayed for their owner from being completely disillusioned.

“Tch, what an irreconcilable contradiction.”

JinYu rubbed his face vigorously, thinking about how the leader during that time resolved some irreconcilable contradictions. But after thinking for a long time, he realized that he had was on the wrong path. At least that person was facing the same species, all right? Now it was man and beast opposing each other. What could be done?!

“Jin-zi, what do you say?” Cheng Liang did not hear the mutters of a certain fish.

“I said! I’m going to see if the beast is still alive!! In addition, I’m going into closed door cultivation for a while. Don’t disturb me if there’s nothing, and don’t disturb me even if there’s something!!” He whined as he walked to the Silver Armored Spirit Beast. JinYu used his mental power to check its condition and then his heart slightly relaxed.

The blood red light beside its heart meridians did not continue to spread and devour its life possibly because it was in a certain old fellow’s stomach. JinYu even saw a thin layer of light green light around the red light, it was presumably the old guy’s handiwork.

… Many thanks.

It’s a mere trifle. But what’s the matter? Is there something interesting happening? Ai ya, I don’t care about the rest. I just think that it seems very interesting~~~

Fuck! How long had it been!! How could the old guy’s temperament change from a rigid and inflexible conduct similar to a robot to this type of strange ladyboy pattern?!

Dear, you directly skipped the father and the mother pattern and made a beeline to a pervert pattern?! It’s too unscientific, okay?!

Oh my ~ What kind of nonsense thingy are you thinking about? People can’t understand it. People is also not a ladyboy. Speaking of, do you know what is an extreme masochist and extreme sadist?


Suddenly, JinYu slapped himself in the face, and used all his strength to rub it. It’s no good, it’s no good. We can’t stay in this place any longer. Fuck, it’s even more terrible than the beast insurrection! A planet changing like this… T-T Who can save me?!

“What happened?” Boss Qi was practically an angel.

“Nothing, my three views have been ruined.” JinYu had a look of suffering on his face. Then he turned to Li Xiao and Cheng Liang, “I plan to organize two teams to pick up the injured or hiding beasts tonight. Are you two joining in?”

Li Xiao and Cheng Liang nodded as if they were pecking rice, “We’re going!” It’d be even better if they could burn a couple more research institutes in passing!

The research institute felt that it was getting shot countless times while lying down.

“Then let make a plan-”

Awoo woo woo woo [Hahahaha, I say, this collection of ladyboys that I’ve brought along is super funny, right?! This is an episode from the Funny Beast Light Videos!! I spent a thousand gold coins to get this!] …

Suddenly the temperature dropped into the negatives. JinYu slowly turned his head and stared at a certain BaoZi that was showing off.

Lao Zi wants to beat you into a steamed bun!! —This was Big Boss Jin’s violent heartfelt wish at this time.

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January 9, 2020 12:14 am

And so the whale is going to act. I wonder what kind of dirts will be unearthed about the “research institutes” a.k.a. torture chambers for beasts, and what earthquake it will be for the old foxes. One thing for sure, it will bring much delayed changes.
Thank you for the chapter!

October 18, 2021 2:00 pm

Which beast is Little Green? Don’t remember at all and no note of it.
LiXiao’s beast is XiaoLu, a Winged Tiger and Chengliang’s is the Big Tailed Wolf, Da Wei Ba Lang.
Relieved their beasts were all protected; poor DWBL getting hurt by lasers.
Thanks for translating.

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