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Chapter 142: Ferocious

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was punishable to teach bad children.

In addition, as a leopard who thought he was the most handsome, he had been flattened into a pig’s head. It could also be proved that he would be punished when he taught a bad kid instead of an old man. In fact, this can be compared with God’s punishment.

Apart from this, in this first different beast base on the planet, all beasts and several people were happy. Even the silver small armor, which had gone through life and death many times before, sleeps in the dark beside his brother after knowing that his eldest brother was not dead. Silver was still very small. It was enough that his brother was beside him to eat and sleep. Everything else had nothing to do with it?

When Jin Yu, led by an old man who was kind of perverted, checked several waves of different beasts in several other places, he returned to the wooden house to have a rest. Fortunately, it was just the tone of some old guy who was perverted. His temperament was reliable. Otherwise, if he couldn’t even rely on RP, he really didn’t know what to say.

But was there a human on earth? Difficulties or items?

Boss Jin thought that he had been stimulated by many things that had happened in succession today, so he even thought about this before he went to sleep!!

“… Sleep well. “

Suddenly, Jin Yu was caught by the big boss and held in his arms. Boss thought that if his partner turned around in the middle of the night, he would definitely eat someone’s tofu even if he wasn’t sure it was the right time. The so-called, in the face of teasing, then teasing, then teasing, then eating!

And a certain fish seemed to clearly feel a certain kind of danger was about to come. When he shook, he shrank in the boss’s arms and stopped moving. Well, tomorrow he would go to see the situation in the shop. In recent days, it was better to be ascetic! Eh, how did he suddenly find that his name could be homonymous with these two words?!

In a word, after a day of confusion, at this moment, in this strange place, Jinyu was sleeping soundly.

It was just that there was often only one paradise. Not all people and beasts could have the luck to find a wonderful paradise that could accommodate them.

In just one day, Capital star had changed from a highly developed and harmonious place to a land of war and chaos. The night that was crazy and tempting was like returning to tens of millions of years ago. It was dark without any light, and even night owls couldn’t be heard in the silence.

All human beings closed their doors tightly, tightened their curtains, held each other tightly, and pray that the once harmless beasts would not break into their own space. After all, that meant the arrival of the avenger.

At this time, on the fourth wild star far away from capital star, which ess also the largest in area and the best in environment, a primitive shack style completely opposite to the rough and unconstrained surrounding, even a miracle palace fell from the sky, overwhelming a fierce plant.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that the plants around moved out of a place to give the human palace under the awe of the three kings. Well, plants and other things, although there was no wisdom, but the instinct of survival helped them avoid all dangers. It was instinct.

Oh! Roar!!!

[Hurry to find a place for me to vomit. Don’t you know that our family is afraid of heights?! 】

[I went to go to… go to… What about water? Lake! It’s a good washbasin. Fish! I am a fish! Have you seen flying fish! I’m drooling!! 】Huff.

[Here’s your saliva. ]

[… I’ll give you a face of fish scales!! Did you spit?! Who can help you! Your family! …】

“I said, this picture is a little too much, isn’t it? Why do I think the guys we brought back are all perverts?”

At this time, the three kings had recovered their human forms leisurely. Looking at the chaotic underground, they suddenly felt a little impulsive. Impulse was the devil, which had to be said, sometimes some of their human words were very sharp.

“Gee, it’s so troublesome. Find a guy to settle them up first. It’s like capital star. If you want to survive here, don’t let them see the cruel reality. They think it’s heaven.”

“Sometimes, hell is just like that.” Bai Mo smiled like a fox. “Go to the one with the most powerful brain. Our three subordinates can look for it casually. Then, I need them to be able to adapt to at least half of the ferociousness here in a week. At the same time, let them understand that it’s not the end of staying here safely. Next, capital star is the paradise we should have.”

With these words, in the following decades, many people from the capital star, who were spoiled by the gentle environment, thoroughly experience what life was not like death and desire for immortals to die. But even so, most of the hundreds of thousands of different beasts who came here again and again preferred to struggle rather than go and be a caged bird whose every move was watched.

So to speak, death or freedom.

It was the belief that had been imprinted in their blood since birth. And because this had been printed in the blood since the beginning, the amazing survival and adaptability that erupted was the most real self of different beasts. Even though they were in danger, they lived recklessly and warmly. This was the greatest charm.

The next day the sun was shining.

It was just that the brilliant sunshine revealed the scarred life covered by the night.

After a day and a night of emergency preparedness and action, it seemed that humans on the capital star and the remaining beasts had reached a kind of tacit understanding. Human beings walked in groups in the light, alert, and wild beasts wandered alone in the dark. Clear, but also in the maximum limit, occupied the site, waiting for the unsightly unlucky ghost to take the wrong step, and then be swallowed by the other side.

“Hiss…” Jin Yu stood in front of his door and frowned at the dozen or twenty armed soldiers. When did his family become so important that the military would send special forces to stand guard?

At this time, there were only three people around Jinyu: Qi Qinglin, Li Xiao and Liang. There was no other person, not even a single one.

“Brother Jin, do you have anything expensive in your shop?” Liang’s greedy friend was not around, so he didn’t have too many scruples, and his mouth began to attack indiscriminately.

“If they want to stand guard, it has nothing to do with Laozi. But I don’t mind beating up their immediate supervisor if someone intrudes into the house and plunders and rummages.” In this way, Jin Yu led Qi Qinglin to the house. Anyway, they had different beasts around them. Even if the military wanted to find trouble, they had to have a reliable reason. If the fish was too big to catch, it would capsize the boat.

“I say, why beat their immediate superior?”

“Oh, soldiers should obey orders, so in this case, we should ignore small minions and set fire to big boss to be safe!”

So a dozen A-class fighters standing in front of the number 138 pet shop felt cold. It seemed that they were being monitored. Who said that everyone here would die at this business and that they needed strategy and ferocity for the disabled, ah?! Who told us that this was the easiest place to make contributions? They must have been bullying them! Their officer was a bully!!!

“Well, that very discerning. Except for the carpet, I haven’t left anything else.”

Looking at the empty house, Jinyu looked as usual. Of course, if it was not abnormal that the surrounding temperature dropped to a negative number in a moment, but he looked very normal at this time.

“You, sister. Laozi sees differences. A beast tiger with their teeth pulled out. Dare not copy my house! ” Suddenly, Jinyu’s face suddenly sank, gnashing his teeth: “I don’ t care that the different beasts in our store are all cute, only the big BOSS is the necessary big killing tool when the family is robbed! Dare to take my things, I will leave you with no underpants!!!!”


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What?! Those idiots took away JinYu’s beasts and his things?! Do they want to die or something?! That was a BIIIIIIIIG mistake.

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