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Chapter 21: Second World (7)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After a period of protest, Fu Shaohua finally went downstairs and helped Bai Duan make a full-colored and fragrant dinner as agreed— of course, the staple food was still porridge. After serving his temperamental master and settling him down in bed again, Fu Shaohua held Bai Duan in one hand and opened the folder with the other and continued to browse through it.

Even though he had read it once, Fu Shaohua still had to marvel at the generosity of the Bai family. These pages of paper seemed light, but they had heavy gold content. No matter which artist, no one could refuse the attraction contained in them. At the same time, Fu Shaohua also understood the implicit implications hidden in the generosity of the Bai family.

Looking back at the Golden Lord who was sleeping soundly, Fu Shaohua sighed secretly, helpless to the lack of strength Bai Duan had for such things as love. His low EQ was really an issue, but fortunately, Fu Shaohua had long been accustomed to it.

If it was the original owner of Fu Shaohua’s current body, even if he accepted this foster relationship, it would be impossible to accept this heavy gift calmly. And even if he accepted it, it would surely leave a strong sense of inferiority and self-hatred in his heart. Even if he obeyed his body, his soul would be farther and farther away from the original.

Bai Duan had no worries about this. On the one hand, he did not show any resistance; on the other hand…it was also true that Bai Duan did not have such an awareness. He did not understand the complexity of the human heart, or that kindness did not necessarily yield good results.

Bai Duan could not have thought of this, but the Bai family must have, and they may have even done it intentionally.

Although the Bai family had not objected to his relationship with Bai Duan and even promoted it, this did not mean that they accepted it sincerely. On the contrary, the Bai family was quietly warning him, continually reminding him of the status gap between Bai Duan and him, so that he could not resist, nor could he fall into a delusion.

For the Bai family, what they wanted to see most was ‘Fu Shaohua’ being a kind and peaceful lover beside Bai Duan, one who would not affect his life if he married a wife or had children. They just wanted their son to be rich and happy.

His love path in this life would be more bumpy, at least not as smooth as it was in the past, without any hindrances from his elders. For this problem, Fu Shaohua did not worry, even a little, He only gave a little sigh before completely forgetting about it, happy to begin serving his ‘Golden Lord,’ while struggling in the entertainment industry.

When Zheng Mingze received the folder of coveted role endorsements from Fu Shaohua, he was stunned for a moment at first but did not immediately show a radiant look. Instead, he watched Fu Shaohua’s face with worry.

Fu Shaohua knew what he was worried about, and smiled, “Zheng Ge, don’t worry, I’m all right.”

His smile was as quiet as ever, but it had a gentle taste. It didn’t seem to leave any knots, but it appeared to be more relaxed and tranquil.

Zheng Mingze didn’t know what happened between Fu Shaohua and Bai Duan, but apparently, their relationship was changing to a better direction, so he didn’t need to paint a snake.

With a satisfied nod, Zheng Mingze opened the folder and turned his attention to his work, “These endorsements and roles are exquisite. Which one are you going to choose?”

Although he already knew about some problems in his mind, he still wanted to test how much Fu Shaohua knew about his position.

Fu Shaohua did not hesitate, and soon drew a page from the stack, “I want this role.”

Zheng Mingze glanced at it slightly, “This TV series is a big production that has attracted much attention this year. The cast so far is solid. If you can participate in it, naturally it will be very good, but…” He frowned. “Because of this, the test of your acting skills will also be harder. Once your acting skills fail, it lowers the level of the whole drama. Instead of benefiting you, it will only blacken you.” After a pause, Zheng Mingze stated the truth from the facts. “I have studied the roles you played before, and I have to say that your acting skills are not good.”

“I understand.” Fu Shaohua nodded slightly. “But I want to try this role… It resonates with me.”

Zheng Mingze was stunned, and looked carefully at the outline of the role, and found that this was indeed a character full of tragic color. This character was a general who devoted himself to his country and people. However, he was framed for being too honest, ignorant of the bending and winding of official circles, and unwilling to collude with corrupt officials. After leaving, many of his relatives died in prison from abuse. He had the desire to die in battle and take revenge for his family. 

In this way, it was quite similar to Fu Shaohua’s situation not long ago.

Dramas originate from life, most from personal experience. Did Fu Shaohua really have the ability to control this role? Zheng Mingze was not sure about this, but he was not as resolutely opposed as before.

Seeing his shaking resolution, Fu Shaohua licked his lips, “Zheng Ge, I really want to try. If you don’t trust me, I can go to the audition by myself. If the director thinks I’m not competent enough, I won’t insist anymore.”

Hearing Fu Shaohua’s words, Zheng Mingze was quickly convinced that the audition was not a big deal. It would be helpful if he chose it or not. If he succeeded, he could get rid of the scolding from the back door and join the acting group.

They agreed, and Zheng Mingze contacted the director immediately. The director was delighted with this and agreed to the request for an audition.

After all, it was the investor who wanted to cram an actor in. The director also knew about Fu Shaohua’s acting skills, and knew he was not good enough. Although the role of the general was not the leading role, it was still a vital role. The director naturally did not want an actor who was in a hurry to destroy the general and drag down the level of the whole drama. Sometimes, however, he had to compromise with the investors to exchange some benefits for roles. Now the actor was taking the initiative to audition, the director would naturally not refuse, and even had a better impression of Fu Shaohua.

As long as he had room for coaching, the director was willing to give him a chance to enter his drama.

As for the results of the audition, naturally, everyone was thrilled.

In the audition, Fu Shaohua exploded all his potential, playing the general’s grief, grievances and hatred vividly before he died. It was not so much that he was playing the general, but venting his own past. In any case, Fu Shaohua’s stunning ‘acting skills’ were unanimously endorsed by the director’s team, and he successfully won the role to resume his busy acting career.

Although General Fu Shaohua’s acting skills were not great, he spent all day with the other actors, watching and studying their performing skills conscientiously and earnestly before consulting and discussing from time to time. His acting skills are also rapidly improving with the speed of naked eyes, from the rigidity and astringency of the beginning to the later smooth and comfortable acting.

The director naturally preferred such a conscientious and talented actor and deeply regretted the time he wasted in cheap productions. After all, even if the actors were talented, they should improve themselves through constant learning and watching. Fu Shaohua had been living in the crude and indiscriminate third-rate idol dramas. There were no outstanding examples of acting around, and there were not enough funds to attend the classes. Plain acting was also the result of all kinds of helplessness.

As for Zheng Mingze, it was more like the excitement of finding a golden treasure. In his eyes, Fu Shaohua used to be an insignificant jade, but now, he had been polished and carved and began to blossom on his own, so far, and no one could conceal his glory. The communication problems that had hindered his development and his lousy acting skills had gradually been overcome. With Young Master Bai’s full support behind him, Zheng Mingze could fully imagine his future as a superstar.

For the sake of Fu Shaohua and himself, Zheng Mingze devoted more and more of his efforts to managing Fu Shaohua’s fame. With the unexpected success of his last exclusive interview, he tried to erase the stain of Fu Shaohua’s ‘suicide’ in the eyes of the public and did what he could to create a brand-new and positive image for him. After all, the officials all liked the idols that could bring promotional significance. Fu Shaohua wanted to go to the top, and this should be in line with the official preference for positive energy.

It was true that Fu Shaohua was still far away from that position, but this did not prevent Zheng Mingze from making preparations for him.

Happily hanging up the phone, Fu Shaohua successfully received a public service advertisement for the protection of stray animals. Zheng Mingze turned back to find his artist but found that he was hiding in a corner secretly and chatting with Young Master Bai on the phone.

Recently, Fu Shaohua had been studying hard in the studio. He would get home very late, and he felt like he was neglecting Bai Duan. However, Young Master Bai did not complain about this but instead supported his diligence and progress. Zheng Mingze felt a significant change in this young man. Young Master Bai did treat Fu Shaohua with equal respect, rather than as a self-centered plaything.

Perhaps it was because of this attitude that the feelings between Fu Shaohua and Bai Duan seemed harmonious. Although they seldom met lately, they would send a few short messages to each other whenever they had free time. If they were not busy, they would talk through the phone, and the time of their conversations were getting longer and longer.

In this way, their relationship did have a distinct look of love.

Zheng Mingze knew that he should not disturb Fu Shaohua. Instead, he took a few steps to control the wind for him. Unexpectedly, he really brought out a great god.

Looking stiffly at the man in front of him, Zheng Mingze knew his identity from his mind in an instant, though he had never seen him in person.

“… Mr. Bai, why are you here?” The Bai family elder brother’s temperament was obviously much higher than that of their younger master, which made Zheng Mingze even more nervous, but he was also a gold medal agent who had seen a big scene, even if his heart was beating like a drum, his face did not change.

Big Brother Bai nodded to Zheng Mingze, apparently knowing who he was. “I’ve come to see Fu Shaohua, and I want to talk to him about some things.”

Brother Bai’s attitude seemed mild, and the Bai family never obstructed Bai Duan and Fu Shaohua, but Zheng Mingze still dared not ignore him out of carelessness. After all, Fu Shaohua was treated like a female star who had married into the luxury like an actress, and it was not uncommon, but should not be as such, since he was a man.

Zheng Mingze couldn’t grasp what these rich people were thinking. He could only smile cautiously, “Shaohua is resting. I just looked, and he seemed to be calling Young Master Bai.”

Big Brother Bai nodded and apparently understood what he said, “You can rest assured that this is just an ordinary visit. I just want to meet my brother’s lover as an older brother.”

Zheng Mingze was a little relieved, he just wanted to say a few more words, but saw that Fu Shaohua had hung up and walked over.

When he saw Big Brother Bai, he was stunned. A little doubt crossed his eyes, and then his smile turned into a shallow one. He walked up to Big Brother Bai and offered his hand. “Hello, Mr. Bai.”

“Do you know me?” Big Brother Bai shook hands with Fu Shaohua.

“Well, yes.” Fu Shaohua nodded softly and smiled shyly. “Young Master Bai has shown me your picture with him. You brothers are very close.”

Hearing Fu Shaohua’s words, Big Brother Bai’s cold face warmed up a few degrees quickly. He nodded slightly and opened the door, “Is there time? Sit down together?”

Fu Shaohua licked his lips nervously but did not refuse. He obediently followed Big Brother Bai. Big Brother Bai took Fu Shaohua away smoothly and warned Zheng Mingze not to tell Bai Duan about it with a smile when he left.

Looking back at the two men leaving one after another, Zheng Mingze scratched his ears and cheeks. After a moment of entanglement, he called his supervisor to report the situation.

Anyway, he dared not interfere in the affairs of these rich people. Let them solve this stuff by themselves. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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January 11, 2020 1:56 am

I’m looking forward to finding out why BD can’t remember his past. It seems to be nice to have the love and concern of your family. At least till they smoother the couple in their love.

April 30, 2020 4:33 pm

The role reversal in this novel is interesting. Thank you

October 19, 2020 2:15 am

Big brother Bai best not be causing any trouble 🤔
Thanks you for another great read…

Sue R
Sue R
April 13, 2021 7:20 pm

Brother in law is very protective.
No worry, Fu Shaohua will impress him.

October 4, 2021 2:27 pm

Poor big brother Bai. He is still under the illusion he’s going to tell off his brother’s lover, but is probably gonna suffer from Zhao Xu (that’s what he said his name was in the previous arc?)’s jealousy that he gets to be called brother by BD.

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