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Chapter 143: Qi Fengyi

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Looking at the room with only the rug left in it, Big Boss Jin indicated that he was actually quite calm. He didn’t really care that his things had been stolen, but once he remembered that that black double bed on the second floor that he quite liked and had even rolled around in before had also been stolen, JinYu started to feel his balls ache.

The root cause of all this – besides the fact that the people who stole their stuff were morons – was something very fundamental: those morons must be very certain in their belief that without beasts, he was nothing. His fighting strength was lower than zero, which was why they could be so brazen and fearless.

So, the Big Boss Jin who was looked down upon decided that he couldn’t allow people to keep screwing him over like this. In the past, it was always him screwing over other people, so how could it be flipped around now?

In other words, he was going to commit robbery in retaliation.

“Eh.” Li Xiao coughed when he saw JinYu’s completely bereft room, and he didn’t know what to say. “Er, don’t be too sad, just accept your fate?”

JinYu’s eyebrows lifted. He was always the one who said that before.

“En, it’s fine, it’s fine, you two go back first and see if anything happened to your houses? Ah, actually, based on your houses’ overall style, I’m not sure whether they’d even enter your houses… hm, it seems like it can also be good if your house is too weird? How come I didn’t think about how it could prevent thieves?”

JinYu’s first sentence could be acceptable, but his latter sentences very much possessed an accusatory air to them. Li Xiao firmly covered Cheng Liang’s mouth while forcibly calming his breathing and his jumping veins. He continued to repeat in his mind, He’s venting his anger venting his anger venting his anger venting his anger venting his anger, right now the BOSS is glaring like a tigerrrrrrrrr, so I definitely can’t let him go beat up the minority who voices their opinion!

After resisting with great difficulty and saying a ‘see you later,’ Li Xiao ran away with Cheng Liang in tow. In any case, going to collect small animals or whatever was something that could only be done at night. A day’s time should be enough for JinYu and Qi Qinglin – those two dangerous people – to go knock over some buildings. Li Xiao and Cheng Liang were just two innocent passersby, so they wouldn’t go join in on the fun and see other people suffer.

Once Li Xiao and Cheng Liang ran away, JinYu finally managed to temporarily suppress his anger. He turned and saw Qi Qinglin behind him. The BOSS reached out and dragged a guard standing outside into the room with a snatch of his hand.


“Ahhhh!!” The person who was caught only reacted a few seconds later, starting to struggle. “Wh-wh-what are you guys doing?! Y-you want to kill me to shut me up?!”

JinYu smiled nastily. “So what if I do?”

“… that isn’t rational for better or worse you should still make some threats or promises! I could give up the information and escape with my life right away!!” The guard who got caught rubbed his face, looking like he wanted to cry but couldn’t. A certain fish, who was originally grinning evilly, felt like everywhere that could twitch on his face was twitching.

“Alright, tell me who stole all the things in my house, or else I’ll—”

“Ahhh, that I know, I know! It’s the lieutenant commander of the army’s fifth division, Bai Cai! He’s from the Bai family, and he has special abilities. Actually, I couldn’t stand the sight of that guy since long ago, so boss, if you’re going to beat up someone send a punch over for me too!!”

JinYu rolled his eyes viciously when he saw that guy who spilled the beans without even being threatened. He didn’t believe this was someone from the capital star’s formal army at all! If they were all like this, were they planning on letting humanity be enslaved by beasts! Even if he personally was more on the beasts’ side right now, that didn’t mean he could accept such useless soldiers!


“Oh, what’s your name? How about you come take a walk and grab a meal with me, we can go beat up some cabbage*.” JinYu glanced at the fellow before he decided he was going to help humanity by training this guy!!

(*t/n: Bai Cai’s name sounds like bok choy/Chinese cabbage)


Qi Fengyi would have never guessed that after he confessed so honestly, he would be let go by such terrifying people without them even giving him a second glance. What was going on! “I-isn’t that… too open and forthcoming…”

“Oh, it is, but you already confessed, so I decided to give you a new year’s present. You may accompany me and learn from me for a day for free. How about that, aren’t I kind?” JinYu smiled, allowing Qi Qinglin to put down that guy who looked tall and straight but whose personality wasn’t at all. “Your name is?”

“Eh, Fengyi.” Qi Fengyi glanced at Qi Qinglin and decided that it would still be better to hide his surname.

“… Wu.”

Just when Qi Fengyi thought that he had escaped a trial, Big Boss Qi spat out a word. After that, a guy wearing all black with a baby face jumped down out of nowhere and smiled happily at Qi Fengyi.

“Qi Fengyi, 28 years old this year. He enlisted in the army right after graduating from the royal hunting academy. He’s disliked in the army because his personality is lazy but his superiors couldn’t find a reason to punish him for it… he has a quarter of the Qi family’s branch bloodline. En, according to seniority, he should be calling Master… Your Lord. Although he doesn’t look very reliable, with his level of strength he could possibly be able to fight Jia Wu for an hour.”

“Eh.” Qi Fengyi smiled bitterly. “Actually, you really don’t need to introduce me in such detail, it’s not like I’m looking for a partner.”

“Speaking of which, this guy had seven girlfriends but was broken up with by all of them, because he’s too lazy. Yi Wen and Ding Bai once discussed this, but unless this guy finds a man, there’s no way for him to resolve his singledom. Concluded.” Wu Ying meticulously reported Qi Fengyi’s profile before he vanished, leaving Qi Fengyi behind with a dumbfounded expression.

“Qinglin, is your family’s bloodline so lazy?” This is extreme laziness, okay.

BOSS only had one calm reply: “He’s only has a quarter of the bloodline.”

Oh, meaning that he was only so lazy because of the other three quarters. To this, JinYu and Qi Fengyi both expressed: very shameless!

With the addition of Qi Fengyi, he was forced to lead the way, and JinYu and Qi Qinglin found Bai Cai’s location very quickly.

Because it was still during the army’s urgent martial law imposition, as the lieutenant commander of a division, the big cabbage still hadn’t returned home yet. He was still in the base’s allocated office.

After boldly walking in through the base’s front gates, JinYu became distracted by an enormous cage before he even found that cabbage’s office. Immediately, there was a cold aura around him, making Qi Qinglin shudder quite a bit.

“What’s that?” JinYu asked very softly, but the way he asked made it clear he knew that Qi Fengyi knew something.

Qi Fengyi revealed a grim smile when he saw that enormous beast cage and all the several hundred injured beasts squeezed inside. “These should be the beasts that the army captured. In order for them not to injure humans or go berserk, they were imprisoned in a cage that can discharge high voltage electricity and lasers… I think, this is a little too excessive.”

JinYu nodded calmly, but his voice was ice-cold. “The strongest beast in there is only a B-rank water type beast. The majority of them are harmless auxiliary beasts. Harm humans? Hehe… just who is harming who?”

“Eh, how about we break the beasts out of there then?” After Qi Fengyi’s identity was exposed, he somehow became convinced that he should follow the boss everywhere, whether he lived or died. Nobody was clearer than him just how powerful that lord was… tsk, it was so miserable when your position in the family hierarchy was too low!

“Isn’t that awful.” JinYu smiled. “We’re civilized people. It’s the middle of the day, let’s come back at night.”

… so you’re saying that as long as you break them out of jail at night, then that’s very civilized?!

“Right now, I’m itching to see that cabbage. I feel like it’s very necessary to hang him up on the wall so he can air-dry in the wind, or else that would truly be a let down for his existence and accomplishments.”

Qi Fengyi felt an eerie, cold energy from that tone of voice, which sounded like JinYu was going to slice up cabbage for pork bun filling.

“Enough, enough. Let’s do business. Where’s the cabbage? Do you know? This base is a little big, he’s kind of hard to find.”

But Qi Fengyi was useless for that. In the end, he wasn’t from this division, and his rank was too low.

“This way.”

Just as JinYu was wrinkling his brow and wondering if he should create a problem so that people would come looking, Big Boss Qi frowned and directly picked up JinYu before walking in a different direction. A moment later, they arrived in front of a big building. With a light jump, Qi Qinglin landed in the top floor.

Clearly, that cabbage was somewhere in the top floor.

Once the three of them hid their presence and entered the top floor, JinYu felt his mouth twitch as he looked at the commander and lieutenant commander’s rooms on the left and right. He was deeply convinced that sometimes, corruption was still useful. At least they wouldn’t need to go looking for the criminal in every room.

They entered the lieutenant commander’s room.

Immediately, Qi Fengyi’s hairs stood on end.

It wasn’t because he was shocked by the lieutenant commander’s tortoise-like aura. It was because he saw a room full of furniture that quite matched the style of the pet shop, and he had a ghastly feeling that some people were suddenly not far from death. Fuck, if you stole someone else’s things, you should at least renovate it a little! If you just so grandly decide to use it as your own, are you not fucking afraid of being struck by lightning!! This kind of shamelessness straight up provokes the enemy into attacking!

Just as Qi Fengyi was thinking that, a crackling, golden ball of lightning suddenly appeared over a certain cabbage’s head. Looking at that crackling denseness, even if it didn’t kill him, he would be at least half dead.

At that moment, a certain fish didn’t even have to give a reminder. After the big BOSS saw that the blue and white porcelain teacup that he had spent a hundred purple coins on and personally bought for his mate was smashed by that pig-like cabbage, the entire building grew a little unstable. Nobody was allowed to touch his things, and even more so for his mate’s things!! Looking for death.

Bang! Crackle snap clang ding boom—!!


For better or worse, the cabbage that was struck by lightning was still a lieutenant commander and a five-star hunter, so the BOSS purposefully didn’t go too hard and strike him right into black ash with the ball of lightning. But even so, the guy was still struck to the point that all his hair turned black and his entire body twitched. As he trembled on the ground, he howled:

“Who! Ahhh! Who is it—!! Who attacked me!!!”

Bai Cai’s brain wasn’t really working after being struck by lightning out of nowhere. He couldn’t possibly imagine or understand why someone would be so bold as to come and sneak attack him. Did they not know he was the lieutenant commander and someone from the Bai family?!

But when he looked up and saw the person sitting on the edge of the sofa, the cabbage that was originally earnestly plotting revenge wilted immediately. At the same time, he shook three times.

This – this wasn’t scientific! Without that beast called ErHei, how could lightning strike him?!

“Hehe.” JinYu smiled insincerely. “Lieutenant commander, do you like the earth or the sky?”

Do you want to run around naked, or do you want to be hung in the air naked? You can choose.


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Thank you for the chapter!

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As a naturalist, I’m slightly offended that he gets to run around naked. It’s an award not punishment. Bahawhaw!!!!

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