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Chapter 144: A Tough Career

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Even though JinYu was smiling, Bai Cai felt that if he was three times more ferocious than the most ferocious person he had ever encountered.

Unable to hold it in, Bai Chi made sure to make his own voice and appearance seem normal.

“Just who are you?! You-you dare raid the military base and attack our commanding officer?! Speak!!”

Before Bai Chi could finish speaking, another shot of lightning flowed throughout his body. Now he couldn’t speak.

“Well, deputy commander, according to the Capital Star’s legislation, robbery is a felony. When the criminal is caught, he will not only be sentenced but also relieved of all duties. I think you’re familiar with the furnishings and furniture here. What do you think?”

After JinYu’s words, Bai Chi’s face became just like his last name: white. He suddenly thought of the origins of this seemingly weak fellow in front of him. With his own two eyes he seriously couldn’t believe this fellow led a herd of beasts that was the military’s target dared to appear in front of him so grandly. He didn’t even bring a single beast.

In a certain rotten big napa cabbage’s mind (T/n: play on Bai Chi’s last name since cabbage/napa is bai cai in Chinese), it would take ten and a half days for JinYu to get back to his place and then the beasts could come back. It was possible he wouldn’t be able to find a place the entire way back for the beasts to cause riots. In that cause, he wouldn’t have any way of going back. At the same time, he could see that JinYu’s store’s furnitures and furnishings were top-grade. Of course, when he got full of himself, he would decide to bring all of it with him. So, this would be called: military procuratorial work. 

Of course, the soldiers were all clear that this was just a saying. He had done this many times before. Obviously since he had done this too many times in the past, he had nothing to fear. Although there were a few intelligent people in the army who were aware of the danger JinYu’s shop posed, there were even more people watching with careful eyes. After all, one radish per a plot. They were all looking forward to the downfall of a certain cabbage.

At this moment, the deputy commander Bai Cai, who already knew that he was in a bad situation, didn’t dare show how screwed he was. He wasn’t that dumb and knew how to actually manage a situation like this.

“I have no eyes! Right now there’s just a dumbass. Manager, you have to believe that I seriously don’t want your things! As you can see, all of your furniture is splendid and polished. I’ll send someone to clean and maintain them every day, waiting for your return!”

A person who said this really had no shame. JinYu wanted nothing more than to spit out yesterday’s meal when he saw this man’s face. Furrowing his eyebrows and glancing at the boss by his side, he sighed, “Either way there’s not much here. Let’s just sell them on the internet then buy new ones.” Actually he wanted to burn everything here, but this would be too wasteful, everything here was too good……

It had to be said that the boss was still good in some aspects. After hearing his partner’s words, Qi Qinglin raised his eyebrows and waved his hand, humming. All flammable objects in the room burst ablaze. The flame was just like a monster: arrogant and domineering. JinYu and Qi Fengyi couldn’t help the fear creeping into their hearts.

“We aren’t in need for money.”

This was an explanation for his behavior to a certain boss. It made JinYu unable to answer but also unable to not answer. In the end, he could only sigh bitterly.

The boss, who was extremely concerned about his partner’s emotions, said very little. He hugged him and flew them outside then lifted his own grandson out. However, to a certain cabbage, the boss had to let the heavens decide his death. For example, he locked all the doors and windows. If he was lucky, well, he would be able to get out. Of course, the process may be difficult, but his end would remain to be seen.


Standing next to the huge building, Qi Qinglin glanced at the man who was barbecuing the flower goose. If he ate this, he wouldn’t be judgemental. Well, at least Ling Chong asked him for help, the kid would be left behind dead or alive. So, for those who were loyal and had the means, they could ignore any eccentricity. For example, Yiwen likes to count gold coins in the warehouse and DingBai and Binghei like to wear opposite clothes and play the role of black and white. All these things could be ignored.

“Master! Xiao Bai already found the address of that cabbage and all its properties. Do you think we should rob it?” Wu Ying’s work was still very close to Qi Qinglin’s line of thoughts.

“All the deposits and valuables were moved to the Madame. Bring us to his house.” It’d be easier to rob directly.

As for Qi Qinglin’s behavior, JinYu was still not very happy with the word “Madame.” Everything else was fine!! So he just ignored that word.

So, the two masters and their subordinates quickly went to the cabbage’s nest. And as for a certain grandson of the Qi family?

Oh, the boss seemed to have forgotten. Either way the Qi Clan’s people wouldn’t be killed so easily. So even if a building was set on fire, he would still live!

“You asshole…..” Qi Fengyi waited until Qi Qinglin and JinYu’s shadows completely disappeared before two, big fat drops flowed down his face. There was a burning intensity inside of him. 

“I’m going to go back and take a sick leave. These two days have been too fucking unpeaceful. It’s better to keep things stable!!” Muttering like this, a transparent wing suddenly appeared in Qi Fengyi’s hands. Rubbing his bitter tears to the side and waving his wings, this fellow left the crow. Well, it seemed that there were a bunch of assorted people at the bottom of this building. QI FengYi suddenly remembered that there was someone worse off than himself. Tsk, he may not even have a hair left on him……

Sometimes, the predictions for an unimportant person were quite accurate. 

When JinYu and Qi Qinglin intruded the house and took away all the precious gold and purple gold coins hidden under the bed, a gentle woman came barging in. She pinched her waist and screamed: “Who are you guys! Don’t you guys know whose house this is! And you guys still dare to steal! Put down the money–!!”

However this woman was really quite helpless. Both JinYu and the boss ignored her. JinYu couldn’t stand the screaming so he took a box of gold bars out of a pile of the confiscated things.

“Pah, you aren’t even his wife. We’re his creditors so this is for you. It can’t be split with someone else. Giving you a box is already more than generous enough.” 

That gentle woman heard the words and her eyes darted around before she suddenly smiled at JinYu and asked seriously, “has he offended you?”

Hearing this, JinYu thought that even though this wasn’t a huge task, but the boss still said this was important. So he nodded.

“Pah, I knew from the start that he was arrogant. Hm, he abandoned his old wife for a mistress and abused her too. It was best that they divorced. Well, then, if he can’t walk for a few days I won’t get involved with him. He isn’t a good thing anyway. You guys have searched everywhere, right? His antiques and decorations are also valuable, do you guys not want them?”

Hearing this JinYu’s lips twitched. He thought this woman was the real mistress so he quickly stopped the pretence.

“Yeah, we don’t need those things. If you want to take them go ahead.” Either way the boss would burn them. “Hm, you should probably leave within the hour otherwise there won’t be enough time.”

That gentle woman predicted they would burn down the house. Before he could speak again, she made a phone call for a moving company.


“Hehe, let’s leave.”

JinYu pulled on Qi Qinglin’s sleeve. He wasn’t angry now. He really wanted to laugh at that funny cabbage and even felt a bit of sympathy for him. Good, the villain really had his own villain in his life…In other words, the mistress seemed to approach them purposefully but didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

“Wow, there are over three thousand purple gold coins and five thousand gold coins here. Should we give half to his former wife?”

JinYu mulled this over and said it aloud but didn’t wait for the boss’ response. That mistress laughed, “No no, that woman found an honest and good man to marry. Now her life is good. Even I’m jealous.”

“Wow, she’s a great woman. How about she marries my younger brother?”


This was the third time JinYu fell speechless after seeing this mistress. It’s fine, nothing to do with it!

Expressionless, he handed another box of one thousand purple gold coins to this fierce mistress. Unable to bear it anymore, JinYu asked, “Are you a professional mistress?” This man was really too ugly now!

The woman laughed, “I’m hobbies are just finding a guy who can develop well. If he has good character, I’ll stay for awhile. IF not, I’ll take his money when I leave.” Anyway, if the character isn’t good, then they must have a black heart. Once she finds it, she would find evidence. 

“I can see you.” The way of the money is bright!

JinYu stuck out his thumb in a display of his admiration. He then pulled his boss to leave. There were no surprises in this world. The money snatching mistress is, well, very powerful!! He couldn’t wait until the cabbage came back from the army and see how poor he is. The expression on his face would be quite wonderful.

“Lets each.” Qi Qinglin had a small smile on his face when he looked at JinYu. His expression became ridiculously gentle. “We can buy some food for the beasts one the way.”

Hearing this JinYu nodded earnestly. Then he smiled at the boss. The guy looked more and more comfortable. What should he do? “Try a taste!”

Afterwards, the boss was really asking for it. He was seriously an innocent person.

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January 12, 2020 12:07 am

The stupid cabbage got what he deserved, bwahahahaha. The “professional mistress” is so cool.

Thank you for the chapter!

January 12, 2020 4:29 am

The third to the last paragraph started with “Lets each” shouldn’t it be “Lets eat”?

January 12, 2020 4:32 am

Boss Qi knows how to make his mate happy.

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