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Chapter 145: Warning
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

No matter what kind of situation happened on the way to confiscate the family property, the overall result was very smooth and satisfactory.

After the completion of the search, the house and confiscation of possessions, JinYu and Qi QingLin returned to Li Xiao’s house that was decorated in animal hides for a while to wait for the coming of the night. What happened during the day was just appetizers. The real highlight was at night.

Of course, living in other people’s houses was not as comfortable as one’s own. He could let go of the decorations with all kinds of mismatched beast hides stitched together. The most important thing was that after eating all kinds of delicious meals made by the Taste lore beast after a long period of abstinence, he suddenly felt the food was less delicious and this was the most painful thing for JinYu. Of course, it was not that the food was hard to swallow. It was truly consistent with the saying—

Once one had seen the best, the others would become boring. This sentence applied to almost everything.

Finally, JinYu and Li Xiao stared at each other until 11 o’clock in the night. JinYu suddenly stood up, and Li Xiao and Cheng Liang sighed in relief. It was over.

“Oh, it’s easy to save those beasts at night, but the problem is that although we are on the side of beasts, we are still human. It’s better not to so blatantly set ourselves against the general trend.” JinYu could not help laughing at himself and said, “In fact, it’s not that I’m afraid. It’s just very troublesome. Besides, the fifth regiment here has imprisoned a large number of beasts, and there are thousands of regiments on the capital star. I’m afraid there are still many beasts waiting for us to be rescued.”

“En, I’m in favor of covert operations, but the question is how to forge evidence? There will always be someone who can recognize our abilities, and then it will be troublesome.” Li Xiao frowned. During the day, he and Cheng Liang got a lot of news through some special channels. Now, the conflict between beasts and human beings on the whole Capital Star was almost to the point where the two parties were unable to coexist. Usually during the day, the beasts hid in one place, while the human beings wantonly captured the solitary beasts. In the evening, many of those who had caught beasts in the daytime were killed in their own homes. Then they would be discovered by other humans the next day. This would trigger the human beings to crazily search for beasts and kill them in revenge.

It was a vicious spiral.

Li Xiao had also seen the human beings bitten to death by beasts. At the same time, he had also seen the beasts killed by human beings. No matter which one, their death was too horrible to look at. When had the relationship between beasts and humans reached such a crazy point? Seeing such a scene, Li Xiao even thought that there was no peaceful solution to the war between human beings and beasts unless one side was completely destroyed or enslaved.

“Hehehehehe, as for this, don’t worry! This is the beasts’ problem, Of course, it’ll be up to them to solve it. I don’t know anything. I only accidentally divulged some news and places and simply made a teleportation gate again.”

As JinYu said this, he put his palms together and then slowly pulled his hands apart. As his hands spread, a light screen appeared between his hands. When the width of the light screen reached one meter, he quickly pulled his hands back. After that, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang stared at the light screen and saw that seven or eight beasts had been squeezed out of it one after another, and each one was more familiar than the other.

“… Oh my god, Jin-zi, when did you learn this skill?! It’s practically a teleportation gate!” While hugging his Big-Tailed Wolf, Cheng Liang rubbed it with all his strength and howled with envy and jealousy, “Fuck, it’s not fair. I even dream of your ability in my dreams!!”

After hearing this, JinYu rolled his eyes and ignored the this idiot. He reached out and rubbed the big head that the BaoZi had stretched out to him. This was the first covert diversionary operation and JinYu did not let DaBai and WangWang participate in it. Although these two were very strong and were very calm and analytical, the problem was that both of them had been greatly scarred by human beings before. Comparatively, BaoZi, XiaoBai, XiaoXue, ErHei and XiaoBao were much better. The main reason was that these beasts were guileless and did not think too much. En, although XiaoBai and XiaoXue were a little dangerous, they were much better than DaBai. There should also be two beasts with brains and reason in this operation, otherwise, if it was just ErHei, XiaoBao and BaoZi, they would be able to prank the entire regiment till it was turned upside down.

In addition to the five original inhabitants of the Number 138 Cute Beast Store, there was also DaDaBai, the little golden monkey and the Lost Butterfly Beast joining due to their friendship. These three have always been treated as a treasure by their masters. Although the latters did not spend much time with them, they were also very guileless, so they could be put to good use.

As for Little Green and the Big-Tailed Wolf? Oh, JinYu only just released them to meet their owners. They were both impulsive and easy to abduct and were not suitable for their first rescue project.

After that, Jin Yu instilled at least ten different rescue methods into the eight beasts participating in the diversionary rescue operation, and then he hung a teleportation energy ball around XiaoBai’s neck. Even if it was him, he would need a day to gather enough energy to produce this teleportation energy ball and would take a day to recover. Therefore, the diversionary and rescue operations could only be carried out every other day. However, it was better than doing nothing, and it would probably be more difficult to mount rescue and diversionary operations when the end nears.

Thinking of this, JinYu could not help sighing. He had heard that tomorrow was the day when the representatives of beasts and humans negotiated for the first time. He could not understand the thoughts of these big shots at all. Did they really think that the beasts would obediently wait to be enslaved? Really, where did this such extreme self-confidence come from?!

No matter what JinYu was thinking about with a serious expression, the first glorious raid of the beast rescue team had already begun. This was called ‘the optimal display action of beast intelligence’ by the later generations, and was started with no scruples by an enormous bang.


Miaooooo—! [Fuck! ErHei you idiot!! Didn’t I tell you to be careful when attracting lightning?! You almost hit Lao Zi!!] Rrr Ruff! [Who cares about you? It’s the power grid that attracted the lightning by itself! Can’t you stop jumping on the electric pole when you’ve nothing to do, huh?!] Before ErHei was scratched by XiaoBai’s claws, this fool was frozen into a lump of ice. Looking up at XiaoXue whose paws were somewhat scorched, XiaoBai lowered its head and licked its claws. En, it seemed that XiaoXue preferred to stand on the electric wires…

“Who is it?!”

“Warning! Warning—! Invaders in the beast net (异兽网)!”

Instantly, an alarm sounded in the barracks and then a huge searchlight shone on the places where the beast nets were being held.
All the soldiers holding laser guns or alloy cold knives were stunned after seeing the situation around the beast net. A big hole had been made in the beast net, which was something they had expected, but! The beast net was completely empty!! This was something they could not believe nor endure!! But beyond that, there was something even more incomprehensible going on—

Their commander was carrying a laser canon barrel in his shoulder and was facing them with a posture that was ramrod straight.

“… Wh-wha-what’s happening?!”

“Oh my God! I- I’m not blind, right?!”

“Commander?! W-what are you doing?!”

All the awake soldiers were in a mess at this moment. Their commander who had always been the most meticulous, and who believed that rules were almost synonymous with orders, had secretly let go of all the beasts?! And was raising a cannon at them?! This was simply the most absurd dream!


“I must be dreaming.”

“Yes, yes, I think so too. Come let me hit you.”

“Scram! Lao Zi is feeling vexed. I’m the one who should be hitting you!”

So almost half of the soldiers thought they were still asleep, and the rest were still petrified.

Rumble rumble [Hurry up, quickly follow and keep up! Don’t randomly move, don’t get excited! The ability of the little black spot (小黑点) can’t last long. It’s even more difficult to control people with strong mental power. Keep up and wait at the riverbank and woods nearby!] At this time, in the eyes of all the soldiers, the Corps Commander was waving its claws while standing straight. XiaoBao expressed that it was really nice to pretend to be a poser and shock a large group of people! It would be better if it didn’t have to pretend with that damn monkey though.

“Commander!! Wh-what are you doing?!”

Just as everything was progressing smoothly, a loud and angry voice expressing righteous words rang out. There was a vertical bar and three stars on his insignia showing the rank of this man. He definitely looked like the ‘absolute solider’ that JinYu usually talked about.
“Tch, how does what I’m doing concern you?” XiaoBao muttered to himself, and then a voice came out.

Miaooo?! [Holy crap! You can change your voice?] A certain treasure turned pale in fright.

The golden monkey nodded calmly. It’s less stimulating than when you took on a human form. It almost let me think that there was an evildoer among the beasts, okay?!

Originally, such a sentence was quite effective in the face of ordinary officers, but it had to be said that there were still rational and analytical people in the army. Unfortunately, this one bar and three-star fella was one.

A few seconds after he was alarmed by a sentence from Xiao Jin, the man suddenly reacted. He immediately slapped the soldiers who were still feeling dizzy beside him and then sternly looked at XiaoBao who was disguised as the commander of the army, “Who are you?! Did you kidnap our commander or did you mentally control him?!”

XiaoBao was shocked when he heard this. At the same time, most of the soldiers who did not know what was going on were no longer confused. They all had an angry look and seemed to be looking for a fight as they glared at a certain treasure.

Thus… A certain treasure withered naturally.

“!! He’s not the commander. Let’s charge! The beasts are gone. At least we should catch such a ringleader!!”

The one bar and three stars saw through XiaoBao’s guilty conscience in a flash and took the opportunity to shout, thus the scene was completely chaotic.

“Fuck! Although Lao Zi a fake commander, is the laser gun in Lao Zi’s hand a fake?! Who wants to come up and let Lao Zi exterminate him?!!”

Xiao Jin roared quickly, and then it saw BaoZi turn its head and spat a ball of fire at the group of people who rushed up to it, before directly using its mouth to pick up the slowest beast and soared up to the sky.

Zhang Yun faintly saw a pair of white wings burning with fire, and a pair of extremely enchanting purple cat pupils through the glare of the flames, while a childish voice that was burning with a frenzy of rage sounded in his ear and grew fainter with every second, “Your sister! That one bar and three star fella! You have been remembered by this little master (小爷)! Next time, this little master will use bamboo and pierce your heart with ten thousand of bamboo!! This little master’s perfect plan!!”

So this childish voice that gave everyone a headache upon hearing it gradually disappeared, and this ‘beast rebellion’ that happened in the late night and shocked of the whole Capital Star came to an end.

Ten minutes later, the commander who was late looked at a group of soldiers that was eying him with an extremely strange gaze in confusion. At the same time, a brilliant emerald green light burst out near the moat before it disappeared.


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January 12, 2020 11:11 pm

This situation is hard to resolve. the accumulated hatred of the beasts exploded after many years of mistreatment, and the people at the top are just too stupid or too arogant to do anything constructive. I can’t wait to see what kind of “lesson” will be given to those fools, who want to negotiate with an ulterior motive in mind.
Thank you for the chapter!

January 13, 2020 2:32 am

I’m afraid I’d be on the “Save the beasts” side. Even with how they feel like killing a human is the best thing ever. There have to be more people than just our MC that understand and support beast’s rights. Where is the Resistance?

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