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Chapter 19: Being Shot Full

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“If that’s what you want…” Ed said in a hoarse voice. He didn’t give Augus any chance to rethink. He grabbed the other’s waist and forced himself up twice.

“Yes, ah!” Because of gravity, Augus felt that Ed was deeper than usual and his waist was soft when he was hit. However, he was unwilling to lie down and bear it, and set his hands firmly on Ed’s chest. He tried to match Ed’s speed. His fluid secreted automatically from his back end and dripped along Ed’s penis, which made the place where the two people met extremely moist.

“Is it comfortable being on top of me?” Ed knowingly asked as he purposely stimulated Augus’s back end. His penis continuously secreted a little transparent liquid, which was then swung up and down on Ed’s abdomen with his body movements.

“Shut up…” Augus didn’t think he’d ever get used to Ed’s nasty banter when they were having sex.

Ed was stimulated by Augus’s glare, and he used the back end to stimulate his own penis enthusiastically. His fingers were deeply embedded in the flesh of Augus’s waist and legs, leaving several red marks on the well-defined muscles. At this time, this degree of slight pain would not make Augus feel any discomfort, but because of an omega’s submission, it made his back acupoint contract around Ed’s penis hungrily.


The tip of Ed’s penis stabbed at the entrance of Augus’s reproductive tract. Augus lost his strength completely. He could only lie on Ed’s chest with his whole body gone soft. The point where they were connected was exposed to the air towards the end of the bed.

Originally, he wanted to sit up again. Before he could hold up one arm, Augus found out his sensitive point and started to rub against it, with the help of Ed’s penis, back and forth several times. Finally, he could only lean on Ed and move.

“So good…” Ed leaned over and whispered to Augus’s ear.

Augus’s head was near Ed’s shoulder and was buried in the pillow. He was so embarrassed that Ed could not see his expression clearly. Only because of Ed’s direct words did he become more and more red. After doing this for a while, Ed didn’t think the posture was convenient enough. Although Augus’s appearance on his body was delicious, there were opportunities to see it later.

He put his arms around Augus’s waist and turned him over to touch his deepest position. Ed pressed Augus under his body and leaned his lower body in a little bit. He couldn’t help it.

“Relax.” Ed looked directly into Augus’s eyes, put his hands on his face, and gently moved the strands of Augus’s hair that was wet and sticking on his face.

“Open the reproductive path for me. Let me in…”

Augus shuddered all over. Even if he had made up his mind, he still felt so uneasy when he felt that he was going to be completely marked. At the same time, there was a kind of excitement he possessed, which was conflicting. He looked straight at Ed, then his tense body relaxed.

Ed felt that there was a slight movement around his penis, which was wrapped in soft meat.

He couldn’t stand it. He fully pulled out his penis, pushed in, and smoothly cut through the soft corridor. Then the glans broke through the tighter corridor. At that moment, his penis was a little bigger. This was an alpha’s instinct when he entered an omega’s internal genital tract. It could help an alpha smoothly enter the end of an omega’s internal genital tract, where he could form a knot and shoot semen into the innermost part.

Fuck it.

This recognition, combined with the unexplained pleasure that never existed before, made Augus’s back end constrict and he screamed out “Ah,” unconsciously.

Ed didn’t stop because of this. He felt that even if the house had collapsed, he couldn’t stop. The sensitive glans were moistened by the liquid from the intestine, but the temperature was higher, and the inner wall of the genital tract was tightly wrapped around him. Ed’s penis inside him was squeezed tightly by the reproductive tract, as if the tract had a mind of its own. Ed pulled out entirely and before the hole completely closed, he inserted it back in. The half opened reproductive tract was completely opened this time, and it enveloped the whole of Ed’s penis leaving Augus’s brain blank.

“So hot, so tight…” Peacetime sex was totally different. Ed was gasping for breath and almost couldn’t control himself.

Augus felt that the deepest part of his body was completely open without any precaution, and then he was stuffed with Ed’s penis. Any part of the inner wall of the reproductive tract was a sensitive point, and Ed played around a few times making Augus’s legs twitch uncontrollably. Augus instinctively opened his legs wide and placed his hands on his thighs to support it and make the most suitable state to be entered.

“Mn… Ah… “

Ed swung his waist wildly and thrusted his penis back and forth, but he never left the reproductive tract from the beginning to the end, as if he was afraid of it closing up as soon as he left. Augus’s hand unconsciously pinched into his thigh flesh, and tears appeared in the corners of his eyes.

Ed looked down and saw that Augus’s eyes were red, and he felt a sense of satisfaction. He was satisfied that Augus, this arrogant and calm man, was willing to lie under him and be manipulated and taken by him. So he worked harder and harder, moved Augus’s hands and quickly squeezed his bruised hands, and held the two big crooked legs.

Augus was pushed straight back, but he didn’t hit the wall since there was a pillow behind his head. At this time, Ed held Augus’s ankles and raised them high. This action made Augus’s legs hang in mid-air, at an angle almost perpendicular to the bed, which made it more convenient for Ed to enter and leave. There was a lot of pornographic liquid pouring out of his hole and it wet the bed sheets.

He was lost in such ecstasy that gradually there was nothing left in Augus’s mind. His daily forbearance was burned to ashes by the feelings in his reproductive tract at the moment, and the groans that he kept holding in were all let out out at the moment.

“Mnnn! Uhn… E, Ed! I’m coming, ah…”

“Together.” Ed held Augus’s bulging erection. Augus was forced to block his orgasm. He couldn’t stand it. He twisted helplessly a few times to break free without any result.

“No way! Let me come, mnn!”

Ed’s breathing became heavier and heavier, his body thrusted faster and faster, and he asked hoarsely, “Is it comfortable to be held? Do you like to do it with me?”

“Let me, oh! Let me come…”

“If you don’t answer, I won’t let you.” At the moment, Ed’s alpha pheromone broke out, and aggressively spread to every corner of the room, making Augus tremble. He was driven mad by the desire that his front end couldn’t launch, and then he endured the accumulated pleasure, which made him confused. He was half-ordered and half-intimidated to shout out the words that he would never normally say, “Comfortable, comfortable! Ah, mnn, let me…”

“Do you like to do it with me?” Ed put more force on his hand and moved it to knead Augus’s penis.

“Like…” Augus’s face was red as was the rest of his body.

Ed was not satisfied. He felt that he was about to come. This time, it was not a normal ejaculation.

“Say it, ask me to come inside you.” Ed bowed his head and kissed Augus with a violent and disorderly tongue, “Let’s come together when you say it.”

At first, there was a last rational thought left in Augus’s head and he shook his head weakly. Hearing this, he was bewitched again. He whispered on and off, “You, mmmn! You…You come inside me!” 

This sentence was like the last straw to overwhelm Ed. He immediately released his grip on Augus’s penis, and, at the same time, he tried his best to hold himself in the deepest possible part inside Augus. 

Augus’s member finally ejaculated, his eyes were blurred for a moment, but he immediately found that the most intense feeling was not from his front, but the inside of his body.

He clearly felt that Ed’s penis grew rapidly, especially his head, and in a few seconds grew to an astonishing size. At this time, Ed’s penis left in the innermost part of his reproductive tract firmly formed a knot, filling his insides and semen began to shoot out from the head, beating on the narrow reproductive tract walls one by one, repeatedly washing and imprinting Ed’s scent and pheromone there.

Augus was marked completely.

After Ed came several times, Augus was able to finally react. At this time, his back acupoint tightly shrank and imprisoned Ed’s knot, as if to fuse them together. Ed growled comfortably. Despite the mess in front of his chest caused by Augus’s ejaculation, he leaned over and moved Augus’s head to one side. Ed bit the back of Augus’s neck again, where the mark from when he temporarily marked him before was still visible.

His back end was filled by the big knot, and the back of his neck was also firmly held. Augus only felt that his whole body had been nailed to the bed, and the pleasure ran all over his body like an electric current. His hands and feet were numb, and he couldn’t move at the moment. He could only bear the washing of this pheromone, but he didn’t hate this feeling.

It took several minutes before the knot began to grow smaller. During this period, their bodies were quickly printed with the scent of each other. The complete mark had been established. Later, their Heat, pheromones, bodies…including their hearts would only be for each other.

Ed’s penis had been ejaculating intermittently. When the knot was small enough to slide out of the reproductive tract, Ed pulled out his half soft penis. After a day’s devastation, Augus’s back acupoint couldn’t completely close, and milky semen leaked out.

Augus only felt that Ed had shot in more than that. His reproductive tract was filled with pain at the moment. He didn’t like the feeling that he was sticky after they finished, so he subconsciously opened his legs to stretch his anus to let the semen flow out.


Some more semen came out, which was brought out of his rectum from the penis, and the rest was still in the reproductive tract.

Augus can only turn to Ed, “Get whatever you shot in out.”

Ed couldn’t help laughing, “Do you really not know?”

Augus looked at Ed in surprise, and felt at random. His reproductive tract had closed automatically and was tightly locked, and there was not even a crack.

“I can’t open it?”

“It seems that your physiology is not up to standard.” Ed was pleased by the expression on Augus’s face, and that they had just established the deepest relationship possible. He did not look like he was in a happy mood, but the tone of voice revealed his happiness. “When an omega is first marked, in order to better conceive and remember the scent of their alpha, they will immediately close their reproductive tract and absorb the semen after the knot is out.”

Where would Augus learn physiology? Plus, he had not been an omega before! Of course, he didn’t know the details. At that moment, his face was very bad, and he said with a little embarrassment, “I have to carry a full stomach … of semen… and sleep?”

“To be exact, it will take 24 hours to fully absorb…” Ed kissed Augus’s earlobes. “Don’t look at me like that. I can’t help it. At the moment, I can’t insert it. An omega’s body places birth first.”

“I’m not a normal omega,” he said in a dumb voice after staring at the bed.

“Um, I already know.”

“…We might not be able to have children.”

“It doesn’t matter. You are enough.” Ed took a deep breath of Augus, appreciating how he smelled like him. “Do you think I care about this?”

“I just want to talk to you.” Augus felt that he was going too far and didn’t want to admit that he really thought Ed would care about it. Although he didn’t want to have children, it was different from being unable to have them. Now that he had established a final mark relationship with Ed, he felt it was his responsibility to tell Ed about this possibility.

But hearing Ed say that only himself was enough, Augus felt warm.

“I thought you’d hate it?” Ed remembered the last time he was at the training ground, Augus made him come outside himself to avoid accidents.

“That’s not…” In the middle of the conversation, Augus saw Ed’s smiling face and looked at himself, only to realize that he had been molested and shut up.

“I won’t say it. Let’s change the sheets and go to bed.” Ed looked out of the window. It was almost dawn. If the army didn’t know that he was on a special day off, he would never have the energy to step out of the house today. “Can you stand up?”

Although Augus’s legs were a little soft, he was okay to stand reluctantly. It was just that he could feel the semen in his body when he moved.

Ed didn’t speak about his embarrassing appearance either. He quickly changed the bed sheets and went to bed. The pheromones in the room had faded. The pheromones combined by the two people were particularly harmonious and covered both of them. Nearly a day of sex and a complete marking had drained their energy, and they both soon fell asleep.

Ed held Augus from behind, remembered what happened before he went to sleep, and vaguely told Augus, “By the way, there is something important we need to do tomorrow…” 

He didn’t know if Augus, who was more physically exhausted than him, was asleep or if he heard his words, but Ed, who didn’t hear a response, fell asleep.

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