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Chapter 146: Only Idiots Would Believe It
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It only took one night for XiaoBao and the other’s ‘act of glory’ to spread across the Capital Star. After all, they either kidnapped or rescued a lot of beasts.

For such a sudden event, there were all sorts of rumors going on. Some say it was a beast invasion; some say it was a terrorist attack while a very small few believed it to be the only natural. After all, imprisoning beasts were immoral, there was just no way to justify it.

Other than that, the topic of gossip and of great interest was the person who looked identical to Commander of the Fifth Army/Fleet. (第五军团团长) Also, the arrogant, childish voice at the end.

It was only natural for breasts to rescue their comrades and blast the human base. However, that person was clearly human, so a human who sounded like a rebelling teenager and was a terrorist…treasonous!!

As a human, who could you work for the other side?! Beasts were already going wild, so why aren’t you helping humans and dimming their fire? How could you help them!

So, it didn’t take long for the central government to initiate an inspection. No matter the method, find and capture the leader and their beast alive.

The investigation simply lead the executive officers who got the order depressed and frustrated. When they went excitedly to the Fifth Army to find clues and witnesses, all they got was bizarre answers!

“Really, really, all I saw was a flash of bright light, and our commander was in front of me with a cannon! I even thought I was dreaming at first!”

“Pshh, I think our commanders got mind-controlled, otherwise how would the voice and body type be identical?”

“No, no, I didn’t actually see the commander! The one I saw was the vice-commander! What should I do?!”

“Psshh, can you even see the other person’s face with eyes like yours?! Let’s see, near-sighted, astigmatism, glaucoma…”

“…say, if I say I saw a tiny old man…would you believe me?”


“Like hell, I’ll believe that!”

Thus, those officers who got the order just felt a wave of pressure wash over them. How was this possible?! Almost a hundred people saw a hundred different scenes! What was even weirder was that some say they saw a beast, others only saw a human, and some say the beast escaped at the beginning, but there was also someone who saw the beasts being taken away right in front of them…this was getting difficult.

Although the initial result was unfavorable, the officers chosen were indeed elites, thus after three days of brain-cell-killing-brainstorming, they finally came up with a somewhat plausible conclusion amongst the implausible ones.

This was the work of a well-organized rescue squad. There were six to ten level B beasts participating with at least one specializing in creating illusions. They first shielded all of the beasts from sight to create the illusion of all the beasts escaping. Then, there was at least a lightning and fire type beasts who attacked. According to Zhang Yun’s account, there was also a flying type beasts. Other than that, there was a child around eleven to twelve who had a high-level transforming ability. They were either brainwashed or in their rebellious phase and should be one of the leaders. They were highly dangerous.

As for thinking, it was a human and not beast who transformed into the commander was because, in a thousand years of history, no beast could transform into a human. If beasts could do that, then whether or not they were beast or human would become complicated. That was an existence humans didn’t want to believe in, whether emotionally or intellectually. After all, that would be an existence equal to them. They would no longer be unique, much less the top of the food chain.

Thus, under this baseless assumption, XiaoBao became a child who was brainwashed and needed rescuing. But it was because of this assumption, that the old foxes paid less attention to Jin Boss.

Within the past three days, there were at least fifteen forces who tried, by various means, to get in contact with Boss Jin. After all, anyone with a brain and knew of his situation would see the possibility of him being the perpetrator. This guy greatly favored the beasts and had five A level beasts in his store! All the beast disappeared after the beast rebellion, and they still haven’t caught them. Not only that, the vice-commander of the Fifth Army searched and confiscated his house! (Not sure if they confiscated it) His suspicion was sky high!



They had no evidence, and this was someone who would never admit to it himself! Also, you couldn’t threaten or bribe him! So, just seeing his smiling face that had an expression of ‘all is well’ made people want to punch him.

They couldn’t say anything without evidence, but they could monitor him 24/7. After all, it was likely the beasts and child would continue their crimes, so, so! They should be able to find something, right?! Also, it seemed that JinYu’s store had a lightning and fire type beast.

But sometimes there was a gap between belief and reality. When the officers saw a black smiley face on their monitor, you can imagine their expressions.

At the same time, the higher-ups of the Capital Star harbored not such great feelings as well.

As they would like you to know, today was the day of negotiation between the beasts and humans. But, the place they had arranged perfectly for only had Shan QingZhe sitting there, alone with no beast in sight.

Are you kidding me! This was a national live broadcast! Could the beasts gave us some face?! We could bomb your whole planet, you know?!

But, even till the sunset, there was no beast. The image became very sad and mocking.


A violent wind blew across, and from the horizon came a fiery red shadow.

Just as everyone was prepared to criticize or welcome the beast, the red eagle shook its left talon, and a Kakemono unraveled. The words were as follows: planting traps and imprisoning beasts, only an idiot would negotiate! Then another Kakemono unraveled from its right talon with the words, get a reasonable person to negotiate, and a less idiotic agreement! Then, from the eagle’s beak came the last Kakemono, fuck off! (挂幅 a hanging scroll, in this case usually red, plastered on all three sides of a door during the new years with words of blessing)

According to rumors, in an instant, many higher-ups had varying degrees of color change on their faces. Some held their chest, almost about to faint.


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January 13, 2020 10:13 pm

That was a predictable outcome. “Could the beasts gave us some face?!” Nope, why would they? Do these people think that the beast kings are brainless and would fall for that kind of trick?! lol

Thank you for the chapter!

January 14, 2020 1:14 am

Thank you for the chapter

January 14, 2020 2:03 am

These Young Masters and babies are hilarious.

April 26, 2020 10:22 am


October 19, 2021 12:39 am

It’s taken me until now to realise humans don’t know some beasts can transform? So no one knows about Qi Qinglin outside his family? It never occurred to me.
Thank you for translating.

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