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Chapter 21: Moving

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Later, as Ed explained to Augus, they would gradually shift their focus to the border and try to settle on other planets. It didn’t need to be a very rich place, as long as it was quiet and remote. While living as a general, he could also serve as a defense. Although his life would be more dangerous than that in the Empire, he would at least far away from the center of the power struggle.

Of course, Augus was not worried about security at all. For him, even the front line of the battlefield was more comfortable than living at the foot of the Imperial Palace. But he couldn’t hold Ed because of his own reasons. After all, the materials here in the capital were the best in the galaxy. He also had his parents’ houses and properties, so he moved away all the time.

Augus pursed his lips, “In fact, it doesn’t matter if I stay here.”

Instead of breaking through his simple lies, Ed told him, “You’re okay? Every time I have a face-to-face meeting with the old nobles and the royal family, I’m bored to death with those superficial manners and etiquettes.”

Augus clearly smiled, he was not good at saying thanks, but Ed understood that, which made him very happy.

The following days passed quickly, and Ed’s attendance in army grew lesser and lesser. He hardly showed up except for necessary occasions and stayed at home every day. He was waiting for an opportunity to go further. The Emperor would not put a general on the border at will, unless there was an emergency war, or the Emperor changed frontline generals. 

“The Emperor’s health is getting worse and worse.” Ed looked at the recent military and political meetings, and found that the old Emperor had not appeared in any public place for almost a few months, and was fully represented by the Eldest and Second Princes.

“I remember you told me that you have accepted favors from the Eldest Prince for my business before. Will it affect you?” Augus sat on the sofa and raised his head from the book he was reading. His life during this period was not boring. He and Ed often went to the simulation area to exercise their muscles and bones. Sometimes it was hard to say whether he won or lost, but basically Ed prevailed.

“No, I was also optimistic about the eldest son. It’s different from the Union. In terms of the choice of successors, we should not only consider the ability, but also the birth.”

“You mean the difference between the eldest son of the Queen and the eldest son of a concubine, right?” Augus had a deep understanding of the laws and customs of the Empire.

“Yes, even if Queen Anlena has passed away, she was still the original match for the Emperor of the Empire. The Eldest Prince is the heir for a reason.”

“According to my previous understanding, the forces under the Second Prince are not small.” Augus frowned, as if he didn’t understand why Ed simply felt that there was no risk in the Eldest Prince’s succession.

Ed moved to Augus, “It’s dark in the room. Don’t keep reading it…” He put the book aside with a bookmark. He smoothly changed the book into his own hand and kneaded it back and forth. “Obviously, the advantage of the Eldest Prince is more than identity.”


“He also gave me some benefits, I will tell you…” Ed held Augus’s hand close, nibbled at the knuckle of Augus’s pinkie, and just emitted his pheromones slightly.

Augus’s breathing began to turn disorderly. He put out his hand and let Ed bite it. He turned his head and looked at the ground, “I didn’t ask you at all.”

Ed saw that Augus’s ears were red and he was still trying to be brave. He pushed Augus on the sofa directly with the base of his hand. In a short time, the two people were naked, and their bodies and feet were intertwined.

“The Marshal is from the Eldest Prince’s side.” While continuing the conversation from several hours ago, Ed continued to use his fingers to move in and out of the hole after being injected with semen, making Augus’s whole body tremble under the name of cleaning out the semen.

“It was not the Eldest Prince who brought them together. It was the personal friendship between the Marshal and the former Queen, Anlena…” Ed’s fingers dishonestly crossed the sensitive spot inside Augus that had been found for a long time, and he was satisfied to see that the front part of Augus was half-hard again.

“… Stop playing!” Augus’s voice was hoarse, and he turned to stop Ed, but he had no choice but to become ‘weak’ in Ed’s hands. Moreover, he could not raise his temper to resist when he was comfortable.

“Where am I playing? I’m talking to you,” said Ed, looking at Augus in a serious way, but his movements didn’t stop. “So it’s easy for the Eldest Prince to try to buy me for combat power. Where can I use the marshal when he’s there?”

Augus was sweating again, and his ears listened to Ed’s words, but he had no energy to think or answer. The pheromones of an alpha and omega were not supposed to affect each other after complete marking. How come he felt that there was no difference? Now it was Ed’s turn to flirt, and Augus felt like he’s starving and thirsty.

It was better to know that Ed had gotten a favor from the Eldest Prince. Augus simply gave up thinking, so Ed continued to play.

Opportunities did not come slowly.

Ed estimated that, in just a few months, the Alliance would make another small move.

Taking advantage of the first-hand information, Ed directly applied for an assignment, which shocked his colleagues. Everyone agreed with the ‘you wanted to run away long ago, didn’t you’ conclusion.

There was no difference in the application. Naturally, it was approved by the Emperor soon. It seemed that the Emperor still had the strength to deal with political affairs. It was estimated that the Eldest Prince would not be able to block the emperor for a while. Ed had no respect for the royal family.

There had never been a precedent of applying for a leading star while applying for a foreign assignment. It had also been proved that the superiors would not agree to let them go to a place beyond their field of vision to wait with their neckties and arms. Ed decided to wait until the situation was stable to discuss the application.

“You want me to stay here? What are you kidding about?” said Augus, looking at the briefcase

“Did you see people who used to support their families at the border?”

Augus choked for a moment. His only identity was indeed as Ed’s spouse. Of course, there was no reason to go with him, “I can count on my strength…”

“You just want to go to the battlefield, but in case you go into Heat?” Ed looked at the low-key Augus with tears and laughter.

“I really want to go to war, but it’s not because you have to go alone for a long time…”

Augus fidgetly pulled at the collar of his shirt, but looked up to see Ed’s smiling face.

“Here you are.” Ed took an ID chip and a pendant out of his pocket, “fake soldier identity and optical camouflage of appearance.” After that, he added, “It’s not completely illegal. After all, it’s approved by the Emperor.”

Augus was so angry but he was glad to hear that Ed finally got the chance to apply for an assignment. But he thought he would have to wait at home. He was so worried that he said everything in his heart in a fit of anger. As a result, he was fooled by Ed again. He took what Ed had in his hand and put it away. He went to brush his teeth and wash without even looking at Ed.

Ed made up his mind and apologized once he was in bed.

“How can the Eldest Prince agree?” The degassed Augus was half buried in the quilt, his voice was muffled, “He doesn’t care that I was a Union soldier before?”

Ed leaned over and hugged Augus from behind, “I told the Eldest Prince that you are willing to serve the Empire now, but will only listen to me. The reason is that I ordered you as an alpha, and… You are obedient to me in bed… “

Augus stretched out his hand to slap the one behind him and was caught by Ed, “Let me talk. Don’t do it seriously! How can I fight if you really hit me?”

Augus snorted, “Anyway, I’ll listen to you. Let me fight with you.”

“I’ll listen to you.” Ed stroked Augus’s back twice, which aroused the other side to fight for inspiration. Then he seemed to prove himself. He turned over and licked Augus’s neck. “Especially in bed, am I not enough to listen to you? I’ll do whatever I can, and whatever you want…”

Augus blushed at the blatant words, but knew that he couldn’t win Ed’s full set of refutations, so he had to bite his teeth and pretend to be dumb, and shut up Ed in other ways.

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