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Chapter 147: Negotiator
Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Humans never thought that they would be called stupid by beasts.

At least in those high-level superiors’ ways of thinking, even if beasts had IQ, they still wouldn’t be intelligent enough to insult humans while also digging a pit for humans to jump into.

But on the day of negotiation’s blood-colored dusk, those superiors finally realized that they were truly lacking in some understanding of the beasts. So, the matter of top importance was to hastily go and supplement their knowledge and data on beasts’ IQ and activity. Since the first negotiator volunteer, the Shan family’s second eldest child, was slapped in the head by the red eagle’s wing, the capital star’s president finally knew that he was helpless. In front of everyone, the old fellow lowered his head and promised that in the future, he would definitely listen to their advice.

And then, the first task that he received after he said he would listen was—

“Old man, I already did the investigation. There are only seven high-level beast trainers on the entire capital star who have the ability to train and somewhat understand beasts. Rumor has it that four of those seven have the ability to completely understand what beasts are trying to say by looking at their body language. In the beast training centers where these seven people work, the amount of beasts who left are less than half of the typical amount that left similar centers. For three of them, not even thirty percent of the beasts left. In other words, you should go pay a visit to those three.”

The one who spoke was Old Man Long. This person’s information and contact network were both terrifyingly huge, or else his family wouldn’t be so afraid of him even after he left them. The only thing was that Bai Fuchi felt a little be awkward when facing him.

“Old Long, I know the three people you’re referring to. Respectively, they’re Charles, the Chief Labor Contractor, and Zhuo Niya. But all of them are essentially their region’s national treasures. Even though I can visit them very easily, if I want to understand beasts I have to touch upon some core issues. I’m afraid they won’t cooperate with me.”

In addition, even if some beasts had left, those three still had at least five or so A-rank beasts, as well as thousands of other ranked beasts. If he said one wrong thing, he would be beaten up by them all. It must be said that because of what happened with the beast rebellion, even those three had their hands full trying to deal with their own centers.

Bai Fuchi’s words made Old Long curl his mouth. He sneered before looking at Old Jin, who was picking his teeth with a pair of tweezers at the side. When Old Jin saw his old pal’s gaze, he chuckled. “Actually, on my side I also have a candidate who definitely is up to par with the other three and is also very easy to get close to. But I think you messed up a few things prior to this, so you need courage just to see him at this point.”

“Who?” Bai Fuchi suddenly grew energized. “Don’t worry, as long as it isn’t those three, I will complete the task to the fullest of my capability no matter who it is!”

“Hehe. That fish that is the hardest to do business with.”

“…” Instantly, Bai Fuchi wilted.

Fuck, the degree of difficulty it took to get that guy on his side was harder than all three of them combined! A final boss-like existence – he wasn’t even at max level yet, so how could he go for the boss!

As a result, after being conflicted for a long time, Bai Fuchi finally decided it would be best to go fight the small monsters. Even though he had experience from fighting monsters, without an expert to carry him, it would truly be too easy for him to end up as a corpse.

After that, Bai Fuchi spent three days to get quite a bit of intelligence and overall data on the beasts, which made another layer of wrinkles appear on his face. Then those numbers were spread by the old fellows all over the light web network and screens, just like they were some essential textbook. They were broadcasted anywhere that they could be broadcasted.

Actually, for the heads of those ten great clans and those old people standing at the peak, they all expected this day to come eventually. It wasn’t just because they had their former generation’s warnings; it was also because they were able to scrape by to where they were now, which made their ways of looking at things extremely cruel.

So they were still quite calm about the beast rebellion; so they calmly sipped their tea when the beasts hung rhyming couplets, unlike those forty-fifty year old youngsters who were so angry their hearts hurt. But even if they already foresaw this day coming, they were still a little bit confused, unable to react, and even a bit selfish, when this finally happened. That’s why the president had such an ignorant plan, as well as the despicable act of the army imprisoning the beasts, leading to the even more vile act of rescuing them.

But for the senior level, their ideas will never be close to the most real level. What they want is how to solve the contradiction between the beast and the human quickly and effectively. So they won’t order that all the captured animals be released, because this is a small matter in their eyes.

And the big thing was that most of the people at the top thought that the biggest reason why beasts and human beings came to this point was that human beings have never correctly understood the existence of “beasts,” beyond those who were known to abuse and abandon them.

To say something that makes the people at the top sigh, something they don’t want to admit: except for the name of “beast”, the difference between beasts and humans was pitifully small. So after seeing the couplet left by the beasts, the senior officials finally decided to start with the same opinion present for ten thousand years. Equal status and recognition were the basis of getting along equally.

Of course, don’t think that those old guys are good just from looking at that. Even if they admit that beasts were smart, those wily old farts could still foresee that even if they got along with beasts equally in the future, they were still just as easy to trick as children in some aspects. In the words of a certain whale, in terms of kindness and innocence, the beasts were much more advanced than the human beings. On the contrary, the human race, which hadn’t disappeared for tens of thousands of years and was growing stronger and stronger, had too many schemes against the beasts. This was also considered a sort of equal advantage, right? In any case, as long as the humans faced the beasts properly, even if there was no master-slave relationship, they still would not suffer losses.

So the science popularization began. At the beginning of this day, human beings really began to change their previous assumptions and face up to the existence of beasts.

Although it was quite difficult for most people to change the idea of a concept that has already become a scientific law, the so-called ‘journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ says that it will be possible if there is a beginning.

“Ah, Baichi ah, I’ve been following the people’s reactions these past few days. I feel like such dry stats isn’t enough for humans to rationally get acquainted with the beasts during this stage of the rebellion. After thinking it through, I still think it’ll be better if we spread it more specifically.” Old Long was very dissatisfied. If things continued like this, by the time they were tired of waiting, not even half the humans would entertain the possibility of being on equal ranks with the beasts.

“I heard my family’s Xiao-er say that it seems like that brat JinYu had some of their bored beasts make a comprehensive strategy guide, how about you go and borrow it? That should convey our intentions very well, and kindhearted people and children will accept it more easily. If this generation is too stubborn, the next will be better, and that’ll be enough.”

Bai Fuchi almost choked on his coffee. He almost handed out his own life during the past three days when he was trying to persuade those three weirdos. After finally defeating those small monsters, he thought that he had finally leveled up or was at least at a good place. Why the fuck was there a hidden follow up task?! The big BOSS was the mountain blocking the exit, hah? Your sister, I can’t even get past if I die!

But no matter how unwilling Bai Fuchi was, and even though he and JinYu had some personal grudges against each other, he couldn’t bypass the old fellows’ ideas, unless he didn’t want his position as president anymore. As a result, the esteemed, holy strategy book appeared just like that after that day.

Thirty whole times – the president cut a bloody path out of the battlefield from Qi Qinglin’s cold air, JinYu’s fake smile, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang’s ‘I’m not home’ strategy and ‘disregard’ hell.

Just when the president thought that he was going to be frozen and ignored to death, a certain while finally handed over the movie he had filmed of his cute beasts messing around, out of consideration for the bigger picture and the beasts themselves. Tsk tsk, looking at a certain fellow who only had a single breath of air left in him, Big Boss Jin smiled truly unkindly. Aiya, who told them to have old scores to settle?

After that, the legendary [Beast Stratagems] – filmed exclusively by the cute beast store, later heralded as one of the universal introduction materials to beasts, and the one with the most historical significance – appeared just like that on every household’s light screens. And because the main star of the film was covered by ‘powerful, beautiful, resolute, self-confident’ and more too beautiful and shocking properties, half of the children were converted instantly on the day the film came out.

That, paired with the profound sentence that played at the end of every airing, finally allowed mankind to take the first tiny step onto the path of equality.

“Mr. President, all the mayors of the seven cities have allied with the governors of the nine prefectures to send a public notice. They request that you must find someone who’s intelligent and has an affinity with the beasts to negotiate with them!”

Bai Fuchi’s face twitched, and all the various economic and political bigshots also twitched behind him. “Anything else?” The subordinate looked even more constipated; there was definitely something he was suppressing.


“Just say it.”

“Yes, sir! The people have requested not to write some moronic thing on the agreement that overwhelmingly favors one side. Even though we are the masters, the beasts aren’t dumb either. If it’s possible, eh, please appropriately announce the contents of the agreement for consultation…”


Instantly, a bigshot was so angry he smashed his cup. Bai Fuchi felt like he was twitching all over his body. Fuck, ever since the beasts rebelled, this was the most he felt screwed over. After being secretly called moronic by his own people, fuck, can’t those bigshots be a little smarter!!


Just when Bai Fuchi was getting ready to flip out at the bigshots, a soldier suddenly charged in, looking panicked.


“The beasts threw a slip of paper over.”

“Bring it here!”

Bai Fuchi grabbed the paper and unfurled it. What he saw was:

We saw the light screen, and we universally agree that the movie is pretty good. Tell the fellow in the film to come negotiate! P.S., we also think that you can broadcast the content of the agreement on the screens, for reference. P.P.S.: we have knowledge-type beasts on our side specializing in law. Don’t play with us!! Aoo!


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January 14, 2020 9:41 pm

Haha, even beasts have their own lawyer. Poor president,does he still has some face left?

January 14, 2020 10:31 pm

This is a complete smack down of the morons who thought they can outsmart the beasts. So good to see that!

Thank you for the chapter!

June 14, 2020 5:22 pm

Hahahahaha… This is so damn hillarious. Hahahhahaha

February 25, 2021 6:23 am

I would also like to have a knowledge type beast that specializes in law…or accounting… support type beasts sound extremely amazing

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