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Chapter 30: Extra – Marital Daily Life: Adoption (END)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


A month later, Ed and Augus stood in the orphanage’s office. Although Augus was very happy about it, he still felt that he had been trapped, “You have already investigated it?”

“I check it at will. But I wanted to talk to you since you are interested in raising children.”

“…Next time, don’t check my mobile terminal.”

“I’m afraid you’re sneaking around, and typing there makes it obviously more suspicious. Oh, it’s my mistake. I won’t look at it next time.” After receiving Augus’s stare, Ed immediately confessed his mistake.

The Dean of the orphanage watched nervously as the two men quarreled, trying to blend himself into the background as a mural. Today, he had suddenly received a notice that General Ed and his partner would come to the orphanage to have a look at the children. He might even adopt a child as his foster son, which scared the Dean to the core.

Ed just didn’t want the orphanage to have too much preparation or deliberate recommendation, so he resorted to a sudden attack, and didn’t consider the fragile heart of the Dean.

“You can’t see anything just by looking at the roster. Can we walk around? We will not have too much contact with the children or disturb them.” Ed closed the book that had the record of the details and photos of each orphan.

“This…Of course, but is there some specification thatLord Ed and what Lord Augustus wants in the child? We can help you sort out the scope.”

Ed and Augus looked at each other. They didn’t ask for anything. Age, no x-ng, no x-ng, they hadn’t considered any of them. The Dean didn’t know why Ed would come to adopt a child, but in the past, most people preferred the younger ones. It was better to pick the ones who didn’t remember things in their infancy, so that they could grow up like their own children. And most people would also give priority to an alpha. But given the small number of orphans that were alphas, they would occasionally consider betas. However, these two people had come here, and they had no requirements based on their eyes, but they would still encounter a first encounter.

Yu, the Dean, and the Dean’s Secretary took two people to the nursery for a walk, where all of orphans were under three years old.

“…Augus.” Ed looked around at a group of soft buns still lying in bed and looked at Augus feeling a little flustered.

Augus obviously felt similar to Ed, “They’re so small, it’s bad to touch it…”

Ed nodded in agreement.

The Dean wiped the sweat, “Then, let’s go to see the older children?”

As the four people were walking together in the corridor to another building, the Secretary briefly introduced the facilities and arrangements of the orphanage along the way, and reminded them that it was the children’s break time now. If possible, they should kindly try not to disturb the rest period of most children.

“Although the children don’t know who you are…they still know that adults who come here do so to choose them for adoption, and their spirit becomes more nervous.” The Secretary explained in embarrassment.

“Yes, we know!” Ed suddenly turned his head in alarm, because an object flew directly at Augus.

Augus immediately raised his hand, and grabbed the object. This was obviously a subconscious action. He was stunned and slowly opened his hand, revealing a block.

Next to him the Dean almost collapsed, was he doomed to lose his job?

Suddenly, two children burst out from the corner, a smaller boy and a girl who seemed to have been in her teens. The two people looked at the children carefully, and it turned out that the big one was chasing the small one.

“You, do you want to face the big bully or not?!”


“I am not ashamed. What’s wrong? Huh? Are you not be afraid of being beaten even if you bully others?”

The boy had a mess of things being thrown at him by the girl from a distance. Obviously, the one who accidentally attacked Augus was also her. The boy stumbled and hit his face on the ground.

The four people here were stunned. The first one who responded was the Dean. He rushed up to the front and picked up the girl to stop her, only to be slapped in the face by this angry sister.

“Chris! What are you doing?” The Dean almost roared out. He felt deeply that he was in a bad mood today.

“He bullied Rick!” cried the girl, Chris. “I warned him last time that if he touched Rick again…”

The unsaid words caused the Dean to frown.

The Secretary was also frightened by this situation. It took a long time for him to respond and apologize to Augus, “I’m sorry! I’m terribly sorry! It’s all because we don’t have strict control over the children. Please don’t give too much thought over it… ”

Augus, however, didn’t feel anything. He just looked at Chris curiously. Chris seemed to notice his and Ed’s gave, and gave them a fierce look.

“Chris, these two people are from outside. And you even beat people in front of them. Apologize to them!”

As soon as the Dean let go, Chris turned around and ran away. The Secretary helplessly took the boy who had been beaten black and blue on the ground to the clinic, while the Dean kept making amends to Augus and Ed.

“May I have a look at the information of that child just now?” Ed asked suddenly.

The Dean was stunned. “That…The beaten boy?”

“No, the one who hit.”

“…” The Dean felt that he didn’t quite understand the ideas of these nobles. “Okay, come with me, I’ll show you.”

“Chris, female, 12 years old, alpha?” Ed looked at the information in the file. There was a picture of the girl who looked very reluctant and the expression made both people laugh.

“Your Excellency, are you interested in this girl?” The Dean hesitated and said, “She’s a lovely little girl. But it’s really difficult to deal with her. She has a bad temper. She always fights…”

“Good fighter!” Ed looked very excited. “Isn’t that right, Augus?”

The Dean looked at Augus helplessly, expecting him to be more reliable than Ed.

“Um, she’s very energetic, very good.” It seemed that Angus was quite satisfied.

The Dean was powerless to realize why the two were married.

After a while, Chris was reluctantly brought in by the Dean. She was taught all the way by the Dean, who indoctrinated a lot of, ‘you are lucky,’ “Two adults intend to adopt you, I’ll have to do a good job later. As soon as you get to the room and sit down, apologize, ‘I’m sorry.’”

“What’s wrong?” the Dean urged her with a whisper from the back.

Chris snorted, “I wanted to fight Levi, but it happened to you too. I’m sorry.”

Before the Dean could speak, Chris said by herself, “I heard the Dean say you want to adopt me?”

Ed smiled. “That’s what we mean, but it’s not been decided yet.”

Chris shook her head. “I’m not going with you.”

“Why?” asked Augus curiously.

“Because Rick will be bullied without me.”


When the Dean heard Chris refuse the two adults, his heart was bleeding, “Ah, Rick is Chris’s brother.”

“Is he your biological brother?” Augus didn’t talk to the Dean, but asked Chris directly.

For the first time, Chris seemed to be asked this by the adults who came here, and was stunned, “No, but he’s no different from a real brother.”

“Hmm. What if we were willing to adopt you together?” Augus asked, turning his head to look at Ed interrogatively, and Ed nodded without objection.

“Here…” Chris hadn’t experienced this kind of situation. Although she was brave on the face, she was also still a child, “I’ll have to ask Rick.”

“Sure, then we’ll come back next time.”

Chris was taken back.

The Dean had given up thinking and showed Rick’s information to the two people, “This kid is more timid as compared to her, and is five years younger than Chris. He is a beta. It’s said that he was abused by his family, thrown away by his stepfather, and picked up by Chris, who was still wandering at that time. That’s why they came together. Chris has been protecting Rick in the orphanage ever since.”

Ed and Argus knew each other pretty well but they still discussed, because even though they thought adopting the two was also good, they still needed to see each other’s opinion. The Dean promised to arrange their meeting the next day.

This time Chris and Rick were brought together. Rick was really a timid child. He had been hurt in his heart. The orphanage was not suitable for him. So until now, he was also very dependent on Chris. When he entered the door, he was so scared that he hid behind Chris and only looked at Ed and Augus.

“We have discussed, and would like to adopt you two at the same time. What do you think?”

Chris hesitated a little, but the two adults on the opposite side were also very common in their tone towards them, which was somehow reassuring. She looked at Rick behind her. Rick pulled her clothes and whispered, “I’ll go wherever my sister goes.”

“They say it’s very troublesome to raise two children together. Can you raise us?” Chris didn’t know much about this either. But she had listened to the carer of the orphanage chatting and would eavesdrop when she was free.

Ed chuckled, “What if we’re rich? But there should be no problem raising you two.”

Augus used to be an orphan so he could understand the children’s mood. “We promise that we will not abandon any of you, and we will raise you together, and we will treat you absolutely the same.”

Chris had initially been worried that they only wanted to adopt her, and so she attached Rick as a requirement to get her. In the future, Rick would suffer losses or be thrown back by someone if he was left alone. Augus’s comments just soothed her uneasiness.”Then…You may only be talk.” Chris bit her lip. “If you don’t want Rick, I’ll run!”

“It’s a deal.”

After meeting a few more times, Ed and Augus decided to adopt the brother and sister pair. Everything happened so fast that no one could respond properly.

A week later, Ed and Augus drove their two children home.

Chris and Rick were sitting in the backseat. It would be a lie to say that they were not nervous. They had lived in the orphanage for four years, and they hadn’t been exposed to the outside world for a long time. Especially now since they had so-called “fathers” and a “new home”, which frightened both children.

The car drove all the way into Ed’s territory. The Dean had reminded two children that the person who adopted them was a ‘big man’. Chris only thought that the Dean meant her new parents were rich.

She looked at the soldiers at the entrance of the territory who saluted them at the same time. She then deeply understood that the two men who adopted them seemed to be more than just ‘rich people’.

Rick was scared. His back was close to his seat and he was too frightened to go out. He had never seen a soldier before. Chris caressed the back of Rick’s hand.

A few minutes later, Ed pulled up in front of a house, put his arm around Augus’s shoulder and opened the door for them, “Welcome to your new home. Chris…No, it’s time to call you Miss Chris and Master Rick.”

Chris’s eyes widened.

Ten years later

“Miss Chris? You seem to be in a bad mood today?”

“I’ve said it many times. Call me Major Chris at work!”

Langer couldn’t help laughing, “Yes, I always forget that since I watched you grow up.”

Chris, now twenty-two, rubbed her mess of flax hair, “Ah — how can I calm down? Rick is getting married next month! God knows what’s going on! What if his partner is not good to him?”

Langer said helplessly, “Since there is no objection from Lord Ed and Lord Augus, it means that the other side is not an unknown person. Miss, you are too concerned about Master Rick’s marriage, he’s already eighteen. If you have time, you may as well have more time to worry about yourself.”

“What about me? I’m fine now. What do they know? It’s time to run away for a holiday?” When Chris mentioned this, she was furious. “And why do I have to work?”

“It’s not like you don’t know them…” Langer was also helpless and his workload increased as Ed began to drag Augus to play, they would both go missing from time to time these past three years ever since Chris entered the army!

“Sister? Can I come in?”

Rick knocked on the door and came in.

“Why are you here? Have you finished all preparations for the wedding?” Chris sat behind Ed’s desk, temporarily taking over his position as Lord in his absence.

“Almost, where is Father?”

When Rick mentioned it, Chris got angry and grunted twice. “Which father? Ed — ran. Augus — led away by Ed.”

Rick smiled helplessly, “You should call him father, don’t always call him by name, sister.”

Chris tsked, “If you can get Ed to come back and deal with these things, I will kneel down on the spot and call him father.”

“Don’t worry, our fathers will come back when the wedding is over.”

Ed sneezed; they were currently together in the snowy mountains and hot springs on a planet far away.


“Must have been talked about by those two little kids.” Ed swam over from one side of the hot spring, smiled and hugged Augus from behind, putting his head on the other’s shoulder.

“I’ll wait until Rick’s wedding is over. You have to return back with be after that…”

“Um, that’s all,” said Ed, kissing Augus’s ear. “Now it’s time to do what you promised me yesterday…”


The hot spring gradually filled with the sound of heartbeats, mixed with low gasps.


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March 19, 2021 11:03 pm

I was hoping to see Ed’s parents or dad in dark alliance asit is said before that he looked like the one on top of the alliance 😂

May 18, 2021 9:51 am

Short but sweet! Not so melodramatic and heavy stuff but it was really a nice epic love story. It was a fast progress but I didn’t feel that anything was missing, more like those things weren’t that necessary.

Thank you for the translation!!

June 17, 2021 1:43 pm

…today I was scolded by my chief…she told me she will throw my phone through the window if I don’t stop read…but I just can’t stop🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Thank you for translation!!!

Mr T
July 23, 2021 3:48 am

Well back into lock down. Not going to complain. More time for reading. Enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading more. Thank you for your translation and to the writer for their exceptional ability to put their imagination into the written word. It was like slipping into an alternative universe.

November 17, 2021 2:34 pm

Okay, I love that they adopted older kids, ones like Augus had been. And so funny that they keep running away and leaving poor Langer and now Chris too to take care of everything. A lovely ending! Great story!

November 19, 2021 6:47 am

Great ending! Really enjoyed this novel. I enjoyed how their relationship flourished and how understanding Ed was with Augus. He understood him even when Augus did not express his thoughts immediately! I really enjoyed their build up and the adoption of their children. I’m glad that they are able to enjoy their marriage and their time together, eventhough they leave their responsibilities to others lol They make an awesome couple 😁

January 6, 2022 12:57 pm

2nd time reading.
Getting the balance right in sex scenes isn’t easy, especially when at the beginning, Augus had been forced into becoming an Omega & basically couldn’t fight their sexual urges, and advances from an equally pheromone driven Ed.
Their emotional growth, both individually & together, was warm & touching to read. Action too.
I wish Felix had been exposed & punished for what he did though; life in a wheelchair isn’t enough!
Thanks to Author & EXRs for story.

September 4, 2022 3:58 pm

This is my 2nd time reading this. Loved it the 1st time and love it even more this time♥️

September 24, 2022 5:45 pm

lovely story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

December 19, 2022 10:01 pm

ОченьПонравилась Новелла Благодарю за художественный Перевод. Надеялась,что Встретиться С родителями В Альянсе.

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