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Chapter 160: Detained

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Hearing Long Changli and Qi Tiancong’s questions, Jin Qian and the others all reacted differently.

Since they were already surprised three times earlier today, they weren’t surprised by the questions this time. 

Long Changli and Jin Qian stared at each other. The former tilted his head then Jin Qian said, “I want to know what you guys are up to when you’re running about with ghost destroyers. Although we’ve had some bad history in the past, it doesn’t merit you guys running around and denouncing people.”

“Pah! And you still want to deny it? When you guys were destroyed in a night you guys knew what happened on the Capital Star!! If you guys had any conscience, you wouldn’t be hiding like this!!” Shan Qingzhe shouted angrily. His eyes were focused on his younger brother. You had to know that before Shan Bailu and JinYu destroyed the world, he didn’t have a single peaceful day at the Shan family! Right now, since there was a chance to be merciless, even if this man was his brother, he would not show any weakness. Who let this fucker be born?

However, for Shan Qingzhe’s question, Jin Qian owed more than a cursory thought. He should attack his weak points. Jin Qian’s face became extremely serious. A small golden sign fell from his hand slowly and he said,

“Below is what I want to say with regards to the Ten families and the Capital Star’s safety regarding these serious events. The Jin Clan swears that this is absolutely true without a doubt.”

As soon as they heard this, Bai Sha, who was behind Long Changli, and the other people were all stunned. How long has it been since the golden oath appeared?! Now Jin QIan swears with the gold sign equivalent to all of the Jin Clan’s possessions. This is really happening!!

“Jin Qian! You actually have guts?!” Long Changli thought this was quite strange. However, in the next instant he was given another golden sign. It was engraved with a dragon nameplate. And that dragon nameplate was clearly his father’s handiwork. To this day he didn’t have the right to this!

When the nameplate representing the Ten Clans appears, even if there are some issues with the nameplate, everyone must take it seriously. Moreover, Baisha, Bailing, and Bai Ling’s husband were all standing there extremely worried. Of course they wouldn’t cause any issue now.

“Bai Ling Monkey (White Spirit Monkey) Clan will respectfully listen.” Ling Chong suddenly said.

“The Nine-tailed Night Cats will also respectfully listen.” Night Phoenix laughed.

“Bai Hu (White Tiger) respectfully listens.”

“Xuan Wu respectfully listens.”

When half of the Ten Clans all declared some of importance, the remaining clans had to listen until the very end, even if they opposed the decision. Long Changli stared straight at the person in front of him, and said, “Speak!”

“Pah, that, even though it’s a bit late, but…the Mountain Wolf clan will respectfully listen……” Shan Bailu was rummaging his own backpack and only now did he pull something out of it. When Shan Qingzhe saw the glimmering, golden nameplate, he almost went mad.

“Shan Bailu!! You fucking dumbass!! Where did you steal that from!!!”

When Shan Bailu heard his own brother shout this angrily, he couldn’t help but shrink down. He then thought about how even though his oldest brother and the boss weren’t here, everyone that was beside him was one of his people. Right now he definitely couldn’t lose face. He said timidly:

“Big brother gave this to me before he left!! Father even agreed!! Big brother said it would be better if I had it! If you don’t believe me then just ask him!”

However, Shan Bailu didn’t have enough guts so after he finished speaking, he retreated behind Long Changxiao and Jin Qian and didn’t dare look at his brother.

“Enough, you two have aired your family’s situation enough already. Right now I want to hear and learn how I can make you guys all take out your nameplates.”

Long Changli stared at Jin Qian. The latter scoffed and said:

“I asked the military and the Ten Families to arrest Lieutenant General Fei Yusheng of Da Peng Jin Chi (Golden Wing Da Peng?) Clan because he imprisoned students of the Royal Academy and beasts. He used the students as bait to force us to go to the Disappearing Forest to save them. In the remains of the great hall in the black forest, Fei Yusheng then attempted to annihilate all of is.”


“Do you guys have any proof? To harm someone of the Ten Families and trap the Beast School’s students is no small thing!” Long Changli shouted nervously. How he could have not thought that these people who were gone for a day were in the Disappearing Forest? But how come they didn’t end up trapped in there?

“No no, Little Long, it’s only a trivial matter. Let me explain, this situation really was quite trivial.” Jin Qian scoffed, “Fei Yusheng trapped and ambushed us in the Disappearing Forest but we were able to escape. However, the boss of Beast Store No. 138 was severely injured so Qi Qinglin went berserk since he hasn’t woken up.”

“Big bro Jin fainted?!” Bai Sha couldn’t help but exclaim. Even with Qi Qinglin by JinYu’s side, he still got injured. This was a bit too hard to believe!

“Yes, JinYu was taken to Qi Qinglin’s private estate to recover. But the point is, what injured JinYu was a young beast!!” After Jin Qian spoke, he grinded his teeth and continued, “Fei Yusheng used the spirit contract toxin he developed to control the captive student’s beast. The moment JinYu was attacked by the beast, the beast’s mouth was poisoned with Fei Yusheng’s ‘death poison.’ If it weren’t for Qi Qinglin protecting him with his life, then the brother I’ve come to know may actually die. If he dies, well, you know how qilin become.”

“Jin Qian, just spit it out!”

Even though Long Changli is a selfish and arrogant master, he is still the Long Clan’s successor. So he almost grasped the key point of Jin Qian’s words. And because he understood this point, it was so difficult for him to accept it.

“What exactly does he want to say that you, since you’re so smart, can’t seem to grasp?” Night Phoenix sneered. “It’s just that you don’t want to admit that a man who bows his head and follows his order is stronger and more insidious than you, isn’t it? Wake up! Compared to Fei Yusehng, you are far behind! We can almost be sure that he has rebelled or controlled a group of scientific researchers in the military in collaboration with the Ten Families. On the surface it seems like they’re researching beasts and their contracts are formed but secretly they’re secretly researching mental control toxins!! It’s this toxin that makes the beast attack its original boss, in this case JinYu, and injure its boss.”

“As for this incident, I believe that you already have guessed about the origins of the large-scale riots. They’re caused by the silent air waves from various strongholds of the army.” Jin Qian stared at Long Changli and continued, “Even though we don’t get along, and I want to fight you every time I see you, at least we aren’t sick enough to pull the entire human population and beasts and kill them all. However, that man is not. If we let him do as he pleases, the age of darkness may come again.”

Long Changli and Bai Sha were shocked speechless by Jin Qian’s words. Of course, what surprised them the most was that Fei Yusheng made people study the toxin to alter the spirit contracts with beasts. Spiritual contracts are the fundamental factor in allowing human beings to get along with beasts and have been for the past thousands of years. Although there’s a way to eliminate it completely now, if it were eliminated, they couldn’t accept the fact that it allowed them to control the beasts!! What’s more, they didn’t control this toxin. This was the scariest thing.”

“Jin Qian, is it true?!”

Just as Long Changli was waiting for others, a solemn and angry howl sounded. Long Changli whipped around and saw Zhang Liangshan’s dark expression.

You had to know that Zhang Liangshan was the one in charge of the Marshal’s special research on how to release the spiritual contracts. Originally, when he thought he was going to untie the knot between humans and beasts, Fei Yusheng slapped him firmly. It was a great shame! And now, Fei Yusheng’s actions made Zhang LIangshan, who advocated the peaceful coexistence of human beings and beasts, angry. What’s more was that JinYu, who he regarded as his own brother, was in critical condition due to Fei Yusheng. At this time, Zhang Liangshan couldn’t help but want to kill the bastard a hundred times over.

“Of course it’s true! From the expression on your face, it seems as though you’ve already discovered something. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come and listen to this news. However, no matter what you think or what you do, us six families have Jin Clan’s nameplate. We ask that this matter be conveyed to the upper levels of the Capital Star! And Fei Yusheng immediately be detained so he can be put under investigation!”

Jin Qian stared directly at Long Changli and Zhang Liangshan before pleading. After the two considered his request for a while, they finally nodded in approval. They were the Capital Star’s next generation of leaders. When facing dire circumstances, they had to use their own judgment! Long Changli waved his hand to convey the shocking news. Zhang Liangshan pressed the nano screen on his wrist then conveyed to the soldiers through his screen: 

“In the name of the Capital Star’s fifth special operation team, the Capital Star’s ninth special research team, and the Capital Star’s Lieutenant General Shuangying (Double Eagle), I request that the special operation team to ignore any order and detain lieutenant general Fei Yusheng upon sight. They must isolate all members of the ninth special research team for investigation! This is a special red alert for the military. Inform the marshal, General Long Yuting, and General Xuan Hai to all monitor General Fei!”

Hearing Zhang Liangshan’s brutal command through the screen, the soldiers almost took a breath but reacted quickly then saluted Zhang Liangshan with the military salute. “We will do as you command!”

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