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Chapter 38: Third World (10)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Zhou Mo would not have missed such an excellent opportunity if he had not already been in love with Bai Duan. After all, Bai Duan was always honest with his feelings. When he drank a little wine and was drunk, he was sticky and active. He always loved Zhou Mo and wanted to be with him.

Unfortunately, Bai Duan was still in the stage of hesitation and struggle, and Zhou Mo was playing a righteous, self-restrained general. Such a gentleman, who would undoubtedly disdain to take advantage of others, would not fully accept his sweetheart’s ‘drunken stupor.’

With a deep sigh in his heart, Zhou Mo had to display the spirit of Liu Xiahui, who sat still as he fell in love with Bai Duan for the first time. He helped Bai Duan take off his wine-stained shirt, change into clean underwear, and wiped his face so that he could sleep more comfortably.

After doing all this, Zhou Mou sighed. He stood by Bai Duan’s bed and looked at him for a long time. Finally, he could not help bending down and lightly kissing Bai Duan’s forehead. Bai Duan’s eyelashes trembled violently, so the reaction naturally fell in Zhou Mo’s eyes, which made him laugh Bai Duan could never learn to pretend to be asleep.

After stealing a kiss, Zhou Mo helped Bai Duan by gently arranging his scattered hair and then decided to let go of his lover, who still dared not face his feelings directly. He turned around lightly, intending to leave, but as soon as he took a step, he noticed that his clothes were being pulled by something.

Zhou Mo stopped and turned his head back, only to find that the corner of his clothes were being clenched tightly by Bai Duan. Bai Duan seemed very tense, his fingers trembled slightly and his knuckles a little white, no matter what, this was not an accident.

Zhou Mo hesitated for a moment, then went back to Bai Duan’s bed, and sat down beside the bed, “Brother, you…are you awake?”

Bai Duan did not answer, but his eyelashes shook as if he was guilty.

Suddenly, Zhou Mo understood.

He raised his hand, touched Bai Duan cheek, and Zhou Mo bent down again. This time, instead of just kissing Bai Duan cheek, he grabbed his bottom lip directly and tried to pry open the other side’s teeth after sucking for a moment.

Bai Duan has no resistance to this obvious kiss. He was stiff but obediently opened his mouth to welcome the invasion. He even tried to move the tip of his tongue as their lips and tongues entangled. It seemed that he was at a loss and could only respond.

This was Zhou Mo’s first real kiss several years after seeing Bai Duan. Naturally, it quickly became irremediable under the obedience of the other party. He kissed Bai Duan deeply, tried to silently express his desire and love, and gradually climbed onto the bed, putting Bai Duan entirely under his body.

Zhou Mo’s kiss was full of enthusiasm, intense, and skillful. He quickly buried Bai Duan with his heart and wanted to ignite his. Inexperienced, Bai Duan was unable to cope with Zhou Mo’s seemingly endless attack and entanglement, pandering to him for a while, and then he became breathless, so he had to whimper and push his body, trying to put his head away and breathe.

Zhou Mo had to let go of Bai Duan. But he was still pecking at the corners of Bai Duan’s red lips for a moment, then slowly moved down, chewing and sucking on his long neck, leaving behind a patch of red marks.

Unconsciously, Bai Duan’s underwear that had just been put on was torn apart, revealing a slender and beautiful body. Zhou Mo was as careful and eager as he opened his long-awaited gift.

Breathing heavily, Bai Duan tried to suppress his seemingly strange desire. He finally opened his eyes and looked at Zhou Mo. The next second, Zhou Mo seemed to feel it and raised his head, their eyes meeting.

Zhou Mo’s eyes were very bright, with enthusiasm that seemed to burn up Bai Duan. He held Bai Duan’s neck and retook his lips. Even their breath was hot between his lips, “Brother, Little Duan I am thrilled, really… Pleased…”

Yeah, he was so happy. Bai Duan had never seen Zhou Mo’s excitement and enjoyment. Even when he broke through the capital city and stood on the side of the Dragon seat, only one step away from the emperor’s presence in the world, he never showed such a satisfied, rewarding, and needless smile.

It was like…what he had done before was just to accomplish a task, but now, what he was doing was what he actually really longed for.

Bai Duan hesitated for a moment. Zhou Mo was very laissez-faire, but he was also just the same himself. He opened his arms, grabbed Zhou Mo’s neck, and gave himself up ultimately if he and Zhou Mo eventually achieved this step and had the reality of being husband and wife, then he would have no room to escape.

Nevertheless, in spite of his uncertainty about the future, Bai Duan’s heart was unusually calm because he knew that the man who held him in his arms and was about to take possession of him, would face everything with him, and all he needed to do was to follow his side and follow his instructions.

Because Zhou Mo had been fully prepared, Bai Duan’s first taste of such intimacy did not hurt too much. God knows how long Zhou Mo coveted him, and so he would always carry ointment and lubricant with him, which was convenient to be used anytime and anywhere.

Bai Duan lay on the sheets, staring at him in anger, while Zhou Mo gave a dry laugh, rubbing Bai Duan’s soft waist and limbs, and trying to help relieve his pain, “This medicine… I didn’t buy this. It’s what Dr. Wang Jun secretly gave me.”

Thinking of the people in the army who had long seen their feelings, Bai Duan’s face turned red, “Even if he stuffed it in your pocket, why did you take it with you?!”

This time he couldn’t continue and gave a dry cough. He bowed his head and kissed Bai Duan. “I’m not…prepared for anything.”

Bai Duan felt a knot in his heart, he finally realized that his lover was not as honest as he appeared on the surface, and he was almost blinded by the innocent illusion of the other side, which made him jump into the trap without knowing anything.

Silently biting his teeth, Bai Duan glanced away, unwilling to see Zhou Mo’s pleasant face again. But as soon as he moved his sight, he saw the overlapping wounds on the other side’s chest.

Bai Duan’s heart went soft, and the anger that had just brewed immediately dissipated. He raised his hand, caressed the chest full of wounds, moved gently and pityingly. But it had not been long since they had frolicked in the sheets, when he felt a hot, hard thing on top of his thighs.

When Bai Duan reacted, he suddenly exploded a little, “Have you not had enough yet?!”

“How could I?” Zhou Mo smiled and wrapped Bai Duan’s flaming fingers around him, then put them to his lips and kissed him. “I’m not going to have enough all my life.”

Bai Duan was not good with words, and at this time, the other side was suddenly so perverted. Zhou Mo’s tone left him tongue-tied, but he did not want to think about how to deal with it, and he was turned over by Zhou Mo again under his body.

Finding Zhou Mo’s finger reaching out to his newly used lower mouth, trying to touch and penetrate, Bai Duan quickly grabbed Zhou Mo’s arm to stop him, and looked at him crossly, “Do you want to kill me?!”

Zhou Mo had been mixed up in the army for so many years and had been slightly influenced by Bai Duan’s soft nature. Now, he had a certain forceful momentum.

Seeing Bai Duan’s appearance, Zhou Mo suddenly softened and became ‘strict with his wife’ without any struggle. He smiled softly and kissed Bai Duan’s. “Rest assured, I don’t want to hurt you, just want to see if there’s anything wrong.” He paused and groped at the narrow entrance, saying with pity, “It seems swollen.”

Bai Duan’s face turned red because of Zhou Mo again. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to push him away. Instead, Zhou Mo pulled him into his arms. He took his hand and slid up and down on the part where he was erect. Bai Duan could not help but react. He was immediately caught by Zhou Mo and was happy to ‘give peaches and plums back’ and ‘help each other.’

After another round, Bai Duan’s strength was completely exhausted. He huddled in the blankets and did not dare to move, but his mind was still quite sober. Even the alcohol he had previously taken seemed to have been boiled out with his passion and desire.

Snuggling up to Zhou Mo for a quiet moment, Bai Duan blinked his eyes, “Speak up… You… When did you start to like me?”

Zhou Mo stroked his lover’s long sweat-soaked hair and raised his mouth, “Hmm… love at first sight?”

“Nonsense.” Bai Duan glanced at him and said firmly, “You do not even remember when you first saw me!”

“Oh? So sure?” Zhou Mo laughed, and he lowered his head and lifted his lover’s chin. “If I remember, would you compensate me for your wrongdoing?”

Hearing the evil intentions in Zhou Mo’s tone, Bai Duan hummed softly, “Then tell me, when did we meet for the first time?”

“Of course, when I was sent into exile.” Zhou Mo picked up his eyebrows. “At that time, I was on the prison cart, and you saw me off on the side of the road. I saw you, but you turned your head away.”

Bai Duan was stunned, tongue-tied, “You…you remember?”

“Of course.” Zhou Mo smiled lightly. “I remember that when we met for the second time, it was almost the same, except that the prison cart turned into a horse, and the farewell turned into a welcome. Then, I saw you at a glance like I did a few years ago, and on that occasion, you smiled at me so beautifully that I was heartbroken.”

What Zhou Mo said made Bai Duan shy and happy, he had never expected that those two passing short gazes were not only remembered in his heart, but even Zhou Mo remembered it.

Even though Zhou Mo was just trying to make him happy at this moment, Bai Duan took the bait.

Watching his lover rub and laugh so happily, Zhou Mo picked up his eyebrows and wanted to tease him, “Then, when did you start to love me?”

Bai Duan thought for a moment. If he realized that he liked Zhou Mo, it should have been yesterday in the evening, but he did not have any repulsion and disgust towards Zhou Mo’s expression, which meant that he had already been in love with him long before.

As for the exact time, Bai Duan was not clear. It seemed that he had a heart-beating reaction to Zhou Mo long ago, and was often stirred up by him so that his face became red and his heart beat faster. However, it was impossible to know exactly when Bai Duan had begun to really love him.

Carefully thinking about himself and Zhou Mo, Bai Duan did not get the exact answer, but he did not want to lose to Zhou Mo either. He wanted to prove to Zhou Mo that he liked him more than Zhou Mo liked himself. If he had the throne to give up, Bai Duan would not hesitate at all, but now he didn’t have such a thing he could do. He could only try to push forward as far as possible. Although he didn’t know why he cared so much about it, Bai Duan still tried to catch up.

If Zhou Mo said that he was ‘in love with him at first sight’ on the day of exile, he must love him before the time they had even seen each other. Bai Duan meditated for a moment, with a serious tone, he said, “I grew up listening to your deeds, and always admired you very much. Later, my father died for this country, but the court ignored it. Only you gave us your salary to help us. Since then, I have treated you like the most respected person and a great benefactor of our family. So, when I learned that I could help you, I really enjoyed it, even if I went through fire and water.”

Bai Duan was sincere and authentic. Were it not for Zhou Mo’s kindness to him, his affection for him and his association with his father, Bai Duan would probably not have any hesitation in promising to help Zhou Mo manufacture military equipment and violate court decrees, turning himself from an ordinary citizen into a ‘rebel’ who was in harmony with the rebels.

And if he had not answered Zhou Mo’s request, Zhou Mo would not have forced him, so his interaction with Zhou Mo would have been cut off, and there would not be a future of fighting side by side and growing feelings. Bai Duan felt that he was particularly right, and Zhou Mou listened, but his face was shadowy, and his heart knocked over 50 or 60 vinegar bottles, which turned him into a sea of vinegar.

Because this man who loved soldiers and played as a martyr was not him, but a real stranger.

The thought that his lover was grateful to another person, thinking of wanting to repay him, even entrusting himself to the other party after ‘learning of his good deeds’, which developed smoothly with his sweetheart, Zhou Mo really had a feeling of being a dog. He really wished he could pull up the real Zhou Mo’s corpse and whip him to death. 

Unfortunately, this time, even though he was jealous, he could not say anything, even if he said it, nobody would understand it. He could only taste it alone in his heart. It was simply too restraining!

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