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Chapter 161: Ominous Hunch
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was like a dull thunder hitting the earth, arousing waves of dust that hid the sky and covered the earth. After Zhang LiangShan’s order was issued, all internal personnel in the military of the Capital Star seemed particularly shocked.

When the deputy commander of the Fifth Special Operations team led ten people to break through the door, Fei YuSheng’s aide-de-camp was stunned on the spot and did not know what was going on, “You all came to have a group fight?! I have no time today!”

The deputy commander heard this and snorted: “Hit your head! Lao Zi is here for business! Where’s your boss? We’re here to detain him on a secret order!”

Fei YuSheng’s aide-de-camp was shocked when he heard the words, then he was furious: “Your fucking grandmother’s mouth! There is a limit to joking with Lao Zi! You think you can restrain vice Admiral Fei just by yourself?! You’re really courting death!”

Before the aide-de-camp finished speaking, he saw that the deputy commander whip out a piece of paper. The two words ‘Detainment Order’ on the paper hurt the aide-de-camp’s eyes deeply.

“! How, how is this possible?”

The deputy commander looked at this fellow’s expression and sighed, “I’ve already said that you stupid. You could follow anyone yet you wanted to follow that smiling fox. I’ve advised you to come over and join me many times. At least the leaders here are not fake.”

“You! Shut up! I absolutely don’t believe that there will be any problem with our Vice Admiral. It must be the man who’s deliberately capturing people. When our boss comes back, he will definitely strike back fiercely.”

The aide-de-camp replied coldly, but what he got was the silence of the deputy commander. A warrant officer behind him couldn’t help saying, “Second brother, are you sure that fellow Fei YuSheng will come back? Our regiment is divided into five small teams, but up to now, no team has found any news on him. I’m afraid that he has realized that his plot has come to light and already escaped. How is it possible for him to return?”

When the aide-de-camp heard this, his expression changed. He suddenly had a rather ominous hunch in his heart, but in the face of his arch enemies and with his trust in his superiors, this ominous hunch did not show in his face.

Slowly he sat in his own seat, then looked straight at the group of people in front of him, and said, “After the Vice Admiral came today, he went out an hour ago. No one followed him, so I don’t know where he went. But if you are going to detain him, then as his aide-de-camp, I have the right to know exactly why he’s being arrested. Otherwise, I will remain silent about it.”

The deputy commander’s expression did not change when he heard it. He long knew this would be the result, so he didn’t feel surprised. The other was a person who was extremely obstinate, otherwise, he would not be in this present situation and still demanding a reason. Thinking of this, the deputy commander silently handed another piece of paper to the aide-de-camp, who sat for a long time without any expression after reading the paper and finally said in a hoarse voice, “I will still keep my silence… But you can arrest me first. I will remain silent until there is real evidence.”

The deputy commander looked at the man’s expression and shook his head slightly, then made a gesture. Ten minutes later, the aide-de-camp was imprisoned in the military’s first-class prison cell. In this cell, he saw several familiar faces, but the faces of the people opposite were uneasy and regretful.

“…” Vice Admiral, I hope you are not the culprit who caused the death of so many people and beasts. Otherwise, how could we, who sincerely follow you, endure this.

The release of the detention order caused great unrest within the military. But what was more disturbing to the military internal personnel was that six hours have passed since the detention order was issued, but the military still had not found the person they wanted to detain.

And in the Marshal’s room of the military department, the old and gray-haired Marshal looked at the three Generals sitting straight in their seats at the moment and scold every single one.

“The fourth and sixth corps are the bodyguards and security personnel, their duties include the protection of confidential information and the security protection of important officers above major general. However, the most confidential research information was leaked, and Fei YuSheng’s figure could not be found all afternoon… Have your corps all been used to protect the Long Family?”

Hearing this, Long YuTing bowed his head and admitted to his mistake.

“The first and tenth regiments are combat spacecraft groups. I won’t tell you off anymore, but you’d better check if the information about our spacecraft and weapons has been leaked.”

“Yes sir!” General Xuan saluted and listened to the order.

“Finally… you’re the one leading the most corps. I will still let you lead the three corps. I hope you don’t let me down… What’s more, I hope that though you are Xiao Fei’s father, you are unaware of what he has done. Otherwise, you will make many of your subordinates, soldiers and citizens that trust in you bitterly disappointed.”

When General Fei heard this, his body was shaking tremendously, he said in a hoarse voice a moment later, “…Yes sir.”

“All right, all of you can withdraw. I will issue a military order later. I hope that kid doesn’t continue. I’m already so old, and I really don’t want to see a child die before myself. But if this continues, even if I want to protect him, I also have to ask if the citizens and the beasts agree.”

After the three generals retreated in silence, Zhang LiangShan went up and saw the old Marshal remaining silent.

Although he was really disapproved of that hypocrite Fei YuSheng, in any case, that man was promoted to Vice Admiral based off his own strength and did not use his family’s position and power to suppress people.

At first, Zhang LiangShan thought that he and Fei YuSheng could be a pair of rivals who could trust each other but found each other unpleasant to the eye every day. But now, they are definitely not rivals, but mortal enemies.


“You don’t need to report anything else to me. Now I am requesting that you to catch the traitor in the research team as soon as possible, and then work with the Jin Family’s Research Institute to make the antidote that can get rid of the mental control within one month. Otherwise, no one can hold him back after one month!”


“In addition, go pass a message to those old men, tell them that they’d better not try to cover up this matter. The three emperors of the beasts are not ones that can be fooled. Since its the human’s fault, just admit it!! Do they really think that human beings can bear the anger of the three emperors?!”

So three days later, a piece of news was released that caused a huge wave.

“Now it has been found that the recent beast insurrection was the doing of Vice Admiral Fei YuSheng of the military. The purpose was the destruction of the peaceful coexistence between human beings and beasts. Although other matters are still under investigation, what is certain is that the whereabouts of Fei YuSheng is unknown. If anyone discovers where he is, for the sake of peace between human beings and the beasts, please report to the military and the government!”

“All the beasts that were under control can go to Jin Family’s Beast Hospital for treatment and get sleeping sedative for free. The military will develop an antidote within one month. May all beast please rest assured!”

“The beasts are the victim this time. May humans please be kind to them!”

When people were shocked and discussing the earth-shattering news, Fei YuSheng’s expression was rather gloomy as he sat in a bright room. Although he realized in advance that something was not right and left, so far, he did not know how he had exposed himself! He had been prepared to leave for a long time, but what he wanted was not to be fleeing in a panic like now. Instead he wanted to abandon everything like a king who looked down on all, but the present situation was far from what he intended!

“Go and investigate it! Thoroughly investigate it.”

Taking a deep breath, Fei YuSheng regained his faint smile. Even if there was a little deviation in the current situation, what the most important thing was that Jin Yu was dead, and Qi Qinglin could not interfere. This way, no one could stop him!!

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Welp JinYu is alive u mf…just wait…😏😏😏

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Wrong…..he is not dead and his husband is going to whip you up good….

January 28, 2020 10:37 pm

If you think he’s dead you are sorely mistaken. Your little imperial ambitions are about to end in disgrace. Finally some good slapping for the snooty idiots.
Thank you for the chapter!

March 16, 2020 10:23 am

Did that Author bang her/his head on the wall on a daily basis as a hobby?!
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