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Chapter 162: Two Idiots Break into JinYu’s House

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Fei Yusheng was in a hurry to find out the situation between the human beings and the different beasts on the other side who were more anxious than they were——

In any case, Fei Yusheng was only looking for one person, but had to face thousands of crazy beasts with different abilities. The content broadcast on the light screen of capital star was held for three days in a row showing how to appease crazy beasts, and on the optical network post, it was also in the same mess as if they were on a distant wild star.

Fortunately, there were three emperors in charge of the wild star. After knowing the situation, the three emperors banned different beasts with the fastest speed. Even so, there were many unexpected attacks around the three emperors.

For this reason, Hong MaoYan also killed people in the great palace and asked them to solve the problem in the fastest way. In fact, he wanted to find JinYu. He only turned to the great palace after he learned that JinYu was seriously injured. Well, it was not good to know that his temper is not that great, so naturally speaking, it was not great to hear——

The president was not as good as a pet shop owner! How about you abdicate as soon as possible?!

The angry president’s face changed every day like magic. And when he was in a state of anxiety, he could not help thinking that all of them said that the disaster had destroyed thousands of years! Why had the biggest disaster in history appeared because of JinYu?!

There was an old saying that good fortune never ended with bad luck. When people were still in a hurry to get different beasts, some people were itching when they looked at such a big fire. It was really unfortunate that they didn’t rob them when they said they had a fire! Such a good opportunity should be made good use of no matter what. Besides, Qi Qinglin was not here yet.

So at this time, some of the top ten aristocratic families and some of the leaders of the capital star began to stir up and then instigate small to large actions. When the good guys tried to take action for the safety of the human beings and the different beasts, the bad guys were crazy about seizing territory. Because some people didn’t care and thought about the overall situation, they really made the bad guys take advantage of it.

For example, eight of the top ten families were obeying the orders of the Long family. Even though the Qi family was supported by Jiawu, Yiwen, Bing Hei Ding Bai, many areas of influence for Qi Qinglin were robbed by Yuan Jingya in the name of Qi Yunxiao. Even though these spheres of influences were not Qi Qinglin’s center of gravity, they were robbed of their territory. Four of the Qi Boss’s legs felt powerless and resentful.

Seeing the open and closed battle between Yuan Jingya and Yiwen, Qi Tiancong and Shan Qingzhe decided to embezzle the property belonging to JinYu – No.138 Pet store in AnJie, and two street hotels with restaurants.

Because the latter was always managed by Long Changxiao, the two were not grand, which would not cause any substantial damage. However, the 138 Pet Store was a bit troublesome. The owner was not there, and the different beasts were not there, and there was a very well decorated and comfortable garden villa, so the two sent someone to clean up.

First, Qi Tiancong had asked his younger brother, Shan Qingzhe, to help him. He was sure that no one was there. Then he began to destroy.

Because Yiwen was busy fighting with Yuan Jingya and subconsciously thought that no one would dare to challenge AnJie, Qi Tiancong and Shan Qingzhe succeed. These two guys could finally get the title deed of No. 138 Pet shop in their own names through a series of small actions, and then live in a big way.

So, the first time someone checked the 138 pet shop, those little boys listening to the corner were shocked.

After the shock, it was messy. Then the madman ran to his eldest brother’s house and reported: “Boss! It’s amazing that there’s a fool who wants to live in Boss Jin’s villa!”

“Boss, boss! Boss Jin’s villa was occupied!”

“Elder sister! 138 is blackened!”

At one time, all kinds of rumors spread in AnJie, a city full of wind and rain, and the response of these big people who got the news the first time could almost be said to have the same in heart!

These idiots wanted to come to harm one of their AnJie people!!!

Even the big guy who loved watching other people bustle and didn’t care about kindness almost dropped his favorite cup. These guys wanted to kill everyone! It was not easy to get along well with that whale and qilin. This time, people dared to occupy their house when they were away from home?!

After their house was emptied last time, the whale, with a bad stomach, let his different beasts squat outside and howl all night to express their dissatisfaction, and they also spent money on the little hairy children in the AnJie to shout “distant relatives are not as good as near neighbors”!! Wasn’t this telling them to not be indifferent?! If they saw their house occupied this time and didn’t do anything, the next time they might hope that it was just that the beasts were howling next time!!

So the big guys on AnJie, who always looked bad, began to act in an unprecedented way: looking for trouble, taking title deeds, informing, digging holes, and then led their two heads, Qi Tiancong and Shan Qingzhe, to inspect the new house one night. They cried in a gust of wind. After the reception, Qi Tiancong howled and screamed that there were ghosts on the street. Then he went back home without looking back. As for Shan Qingzhe, when he woke up, he found himself in a towering tree! Lying on his back, he almost frightened himself to death he was so shocked. I’ve never seen such a tall tree before!!! And because he had no power, how could he get down?!

After that, No. 138 house, which was cleaned up by the big guys in AnJie, was calm again, and the big guys gathered in the restaurant to gamble: “Two! I said, can we be too cruel? At least that’s from the Qi family and the mountain family.”

“Tch! Are you stupid? Don’t stand in line so obviously now! Let’s see the grasshopper after autumn. Now the main task is to study the antidote and the suppression of crazy one! Who has the heart to think about those skippers?”

“Nine barrels! Tut, that’s right. But it’s not so good now. It’s almost a month. The military hasn’t made any move yet. But Fei Yusheng is standing out to turn the sky! It’s said that there are many forces in the capital star now. The most obvious thing around him is that there are hundreds of A-level crazy beasts! Don’t even talk about the different A-level beasts now. Even B-level beasts are no less than one hundred. There are more than one hundred A-level crazy beasts around this man. It is said that a military base was destroyed a few days ago! Now we are at a disadvantage!”

“Bah! You too? Haven’t you said that you don’t have time to pay attention to those clowns? Even if this one is bigger, we haven’t done anything yet. Are you waiting for the antidote? I think that person wants to control the strange beasts and then kill people to seize power. So once the antidote comes out, can he still jump? Those who can’t see the way are all kicked by the donkey in the brain. Eighty thousand!”

“Tch! Let me touch it! I agree with what Old Man Zhang said, but the question is, when can the medicine be developed? In a few months, human beings will be in great trouble. According to rumors, that boy began to study S-class beasts, which is equivalent to the existence of ten aircraft carriers. If he succeeds, the position of the president will be changed! Ninety thousand.”

“Nine thousand!! Geh, you want so many? Let me say that all the problems related to different beasts is not a problem in front of a certain whale!! Even if the antidote is not well studied, as long as the whale comes back, I bet that he can give those strange beasts who are fooling around and can’t find the North a lesson! What’s more, there’s the qilin in town. No, I’m afraid of nothing! To end the ambition of Fei Yusheng is just a matter of a moment! Tut Tut, do you really think you are the emperor? That’s the invincible hand in the world. What’s in Fei Yusheng’s hands? A stomach full of bad water? He’s not as black as that prehistoric fish!”

“… Reasonable!”


“There’s a reason!” The other three big guys nodded together.

“What a reasonable fart! Will you pay quickly? I can do it myself!! Don’t try to run away for me. Hum, I can pluck the feather of a famous swallow!”

When they heard this, the three big men could only draw money from the corners of their purses, while some big man said, “Ah, I’ve played five rounds in all. I didn’t even win one time?! What bad timing.”

This big guy’s original intention was to complain, so he never thought that someone would answer him, and he was a little familiar with the unfamiliar voice, “Well, I watched nearby, I have to say, your skills are really bad…”


“Who! Who dares to say that Laozi’s card skills are bad!! When I was young, I was known as the gambling king!” The big man clapped at the table and roared at the same time. As a result, when he saw who it was, he couldn’t roar at all… “Jin, Jin, Jin…”

“Ah, haven’t we been neighbors for more than a year? Then, how can you see me and start stuttering more and more?”

At this time, Jin Yu looked at the big mahjong players with a smile. The latter looked at the goods and the door behind him. His brain quickly calculated whether he had just said anything he shouldn’t have said. It was true that people were in danger!

Fortunately, the spirit was pretty good when a certain fish was seriously ill, but what these people said just now made him feel very pleasant, so his lethality decreased and his affinity increased. He patted the man on the shoulder, “I don’t care. We just flew in to the wrong place. By the way, I heard a little bit of news. Well, it’s better to be near neighbors than distant relatives. I thought it would be very difficult for you to throw Shan Qingzhe into the traceless forest… I was wrong, that was a good move!”

“Ha ha ha ha, you’re welcome. A distant relative is not as good as a close neighbor!”

“You are right! After dealing with that kid’s world peace, I’m going to hold a AnJie celebration parade, and then you must appreciate! Our AnJie will definitely be popular all over the capital and the wild stars!”

Looking at JinYu’s smiling face before he turned to leave, the four big men went silent. Just as it seemed, they heard something very strange, there was a rather strange cold sweat swimming all over their bodies.

“… AnJie celebration parade… What is that?!”

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