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Chapter 39: Third World (11)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Although he had successfully embraced his long-cherished lover, Zhou Mo, who had always been a vinegar jar, still ate his sweetheart without thinking about his feelings for this original body. Of course, in front of Bai Duan, he was still the most intimate, tender and affectionate ‘brother and lover’ who wished to put his long-suppressed feelings into one word. All his feelings poured down on Bai Duan body, so that he could feel his love and never leave him. 

… He was much better than the “Zhou Mo” who was so indissoluble and devoted to the people of Liang that he succeeded in killing himself before being sent to prison.

The Regent’s heart was cloudy, and the sea of vinegar was rolling. Naturally, he was suffering from the officials of the court. Those former officials who had done wrong and had horsetails in their hands were afraid that the Regent would turn over their old accounts because he was in a bad mood, while the new officials who had a small abacus and planned to make a quiet profit after the addition of officials to the rank were also uneasy, and felt that their carefulness and small actions had been taken in with eyes of fire. The emperor learned that Zhou Mo knew quite well how to control officials, how to conduct official affairs, and how water was clean without fish. He could tolerate some people to make small gestures for his own benefit, but he would never let them think that those private actions could be concealed from him.

Thus, in the early morning of every day, a group of officials bowed down their heads on the execution ground, and each time they went down, they asked for amnesty. In case the Regent stayed behind to discuss government affairs because of their official duties, it would be worse to face up to and feel the Regent’s ‘dignity’ at close range.

For a time, there was a wind of honesty and integrity spreading in the court. All officials had to deal with their work conscientiously, fearing that errors would lead to them being ‘killed by the Regent.’

After a few days, officials looked at Bai Duan with an indescribable grievance, which made Bai Duan confused. Song Ying and the others came to ask him whether he was still hesitating and did not accept Zhou Mo’s feelings.

In this regard, Bai Duan was extremely innocent, God knows that he had been repeatedly eaten by Zhou Mo without the other man being satisfied. Every day when he went home, as long as there was nothing to do, he would be deceived into bed, making Bai Duan work in the Ministry of Works very seriously recently, never going home after work!

Of course, it was impossible for Bai Duan to tell Song Ying about the private affairs occurring within his sheets. He could only show that he was already in love with Zhou Mo without any contradictions.

As for the answer from Bai Duan, Song Ying was also somewhat blind. Zhou Mo should have smoothly embraced the beauty and reached a long-standing relationship. Shouldn’t Zhou Mo be happy and satisfied? Why did he look so bitter and hateful?

Bai Duan and Song Ying looked at each other, with no idea what was going on. Fortunately, Zhou Mo was weathered in front of Bai Duan, and Bai Duan did not feel the troubles of the other people. They soon forgot about it, and continued to worry about how to finish all of their work.

Although that kind of thing was really wonderful, but they must also pay attention to discretion ah! The shame of doing such things in the daytime, which should have been done in the dead of night, really made Bai Duan, who had an introverted character and traditional education, feel this was unbearable.

In order to safeguard his three views, Bai Duan also discussed this issue with Zhou Mo very seriously. Unfortunately, after eating Bai Duan and enduring for several years, Zhou Mo finally revealed his real self. How could Bai Duan, with poor speech and a wooden tongue, speak brilliantly, without fear of this jealous, and sometimes perverted one?

Listening to Zhou Mo’s rhetorical ‘do at sunrise and rest at sunset’, Bai Duan simply wanted to flip the table in his face. This cheating liar who wanted to show off his literacy skills! What, did he think that simple working people praised this poem by misreading classics like this?

Seeing his little lover blow up again, Zhou Mo gave a light laugh, then went around the table and held him in his arms, “There is another saying from the sages which is called ‘Eating men and women, what do people want to save’? There is no big difference between men and women. Since it is my desire and a serious business, how can we take time so seriously?”

“Why don’t you eat a few more meals while you’re eating, enough to kill you?” Bai Duan could not break Zhou Mo’s arms and could only squint at him.

Zhou Mou picked up his eyebrows and said, “You are right. I have two meals a day for dinner. It is indispensable for me to eat a meal, eat dinner, and occasionally add a night supper. So how can you kill me just once in a while on the matter of men?”

Bai Duan stared, tongue-tied and speechless.

Seeing his little lover’s poorly-spoken appearance made Zhou Mo so happy that he put his arms together and pressed him onto the bed, but his face was serious, “So, we just finished the pilgrimage. Should you feed me in another way?” 

Bai Duan held back from spitting out the rude words he had learned in the barracks. He blushed and wondered whether he was ashamed or angry. However, he had just shared a bed with Zhou Mo for a few days, but his body seemed to have been used to Zhou Mo for a long time, and was kissed and loved by him a few times. After caressing, he immediately responded, making Bai Duan lie down on Zhou Mo’s body with his soft body, wondering what the evening would be like.

In this lifetime, Bai Duan was conservative in nature, green and restrained on the bed, even softly moaning. His voice was also very low, only when he could not bear it he would cry out a few times.

This Bai Duan made Zhou Mo feel as if he had found a new continent. The pleasure of teaching his lover was even better than seeing Bai Duan lose his mind and self-control.

Thrusting deep or shallow for impact and grinding against the most sensitive part of Bai Duan’s body, Zhou Mou listened to Bai Duan’s intermittent sobbing, feeling like he was bullying a grieving puppy.

Suddenly, Zhou Mo bent down and kissed the back of Bai Duan’s, which was rising and falling with his movements. His voice was hoarse and low, and he gasped and called out, “Gou…” (Dog)

Bai Duan body suddenly spasmed, his whole person red and shy, this stimulation made him even directly leak out, leaving him extremely embarrassed.

Zhou Mo also knew Bai Duan’s state naturally. After all, they were closely connected without any gap at this time. When he saw this reaction, he could not help laughing, “How can someone be so sensitive to their own name? Hmm? Gou?”

“Shut up!” Bai Duan couldn’t stand it. He turned his head and stared at Zhou Mo fiercely, but his eyes were full of emotion. The tears from his lust, coupled with his embarrassment, made his look even more ambiguous. “Don’t call me that!”

“Why?” Since Zhou Mo saw Bai Duan’s flushed face, he swelled up a little. He couldn’t help bumping into that sensitive spot twice, and his tone became more ambiguous. “You know, I’ve wanted to call you like this for a long time since the first time I knew your lovely nickname, I’ve been imagining the situation of calling you with you under my body…”

Bai Duan opened his mouth and did not know how to respond to such a hot topic he could not believe that when he first met Zhou Mo, under the other side’s serious, honest and sincere appearance, he was hiding such a perverted mind!

At this moment, Bai Duan really was a kind of dog… Ah no, it was the feeling of being on all fours like a dog on the quilt, day in and day out. Did he think his lover was an animal?! He thought that Zhou Mo’s words of “love at first sight” a few days ago were just to amuse him. Was it true?! But somehow, Bai Duan was not happy at all. He just wanted to turn over and beat his opponent to death.

Unfortunately, thinking about it, Bai Duan did not have the ability to translate ideas into reality. He could only secretly write down the account and let him reckon it after autumn.

After coming, Bai Duan collapsed on the bed, and even his voice was hoarse. At this time, Zhou Mo changed the way he was dominating in bed. He helped his lover drink water and massaged him. He was so attentive that Bai Duan’s brain scattered.

Moistening his throat with honey water, he lay on the bed with Bai Duan who was blushing and blamed his lover, “You… You don’t know how to be ashamed!”

Zhou Mo massaged his waist and smiled shyly, “No way, who made you so delicious and always makes me like it?”

Bai Duan licked his lips, not knowing whether to laugh or to be angry Zhou Mo was such a love fool, every sentence seemed to be able to stay in his heart. After all, he knew how Zhou Mo felt and often had the same idea. However, due to the education he had been receiving, Bai Duan was more accustomed to restraint than indulgence like Zhou Mo.

Frowning, Bai Duan whispered, “I really didn’t expect you to be such a person. You used to pretend to be so serious…”

Zhou Mo had his meal so he casually asked, “So, you liked the me before, or the me now?”

Bai Duan turned his back to Zhou Mo and could only hear his words. Somehow, even though the tone of Zhou Mo’s voice was no different, Bai Duan realized that this sentence was not just a meaningless chat. Turning his head slightly and looking sideways, Bai Duan was looking at this stranger seriously. Although he wondered why he cared about him, he dared not answer at will.

Thinking about it carefully, Bai Duan frowned, “What’s the difference? Aren’t they all you?”

“Of course there are differences.” Zhou Mo couldn’t say anything too unrealistic, so he could only fool around and say, “Which do you like better then?”

Bai Duan did not understand what Zhou Mo was clinging to, “In the past, you carried too much: the safety of soldiers, people’s expectations, the success or failure of the war… You had to make that dignified, reliable, cool and wise look to stabilize the military, I can understand. Now, when all the dust has settled and you’re alone with me, you don’t have to repress and restrain yourself any more. That’s…” Bai Duan cheeks reddened slightly. “That’s good too.” After a pause, he stuttered a little as he wasn’t good at talking about love. “Anyway, as long as you are you… I like it, no matter which you… What does it look like to me? It makes no difference.”

“Really?” The accumulation of vinegar in Zhou Mo’s heart finally dissipated slightly because of the words spoken by Bai Duan. “Didn’t you come to me at first to repay your kindness?”

“Yes.” Bai Duan nodded. “In return for your kindness, I wanted to make arms for you and contribute my strength to you, but…” His eyes were slightly fluttering. “But if I hadn’t really enjoyed my time with you, I would not have been grateful to you… or do this with you…”

Zhou Mo was so happy that he couldn’t help but take Bai Duan into his arms and kiss him closely.

He now thought it was unnecessary for him to be jealous some time ago. Although Bai Duan came to him because of the original grace, and once had a vision and worship of the original, what about that? But it was the empathy for a successful and heroic man when he was young and ignorant and without his father around. It had nothing to do with love. If he hadn’t cooked a good frog, Bai Duan would have probably always regarded Zhou Mo as a benefactor and, at most, become a comrade-in-arms and brother.

Although his lover worshipped the other man, Zhou Mo was still very upset, but who let him not appear at that time? If he showed up, it would surely be nobody else’s business. From beginning to end, he was the only one who got along with Bai Duan, and he was the only one who loved Bai Duan. That was enough.

“… So you’re not very happy these days… Is it because you were worrying about this?” Bai Duan looked at Zhou Mo as if watching a deadly disease.

Zhou Mo laughed at himself and kissed Bai Duan’s eyes.

Falling in love was easy to think about, often worrying about whether the other party still liked him, the desire to control had always been strong. His heart was small, and now with Bai Duan in it, he not only constantly forgot his situation, but he also saw the gains and losses, unwilling to let Bai Duan put half of his feelings towards others.

After all, he chose the road to go with Bai Duan. There were already too many predecessors who had fallen halfway ahead. He also saw too many lessons from the past where the deep feelings had eroded by time and different life experiences. So when the wind blew and the rain fell, he began to think wildly.

What if Bai Duan fell in love with someone else before he arrived? What if Bai Duan’s life was not compatible with his personality and he no longer liked him? What if Bai Duan prefered his original character compared to his own?

In the first generation, he knew and grew up together with Bai Duan, and naturally he had no trouble in this respect. In the second generation, although he imitated his origin in front of outsiders, he never disguised it, nor did he have any problems with it. However, in the third generation, Zhou Mo had been living with Bai Duan with his original character, at most in darkness. Zhou Mo was worried that Bai Duan would prefer if he ate some tofu in the middle of the meal. It was his calm, solemn, gentle and reliable original character, who was kind to Bai Duan. Fortunately, the situation was not so bad.

Zhou Mo did not know what his future would be like with Bai Duan. He could only watch out and see. Hopefully, the road ahead would be a smooth one until they died…

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Thanks for the chapter!

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“Anyway, as long as you are you… I like it, no matter which you… What does it look like to me? It makes no difference.”

Awww this is just too sweet and touching I love it thanks

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So sweet!! I love the fact that every time The ML tries so hard to make BD fall in love with him!! I hope that there’s no hardships in the coming worlds. Also why do they have to go to different worlds and eras? I guess I’ll have to read more to find out!! Ty so much for the translation! You guys are my favorite group!!

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So their world hopping is a test to see if their love can endure different worlds and different settings? 🤔

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