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Chapter 163: AnJie’s Celebration Parade

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At least for now, AnJie’s celebration parade wouldn’t be able to be held. The so-called ‘parade’ – or rather, collective foolery – was only meaningful during times of great peace and prosperity. So, even if Big Boss Jin already had plans in mind, at this time he still had to take care of official business.

And the so-called official business was: how to wrangle into obedience a horde of rebellious beasts and little monsters, before beating the big BOSS.

At first glance, it seemed like an insurmountable task, but in JinYu’s eyes, there was only one part that was the problem—the antidote to the spiritual control contract.

As long as he had the antidote, even if Fei Yusheng could turn into a flying dragon, JinYu could still form alliances and take him down. After returning home, the first thing JinYu did was tell Jia Wu and Wu Ding to tie up Zhang Liangshan and Jin Qian and bring them back, while notifying the circle: JinYu was back!!

Once Zhang Liangshan and Jin Qian arrived at Beast Shop #138 and saw JinYu, Zhang Liangshan rushed up excitedly and gave him a bear hug before he slapped his back with the same force JinYu used to slap cockroaches. He shouted, “Hahaha! I knew you would be okay! You really scared big bro, as long as you’re fine, that’s great!!”

Just when JinYu thought he was going to be slapped onto his knees, Qi Qinglin finally moved. Then the half-baked doctor said, looking gratified, “Sure enough, that saying that evil people live too long is true. The origin poison recently poisoned many important people to death, but we still can’t find any antidotes. Tsk tsk, since you’re still alive, I feel like even if everything else goes wrong, as long as you make an appearance in front of Fei Yusheng, you still might be able to scare him to death.”

JinYu couldn’t resist rolling his eyes and twitching his mouth. “That possibility is too low, even lower than XiaoBai giving birth to a son. Forget it. What’s with this nonsense? You guys should know very well what I want to discuss with you.”

“How’s the antidote coming along? If we don’t stop him soon, he’s going to think he’s the heavenly emperor.”

JinYu looked at the live broadcast being displayed on the light screen, and he felt like his hands were aching as if they were cramping. This guy deserved a beating way too much—

[Do you all think that everything I’m doing is insane, illogical? Do you all think that I’m slaughtering the innocent, destroying the peace? Do you all think – that the path I’m persevering on is all wrong?! Then let me tell you all, since I have the courage to stand here in front of everyone, then what I believe in is correct!!]

[What ‘beasts and humans coexisting peacefully’? What species wants to give what’s theirs to beasts? And even breaking the spiritual contract!! What a joke!! Ridiculous!! Our species has always been at the top. From the moment of our creation, it was determined that we would trample all other creatures under our feet!! But all of that was destroyed by those greedy, peace-seeking fools. As the chief of all species, can we endure that?! No matter what you think, we – cannot!!]

[So, we must do everything we can to change the current preposterous situation and return everything to the way it once was, perfection. But I know that even if we do all we can, it will still be extremely difficult and challenging!! So, as the head of the new race, I invite all those who share the same thoughts as me to come! Come to my side, allow all the other creatures to serve us, let us trample everything else under our feet!!]


JinYu stared helplessly as Zhang Liangshan smashed a hole into his golden-jujube-tree table before he howled angrily, “Too outrageous!! What does he want to do!!”

“… speaking of which, big bro, excitement is one thing, but this little table costs 100 gold coins, don’t forget to give me the money later ah.”

“Little bro! What kind of time is this! What does money matter! That brat clearly wants the restless to rebel! Like this, we’ll be provoked, and moreover our hands and feet will be bound.”

Zhang Liangshan looked righteously at JinYu, but under the latter’s glare, he couldn’t help but say, “At worst, I’ll exchange it with my own table.”

Jin Qian put a hand to his forehead. “Fine, this isn’t important. How exactly is the antidote research coming along? Even though there seems to be some progress on this side, it also seems like we’ve run into something very troublesome.”

Zhang Liangshan grew serious, and with a somewhat unpleasant expression, he said, “Actually, we’ve run into some difficulties too, perhaps we should talk about it?”

But Jin Qian shook his head. “Forget it, I can more or less guess. If we’re both stuck here, I’m afraid things will become annoying.”

Zhang Liangshan frowned. “We’re missing a trace element from the controlling spiritual contract poison. That element doesn’t exist on the capital star or the five surrounding desolate stars, or the numerous moons and satellite stars.”

Jin Qian nodded with a helpless smile. “Yet we know that this element really exists, and can stop the poison.”

JinYu’s brows knitted together tightly. Could they not talk in riddles like that? “Oh, is it that element from earth?”

If it was, then it wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

But Jin Qian and Zhang Liangshan both shook their heads. Jin Qian added, “We thought about that before, but Xiao Die did some research and found it isn’t an element from earth. If we had to put a name to it, then from looking through previous research data, we found that it’s from Pluto, a planet in the earth’s solar system before the great calamity.” He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “But now even the earth is completely different, and the solar system is completely gone. How can we find an element from Pluto? We even borrowed Long Changxiao’s astronomy equipment, but we weren’t able to see any celestial bodies nearby from earth, besides the sun and moon. Of course, they’re all different now.”

JinYu had nothing to say in response either. The earth was still an anomaly. If Pluto and the sun were still there too, then that was truly a miracle… that great calamity, which wasn’t even enough to lure gods over, was better off not considering any miracles.

“What about the other desolate stars at the border? Even though the capital star is abnormally similar to the earth’s atmosphere, it also happens to have ten desolate stars nearby. Why not take a look at the other desolate stars? Maybe the element is there!”

Jin Qian and Zhang Liangshan both smiled grimly after JinYu said that. Then another voice interjected:

“We received quite some suffering just from exploring the first and second desolate stars nearby. The stations on the desolate stars have only been built in the last decade. As for desolate stars three, four, and five, we can’t even go explore if we wanted to. Moreover, there’s still the three emperors. Besides those five stars, the rest are surrounded by asteroid belts that humanity has no way of entering. Before, the capital star formed a coalition comprised of S-rank beasts and rank fifteen superpowered individuals to go investigate desolate star six. In total, ten beasts and twenty overall went, but only three returned and died not long after. Of the remaining seventeen, fifteen were confirmed dead, while two remain unknown.”

Long Changxiao’s voice was gloomy, and he couldn’t help but glance at Qi Qinglin. Qi Qinglin’s eyes grew frosty, and his aura rose around his body.

“…eh?” What was going on? The atmosphere clearly wasn’t right.

“When did you find out?” Long Changxiao couldn’t help but ask. This was the secret he got from his grandpa after wearing him down for an extremely long time.

Qi Qinglin’s face was so dark it couldn’t get any darker. At first, he didn’t say anything. After looking at JinYu’s questioning face, he said hatefully, “I only know that that damn old man was the only level fifteen-plus superpowered individual in the past century. He disappeared three years before I was born.”

Long Changxiao smiled grimly and nodded. “You’re correct. That truly is an easy guess to make. In the past hundred years, there have been only twenty five level fifteen superpowered individuals. And of those twenty-five, half are from the ten great clans.”

“It can’t be that one of the two who still haven’t been found is our grandpa, right?!”

JinYu stared at Qi Qinglin with wide eyes. Heavens, before he was cursing that old fart for dying somewhere, but he couldn’t have really died on the desolate star, right?

Qi Qinglin knew instantly what JinYu was thinking, so he shook his head. “He isn’t dead, I can feel it in my family’s bloodline. Even though it’s very weak, he’s still alive.” If he hadn’t been able to feel that old bastard was still alive, he probably would’ve been drowned by Yuan Jingya back then, and he wouldn’t have been placed on the satellite star to perish by his useless, idiotic dad.

“Eh, then since he’s still alive, how can we just stay here?! We have to go rescue him!!”

JinYu was quite virtuous deep inside, embedded from prehistoric times.

Qi Qinglin shook his head and then nodded. “I only found out today that that old man is on desolate star six. En, we can go take a look tomorrow. To find the old man, and simultaneously search for the element for the antidote.”

JinYu was about to agree but was stopped by Long Changxiao, Jin Qian, and Zhang Liangshan.

“Brother Jin, that’s too dangerous, twenty superpowered individuals were killed there, how can we just let you and Qinglin go alone?”

“Heh, even if evil guys never die, you still have to know what you’re getting yourself into. If the god of longevity hangs you for courting death, who will be blamed?!”

“That’s right, little bro, you and that brat Qi must not be impulsive. Right now the capital star is still chaotic, we can’t even do the backup tasks properly. Take adventures and whatever slowly, let’s talk about that once world peace is restored!”

JinYu and Qi Qinglin shared a look before he sighed and shook his head.

“Big bro, who are you kidding? By the time world peace is restored, the old man will probably be gone. At worst, the entire capital star will probably have changed, what is there to wait for? It’s extremely urgent!!”

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