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Chapter 164: Spy

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Although finding the old man who was missing for awhile was pretty important, if you really wanted to start anything, and just rushed to the Wild Planet 6 without any preparations, then it would be no different from rushing to your own death. Even JinYu and Qi Qinglin had no idea of the dangers that were there.

However, the scaremongers couldn’t stand Jin Qian and Long Changxiao’s frightening words any longer. They were always prepared to beg in all sorts of ways. JinYu finally brought different foods, and Qi Qinglin……well, it really shouldn’t be spoken about. Either way, to sum it up, these things were totally unnecessary in someone else’s eyes but indispensable to others.

Pah, stop thinking so terribly, there isn’t anything evil about this. 

Waiting for JinYu and Qi Qinglin to bring everything up, Da Bai, XIao Bai, and Baozi also finished preparing. The next morning, JinYu and Qi Qinglin, along with six of the beasts, started their journey. Just as they were leaving, Long Changxiao gave JinYu a signal receiver. Although it may not be useful, it was better than nothing. May it could still send a weak signal?

Additionally, Xiao Bai, Fire Phoenix, and a few other beasts left behind by JinYu all expressed their dissatisfaction before they set out. In particular Xiao Bai, who’s dissatisfaction had caused many beasts to run into walls out of their own control. Even Baozi and Er Hei were hypnotized by its pupils and burned and cut themselves.

Because of this, Boss Jin knew that he had to say something persuasive, so he could only go to Xiao Bai’s side with a face full of disappointment and confront it heart to heart. “Xiao Bai, don’t get so worked up! I seriously want to bring you, but you have to think about it. Besides Xiao Xue and Xiao Bao (Little Treasure), I took everyone else in pairs. It’s only because Xiao Xue can fly and Xiao Bai can transform so they were brought along as emergency measure. Also because they’re still single… So I need you to stay here!! Even though those beasts aren’t too bad themselves, but they’re still a bit weak! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Apart from you, I can’t think of anyone else to stay here and guard the place!”

Meow meow!!

“Ah, you mean Da Bai and WangWang?” JinYu looked at the two of them and nodded slightly. “Did you not see the two really cute beasts by their side? I let them explore but take them with me? If these two accidentally die, there’s nothing I can do.”

Hearing JinYu’s words, Xiao Bai couldn’t help but roll its eyes. Of course it got a perfectly “logical” explanation for why it got the short end of the stick! It couldn’t help but scratch the wall. Xiao Bai had never felt so helpless— If it actually broke the rules this would be harming its image, but if it didn’t it would get left behind!! Fucking to break or not to break, this was such a difficult question!!

Finally, Xiao Bai didn’t have the courage to let Baozi and Er Hei continue on. It made them use their own pawns to comfort itself. Just look, at least the other half of its family members were no better off. They at least caught a good meal!!

Just when JinYu and Qi Qinglin were flying towards Wild Planet 6, Fei Yusheng also received this news– actually the airship just left the port and Qi Qinglin’s situation was not of utmost importance to Fei Yusheng at this very moment. So, after a month of comfort, Fei Yusheng was finally beaten by a certain whale who the public very much loved.

Besides him, only his own family was unafraid. Recently the situation had developed, even this unshakable “leader” saw a mountain collapse before his eyes, he would certainly fly into a rage. He then stood there for awhile until finally angrily throwing down their tea and crushing the cup beneath his foot, leaving all his precious utensils broken into pieces.

“…….This can’t be!” Fei Yusheng was absolutely livid, his entire body was shaking. He really could not believe this at all. There was actually someone who survived since the beginning!! It took him nearly ten years to extract the toxin from the ancient coffin. How could someone not be affected?? At that time, he clearly thought that man was going to die and Qi Qinglin would go insane! Moreover, if the toxin were to make incorrect, it was incorrect in the worst places!

This kind of result was not something he could stand.

Even if JinYu and Qi Qinglin couldn’t come settle the situation in autumn, he still felt that at this moment, there was a sharp knife suddenly at his neck. He was now just waiting for the moment someone used it to cut his neck open.

It definitely couldn’t end up like this!!

Fei Yusheng stood up, angry. His career had only just begun, if he were to die now it would be the most unfortunate thing in the world! There were so many people waiting for his guidance. He definitely couldn’t die like this!

Gritting his teeth, Fei Yusheng’s heart hammered. Even if he couldn’t kill them this time, he would try a second, then a third, until he finally killed them!! Face to face he may not win but using poison, he could definitely win!!

“Have you guys still not discovered who the mole is?! What about the beasts? Have you guys not found them too!!”

Fei Yusheng’s angry shouts caused the people beside him to shake in fear. It wasn’t until the atmosphere calmed down a bit that one of Fei Yusheng’s confidants came to report, “General, it seems like there’s an extra person in the shadow guards. We don’t know how he entered but we already investigated this ‘person’s’ identity.”

Fei Yusheng jumped in surprise. “What?”

“It’s most likely that beast, Xiao Bai. It is one of JinYu’s ten beasts. Even though it’s strength doesn’t rank that high, there is no one as cunning as it is. We also know that one its main abilities is to shapeshift into anything within three times its size. It just can’t speak after it has shapeshifted.”

“That was the past.” Fei Yusheng squinted. “Pah, this guy can talk. It’s almost like the beast I’m looking for. So, which beast is it?”

“General, those kinds of beasts that can shapeshift are very precious and difficult to find. We did manage to find a camouflage beast in the forest and a butterfly beast. This should yield the same result as your request.” The deputy general said and couldn’t help but looking up at Fei Yusheng. The latter was completely expressionless.

“Continue searching. Even if this can satisfy the requirements, I still want to be sure. In ten days the Ten Families will meet. I need to be king of those families and I need the clan leaders all to witness this. If there is any mistake, all my efforts will be wasted. Then I will burn everything in my rage!!”

Now, Fei Yusheng’s eyes went wild with anger. Although he was arrogant, he wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he could wave a finger around and make everyone submit to him. The only reason why he dared to act like this right now was because of the taboo knowledge that’s been inside his head since he was born along with the violent nature of beasts flowing through his body.

Right now he used that knowledge to get rid of almost everyone standing in his way and he also used the beast riots to raise his status, taking in many subordinates. All he had to do now was raise his existence to a frightening level and destroy all those who opposed him!! After that, he’d finally achieve what he wanted!!

He knew about human kind’s inferiority too well. No matter if you were right or wrong, if you were strong enough, everything could be easily taken. The Ten Families Conference would be his starting point of becoming a God and the glorious prelude to his era!!

And afterwards, all he needed to do was eliminate the hidden dangers within these ten days. If he did so he may even implicate those who shouldn’t be implicated!!

“Want to go to the wild planet? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for immortality or looking for nonexistent resources, I’ll let you all go!! There are too many ships that can’t come back, including this one!!”

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February 1, 2020 12:05 pm

Fei Yusheng is seriously delirious if he thinks that his plan can succeed. Can’t wait for the moment of his pitiful demise.
Thank you for the chapter!

June 11, 2020 1:25 pm

this guy is mental and quite annoying

October 19, 2021 9:52 pm

Confused again. Jin Yu has a hearheart-to-heart with XiaoBai as to why he can’t go with them; same sentence says it’s because XiaoBai can shapeshift that it’s included; then further on, XiaoBai is a spy? Have I missed something? Am I being dumb? 3 different scenarios for 1 character, in same chapter?

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