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Chapter 174: Qi Xiaoyao

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Looking at the baby Qilin, Jin Yu turned his head to look at Old Man Qi.

“Are you sure it’s not a toy or a variation you picked up from somewhere?”

When Old Man Qi heard the words, his brow was furrowed and his tendons were blue! “This is your and Qinglin’s son!”

“But it doesn’t look like the son of Qi Qinglin and me at all.”

Jin Yu continued to open his mouth with a paralyzed face. At the moment when his voice fell, the baby burst into tears. Then Jin Yu and Qi Qinglin saw that the S-class roof had been blown away. From the mouth of the baby came the cry of an unlucky crow.


It seemed that Old Qi was no longer a stranger to this. After coughing, he said, “What? His voice has a sound wave attack. This should be his ability. In addition, he can’t stop crying for an hour, no one can coax him. I have a great grandchild!”

He yanked his mouth hard. Jin Yu went to the baby and waited for the little Qilin with zebra stripes to quiet down and said, “If you cry, you’ll be stew.”

“… Waa, waa, waa…”

“I’ve said that no one can coax him.” Old Man Qi said calmly.

“Well, if you cry again, you will have no food, no gold coins, no pocket money in the future, no wife, and live in your father’s and my God’s pressure and your father’s physical pressure every day.”

Are you sure you’re coaxing your son, not threatening him?! It’s too fierce, okay!

Then, as Old Man oQi was going to reiterate, the cry stopped abruptly. The little qilin with zebra stripes looked at Jin Yu with unbelieving eyes, and burped.

Seeing the frightened look of the little guy, Jin Yu finally couldn’t help laughing, and his heart filled with a feeling of love and kindness. At present, he smiled and stroked the head of the little ball with his fingers. Then, he pushed the little ball to the sky with a little force.

“Well, although you grew a little strange, your father and I will love you very much.” Jin Yu held the little thing in his hand, and then bowed his head to rub against him.

Qi Qinglin’s eyes were dim, and suddenly a great sense of satisfaction showed. His face was paralyzed and dying, with a frightening smile.

Maybe it was because of his blood. Although Jinyu was fierce, he got along well with the little treasure. Two guys, you rub me and I rub you, then push down, roll around and stand up, then push to stand up. It was fun.

Little Treasure’s eyes were bright, and he was about to pick on Jinyu.

This picture made Qi Qinglin feel comfortable to death. He couldn’t help but touch the baby. But in the eyes of Old Man Qi, it was just the stimulation of red fruit! He was watching every day from the birth of this treasure. The idea in his mind was to let his great grandson kiss him and kill those two fathers. But now the picture was completely reversed, right?!

This great grandson treated him well. He ignored him. But would obey his dad in a single moment?!

Was this the birth of an M?!

Old Man Qi, who was totally unable to speak, turned around with a mouthful of old blood in his throat. Then he saw his black leopard rolling on the ground and laughing wildly. He almost went against the current and retreated in a rage. He wanted to teach his son to let out his anger!!

As soon as Old Man Qi left, Jinyu and Qi Qinglin found that the baby was slightly confused with his grandfather’s departure. But Jin Yu didn’t care at all. He smilingly rubbed the baby’s head and said, “It’s very good. You know the current affairs at such an age. Son, you have a great future!”

After being praised, Little treasure cocked his little head and blinked twice. Then he continued to roll around happily in his father’s arms.

Although this little Qi treasure had a little trouble with his grandfather and let him go, but this little setback was that a great grandson would not be abandoned. After an hour, Qi’s father would send his men with a gold medal, which was engraved with the words “Qi Xiaoyao”.

Needless to say, this was the name given to his grandson by Old Man Qi. But after seeing the name of Xiaoyao, Jin Yu kept silent for a few seconds. Well, the moral was good. He didn’t bother about anything else. Anyway, his son had a zebra brand. There would be no more peach flowers.

After the name of the Qi baby was determined, Jin Yu originally planned to take his son home, but he was caught by Old Man Qi and kept behind.

In the end, when he almost destroyed the table, Qi Qinglin circled around the Qi house with a black face and a group of children. Then, Old Man Qi, with his panther fought him in Anjie——

The Qi’s ancestral home and other houses were all roofless, and the walls were all cracked. What could he say?!! The baby was born to hang out with his two dads at their house, right?!

Well, Baby Qi was a little destructive.

Fortunately, Jinyu and Qi Qinglin thought that although there were some pits in their family, their attack power was still small. At least the baby wouldn’t pit them. They were in a good mood.

However, it wasn’t until he went back to No. 138, a fierce whale thought that he was naive.

Looking at his family’s son and his family’s difference, he felt that the disaster would escalate and the world would be ruined. For the sake of world peace, the future should be isolated, right?

When Baby Qi, who could only eat and sleep in the ancestral house of the Qi family, arrived at the shop, he saw all kinds of strange beasts in the room, and his excitement exploded in an instant. Lying on Jinyu’s head, he flipped his hoof, and almost jumped down.

And when the Baozi saw the small black treasure, the Baby Qi, they were shocked. Who could break the line of Boss Qi’s defense and go near Jin Yu’s body, then Baozi opened his mouth wide and stared at Baby Qi.




Wang Wang Wang!!!

Although the voices were different, the meaning expressed was exactly the same: [I’m going! Master, is this your and boss’s baby?! ]

Jin Yu looked at the room full of excitement, and felt a little uncomfortable, but he nodded firmly.

“Well, my son! How are you, little boy! Adult name is Qi Xiaoyao, baby name is Tuan Zi. You should get along well with him.”

OWw, wwo, woo!

Meow meow ~

Wang roar!!

“Don’t worry! This is the little master! Don’t worry, master. We will definitely take care of and accompany the little master with our greatest enthusiasm and love! In the future, he will definitely become the overlord of the two worlds of the beast people.”

“…” After listening to Xiaobao’s extremely heroic speech and all the different beasts nodding wildly beside him, Jinyu shook and wiped his face for some reason. He had the feeling that his son would become a villain.

“Well, then, Tuanzi can become a human shape in a hundred days. Now he’ll grow up first. You can fight with him in a hundred days. Well, that’s it. I’ll let Tuanzi grow for a hundred days. It’s a good chance for others to give money…”

“Tsk, speaking of such, as soon as I entered the room, all I can hear is your grand plan to make money? Stop it. No, your gold coins are enough to bury your room.” The Night Phoenix leaned against the door and lifted the corners of his mouth, and the spirit standing beside him glared up and down in the room.

Jin Yu and Qi Qinglin saw the Night Phoenix and Ling Chong pick their eyebrows. Why were these two people here?

“If the monkey comes to find Wu Ying, don’t tell me. But did you become a night owl? I remember nothing happened recently. Have you found a companion?”

Hearing Jin Yu’s words, the Night Phoenix and Ling Chong rolled their eyes. This guy still owed so much.

“We heard that you and Qi Qinglin’s baby was born, so we came here to have a look. But I think I really shouldn’t have come to hear your words before.” Night Phoenix looked at Jin Yu and said with great sincerity. The expression of the latter didn’t change at all.

“Don’t worry, at least you don’t charge for watching the group this time. And you think I’m making money? You’re wrong. I’m saving for a wife for my son! ” Jin Yu said, and his expression became solemn. “I’m the father of my family’s son! This is what you can’t understand when you’re not a father! Right, son?”

Ao Ao ~

Little Tuanzi raised his head on Jinyu’s head, and then looked at the Night Phoenix and Ling Chong with wide eyes and showed his little mouth.

“Fuck! That zebra is your baby with Qi Qinglin?! Are you sure you’re right?” Ling Chong looked at Tuanzi’s face and couldn’t believe it. He roared out directly. Then the air pressure in the room plummeted to the extreme.

“Monkey, you can’t take away Wuying in your whole life. Unless you gave birth to a zebra!”

You’re the zebra. You’re the zebra of your family!!

Jinyu’s face was green. He said his son was his. If anyone else said his son wasn’t, he must beat him to death!!

Before Jinyu could do it himself, Papa Qi directly gave Ling Chong a punch. Then, all kinds of different beasts in the room greeted the baby.

The little golden monkey couldn’t bear to look straight at him, covering his eyes with two claws. He was so ferocious. It was not that I won’t help you, but I can’t fight that group of ferocious beasts! And Xiaobao is still staring at me.

After enjoying a baptism, Ling Chong lay on the ground with nothing but a single breath. He vowed that he would not talk next time! He didn’t need to adjust his vision to 5.0!! It was true that the little guy was a zebra. OK, T-T.

“Cough, that, excuse me, brother. I’ll tell you. I’ll marry Sasha next month. You must come to big brother’s wedding then!” Zhang Liangshan walked up to bypass Lingchong, who was dying, and took out a wedding card. “Ha ha, my little nephew is so cute. Just like his father.”

“…” Qi Qinglin decided not to kill the person on the ground for his uncle’s sake. He was a Black Qilin, his son was a chaos Qilin, where did anyone have the right to say anything?!

Jin Yu looked at the wedding card with a happy face, then looked at the date after a few seconds of silence, looked up at his brother.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

Zhang Liangshan coughed twice when he heard the words. Then he said with a bitter face, “Brother, you can help me! My wife has a sister, brother-in-law and a large family. A group of female tigers in the Bai family said that if I can’t choose all their family members the day before I get married, I won’t be able to marry my wife!”

Jinyu felt his face drop, and then thought of the queen like Bai Ling female tiger. He clapped Zhang Liangshan’s shoulder, “Sad, big brother.” The female was a tiger and the male was a turtle. It was too fierce.

Ao Ao ~

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So cute.

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A zebra Qilin with shockwave crying voice that is able do blow off a roof. Yup, that is 100% percent JinYu’s and Qi QingLin’s child. Combined powers of both fathers are just terrifying. I bet it’s just the beginning of this little treasure’s powers.
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