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Chapter 52: Fourth World (11)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

Since Xie Yan was afraid of starving Bai Duan, he didn’t make anything too complicated. Of course, the taste was just as delicious as ever. However, they were rather absent-minded.

After filling their stomachs, Bai Duan helped Xie Yan clean up the dishes and chopsticks. After a moment of hesitation, he finally asked, “Do you want to work for the [Ten Thousand Realms]’s company?”

Xie Yan’s movements stuttered, he was struggling to make a decision.

Today, he talked a lot in front of Zhao ZeHong, on the one hand, he wanted to convey the original’s thoughts. On the other hand, he was deliberately trying to show himself off.

It was not a glorious thing that the original dropped out of University because of playing games. It even affected other people’s perception of him. Even if Xie Yan succeeded in losing weight and ‘changing’ his introverted character, it would be hard for him to find a job. In order to complete a double counter attack and get to the height of his life, Xie Yan couldn’t just game in the house for his entire life. At least, he should have a sustainable job and obtain a higher social status.

It was true that Xie Yan had all kinds of skills, and any one of them would be totally enough in obtaining his goal. However, he couldn’t suddenly change too much, it would be problematic if he couldn’t even explain to others why he had that skill. So the best way was to take the original’s personality and hobbies into account, then use that as a general direction to choose a job that the original might actually like and could possibly do.

Thinking about that, Xie Yan thought that the game world was the best starting point. It was not strange for him want to go work in the game company that created [Ten Thousand Realms]. With how enthusiastic the original was with the game, it’d be normal for him to want to make the game better. Moreover, the original stayed at home all day playing the game, so knowing some of these skills didn’t sound too far-fetched.

As such, in order to develop in the area in the future, he intentionally showed his talent in front of Zhao ZeHong today. However, the results came too fast, that made him completely unable to react, and even had some hesitations.

After all, [Ten Thousand Realm]’s company was in another city. If he went to work there, he would definitely move. However, Bai Duan still had to stay in this city and attend university. He wouldn’t be leaving for at least four years.

Although Xie Yan didn’t think that the long-distance would affect his relationship with Bai Duan, not being able to live with his lover still made him feel sad.

After a few more moments of hesitation, Xie Yan shook his head in accordance with the original’s character, “…No, I don’t want to go.”

“Don’t lie to me.” Bai Duan ‘pftted’ at him, he stared at Xie Yan and continued, “In truth, you are very interested, you just dared not take the step, right?”

Xie Yan opened his mouth and seemed like he wanted to refute, but he was flustered under Bai Duan’s penetrating gaze. “Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve seen you have such a good time talking to others.”

Xie Yan put the chopsticks into the automatic dishwasher, and Bai Duan felt a little disheartened.

“… I… I just had a lot of passing thoughts about the game beforehand.” Xie Yan lowered his head and set the dishwasher. He tried to explain, “It was a rare chance, so I said all of it at once…”

“So, doesn’t that mean you like it?” Bai Duan shrugged. “If it wasn’t for your love for it, how could you have so many ‘passing thoughts’? What’s more, they were all reasonable, not just random thoughts, that even made the chief designer of the game impressed.”

Xie Yan was silent and speechless.

“Since you like it, it’s a rare opportunity. Don’t give up on it.” Bai Duan raised his hand up and covered Xie Yan’s hand with his own palm, he said, “I know what you’re struggling with and worrying about, but you have to at least try to take the step. If you really can’t adapt, you could always come back.”

Xie Yan still didn’t speak, but from his slightly quivering eyelashes and wavering eyes, Bai Duan could see that he was struggling at this moment.

Bai Duan also did not continue to persuade him, he took the fruit plate and left the kitchen, leaving Xie Yan some space to think alone.

Bai Duan also knew that if Xie Yan accepted the job, he would have to move to another city, and they would not be able to meet each other all the time like they could now. However, even if he was reluctant to have Xie Yan leave, even if he was worried about their relationship becoming less close because of the distance, Bai Duan could not selfishly stop his ‘friend’s’ future.

Soon, Xie Yan came out after the dishes finished washing, he sat beside Bai Duan, making the sofa sway. Hesitating to look at Bai Duan, his expression was uneasy and extremely unsure, “I… can I really do it? I’ve never worked and… seldom communicated with others, I don’t know how to get along with others…”

“You just never tried.” This look on Xie Yan’s face made Bai Duan feel very distressed. He couldn’t help but stand up and embrace Xie Yan’s drooping head. “You are very talented, really!”

Burying his head in Bai Duan, Xie Yan was a bit dazed and almost forgot to continue acting. After a while, he held back his excitement and nostalgia, then raised his head, “Really?”

Xie Yan’s eyes were full of confusion and uncertainty, but also mixed with trust and expectations for Bai Duan, which made Bai Duan’s heart soft. Bai Duan nodded heavily, “Really!”

Xie Yan pursed his lips together and his expression began to brighten up, “If you say so… hmn, then I believe you.”

Not believing in himself, but believing Bai Duan.

Understanding Xie Yan’s words, Bai Duan sensed a spike in his heart rate again, Xie Yan’s unreserved attachment and trust made him fill with satisfaction and joy, and even a sense of responsibility and protection, he wanted to protect him.

“Actually… There’s another reason why I don’t want to go.” Hesitating for a moment, Xie Yan whispered again, “I’m afraid of losing you as my ‘friend’.”

Xie Yan’s worry made Bai Duan happy, he smiled, “We have each other’s contact information, it is very convenient to call. What’s more… in the evening, when you leave work and I am off school, we can still play games together, right? In that sense, it’s no different from now.”

This was the only thing that gave Xie Yan comfort. If he was in ancient times, he would never leave his lover and go to another city alone.

Finally, under the persuasion and encouragement of Bai Duan, Xie Yan decided to accept Zhao ZeHong’s invitation and go to the city where the game company was. Although they were very close to each other, Bai Duan and Xie Yan still didn’t express their feelings towards each other. Xie Yan wanted to leave the confessing till he lost more weight, so that the confession would leave a perfect image for Bai Duan. While Bai Duan was worried about what changes might take place after Xie Yan went to another city, so he wanted to carefully observe for a while longer.

Because Xie Yan was not the original, so despite his introvertedness and self abasement, he never lost his composure at the most critical moments. Naturally, he passed Zhao ZeHong’s interview very smoothly, and got a new job.

On the day of leaving, Bai Duan saw Xie Yan off at the airport. Before leaving, both of them were quite calm and rational. There was no ‘mutual love’ between them yet, but they agreed to stay in touch with each other. Then, one person dragged his luggage and boarded the plane, while the other silently returned home after watching the plane fly away.

Bai Duan and Xie Yan had only known each other for a little more than six months, but when Bai Duan returned to the room where he had been living alone for a way longer time, he felt lonely, empty and strange. It seemed like he had lost something very close and important, and he was completely out of it.

He stood in the living room for a long time, and looked at every corner as if there were traces of Xie Yan left behind. Except for when he was attending classes, he almost stayed with Xie Yan all the time, exercising together, eating and gaming together. Bai Duan left a lot of personal belongings in Xie Yan’s house, and Xie Yan also occupied a lot of his personal space.

If they could stay with each other all the time like they had been, Bai Duan was sure that he could completely drive that person who was in Xie Yan’s heart away, then naturally date him. But now that Xie Yan had moved away, Bai Duan wasn’t sure whether they would still be as close as they were before.

After all, he felt that Xie Yan took a liking to him, first of all because of his good looks, and second, because of his gentle and friendly character. If Xie Yan met another person similar to that in another city who was willing to accompany him, encourage him and help him, would Xie Yan still think of Bai Duan? Or would he rather get closer to that new person?

At this point, Bai Duan was not sure, even if he felt uneasy, he could only bury it in the bottom of his heart.

Feeling upset while not being able to do anything about it, Bai Duan decided to open the gaming cockpit and lay in. Last time, Zhao ZeHong compensated them for having to go on an incomplete route, Bai Duan had not carefully checked it yet. So, he went to the warehouse and stored all the things that he currently didn’t need in it. Then he began to wonder about what he should do for entertainment. Xie Yan should still be on the aircraft now, so obviously it was impossible to play with him, so this was the first time after Bai Duan met Xie Yan that he got to hang out alone in the game.

Without Xie Yan’s guidance, Bai Duan immediately lost his direction. He opened the nearby task list and prepared to do a few tasks to kill time. Unexpectedly, just after marking the task location, he saw a strange and familiar figure.

The white fox youth walked up to Bai Duan. He looked like he was careful. Bai Duan frowned and closed the map in front of him. He looked at the fox tribe teenager and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Hello, you…” The fox tribe teenager moved his ears uneasily. He looked soft and cute, it was a pity that Bai Duan didn’t appreciate it at all. The fox tribe teenager said, “My name is Luo Xi…”

“Hmn, I know you.” Bai Duan nodded. Luo Xi was also famous in the game, although he got that fame by stepping on Xie Yan. He was cute in appearance and had a soft personality. When he was with Xie Yan, he was very popular with other players as well. Later, he became the ‘victim’ of Xie Yan’s ‘deception’ and that earned him a lot of sympathy points. Now, he had his name on the popularity list and the beauty list, and he had become a somewhat famous player.

Bai Duan was quite bland, he was not friendly but not rejecting either, which made Luo Xi feel a little relieved. He pursed his lips and got his courage up to look at Bai Duan, “I think… I need to tell you something… Hmn, about Qian LinFeng…”

‘Qian LinFeng’ was Xie Yan’s game ID. When Bai Duan heard the name, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and stare at Luo Xi’s eyes.

So, what was the situation now? An accident or a special meeting? Choosing this rare occasion when he entered the game alone to meet and talk about Xie Yan? Is this the legendary ‘Ex’s protest’?

A/N: When you guys are reading this chapter, I’m probably already locked up…… QAQ

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