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Chapter 20: A loose tongue will cause a sea of troubles.

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although JinYu ordered Qilin meat in the heat of the moment, never did he expect the owner and waiter of the restaurant to actually whip up a plate of Qilin meat and present it to him. However, as he looked at the supposed meat that was arranged to form the word ‘Qilin,’ he had a feeling he was fooled. Fortunately, once he took a bite, the tastiness of it blanketed its appearance. Coupled with the ‘friendly’ numbers on the bill that the waiter gave him, he unwillingly brushed off the issue of the ‘Qilin meat.’

Everyone appeared to have an enjoyable experience during the first time JinYu and his beasts ate in a restaurant. Well, at least he and his beasts enjoyed themselves immensely, and the smile on the restaurant owner’s face seemed genuine. When JinYu left with his beasts, the owner even grinned while telling them, “Hope to see you again~!”

Therefore, everyone definitely enjoyed themselves! Of course, in Boss Qi QingLin’s opinion, the meal was, at most, edible. As for its taste, he ultimately couldn’t understand why JinYu and the beasts looked that delighted and satisfied. Nonetheless, that was also the moment when Boss Qi decided, perhaps after JinYu’s house was constructed, he could instruct JiaWu or YiWen to capture a B+ grade ZhiWei beast, which existed just to cook all kinds of savory food; JinYu would probably like that. Yup, maybe his partner will be so pleased by the gift that he would hug him joyfully as he praised how great he was. He might even…take the initiative to do something, right? As Qi QingLin thought about that, his lips curled into a slight smile. He sure was a rather considerate and kind partner.

JinYu, who walked at the very front, was covered in goosebumps all of a sudden. Suspicious, he took a glance at Qi QingLin before swiveling his eyes back to the front in confusion. Tsk. Just then, he seemed to detect malicious intentions. That must be an illusion; an illusion!

In the seventh heaven, JinYu and the beasts left the restaurant. However, little did they know that the big shots and highly skilled residents of the dark street had the impulse to butcher their enemies once they took a look at the bill presented to them by the waiter! Fucking hell! What in the world is up with the preposterous numbers?! Even though you usually mark up the tab to five times its usual price, we still fork out cash out of courtesy. But now, even a cup of the vilest man-made coke costs 100 gold coins! You fucker, that’s just daylight robbery! A thousand cartons of man-made coke can be bought with that money, ok?! Can you be even more of a scam than this? And you just charged the massive army of beasts the cost price too! Fucking hell, isn’t this favoritism a bit too harsh?!

Nonetheless, there wasn’t even a speck of guilt in the restaurant owner’s eyes when facing the fury of the big shot customers. The owner merely told them with an unsmiling face, “Go get a bunch of beasts like him if you can. I will give you discounts if you guys manage to do so.” In mere seconds, a lot of people were murdered by those words.

Shit! Although they had overwhelming power, it wasn’t as though they could just form a contract with beasts whenever they felt like it! Moreover, the higher the beast’s level, the greater its excludability was. Hence, it was easy to find 100 F-grade beasts but stupidly difficult to get five powerful A-grade beasts! Which was why the customers could only swallow down their envy and jealousy as they paid their bill before leaving with hollow, emotionless faces… I’ll find a beast tomorrow!

Four days after the group’s lunch together…

As JinYu would bring the beasts and the big boss to oversee the construction progress of the ape construction team occasionally, the golden-haired ape and its underlings were swift with their work, not wasting any bit of time. Spurred on by a certain boss’s imposing air, they even instinctively sped up. Therefore, on the fifth day, the construction of the house, which should have been completed at night, was finished in the morning.

Upon gazing at the impressive, exquisite double-tiered villa, JinYu narrowed his eyes into a line, grinning. The beasts beside him were even more excited as they kept howling. Some even burst into tears of joy, hugging the dragon and phoenix pillars while yelping. Although the reactions of the beasts amused JinYu, they overwhelmed him with emotions too. Such euphoria probably didn’t merely arise because the house was ready. The other reason might be due to them having a place to call ‘home’ once again. The warmth and stirring emotions felt from the loss and regaining of their homes was what had reduced them to such a state.

After taking a deep breath, JinYu announced loudly with a smile, “From today onwards, this is our home! And I’m your boss! You guys only have to remember this: so long as I’m here, all of you will never be abandoned. No matter if you are by my side or not, so long as you come back, this will be your home.”

JinYu’s declaration muted the exhilarated beasts abruptly. Their blank expressions confused JinYu. Was he not moving enough? Why did all of them react like that? However, in the next second, he speechlessly banished such thoughts from his mind. Headed by Baozi, all of the thirty plus beasts started bawling and pounced on him before nuzzling, scratching, licking and pecking him while on the floor. Tears of regret streamed down his face.

What the fuck! This was the definition of ‘a loose tongue caused a sea of troubles.’ Why in the world did he say moving speeches to the beasts for?! He should have added one more sentence – no freeloading allowed. Seriously, if that were added, at least Baozi, that lazy bones, definitely wouldn’t throw itself on him!

In the end, Big Boss Qi QingLin was, of course, the one who rescued JinYu. In the span of a few short minutes of stunned astonishment, his partner got molested by so many beasts. Once he came back to his senses, his expression was utterly cold. With only a glare, hairs began raising on all of the enthusiastic beasts at once. They retreated immediately, quicker than when they pounced on JinYu moments ago. Among all, BaoZi, DaBai, and XiaoBai fled away from the fastest. A sudden thought came to JinYu, who got up with the help of Qi QingLin; luckily someone like Boss was around, or else he would definitely become the first to be squeezed and nuzzled to death by beasts.


After extending his hand to help JinYu up effortlessly, Boss Qi lifted his head to look at the blue-eyed rabbit. Frightened, the rabbit instantly straightened its ears, which was as long as its body. In the next moment, JinYu was drenched from head to toe in the water that fell from the skies. He began shivering violently after coming back to his senses. Just as he was about to yell out, he was pulled into Qi QingLin’s embrace. The warmth and heartbeats he felt from his back, extinguished the fire in him and made him twitch his lips. He couldn’t stop himself from elbowing Boss Qi, “Stop touching around!”

Ignoring JinYu’s elbow strike and contempt, Qi QingLin set his chin on JinYu’s shoulders and whispered in a low, soothing voice, “This is our home, right?”

Upon hearing that, JinYu’s face flushed red. He turned his head away, awkwardly, “No, freeloaders allowed here.”

Qi QingLin quirked up his lips, “Don’t worry; I’m definitely the most competent of all inside and out.” Besides, I’m competent from my body to my heart too.


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September 9, 2019 3:56 pm

Daaaaaw, so cute! They’re so happy to have a home. Boss Qi is happy to have a bedroom. So touching all around.

September 9, 2019 9:07 pm

-sits on a lawn chair eating popcorn- Taming of the partner is progressing well. Though the Kiss Achievement has been taken the long term Kiss Power Up seem to be slow to grow. Lol🤣😂

September 9, 2019 10:35 pm

“You want me to demonstrate?” 😉
Thank you

September 9, 2019 10:38 pm

This overbearing Boss Qi is starting go get cuter and cuter with every chapter! He was even thinking about getting his mate a cook! But, unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit longer before he will try to “take the initiative”.

Thank you for the chapter!

September 15, 2019 7:13 am

Thanks for the chapter! The silly MC really got himself a sticky partner, lol.

October 2, 2019 1:24 am

I’m seeing so much of LMW in these two… they’re very different ofcourse but the similarities are certainly glaring…
The storytelling/writing isn’t as good and it seems to be focused on the beast raising aspect but it’s cute so welp gg.

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