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Chapter 4: Not Good to Run Around in a Strange Environment

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin was finally, reluctantly, taken out of the room by Dewitt.

He was so reluctant that, before leaving, Wen Jin tried hard to bite the quilt, growling and trying to scratch Dewitt’s hand into flowers with his claws.

He didn’t want to go out. The reiki outside was much lower than inside. What was the point of going out? But Dewitt made him go out since Wen Jin could neither shapeshift nor grow bigger at the moment; otherwise, he would like to fight with him every minute.

When he was finally forced into his arms of the man, Wen Jin bit several marks onto his opponent’s ironed clothes, but the man remained unmoved. But after going out, Wen Jin’s attention was immediately attracted by the smell of food. Originally, Wen Jin was still angry. He could not help but stick out his head and move his black nose, stretching his paws from Dewitt’s arms to scratch him.

It was fragrant!

Wen Jin sniffed several times before reluctantly turning his head back and putting a paw on Dewitt’s body. His dark eyes were filled with urgency and doubt. “Chee?”

What did it smell like? Was that the specialty meat that he mentioned before? What beast’s meat was so fragrant? He had never smelled such delicious food when he was on Honghuang previously! 

Wen Jin chittered and blinked at Dewitt with great sincerity. His heart said that it was no problem to give up temporarily for the sake of delicious food. As Wen Jin thought, his little pink tongue stretched out and licked his nose. It was self-evident what he wanted to do.

Dewitt squinted his eyes, did not speak and Wen Jin did not care, because, from the man’s pace, he should be going downstairs. The fragrance was from downstairs!

Wen Jin thought about it and climbed up to stand directly on Dewitt’s shoulder. When the little body was standing up, Dewitt was worried that he might fall.

As a result, the little fox on his shoulder noticed that Dewitt was slowing down. He patted him on the shoulder anxiously with his paws and urged him by whining several times.

Dewitt understood that the little fox he was bound to be a food lover. He immediately questioned his decision to treat him at the restaurant. But he had just arrived at the restaurant. The little fox disappeared like a tornado from Dewitt’s shoulder and could not be stopped. Nevertheless, Dewitt could feel the position of the little fellow through the contract. As he looked at the place with only one exit, he hesitated for a moment and let it go, but decided to give it a good lesson later.

It was not a good thing to run around like this in a strange environment.

At this time, most of the people in the room also saw Dewitt, the formerly unlively voices all turned into a unified cheer, joy overflowed from their cries.

All the soldiers had been guarding the sanatorium for the past month. From a month ago, the soldiers were nervous, and the atmosphere was unprecedentedly depressing. After the news of Dewitt’s awakening came out, the mood of the whole sanatorium changed from the bottom to the top.

Initially, each of them had a heavy mind and a cloudy face. Now, everyone’s face was full of joy. They even shouted Dewitt’s name excitedly and raised glasses to him. There were all kinds of drinks in the cups. Looking from a distance, they had a good view.

Archie came over with a smile in his voice. “The little fellow runs very fast. Don’t want to say anything?”

Dewitt shook his head.

Archie said nothing more. He handed Dewitt the tea in his hand, and they walked out of the hall. After leaving, Archie carefully said, “Can’t eat yet?”

“No,” said Dewitt, shaking his head. His task tonight was to show his face at the banquet hall to prove that he had woken up. It was not a lie, and he needed to appear in the sanatorium, not only for his subordinates but also for the small part of the troops. Some troops were there in the name of the central government and were there with various intentions.

But it was just an appearance. He couldn’t wait long. The toxin was gone now, but the energy riot¹ had yet to happen. Dewitt was not suitable to appear in such a place full of soldiers before it could be resolved entirely.

“They’re all waiting for you to talk and after hearing the news, they look happy on the surface. You don’t have to show up daily, but you’re hanging over their hearts.” Archie sighed.

“The timing is wrong.” Dewitt knew that he was not in good health and he did not want to give his subordinates hope that they should not have. It would be more difficult to accept the hope just for it to be destroyed again. “How is the situation of Capital Star?”

“Not good,” Archie said, with a slightly grave face. “Listening to the Academy of Sciences, the Zergs aren’t dead yet. If you don’t show up soon, they will be ready to move. There have been several small encounters along the frontier.”

Dewitt licked his lips and looked down at the cup in his hand. “I can’t pilot a mech now.”

“You know, when you go back to the Academy of Sciences, Professor Lin will give you a specific examination to see if he can find a way to make a preliminary serum for the poison. In the previous attack, you were not the only one poisoned. Most of them (the affected) were placed at the Academy of Sciences. Their energy… They may have a way to fix it.”

Dewitt looked at him.

The energy riots had always been a mystery of the Empire. If the Academy of Sciences could solve it, they would have given a solution. Every level of ability was affected by this problem. How many ability users in the Empire died from energy riots? That was how his father went. The stronger the ability user, the shorter the life expectancy.

His insurgency was close at hand, and he would never be able to go to battle again. No one was more competent than him in dealing with the Zerg’s front-line command position.

“Good.” Dewitt knew that what he thought, Archie must have considered. He didn’t want to spoil the other’s fun.

At the same time, the restaurant had long been a mess.

Although Wen Jin’s body was still weak, his broken demon dan was stable. After a few hours of rest, he had a little bit of spirituality and fundamental physical strength. He ran around the meeting hall happily, sniffing in the east and smelling in the west. The soldiers looked at him curiously, but no one dared to reach out and catch him. So they let the little fox run around the mess hall. 

Wen Jin’s final goal fell on the middle plate of each table. According to his understanding of human beings, they liked to have the best item in the middle, so this must be the specialty meat that the man talked about before!

Smelling the fragrance of that piece of meat, following the aroma, Wen Jin’s tail could not help shaking, even his stomach seemed to be empty for a moment.

The table was full of rough men. They had never seen anything like this before but didn’t mind a little beast coming to the table. What’s more, the beast was the Marshal’s! When the little fellow came in on the Marshal’s shoulder, they noticed and heard Major General Archie say that the Marshal woke up only after he had made a contract with the little fellow.

This group of soldiers had no complicated ideas. They recognized this truth and looked at the little fox very kindly. When they thought that the little fox was eating well and that the Marshal’s body might be better, they wished they could provide all the food to the fox.

Wen Jin quickly jumped onto a table, which smelled very delicious, but he always liked the best dish, so when he went up, he was not confused by the side dishes at all and went straight to the main dish and stood nearest to the most significant bowl of meat. Looking at the steaming meat on a massive plater, Wen Jin only felt that the fragrance was getting more and more intense. He opened his mouth and bit a huge piece of meat off of it. The meat was initially cut, and it was very convenient for him to bite down, but it was still a bit cumbersome. During this period, he could not ignore his tail. Otherwise, his tail might accidentally get caught in the other dishes. He was a beast, but he didn’t like being dirty.

Wen Jin was biting meat, and the soldiers were staring at him. They clearly remembered that contract beasts had always been stupid and timid, and most had courage proportional to their size. This little fellow looked so small, but he dared to rush into the crowd of so many soldiers and then very cleverly found what he liked to eat…?

Was it not due to being the Marshal’s bonded beast? It was small and not aggressive. It was a weak and ineffective beast, but it had the right way of eating. Cough, especially majestic!

The soldiers stared at Wen Jin as if they were watching something new and unique for the first time in a thousand years. Suddenly, Wen Jin stopped biting the meat.

That was not because Wen Jin found someone looking at him, but because he found that… The slice of meat seemed too big for him to bite. He could not bite into the whole piece. And if he dragged it out a little further, then it would be on the table.

Could he stand a little differently? Maybe it would be lighter if he bit the middle part, put the plate in front of him and raised his claws? Wen Jin was a little worried. But then the meat melted in his mouth. After he bit the meat, his tongue dashed out and licked his lips in a hurry. It was delicious! The meat was not tough and was very tender. If he bit down, it would melt directly in his mouth. The soup on the table was not as good.

He has begun to think about the feasibility of opening his magic artifact to take out the recently stored spirit energy so that he could eat more.

His small face wrinkled into a tangled mess, Wen Jin was somewhat puzzled, “Cheee…”


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin: Everything is too short.

Dewitt: Well, there’s no bird* yet.  (Chinese slang for an erection/penis.)

Wen Jin:??? Aren’t you afraid of being a pervert in broad daylight?

Dewitt:? I said Archie’s bird.


¹These “energy riots” are a form of qi deviation; however, the “plebians” of this planet do not know the term and only Wen Jin is aware of it. If you do not understand what Qi deviation is, it is a state wherein the cultivation base becomes dangerously unstable, causing internal damage to the body and symptoms of psychosis. You will learn more about this in later chapters from Wen Jin. 



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