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Chapter 21: Claiming territory in the new home

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After the construction of JinYu’s dream house was completed, the ape construction team ran for the hills the moment they received their one hundred and fifty purple gold coins. The only tasks left on JinYu’s checklist were, naturally, to purchase some household essentials for his home and to hang up a store sign. Once done with that, the store would be officially open for business. As such plans arose in JinYu’s mind, he was, without a doubt, as happy as a lark.

Under the expectant gazes of the starry-eyed beasts that were acting cute, JinYu commanded spiritedly with a wave of his hands, “Let’s go and take a look at our home!”

Howls of a variety of beasts rang out in every direction. BaoZi smiled towards JinYu, elated. At the same time, the boss of the bosses appeared to be pleased too. After a scan around the surrounding, BaoZi sneakily swept his tail by DaBai before charging into the door with a roar.

JinYu’s lips curled up speechlessly at the scene of BaoZi, the first to dash into the house, collapsing onto the ground due to the slippery floor and rolling three times before crashing onto the custom-made sandalwood counter with decorative carvings. He yelled in his heart, You idiot!

Before BaoZi could even have the chance to come to its senses from the collision, the other beasts began bolting into the door noisily upon noticing that the door was opened, trampling on the poor BaoZi. JinYu didn’t even want to lift his lips at this point when looking at the scene in front of him. He raised his leg straight away, stepping on BaoZi’s back as he entered the house.

With that, BaoZi’s dream of being the first to lunge into the house shattered into a million pieces. In the end, XiaoBai squatted on DaBai’s head as the two of them peered at BaoZi with a mix of pity and disdain before meowing out. [Let’s see if you will try to be an idiot again…]

Only when XiaoBai walked away in excitement did BaoZi lift its head pitifully and grudgingly at DaBai and howl. [I was telling you all to charge in together!]

DaBai roared. [Well… I think being the first to step inside might be dangerous, so it’s best to let some other beast to enter first. See? It really is dangerous, isn’t it…?]

Besides, the most important part of the problem was, it was such a disgrace to the beasts! Being the most powerful beast, excluding the Big Boss, out of all of the boss’s underlings, DaBai couldn’t afford to bring shame to the beasts. Thus, having an idiot nearby was actually rather beneficial.

BaoZi growled in a fury. [You are too despicable! I’m going to sever ties with you! When we were in the rubbish dump, I was the one who dragged you to the shade! If not for me, you would have died from the heat!]

Da Bai replied back. [Which is why I have saved a third of my rations for you in the past few days. Besides, I’ll continue doing that in the future; don’t you want it?]

BaoZi yowled. [Shit! Of course I do!]

After flashing a scornful glance at BaoZi, DaBai went away as well. Left behind, BaoZi extended its paws to cover his head as it let out a long howl. [Damn it! The beasts I befriend are the worst! I’m going to the boss to ask for pats!]

As every part of the house, be it interior or exterior, was constructed according to JinYu’s ideas, the interior’s arrangements and simplistic decorations suited his taste very much. As for the beasts, except for the sandalwood counter blocking their way and hindering them from jumping and running with ease, they were immensely satisfied with everything. Even if some of the beasts lived in even larger houses in the past, to them, the home they were currently in had warmth and a sense of security that couldn’t be found in any kind of houses. This was enough for them.

The first floor was relatively huge. Apart from the counter at the side, and the antique styled sofa and tea table with an exquisite tea set on it at the centre, the house was utterly empty. JinYu sat on the soft sofa, stroking XiaoBai with his eyes narrowed. As he lifted his head to gaze at the few antique styled lights on the ceiling, a light smile grew on his face.

This truly was his home now.

Plus, he wasn’t alone.

A slight warmth stuck onto him all of a sudden. Then JinYu’s body was pulled toward one side. He shook his head in resignation while smiling before leaning his head onto Big Boss’s shoulder. He decided, since he was in a brilliant mood today, he wouldn’t ruin it by arguing with that guy.

“Hmm… there are not many things in this house indeed. We probably will need to go shopping later. At the very least, we need a carpet. The beasts can settle anywhere they like since there is enough space here. They had resided in the rubbish dump in the past, so the environment here is actually not that bad for them.” Once JinYu said that, the beasts made a racket delightedly again before starting to claim the territory of their liking.

However, all of them did take into account the presence of JinYu and Boss Qi, and also the bond they shared from their daily interactions and their similar sufferings. Thus, even though they were claiming territory, it was done in a civilized, respectful manner. For example…

Both the five colored snake and the blue-eyed snow rabbit like shady corners.

The snake hissed. [Get outta my way within a minute or else I’ll bite off your rabbit ears!]

The rabbit went silent. [Damn it! A civilised rabbit will not resort to fighting with a snake!]

The jumper ant and XiaoBai took a fancy to the left window sill at the same time.

XiaoBai meowed. [Although ants don’t taste good when roasted, they seem to be able to fetch a good price.]

The jumper ant was muted. [Shit! I’ll go to other windows! Fuck! Even a B-grade beast like me suffers from bullying! If anyone tries to rob my spot, I’ll send them flying with a kick from my leg!]

However, standing on the right window sill was XiaoXue, who gazed at the scenery contently.

Chirp chirp?

The jumper ant was speechless. [Everyone is ganging up on ants! This bastard is even scarier than that stupid cat! Fine! I’ll just go to the window at the back!]

After a series of (supposedly) peaceful claiming of territories, every single beast sort of found their own area to settle. Just when LingBi, a golden dog with a keen sense of smell who was a D+ grade lifestyle type beast, was about to raise its leg to mark its territory, it got slapped to one side by DaBai. It roared ferociously. [Fuck off! If anyone tries to take a piss or dump anywhere at home on a whim, I’ll tear you apart and cook you into meat soup!]

Upon hearing DaBai’s warnings, the beasts that were about to secretly mark their territories trembled as they retreated, almost pissing themselves out of fear. As for those who planned on marking their territory by scratching the walls…

[Those who dare to wreck the walls at home will be tied up and thrown into the river.]

Immediately, every single beast became well behaved. They simultaneously lay on the floor and pretend to fall asleep.

“…” This bunch of idiots! JinYu rolled his eyes before turning away and walking towards the stairs to the second floor. Boss Qi followed along behind him. As the beasts watched the back of the two climbing the stairs one after the other, they yelped out in varying volumes; BaoZi cried the most loudly among all—Awooo! Even though they knew the second floor was the bosses’ territory, they still wished to take a look! The suspense was just too enticing!

The second floor looked much more like a home than the spacious first floor. The three hundred plus square meter area was separated into different sized rooms. The balcony, which purposely broadened, had a rocking chair and a rock table on it, looking rather cozy. The bedroom was right beside the antique styled balcony, with the dining room, toilet kitchen and guest room following beside the room.

“Heh heh… Not bad, not bad… but, that group of monkeys didn’t even buy a bed for us! So stingy! They didn’t even buy any kitchen utensils or tableware… How much money will all of that cost me?!” JinYu was initially grinning ear to ear while sitting on the rocking chair, but as he mumbled on and on, his expression started to darken. No matter how I look at it, furnishing the whole house into a high-end, elegant place will definitely be expensive, right? Right?!

At the moment, Qi QingLin, who was sitting on the rock table, had a hint of a smile flashed across his eyes as he gazed at JinYu gritting his teeth. His partner was really capable and excellent in managing the household. However, matters like earning an income for household expenses should not be something his partner had to worry about at all. He reached his hand out to stroke JinYu’s hair, informing him, “I will be leaving a while later.”

“Huh?!” JinYu froze once he heard that; never did it occur to him that the Big Boss would leave. A slightly bewildered, complicated look appeared on his face. “Erm… Well… Be careful, then…” Shit! There’s no way he could utter corny stuff like telling him not to go!

Noticing JinYu’s abruptly stiffened expression, Boss Qi lifted his lips up, “I will be back by tomorrow… Hmm, you will be opening the store tomorrow, right? There will be someone delivering everything needed here by that time.”


“Be good. Don’t worry.”


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Boss ling xiao and xiaomo I miss you😭😭 these two remind me of them ☺
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Time to feather the nest!
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September 10, 2019 10:01 pm

They are getting along just fine! Don’t worry JinYu, your partner will be back soon. Afterall Qilins are very protective of their partners, if Boss Ling Xiao can be an example.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 28, 2020 6:55 pm

I can’t help but imagine the beasts here as stray cats that I often see around trash cans. If I bring that cats home, maybe they will have the same feelings as the beasts huh, so sad ..

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Home sweet home.
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