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Chapter 23: Brutal grand opening symphony

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

JinYu and the beasts woke up before the dawn even broke on the day after their house was constructed. To be precise, JinYu tossed and turned in bed nearly the entire night, only managing to sleep a few hours after midnight. Similarly, DaBai, having the most dignified appearance among all, and the other beasts didn’t even shut their eyes the whole night due to their excitement for their new home; their eyes were kept wide open till the sun rose. Despite the lack of sleep, not even a hint of exhaustion could be seen on them. On the contrary, they were so much more energetic than the day before, with the exception of…

The beasts lifted their heads uniformly at JinYu once he went down the stairs. Moments later, a pair of rabbit’s eyes caught JinYu’s attention. “… Blue-eyed Rabbit, aren’t your eyes non-infectious?” he looked expressionlessly at a certain rabbit, which was fiddling with its ears with its forelegs.

The rabbit straightened its ears up at once, anger evident on its face. [I’m a blue-eyed rabbit! Blue-eyed! My eyes are blue! How is it even possible for them to affect anyone?!]

Upon hearing the rabbit’s thoughts, JinYu blurted out, “Oh right” and gave a light knock on his head; he forgot rabbits from Earth were the only ones with red eyes… except for those with their eyes dyed a different color, all rabbits here had blue eyes. If that was so… then what the hell was up with those red-eyed beasts in front of him?! “…Don’t tell me all of you got too excited and stayed up the whole night.” JinYu face palmed in exasperation. The beasts answered him with a cacophony of noises as they nodded intensely, full of enthusiasm.

“Fuck! I was actually planning to have you guys welcoming customers and advertising the store while looking spirited, bright-eyed, energetic and captivating! Shit! Now that the bunch of you are suffering from red eye illness, customers coming over to take a look at the very first day of opening will just assume my store is infested with diseases! How the fuck can I do business like this?! Why don’t all of you just starve?!” The insanely lively beasts fuelled the infuriation in JinYu’s heart. However, after his outburst of anger subsided, he found those fellows rather cute and so, he couldn’t help but to hug himself and chuckle softly.

Initially, the beasts that hollered were trying to think up of ways to cool off Boss’s anger. BaoZi and XiaoBai were just about to go over to JinYu and act cute at his feet, but before they even took a step, JinYu began laughing. Awoo? The lot of them tilted their heads in slight confusion.

“Forget it; forget it. I’ll just tell them it’s a special attraction to celebrate our grand opening. The redness… symbolises a prosperous business. Tsk, tsk. What a quick-witted and great boss I am.”

Every single beast plunged their heads onto the ground in unison. A wolf pup with a birth defect, born a few months ago, was a breath away from death when BaoZi carried back in his mouth during his stroll around the rubbish disposal area last night. Currently, it had no clue as to why its easily gotten parents were prostrating. (BaoZi told the pup all beasts living there that was older than it were its parents, and that it would be able to get more meat in its meals if it had more parents.) Thus, the little puppy mimicked the actions of BaoZi, the father that brought it back. It stuck its forehead onto the floor a little clumsily before raising its tiny paws and placing them onto its eyes. However, when doing so, it forgot its hind legs were glued onto the ground. Losing its balance, the poor wolf pup tumbled down and rolled a few times on the floor.

“…By the way, does anyone here have milk?” As JinYu took a look at dazed and puzzled expression on the adorable puppy, he laughed softly and carried the little fellow up while shaking his head. Noticing it was so emaciated that it was almost reduced to bones, he frowned and turned his line of sight towards the group of beasts. “Come on and donate a bit. After all, this little pup is a B+ grade beast; it can help fight hooligans when it grows up or help in the kitchen.”

Regardless of the exaggerated advantages JinYu listed out, every single male beast stepped back simultaneously, continuing to play dead. As for the few female beasts left… They regretfully expressed, neither have we given birth or are pregnant, so we don’t have any breast milk. Boss, we can only let you settle this on your own. The problem plagued JinYu a little, but it didn’t last long. Even though there wasn’t any milk in his store, he could probably find them in restaurants. However, it was only five in the morning. Since a day here consisted of twenty six hours, shops would only begin opening and serving breakfast two hours later.

Just as JinYu was troubled by the issue, while the little wolf pup in his arms started yelping pitifully out of hunger, a gigantic burst of pressuring aura descended upon them. Alarmed, the A grade beasts, DaBai, BaoZi and XiaoXue, scurried hastily in front of JinYu to guard him, whereas the rest of the beasts collapsed onto the floor straight away to play dead. In truth, if not for the significant fury and murderous intent from the aura, the beasts would have thought that was from their Big Boss. However, the aura had fucking murderous intent in it now, who would even recognise that as their boss? That was obviously an enemy!

In contrast to the beast’s fear, JinYu wasn’t frightened by the sudden aura at all. Except for the black QiLin who gobble up his Chaos Energy as if it was a meal, no other person would give off this familiar sensation that made him feel he was being toyed with. And as JinYu expected, the one ambling towards them in the accompaniment of the pressuring aura was none other than the pitch-black QiLin with a pair of alluring golden eyes. Erm… There seemed to be a bit of a problem.

JinYu shot a glare at the black QiLin before rushing towards him; the pup in his arms had already fainted from fear. A barrage of questions spilled out from his mouth, “What’s up with your appearance?! Aren’t you in human form yesterday? Why did you revert back in just a day?! Did you start a fight with someone? Wait; actually, did you get hurt?!”

The series of questions thrown at the black QiLin the moment he entered the house got him stumped. Nonetheless, once he heard the last question, a ghost of a smile flashed across his golden eyes. He took two steps forward and lowered his head, pressing his horns lightly onto JinYu’s forehead, “I’m fine. It’s just that I used up all of the Chaos Energy.”

“… it’s not like I’m worried about you.” JinYu rolled his eyes and turned away, leaving.

Being tolerant to his partner’s shyness all along, Boss Qi QingLin wasn’t even furious as he followed behind JinYu, “I’ve brought furniture over. Let them help you move the furniture in, ok?”

JinYu froze right away, shifting his eyes towards the door. He was greeted by the sight of four hotties with varying appearance and temperament. Moreover, they were currently flashing a respectful gaze at him, as though they were in the presence of their god, which stressed him out. “Hel-” Before JinYu could even finish the word, the four handsome guys kneeled on one knee together, giving their salutations at the same time, “Greetings to Madam!”

JinYu twitched the corner of his lips in silence before answering, “You’re at the wrong place.”

“My apologies, Madam!” the four of them threw their heads down to the floor. They started complaining pitifully in their hearts concurrently. Shit! Sure enough, Madam is a bizarre and powerful being! He even had the guts to let out his anger at Boss! And most importantly, instead of losing his temper, Boss was smiling at him! Besides, the fact that he can lie without skipping a beat and the bunch of beasts with him… All of them had a hunch that their days in the future would be even harsher than the present days when they were forced on a vegetarian diet!

JinYu peered at the four speechless guys with their head lowered before turning towards the QiLin boss while gritting his teeth. Never mind; he wouldn’t bother himself by arguing with two-faced idiots! “If you call me Madam again, I will tie all of you up and dump you into the Nile.”

“Erm… My name is ZiWen… In… in that case…?” ZiWen questioned, his gaze drifting towards the nearby black QiLin to take a cue from him.

Pleased, JinYu grinned, “Please call me Boss Jin.”

“Greetings to Boss!” Lady!

With that, JinYu nodded his head in approval. The Big Boss by the side nodded as well, knowing full well what his subordinates were thinking. After all, he needed to lie low at the moment; it wasn’t good to implicate JinYu.

After accepting the greetings from Qi QingLing’s subordinates, JinYu caught sight of the exquisite, grand furniture behind them, along with various cooking tools, utensils, electronics and accessories, such as carpet, television and air conditioner. The pile of goods contained every single household item a home should possess.

JinYu’s smile grew wider and wider uncontrollably. After giving Boss Qi a look to express ‘I’m quite pleased by this; you’re not so bad after all’, he began calling the beasts to drag the goods inside the house, his heart brimming with joy. Since the QiLin boss’s prideful heart of a ruler was sufficiently gratified by JinYu’s gaze, he glimpsed at his four subordinates with satisfaction and directed a countermand order to them, reducing them into tears of gratitude.

“Very well. After you are done with this, you are allowed to have meat this month.” That simple sentence from their master deeply rooted the four subordinates’ heartfelt reverence for JinYu in themselves.

The household necessities the subordinates brought were relatively complete; there was even a food storage and refrigerator with fifty square meters of space among the items. Hence, the problem to get breakfast for the little wolf pup and the rest of the beasts was easily settled. Once the arrangement of all of the furniture was done, JinYu stepped onto the carpet made of the fleece from the gold stashing ram before gazing at the black signboard with golden colored store name on it.

Starry-eyed, JinYu waved at all of the beasts in high spirits, “Go on, run outside and howl with all your might! With all your energy! Use the loudest sound you can muster to tell all the big shots and pros in Anjie, our Beast Store number 138 is officially open!”

In a split second, all of the beasts hopped up animatedly. Right after they dashed out to let out a long cry to the sky, they began sprinting and leaping to every direction, as if someone had lit a fire on their bottoms. At that very moment, the subordinates stared blankly at JinYu, who was grinning ear to ear near the door. Listening to the alarm-clock-like ‘symphony’, the variety of beasts performed by howling, smashing of doors and crashing of glass. They raised their heads to look at the dimly lit sky as a thought sunk into their minds.

Fucking hell! The boss is just too cruelly savage! However, as soon as their line of sight shifted to the QiLin Boss, whose adoring eyes were fastened on JinYu, they almost fell onto the floor. Oh my god…That person right there is even more brutal!


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